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- Food Spending in American Households, 1980-92 Smallwood, David M.; Blisard, Noel; Blaylock, James R.; Lutz, Steven M. PDF (6513 KB)
Feb-2017 The Taste for Variety: Demand Analysis for Nut Products in the United States Cheng, Guo; Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral Jr PDF Main paper (184 KB)
Feb-2017 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Tennessee Certified Beef Merritt, Meagan; Lewis, Karen; Griffith, Andrew; Jensen, Kimberly PDF SAEA main paper (876 KB)
18-Jan-2017 Examining the Effect of Food Recalls on Demand: The Case of Ground Beef in the U.S. Zare, Samane; Zheng, Yuqing; Buck, Steven PDF (594 KB)
18-Jan-2017 Food Waste in Rural Households Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Us, Anna; Klepacka, Anna M. Microsoft Word (52 KB)
18-Jan-2017 The E ffect of Social and Consumption Analytics on Residential Water Demand Nemati, Mehdi; Buck, Steven; Soldati, Hilary PDF (354 KB)
Jan-2017 Consumer Demand for Nut Products in the United States: Application of Semi-parametric Estimation of Censored Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System (C-QUAIDS) with Household-Level Micro Data Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral Jr PDF SAEA Selected Paper (104 KB)
Jan-2017 On the train to brain gain in rural China Zhang, Yi; Matz, Julia Anna PDF (876 KB)
Jan-2017 Gender and its impact on business owner satisfaction in family farms Li, Wenxuan; Marshall, Maria I. PDF (1349 KB)
Jan-2017 U.S. Demand for Dairy Alternative Beverages: Attribute Space Distance and Hedonic Matric Approaches Dharmasena, Senarath; Yang, Tingyi; Capps, Oral Jr. PDF SAEA Selected Paper (98 KB)
2017 Fine-Tuning Willingness-To-Pay Estimates in Second Price Auctions Kassas, Bachir; Palma, Marco; Ness, Meghan; Anderson, David PDF (467 KB)
2017 Will Consumers Find Vertically Farmed Produce "Out of Reach"? Coyle, Bradford D.; Ellison, Brenna PDF (769 KB)
2017 Veterinarians and Student Loan Debt: Is the Burden Too Much? Ouedraogo, Frederic B.; Brorsen, B. Wade; Dicks, Michael R. PDF (783 KB)
2017 Brand-Level Demand Analysis of Mayonnaise in Northeast Texas Bakhtavoryan, Rafael PDF Main paper (131 KB)
2017 Does Market Access Improve Dietary Diversity? Evidence from Bangladesh Davidson, Kelly A.; Kropp, Jaclyn D. PDF Conference paper (884 KB)
2017 Theme Overview: Transformations in the Food System, Nutritional and Economic Impacts Grebitus, Carola; Kolodinsky, Jane; McFadden, Dawn Thilmany PDF (509 KB)
2017 Demand for Yogurt in the Trend of Manufacturer Brand and Organic Information Mohammed, Rezgar; Murova, Olga; Chidmi, Benaissa PDF (545 KB)
2017 Does Consumers’ Preference for Organic Foods Affect Their Store Format Choices? Chen, Bo; Saghaian, Sayed PDF Main paper (209 KB)
2017 Assessing the Influence of Tangible and Intangible Seafood Characteristics on Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions Ratliff, English; Vassalos, Michael; Hu, Wuyang PDF (454 KB)
2017 Importance of Perceived “Naturalness” to the Success of Urban Farming Printezis, Iryna; Grebitus, Carola; Printezis, Antonios PDF (775 KB)
2017 The Impact of Changes in Commodity Prices on Household Welfare in Rural Burkina Faso Nakelse, Tebila; Dalton, Timothy; Hendricks, Nathan; Kabore, Moussa PDF (1399 KB)
2017 Household Demand for Meat in Nigeria Aborisade, Olumide; Carpio, Carlos PDF (602 KB)
2017 Sozialhilfe im ländlichen China: Trägt sie zur Armutsreduktion bei? Kuhn, Lena; Brosig, Stephan; Zhang, Linxiu PDF (2620 KB)
2017 Consumer Preferences for Natural Beef Syrengelas, Konstantinos; Lewis, Karen Elizabeth; Grebitus, Carola; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr PDF (526 KB)
2017 An Analysis of Demand for Roots and Tubers in Kenya using the Linear Approximation Almost Ideal Demand System (LA-AIDS) Kibet Rono, Patrick; Rahman, Shaikh; Benaissa, Chidmi PDF main Paper (511 KB)
2017 Social transfers in rural China: Do they contribute to poverty reduction? Kuhn, Lena; Brosig, Stephan; Zhang, Linxiu PDF (2639 KB)
Dec-2016 The Possibility of Food Consumption Improvement by Reducing Food Wastage in the Households in Poland Rejman, Krystyna; Zabłocka, Karolina; Prandota, Aleksandra; Ganczewski, Grzegorz PDF (267 KB)
Dec-2016 Farm economic sustainability in the European Union: A pilot study O'Donoghue, Cathal; Devisme, Simon; Ryan, Mary; Conneely, Ricky; Gillespie, Patrick; Vrolijk, Hans PDF (729 KB)
Dec-2016 Can Unprocessed Food Prices Really Be One of the Main Responsible Causes for not Achieving Inflation Targets in Turkey? Göktaş, Pinar PDF (981 KB)
Dec-2016 Consumer Safety Awareness – How the Labelling Can Protect Health of Gluten-Intolerant People Pławińska-Czarnak, Joanna; Bogdan, Janusz; Podlasiewski, Tomasz; Anusz, Krzysztof; Zarzyńska, Joanna PDF (435 KB)
7-Nov-2016 Strategic quality management on business to business market in Bosnia and Herzegovina Rahimic, Zijada; Ustovic, Kenan PDF (1130 KB)
2-Nov-2016 Gender analysis of poverty among rice farming household in Nigeria rice hub Ajewole, O.O; Ojehomon, V.E.T.; Ayinde, O.E.; Agboh-Noameshie, A.R.; Diagne, A. PDF (511 KB)
Nov-2016 Consumers’ Preferences for Citrus Fiber-Added Ground Beef Gedikoglu, Haluk; Gedikoglu, Ayca; Clarke, Andrew D. PDF (382 KB)
Nov-2016 Store Choice and Consumer Behavior in Food Deserts: An Empirical Application of the Distance Metric Method Chenarides, Lauren; Jaenicke, Edward C. PDF (1243 KB)
