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000103567 245__ $$aAdoption of Variability Detection and Variable Rate Application Technologies by Cotton Farmers in Southern United States
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000103567 520__ $$aA nested logit model was used to analyze the 2009 Southern Cotton Precision Farming Survey to study the impact of farmer and farm characteristics on the adoption of Variability Detection Technologies (VDT) and the adoption of Variability Rate application Technology (VRT) conditioned on the type of the VDT chosen.  The results showed that the farm size and exposure to extension activities are important factors affecting the choice of VDTs.  The farmers adopting both soil and plant based VDTs are more likely to adopt VRT.  The probability of adoption of VRTs was lower for Texas cotton farmers irrespective of the type of VDT adopted.  In general, younger, more educated farmers who use computers for farming operations are more likely to adopt VRT when they choose soil based or both soil and plant based VDT.
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