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000101900 245__ $$aNon-professional Agricultural Production Villages Establishing a New Rural Cooperative
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000101900 520__ $$aThe article analyses problems in the agricultural development of non-professional agricultural production villages of Fenghua City. Firstly, low technical and scientific content of production and low standardization level. Secondly, scattered sales and non-fixed marketing channels. Thirdly, difficulties in group cooperation of farm crops with special benefits. Fourthly, imperfect service of rural committees of non-professional agricultural production villages in Fenghua City. A new rural cooperative is to be founded to help villagers in non-professional agricultural production villages of Fenghua City to be engaged in agricultural production and management activities, and to improve their overall incomes. On the one hand, a perfect and scientific cooperative operating system is to be built specifically including three functions. Firstly, fully playing the leading and bridging role of rural primary organizations. Seconding, fully carrying out the pushing role of capable persons in the administrative village. Lastly, fully playing the role of active participation and cooperation of villagers. On the other hand, constructions of normalization, standardization and brand orientation with special emphasis should be achieved under the guidance of local governments. The key of building a cooperative of non-professional agricultural production villages in Fenghua City is discussed. One is that rural cadres should have strong awareness of serving the people. The other is that governments at all levels should energetically support the establishment and management of rural cooperatives.
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