Nov-2016 Robust Consumption and Energy Decisions Anderson, Evan W.; Brock, William; Sanstad, Alan H. PDF (870 KB)
Nov-2016 Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility of Prominent Fast Food Establishments by University Students Morgan, Carissa J.; Dominick, S.R.; Widmar, Nicole J. Olynk; Yeager, Elizabeth A.; Croney, Candace C. PDF (384 KB)
31-Oct-2016 Assessing Florida Consumer Attitudes and Beliefs about Locally or Regionally Produced Livestock and Products Adu-Gyamfi, Akua; Omer, Reem I.; Bartlett, Jannette R.; Tackie, David Nii O.; Perry, Bridget J. PDF (245 KB)
31-Oct-2016 Assessing Georgia Consumer Attitudes and Beliefs about Locally or Regionally Produced Livestock and Products Bartlett, Jannette R.; Omer, Reem I.; Adu-Gyamfi, Akua; Tackie, David Nii O.; Quarcoo, Francisca A. PDF (229 KB)
27-Oct-2016 Measuring consumers’ interest in instant fortified millet products - a field experiment in Touba, Senegal De Groote, Hugo; Kariuki, Sarah; Traore, Djibril; Taylor, John R.N.; Mario, Ferruzi; Hamaker, Bruce PDF (1314 KB)
24-Oct-2016 Analysis of women empowerment in agricultural index: the case of Toke Kutaye District of Oromia, Ethiopia. Abebe, Lemlem; Kifle, Dereje; De Groote, Hugo PDF (686 KB)
24-Oct-2016 The nutrition transition and indicators of child malnutrition Kimenju, Simon C.; Qaim, Matin PDF (545 KB)
Oct-2016 Paternalisme et choix alimentaires Marette, Stephan PDF Main paper (192 KB)
Oct-2016 The Gulf Opportunity Zone Helped Affected Counties Recover Economically After Hurricane Katrina Williamson, James; Pender, John PDF (215 KB)
Oct-2016 Food Price Inflation Has Outpaced Economy-Wide Inflation in Recent Years Kuhns, Annemarie; Kuhns, Ryan PDF (214 KB)
30-Sep-2016 Smallholder Maize Farmers’ Food Consumption Expenditures in Ghana: The Mediating Role of Commercialization Asante, S. B.; Osei-Asare, Y. B.; Kuwornu, J. K. M. PDF (1071 KB)
1-Sep-2016 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURE Tomic, Danilo; Lovre, Koviljko; Subic, Jonel; Sevarlic, Miladin PDF (15495 KB)
Sep-2016 Beyond a unitary household measure: Does Gender matter in Legume Seed Systems among Smallholder Farmers? Njuguna, Esther; Mwema, Catherine; Kandiwa, Vongai PDF (718 KB)
Sep-2016 The effect of the GSP scheme on the European Union’s horticultural imports from SADC member countries: A Triple-Difference Approach Lubinga, Moses H.; Potelwa, Yolanda; Ntshangase, Thandeka; Nyondo, Bonani; Ngqangeni, Simphiwe PDF (739 KB)
Sep-2016 The inverse productivity size relationship: can it be explained by systematic measurement error in self-reported production? Desiere, Sam PDF (1043 KB)
Sep-2016 Exploration of public spending and agricultural growth. Comparative analysis of Nigerian and Malaysian agricultural growth (1970-2010). Apata, T.G.; Sanusi, R.A.; Obaisi, A.; Ajani, O. PDF (415 KB)
Sep-2016 The food security effect of a biomass value web concept among smallholder cassava households in Edo State Nigeria. Adeyemo, Temitayo Adenike; Amaza, Paul; Okoruwi, Victor; Abass, Adebayo PDF (423 KB)
Sep-2016 Transformation in the size and distribution of farmland operated by household and other farms in select countries of sub-Saharan Africa Lowder, Sarah K.; Bertini, Raffaele; Karfakis, Panagiotis; Croppenstedt, Andre PDF (444 KB)
Sep-2016 Impacts of Improved Storage Technology among Smallholder Farm Households in Uganda Omotilewa, Oluwatoba J.; Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob; Ainembabazi, Herbert; Shively, Gerald PDF (600 KB)
Sep-2016 Determinants of smallholder farmers’ perception towards smart subsidies; a case of Nakuru Noth district, Kenya Kiratu, Nixon Murathi; Mshenga, Patience M.; Ngigi, Margaret PDF (569 KB)
Sep-2016 Transforming smallholder agriculture in Africa through irrigation: an assessment of irrigation impact pathways in Ghana Akudugu, Mamudu Abunga; Nyamadi, Ben Vas; Dittoh, Saa PDF (802 KB)
Sep-2016 Intensification of smallholder agriculture in Rwanda: scenarios and challenges towards a sustainable transformation Musabanganji, Edouard; Karangwa, Antoine; Lebailly, Philippe PDF (465 KB)
Sep-2016 Determinants of household avoidance behavior to cope with unsafe drinking water: case study of Cameroon Armand, Totouom Fotue Luc PDF (450 KB)
Sep-2016 Transforming Smallholder Farming in Nigeria through Off-Farm Employment Yusuf, T.M.; Ballogun, O.L.; Tiamiyu, S.A. PDF (524 KB)
Sep-2016 Responding to consumers’ preference in African rice markets: experiences of Africa Rice Center - PDF (700 KB)
Sep-2016 Occupational Choice and Agricultural Labor Exits in Sub-Saharan Africa McCullough, Ellen B. PDF (538 KB)
Sep-2016 Effects of household asset holdings on child educational performance: Evidence from Tanzania Kafle, Kashi; Jolliffe, Dean; Winter-Nelson, Alex PDF (848 KB)
Sep-2016 Modelling farm-household level impacts of fertilizer subsidy programs on productivity and food security: The case of Ethiopia Riesgo, Laura; Louhichi, Kamel; Paloma, Sergio Gomez y PDF (1040 KB)
Sep-2016 Gender appropriateness of field days in knowledge generation and adoption of push-pull technology in eastern Africa Murage, A.W.; Pittchar, J.O.; Midega, C.A.O.; Onyango, C.O.; Pickett, J.A.; Khan, Z.R. PDF (581 KB)
Sep-2016 Konsumenci wobec bezpiecznych rozwiązań w zakresie produkcji żywności Kuźniar, Wiesława; Kawa, Marta; Kuźniar, Piotr PDF (325 KB)
Sep-2016 Consumer willingness to pay for rice fragrance: Evidence from Senegal Diagne, Mandiaye; Demont, Matty; Ndour, Maimouna PDF (390 KB)
Sep-2016 Impact of rural infrastructure on the livelihood of smallholders in agrarian communities in Edo state, Nigeria Emokaro, C.O.; Oyoboh, D.E. PDF (547 KB)
Sep-2016 Dairy farmers’ access to market in Uganda: Observing the unobservable Mtimet, Nadhem; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo PDF (571 KB)
Sep-2016 Identification of consumer segments and market potentials for organic products in Nigeria: A Hybrid Latent Class approach Bello, Muhammad; Abdulai, Awudu PDF (695 KB)
Sep-2016 Consumer Acceptance of Edible Insects for Non-Meat Protein in Western Kenya Pambo, Kennedy O.; Okello, Julius J.; Mbeche, Robert; Kinyuru, John N. PDF (581 KB)
Sep-2016 A survey of consumer perceptions and preferences for geographical indication and quality attributes of honey in Kenya Juma, Charity Nabwire; Otieno, David Jakinda; Oluouch-Kosura, Willis; Gyau, Amos; Oduol, Judith Auma PDF (338 KB)
Sep-2016 Inclusive Growth pattern in Rural Southwestern Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges Omotola, Aderonke M.; Okoruwa, Victor O. PDF (677 KB)
Sep-2016 Factors affecting differences in livestock asset ownership between male and female-headed households in northern Ethiopia Debela, Bethelhem Legesse PDF (562 KB)
Sep-2016 Aspirations and food security in rural Ethiopia Mekonnen, Daniel Ayalew; Gerber, Nicolas PDF (585 KB)
Sep-2016 Wyzwania dla rozwoju rynku dziczyzny w Polsce Kwiecińska, Katarzyna; Kosicka-Gębska, Małgorzata; Gębski, Jerzy PDF (311 KB)
Sep-2016 Developing country-wide farm typologies: An analysis of Ethiopian smallholders’ income and food security Boere, Esther; Mosnier, Aline; Bocqueho, Geraldine; Krisztin, Tamas; Havlik, Petr PDF (1315 KB)
Sep-2016 Impact assessment of push-pull technology on incomes, productivity and poverty among smallholder households in Eastern Uganda Chepchirchir, R.; Macharia, I.; Murage, A.W.; Midega, C.A.O.; Khan, Z.R. PDF (776 KB)
Sep-2016 Analysis of participation in collective action initiatives for addressing unilateral agri-environmental externalities Willy, Daniel Kyalo; Kuhn, Arnim; Müller, Karin Holm PDF (483 KB)
Sep-2016 Percent of Income Spent on Food Falls as Income Rises Tuttle, Charlotte; Kuhns, Annemarie PDF (219 KB)
Sep-2016 Modelling the farm household impacts of a small irrigation program in Niger Tillie, Pascal; Louhichi, Kamel; Paloma, Sergio Gomez y PDF (851 KB)
Sep-2016 Peri-urban food traders’ preferences for open-air market design and management attributes in Nairobi, Kenya Cherono, Irine; Otieno, David Jakinda PDF (422 KB)
Sep-2016 Characterization of consumers’ purchase and consumption behaviour for chicken in Nairobi, Kenya: Targeted insights for value chain positioning Otieno, David Jakinda; Kerubo, Daniella Maroma PDF (440 KB)
Sep-2016 Household consumption and demand for bean in Uganda: Determinants and implications for nutrition security Larochelle, Catherine; Katungi, Enid; Cheng, Zhen PDF (999 KB)
Sep-2016 Consumer’s preferences and willingness to pay for biofortified juice in Rwanda: Does the nutritional information matter? Bocher, Temesgen; Sindi, Kirimi; Nshimiyimana, Jean Claude; Low, Jan PDF (692 KB)
Sep-2016 Effect of nutritional information and sensory quality on the willingness to pay for quality protein maize - results of a field experiment in Jimma zone, Ethiopia Diro, Samuel; De Groote, Hugo; Gunarata, Nilupa PDF (1037 KB)
Sep-2016 Emisje gazów cieplarnianych związane z różnymi scenariuszami diet mieszkańców Polski Bieńkowski, Jerzy; Holka, Małgorzata; Dąbrowicz, Radosław; Dworecka-Wąż, Ewa PDF (523 KB)
Sep-2016 Consumers’ attitudes and willingness to pay for safer milk in Malawi Akaichi, Faical; Chalmers, Neil; Revoredo-Giha, Cesar PDF (602 KB)
Sep-2016 Evaluation of rural households’ food security through resilience indicators in West Shoa, Ethiopia Kebede, Temesgen; Haji, Jema; Legesse, Belaineh; Mammo, Girma PDF (642 KB)
Sep-2016 Identifying hypothetical bias in experimental auctions in field settings in developing countries Oparinde, Adewale; Banerji, Abhijit; Birol, Ekin; Perez, Salomon PDF (1101 KB)
Sep-2016 Role of hybrid maize adoption on food security in Kenya: an application of two-step generalized method of moments (gmm2s) Gitonga, Zachary M.; De Groote, Hugo PDF (570 KB)
Sep-2016 Beyond a unitary household measure: Does Gender matter in Legume Seed Systems among Smallholder Farmers? Njuguna, Esther; Mwema, Catherine; Kandiwa, Vongai PDF (649 KB)
Sep-2016 Analysing potential demand for local rice in West Africa Fiamohe, Rose E.; Kinkpé, A. Thierry PDF (581 KB)
Sep-2016 Are rural youth disengaging from agriculture? Empirical evidence from Ethiopia Gutu, Tekalign PDF (782 KB)
15-Aug-2016 The Role of Conflict in Farmers’ Crop Choices in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo Kibriya, Shahriar; Savio, Graham; Price, Edwin; King, Joseph; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (264 KB)
15-Aug-2016 The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Dairy Trade and Domestic Milk Production in CARICOM Pemberton, Carlisle; Patterson-Andrews, Hazel; De Sormeaux, Afiya; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (810 KB)
15-Aug-2016 Dairy Export Markets: Changing the Structure of US Dairy Demand Blayney, Don P.; Crawford, Terry L.; Davis, Christopher G.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (282 KB)
15-Aug-2016 Consumer Expectations Regarding Sustainable Food: Insights from Developed and Emerging Markets Sidali, Katia Laura; Spiller, Achim; von Meyer-Hofer, Marie; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (1217 KB)
15-Aug-2016 China as Dairy Importer: Rising Milk Prices and Production Costs Gale, Fred; Jewison, Michael; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (276 KB)
2-Aug-2016 Understanding the Retirement-Consumption Puzzle through the Lens of Food Consumption − Fuzzy Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from Urban China Deng, Tinghe; Chen, Qihui; Bai, Junfei PDF Main paper (481 KB)
2-Aug-2016 Understanding the Retirement-Consumption Puzzle through the Lens of Food Consumption − Fuzzy Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from Urban China Deng, Tinghe; Chen, Qihui; Bai, Junfei PDF Main paper (481 KB)
2-Aug-2016 Attribute non-attendance or attribute-level non-attendance? A choice experiment application on extra virgin olive oil Caputo, Vincenzina; Nayga, M. Rodolfo Jr.; Sacchi, Giovanna; Scarpa, Riccardo PDF Main Manuscript (919 KB)
Aug-2016 Does time spent preparing food affect consumers’ food choices? Short, Gianna; Peterson, Hikaru PDF Conference presentation paper (665 KB)
Aug-2016 Assessing the impacts of cassava technology on poverty reduction in Africa Feleke, Shiferaw; Manyong, Victor; Abdoulaye, Tahirou; Alene, Arega D. PDF (746 KB)
Aug-2016 A matter of family? An analysis of determinants of farm succession in Polish agriculture Dudek, Michał PDF (698 KB)
Aug-2016 Off-farm Income: Managing Risk in Young and Beginning Farmer Households Bubela, Heidi J. PDF (879 KB)
Aug-2016 Market participation by smallholder rice farmers in Tanzania: a double hurdle analysis Achandi, Esther L.; Mujawamariya, Gaudiose PDF (569 KB)
30-Jul-2016 Interpreting Results of Demand Estimation from Machine Learning Models Green, Gareth; Richards, Timothy PDF (355 KB)
27-Jul-2016 Global Value Chains, Large-Scale Farming, and Poverty: Long-Term Effects in Senegal VAN DEN BROECK, Goedele; SWINNEN, Johan; MAERTENS, Miet PDF (667 KB)
17-Jul-2016 Thematic and Spatial Concentration of CGE Models’ Application to Policy Research Siddig, Khalid PDF (856 KB)
Jul-2016 Banking the Unbanked? Evidence from Three Countries Karlan, Dean; Dupas, Pascaline; Robinson, Jonathan; Ubfal, Diego PDF (788 KB)
Jul-2016 Determinants of Household Drinking Water Quality in Rural Ethiopia Usman, Muhammed Abdella; Gerber, Nicolas; Pangaribowo, Evita Hanie; Kofol, Chiara PDF ZEFDP220_Determinants of Household Drinking Water Quality in Rural Ethiopia (1345 KB)
Jul-2016 2016 Outlook of the U.S. and World Wheat Industries, 2016-2025 Taylor, Richard D. PDF (1392 KB)
Jul-2016 The impact of optimized diet patterns at a macro-level: the case of Tunisia Drogué, S.; Vignes, R.; Amiot, M. PDF (732 KB)
Jul-2016 Effects of “Fat Taxes” on Package Sizes, and Welfare Distribution Balagtas, Joseph V.; Nuno-Ledesma, Jose G.; Wu, Steven Y. PDF (514 KB)
Jul-2016 The value of the participation in Solidarity Purchasing Groups (SPGs): an empirical analysis in Piedmont Corsi, Alessandro; Novelli, Silvia PDF (410 KB)
Jul-2016 Towards A Regional Approach for Animal Health Services Provision and Disaster Risk Reduction: The Economics of the Caribvet Network Tago, D.; Pradel, J.; Percedo Abreu, M. I.; Frias Lepoureau, M. T.; Gongora, V.; Lancelot, R.; Lefrançois, T.; Surujbally, N.; Lazarus, C.; Morales, P.; Vokaty, S.; Pemberton, Carlisle A. PDF (1106 KB)
Jul-2016 Comprehensive Wealth Measurement and Spatial Hedonic Analysis: Social Amenities as Externalities of Social Capital Kim, Jinhyoung; Johnson, Thomas; Pender, John; Fannin, J. Matthew PDF (91 KB), PDF (2088 KB)
Jul-2016 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Tennessee Beef Dobbs, Leah Moore; Jensen, Kimberly L.; Leffew, Megan Bruch; English, Burton C.; Lambert, Dayton M.; Clark, Christopher D. PDF (741 KB)
Jul-2016 Impact of different irrigation systems on water quality in peri-urban areas of Gujarat, India Vangani, Ruchi; Gerber, Nicolas; Saxena, Deepak; Mavalankar, Dileep; von Braun, Joachim; Kofol, Chiara PDF ZEfDP219_Impact of different irrigation systems on water quality (958 KB)
Jul-2016 The impacts of piped water on water quality, sanitation, hygiene and health in rural households of north-western Bangladesh - a quasi-experimental analysis Hasan, Mohammad Monirul; Gerber, Nicolas; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP217_Impacts of piped water (1548 KB)
Jul-2016 What’s in a Price? The Impact of Starting Point Bias in WTP for Information in Taiwanese Wet Markets Yang, Shang-Ho; Souza Monteiro, Diogo PDF AAEA_Manuscript (267 KB)
Jul-2016 Developing Food Value Chains to meet Tourism Demand in the Caribbean: Case Studies of St. Kitts Nevis and St. Lucia Ford, JR Deep; Dorodnykh, Ekaterina; Pemberton, Carlisle A. PDF (1906 KB)
Jul-2016 Quality Labels in the Food Sector: What do Consumers Want to Know and where are they Looking for Information? Meixner, Oliver; Haas, Rainer; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (751 KB)
Jul-2016 Chinese Rural Consumers’ Online Shopping Zhong, Hua; Qing, Ping; Hu, Wuyang PDF (2883 KB)
Jul-2016 Health Consciousness and Consumer Preferences for Holiday Turkey Attributes Widmar, Nicole J. Olynk; Byrd, Elizabeth S.; Wolf, Christopher A.; Acharya, Lalatendu PDF (239 KB)
Jul-2016 The Impact of Drinking Water Quality and Sanitation Behavior on Child Health: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia Usman, Muhammed Abdella; Gerber, Nicolas; von Braun, Joachim; Kofol, Chiara PDF ZEFDP221_The Impact of Drinking Water Quality and Sanitation Behavior on Child Health (1510 KB)
30-Jun-2016 Economic Comparison of Agricultural Sector of Eurasian Countries – Is There Any Potential for Development Through Economic Cooperation? Benešová, Irena; Novotná, Zuzana; Šánová, Petra; Laputková, A. PDF (1692 KB)
22-Jun-2016 Do Off-Farm Income and Remittances Alter Household Food Consumption Patterns? Evidence from Albania Seidu, Ayuba; Onel, Gulcan PDF (820 KB)
20-Jun-2016 What Drives Media Reporting of Food Safety Events? Evidence From U.S. Meat Recalls Beatty, Timothy; Katare, Bhagyashree PDF (481 KB)
7-Jun-2016 Who Benefits Most from SNAP? Gregory, Christian; Deb, Partha PDF (301 KB)
1-Jun-2016 Food consumption and diet quality choices of Roma in Romania: A counterfactual analysis Ciaian, Pavel; Cupak, Andrej; Pokrivcak, Jan; Rizov, Marian PDF (937 KB)
Jun-2016 Preferencje konsumentów z województwa podkarpackiego podczas zakupu spożywczych produktów ekologicznych Grzybek, Maria; Szopiński, Wiesław PDF (286 KB)
Jun-2016 Chiński rynek rolno-spożywczy – możliwości rozwoju eksportu polskiej żywności Rosińska-Bukowska, Magdalena PDF (342 KB)
Jun-2016 Korzystanie z energii elektrycznej w krajach Unii Europejskiej i w Polsce w aspekcie wspierania zrównoważonej konsumpcji Murawska, Anna; Mrozińska, Magdalena PDF (277 KB)
Jun-2016 Zróżnicowania dochodowe i przyczyny ich zmian w krajach objętych statystyką OECD Grzelak, Aleksander PDF (419 KB)
Jun-2016 Kryteria zakupu żywności ekologicznej przez polskich konsumentów w odniesieniu do konsumpcji światowej Wojciechowska-Solis, Julia; Soroka, Andrzej PDF (286 KB)
Jun-2016 Spożycie tłuszczów w Polsce i Unii Europejskiej Rosiak, Ewa PDF (413 KB)
26-May-2016 Hunger and the Incidence of Child Stunting in Tanzania Acharya, Ram PDF (125 KB)
25-May-2016 Consumer preference for supermarket food sampling in China Chen, Lijun; Parcell, Joe L; Chen, Chao; James, Harvey S. Jr; Xu, Danning PDF Main paper (719 KB)
25-May-2016 Investigating the US Consumer Response to the Chinese Acquisition of a US Firm Zhang, Yu Yvette; Palma, Marco A.; Jin, Shaosheng; Yuan, Xiaotong PDF Zhang Main Paper - Smithfield-Shuanghui Acquisition (544 KB)
25-May-2016 Willingness to Pay for “Taste of Europe”: Geographical Origin Labeling Controversy in China Li, Chenguang; Bai, Junfei; Gao, Zhifeng PDF (8694 KB)
25-May-2016 Income Risk, Habit Formation, and Precautionary Savings: The Case of Rural Households Khanal, Aditya; Mishra, Ashok PDF (618 KB)
25-May-2016 De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum revisited: The influence of social networks and health status on preferences for functional food Henning, Christian; Zubek, Nana PDF (581 KB)
25-May-2016 Ex-post Livestock Diseases, and Pastoralists' Averting Decisions in Tanzania Ahamad, Mazbahul; Gustafson, Christopher; VanWormer, Elizabeth PDF Main paper (940 KB)
25-May-2016 Retail Alcohol Availability and Product Diversity Ho, Shuay-Tsyr; Qu, Mingyang; Rickard, Bradley; Costanigro, Marco; McLaughlin, Edward PDF Selected paper (286 KB)
25-May-2016 Characteristics of hog producers and how those characteristics affect the rate of adoption of technologies used in the hog industry: Evidence from hog producers in the United States. Carrillo, Mario Renato PDF Characteristics of hog producers and how those characteristics affect the rate of adoption of technologies used in the hog industry (966 KB)
25-May-2016 Women’s Participation in Agriculture and Gender Productivity Gap: The Case of Coffee Farmers in Southern Colombia and Northern Ecuador Avila-Santamaria, Jorge; Useche, Pilar PDF (896 KB)
25-May-2016 Blue or Red? How Color Affects Consumer Information Processing in Food Choice Shen, Meng; Gao, Zhifeng PDF Main paper (622 KB)
25-May-2016 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Food Safety Interventions: The Role of Message Framing and Involvement Britwum, Kofi; Yiannaka, Amalia PDF Main paper (913 KB)
25-May-2016 Are all farms better-off growing organic? An unconditional quantile regression approach Khanal, Aditya; Mishra, Ashok PDF (576 KB)
25-May-2016 No Country for Old Men: An Investment Motive for Downward Inter-generational Transfers in Rural China Niu, Chiyu; Arends-Kuenning, Mary PDF (418 KB)
25-May-2016 Combining sensory evaluation and mental models in the assessment of consumer preferences for and choice of healthy products: Experience from a field experiment in Kenya Okello, Julius J.; Lagerkvist, Carl Johan; Muoki-Kingori, Penina; Heck, Simon; Prain, Gordon PDF Main paper #9552 (435 KB)
25-May-2016 Novel IPM Intervention for West Africa: Smallholder Farmers’ Preferences for Biological versus Synthetic Control Strategies for Cowpea Pests Agyekum, Michael; Donovan, Cynthia; Lupi, Frank PDF Main paper (284 KB)
25-May-2016 The Consumer Paradox: Why Bottom-Tier Consumers Are Loyal To Brand Names Pasirayi, Simba; Grebitus, Carola PDF Main paper (751 KB)
24-May-2016 HOW DO STORAGE PRACTICES AFFECT SMALLHOLDER FARMERS’ MARKET PARTICIPATION IN BENIN? Kadjo, Didier; Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob; Tahirou, Abdoulaye; BACO, Nasser PDF (789 KB)
23-May-2016 Seasonal Hunger: Heterogenous Impacts of Seasonal Price Changes on Seasonal Consumption in Rural Zambia Kitsuki, Akinori; Sakurai, Takeshi PDF (797 KB)
23-May-2016 Carbon Tax Incidence and Household Energy Demand in the U.S. Zhang, Jun PDF Main paper (385 KB)
20-May-2016 Did you really get the message? Using text reminders to stimulate adoption of agricultural technologies Larochelle, Catherine; Alwang, Jeffrey; Travis, Elli PDF Paper (478 KB)
18-May-2016 Natural Disasters and the Family in Areas with High Levels of Insurance Adan, Silverio-Murillo PDF (317 KB)
1-May-2016 Food Security in Argentina: A Production or Distribution Problem? Feeney, Roberto; MacClay, Pablo; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (328 KB)
May-2016 Chinese Consumer Preference for Red Wine Attributes Qing, Ping; Hu, Wuyang PDF (132 KB)
May-2016 Climate-friendly Products – to buy or not to buy? Zander, Katrin; Feucht, Yvonne; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (203 KB)
May-2016 The effect of aspirations on agricultural innovations in rural Ethiopia Mekonnen, Daniel Ayalew; Gerber, Nicolas; von Braun, Joachim; Borgemeister, Christian; Youkhana, Eva PDF ZEFDP214_The effect of aspirations on agricultural innovations in rural Ethiopia (1462 KB)
May-2016 Small farmers’ preferences for the design of certification schemes: Does gender matter? Meemken, Eva-Marie; Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan; Qaim, Matin PDF Discussion Paper No. 83 (332 KB)
May-2016 Quality Seals in the Food Sector: Consumers Information Needs and Sources Meixner, Oliver; Haas, Rainer; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (319 KB)
May-2016 How Millennial Food Purchase Decisions Compare to Previous Generations Kuhns, Annemarie; Saksena, Michelle PDF Paper (756 KB)
May-2016 Migration and household decision on occupational choice and investment: Evidence from Bangladesh Hossain, Marup; Onel, Gulcan; Mullally, Conner PDF (646 KB)
May-2016 Investigating Economic and Demographic Factors Affecting Consumer Demand for Coconut-milk in the United States Li, Jing; Dharmasena, Senarath PDF AAEA Selected Paper 2016 (445 KB)
May-2016 Acceptance of Animal Husbandry Practices: The Consumer Perspective Roosen, Jutta; Dahlhausen, Johanna Lena; Petershammer, Silke; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (232 KB)
May-2016 Beyond adoption: welfare effects of farmer innovation behavior in Ghana Tambo, Justice A.; Wünscher, Tobias; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP216_Beyond adoption (896 KB)
May-2016 Product Bundling as a Behavioral Nudge: Investigating Consumer Fruit and Vegetable Selection using Dual-Self Theory Carroll, Kathryn A.; Samek, Anya Savikhin; Zepeda, Lydia PDF 2016AAEA-SelectedPaper-P9575-KCarroll-52516 (1294 KB)
May-2016 Socioeconomic, Demographic and Geographic Factors Affecting Household Food Purchase and Acquisition Decisions in the United States as a Complex Economic System Dharmasena, Senarath; Bessler, David A.; Todd, Jessica PDF AAEA Selected Paper 2016 (149 KB)
Apr-2016 Mobile Money, Agricultural Marketing, and Off-Farm Income in Uganda Sekabira, Haruna; Qaim, Matin PDF GlobalFood Discussion Paper 82 (250 KB)
Apr-2016 Hedonic Analysis of Origin of Meat In The United Kingdom Hussein, Mohamud; Fraser, Iain; Costanigro, Marco PDF (315 KB)
Apr-2016 Consumer Preference and Demand for Traceable Food Attributes: A Choice-based Conjoint Analysis Lu, Jiao; Wu, Linhai; Wang, Shuxian; Xu, Lingling PDF (944 KB)
Apr-2016 An estimation of the willingness to pay for biodiesel: a pilot study of diesel consumers Sivashankar, Pathmanathan; Weerahewa, Jeevika; Pushpakumara, Gamini; Galagedara, Lakshman PDF (259 KB)
Apr-2016 NETWORKS AND INTERMEDIARIES IN SEASONAL Kusadokoro, Motoi; Maru, Takeshi; Gültekin, Ufuk PDF (1227 KB)
Apr-2016 Changing Livelihoods in Rural Cambodia: Evidence from panel household data in Stung Treng Sharma, Rasadhika; Nguyen, Thanh Tung; Grote, Ulrike; Nguyen, Trung Thanh; Borgemeister, Christian; von Braun, Joachim; Denich, Manfred; Gerke, Solvay; Youkhana, Eva; Stellmacher, Till PDF ZEFWP149_Changing Livelihoods in Rural Cambodia (1324 KB)
Apr-2016 Effectiveness of Food Subsidies in Raising Healthy Food Consumption: Public Distribution of Pulses in India Chakrabarti, Suman; Avinash, Kishore; Devesh, Roy PDF title page (244 KB), PDF main paper (775 KB)
Apr-2016 After a Sharp Rise Between 1990 and 2005, Supercenters’ Share of At-Home-Food Spending Has Leveled Off Clauson, Annette; Elitzak, Howard PDF (340 KB)
Apr-2016 Aspirations and income, food security and subjective well-being in rural Ethiopia Mekonnen, Daniel Ayalew; Gerber, Nicolas; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP212_Aspirations and income (1726 KB)
Apr-2016 Gender Differences in the Adoption of Cereal Intensification Strategy Sets in Burkina Faso Theriault, Veronique; Smale, Melinda; Haider, Hamza PDF IDWP141 (298 KB)
Apr-2016 Understanding IRI Household-Based and Store-Based Scanner Data Sweitzer, Megan; Levin, David; Okrent, Abigail; Muth, Mary K.; Brown, Derick; Capogrossi, Kristen; Karns, Shawn A.; Siegel, Peter; Zhen, Chen PDF (1230 KB)
30-Mar-2016 Income Impacts of Credit on Accessed Households in Rural Vietnam: Do Various Credit Sources Perform Differently? Luan, D. X.; Bauer, S.; Kuhl, R. PDF (359 KB)
Mar-2016 Farm production diversity and dietary quality: Linkages and measurement issues Sibhatu, Kibrom T.; Qaim, Matin PDF GlobalFood DP 80 (305 KB)
Mar-2016 Local Foods and Farm Business Survival and Growth Key, Nigel PDF (347 KB)
Mar-2016 Terytorialne zróżnicowanie konsumpcji alkoholi w Polsce w latach 1999-2012 Jałowiecki, Piotr; Kowalewski, Adam PDF (1236 KB)
Mar-2016 Rural Crime in Developing Countries: Theoretical Framework, Empirical Findings, Research Needs Grote, Ulrike; Neubacher, Frank; Borgemeister, Christian; von Braun, Joachim; Denich, Manfred; Stellmacher, Till; Youkhana, Eva PDF ZEFWP148_Rural Crime in Developing Countries (559 KB)
Mar-2016 Production, Marketing, and Distribution of Produce to Local Residents Tegegne, Fisseha; Henderson, Leslie-Speller; Ekanem, E.; Mafuyai, Mary PDF (52 KB)
Mar-2016 A pathway to financial inclusion: mobile money and individual Savings in Uganda Lwanga, Musa; Adong, Annet PDF Main paper (457 KB)
Mar-2016 Horticultural exports and food security in developing countries VAN DEN BROECK, Goedele; MAERTENS, Miet PDF (443 KB)
Mar-2016 Gender differences in climate change perceptions and adaptation strategies: an intra-household analysis from rural Kenya Ngigi, Marther W.; Mueller, Ulrike; Birner, Regina; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP210_Gender differences in climate change perceptions and adaptatioin strategies (924 KB)
Mar-2016 Farm Income and Food Hub Participation: Farmer Attributes, Attitudes and Perceptions Rimal, Arbindra; Muzinic, Jennifer; Onyango, Benjamin; Duitsman, Pam PDF (86 KB)
Mar-2016 Consumption Frequency and Perceptions of the Healthfulness of Selected Meat Products Gager, Janet V.; McLean-Meyinsse, Patricia E.; Atkinson, Cheryl PDF (111 KB)
Mar-2016 Zmiany konsumpcji papierosów w ujęciu terytorialnym, w latach 1999-2012 Jałowiecka, Ewa; Jałowiecki, Piotr; Wołąkiewicz, Marta PDF (860 KB)
Mar-2016 The Potential Impacts of Green Certification Programs Focused on Food Waste Reduction on the Tourism Industry Curtis, Kynda; Slocum, Susan PDF (87 KB)
Mar-2016 Preferences for Meat Labeling in Taiwanese Traditional Markets: What do Consumers Want? Yang, Shang-Ho; Monteiro, Diogo Souza; Chan, Mei-Yen; Woods, Timothy A. PDF (167 KB)
26-Feb-2016 Price & Preference in U.S. Consumer Demand for Cotton Hughes, Julia K. PDF (1127 KB)
25-Feb-2016 Trends in Farm Household Income and Assets Prager, Daniel PDF (514 KB)
15-Feb-2016 Measure consumer preferences for pork attributes under different media coverage in China Yan, Zhen; Yu, Xiaohua; Zhou, Jiehong PDF (470 KB)
1-Feb-2016 Willingness-to-Pay for an Educational Label: The Zamorano University Brand Rajo, Lindelly A.; Michelle S, Segovia; Arias, Fredi; Marco A., Palma; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (250 KB)
Feb-2016 Decomposition of Discrete Choice Model Generated Probabilities and their Robustness to Changing Substantive Knowledge (Conditioning Variables) Dharmasena, Senarath; Bessler, David A. PDF SAEA Paper (265 KB)
Feb-2016 Effect of Improved Sweet Potato Varieties on Household Food Security in Bungoma County, Kenya Kilui Wabwile, Victor PDF (752 KB)
Feb-2016 Deciphering rural households’ biomass consumption patterns: evidence from ethnic minority region in western China Yang, Xiaojun; Li, Jun PDF (823 KB)
Feb-2016 Maximising Export Returns Saunders, Caroline; Dalziel, Paul; Tait, Peter; Miller, Sini; Guenther, Meike; Saunders, John; Rutherford, Paul; Driver, Timothy PDF (1796 KB)
Feb-2016 Preference for sustainable, liveable and resilient features of the neighbourhoods and homes Tapsuwan, Sorada; Mathot, Claire; Walker, Iain PDF (2844 KB)
Feb-2016 U.S. Demand for Chocolate Milk as an Alternative Energy/Sports Drinks Hu, Yang; Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Janakirarman, Ramkumar PDF SAEA Paper (231 KB)
Feb-2016 Analysing the Impact of Household Health and Economic shocks on Food Security and Dietary Diversity: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh Rupa, Jesmin A.; Umberger, Wendy J.; Ahmed, Sharmina PDF (1004 KB)
Feb-2016 Investigating factors affecting customers’ decisions to switch to conservation tariffs Khosroshahi, Saeideh Saedi; Crase, Lin PDF (1075 KB)
Feb-2016 Preference for indoor ambient heating with explicit interpersonal influence Gibson, J.; Scarpa, R. PDF (1108 KB)
Feb-2016 Does the Public Care About How Climate Change Might Affect Agriculture? Lee, Gi-Eu; Loveridge, Scott; Winkler, Julie A. PDF (834 KB)
Feb-2016 Changing Consumer Preferences McCluskey, Jill J. PDF (1977 KB)
Feb-2016 Activists Not Always Interested in Advancing Democracy Townsend, Terry PDF (596 KB)
Feb-2016 Investigating factors affecting customers’ decisions to switch to conservation tariff Khosroshahi, Saeideh Saedi PDF (1096 KB)
Feb-2016 Another Perspective on Understanding Food Democracy McFadden, Brandon R.; Stefanou, Spiro PDF (860 KB)
22-Jan-2016 Food Buying Practices of College Students Hardy, Deric; Ejimakor, Godfrey; Amoakon, Joel; Ralph, Okafor PDF Powerpoint Presentation (297 KB)
22-Jan-2016 Evaluating the Marketing Impact of a Regional Branding Program Using Contingent Valuation Methods: The Case of the Appalachian Grown™ Branding Program Aborisade, Olumide; Carpio, Carlos E.; Mathews, Leah; Boonsaeng, Tullaya; Perrett, Allison; Descieux, Katie PDF Main paper (681 KB)
22-Jan-2016 Changing Food Safety Risk Perceptions: The Influence of Message Framings & Media Food Safety Information Britwum, Kofi; Yiannaka, Amalia PDF (994 KB)
22-Jan-2016 Consumer Knowledge of the Fat Content of Meat Products Amoakon, Joel; Ejimakor, Godfrey; Hardy, Deric PDF Powerpoint Presentation (559 KB)
22-Jan-2016 Exploring the Food Expenditure Patterns of College Students Amoakon, Joel; Ejimakor, Godfrey; Hardy, Deric PDF Main paper (49 KB)
6-Jan-2016 Home Cooking and Willingness to Pay: Local Blueberry Pancake, Muffin, and Banana Bread Mixes in a Take-and-Bake Experiment Ilunga, Yves T.; Woods, Timothy A.; Batte, Marvin; Zarebanadkoki, Samane PDF (482 KB)
Jan-2016 Socio Economic Effects of Gambling: Evidence from Kampala City, Uganda Ahaibwe, Gemma; Lakuma, Corti Paul; Katunze, Miriam; Mawejje, Joseph PDF Main paper (1005 KB)
Jan-2016 Mobile money and household food security in Uganda Murendo, Conrad; Wollni, Meike PDF GlobalFood DP 76 (818 KB)
Jan-2016 Determining the Impact of State-Specific Signs and Labels on Tomato Marketing Cao, Xiang; House, Lisa; Gao, Zhifeng; Guan, Zhengfei PDF Poster (1042 KB)
Jan-2016 Impact of Sensory Quality and Labels on Consumer Preference of Fresh Strawberries He, Chenyi; Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa; Guan, Zhengfei PDF (829 KB)
Jan-2016 Coming home without supplies: Impact of household needs on bribe involvement and gender gaps Asiedu, Edward PDF GlobalFood DP 75 (821 KB)
Jan-2016 Consumer Demand for Potato Products and Willingness-to-Pay for Low-Acrylamide, Sulfite-Free Fresh Potatoes and Dices: Evidence from Lab Auctions Lacy, Katie; Huffman, Wallace E. PDF (664 KB)
Jan-2016 Measuring household food security in a low income country: A comparative analysis of self-reported and objective indicators Hossain, Marup; Mullally, Conner; Asadullah, M Niaz PDF (962 KB)
Jan-2016 Tax Revenue Effects of Sectoral Growth and Public Expenditure in Uganda Mawejje, Joseph; Munyambonera, Ezra PDF Main paper (888 KB)
Jan-2016 A generic model for analyzing nexus issues of households’ bioenergy use Djanibekov, Utkur; Finger, Robert; Guta, Dawit Diriba; Varun, Gaur; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP209_A generic model (481 KB)
2016 A Latent Class Analysis of Public Attitudes Towards Water Resources: Implications for Recreational Demand Ehrlich, Oren; Bi, Xiang; Borisova, Tatiana; Larkin, Sherry PDF (5387 KB)
2016 Prices of Domestic and Imported Riesling Wine in the U.S. Market: A Hedonic Price Approach Asgari, Ali; Woods, Timothy A.; Saghaian, Sayed H. PDF Main paper (605 KB)
2016 Geographical delineation of sugar market basing on Eliznga-Hogarty method Pietrzak, Michał; Roman, Monika; Mucha, Marcin PDF Main paper (1716 KB)
2016 UMSETZUNG DES THEMAS LANDWIRTSCHAFT IM SCHULUNTERRICHT Eine quantitative Studie an Oberschulen und Gymnasien in Nie-dersachsen Schütte, Rebekka; Busch, Gesa PDF (502 KB)
2016 Does Providing Public Works Increase Workers' Wage Bargaining Power in Private Sectors? -- Evidence from National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India Li, Yanan; Liu, Yanyan PDF Main paper (326 KB)
2016 Consumer Preferences and Demand for Packaging Material and Recyclability Klaiman, Kimberly; Ortega, David; Garnache, Cloe PDF (330 KB)
2016 Chinese Consumer Willingness to Pay for Pork with Credence Quality Attributes Dong, Hao; Hu, Wuyang PDF (132 KB)
2016 Impacts from a retail grocery acquisition: Do national and store brand prices respond differently? Secor, William; Çakır, Metin PDF (782 KB)
2016 The role of agricultural trade and policy complementarities in poverty reduction in South Africa Lubinga, Moses H. PDF Main paper (7303 KB)
2016 Potential Consumers in Consumer Behavior Models Jiang, Yuan; Kim, Hyeyoung; House, Lisa; Percival, Susan S. PDF (1046 KB)
2016 Factors affecting student load debt accrued by graduates of US veterinary medical colleges Williams, Ryan Blake; Benson, Aaron; Bain, Bridgette; Dicks, Michael PDF (148 KB)
2016 Impacts of Food Safety Events on Consumer Awareness and U.S. Meat Demand Ates, Aaron M.; Lusk, Jayson L. PDF Poster presentation (839 KB)
2016 Spillover Effect of Participation in Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Program on Consumer’s Purchasing Behavior of Private Label Goods Zaffou, Madiha; Campbell, Benjamin; Rabinowitz, Adam PDF (168 KB)
2016 How Do Premium Subsidies Affect Crop Insurance Demand at Different Coverage Levels: the Case of Corn Yi, Jing; Richardson, James; Bryant, Henry PDF Main paper (345 KB)
2016 When Bigger Isn't Better: Steak Size and Consumer Preferences Maples, Joshua G.; Lusk, Jayson L.; Peel, Derrell S. PDF (512 KB)
2016 Behavioral Determinants of Biofortified Food Acceptance: The Case of Orange-fleshed Sweet Potato in Ghana Etumnu, Chinonso PDF Conference Paper (706 KB)
2016 Factors Affecting the Intake of Dietary Fiber in the United States Diet Senia, Mark C.; Dharmasena, Senarath PDF (549 KB)
2016 A Watershed Level Economic Analysis of Cellulosic Biofuel Feedstock Production with Consideration of Water Quality Moon, Jin-Young; Apland, Jeffrey; Folle, Solomon; Mulla, David PDF (3729 KB)
2016 Do Off-farm Work and Remittances affect Food Consumption Patterns? Evidence from Albania Seidu, Ayuba; Onel, Gulcan; Moss, Charles B.; Seale, James L. PDF (732 KB)
2016 Retail Channel and Beef Preferences in Argentina: Experimental Results from Consumers in Buenos Aires Colella, Florencia; Ortega, David
2016 The Impact of Restaurant Menu Labeling on the Cost of the Selected Meals Zaffou, Madiha; Campbell, Benjamin PDF (203 KB)
2016 Ascertaining the Role of Socio-Economic-Demographic and Government Food Policy Related Factors on the Per Capita Intake of Dietary Fiber Derived from Consumption of Various Foods in the United States Mark, Senia; Senarath, Dharmasena PDF (560 KB)
2016 The Grocery Store and The Environment Todd, Brian PDF (3993 KB)
2016 Does Information on Food Dating Influence Consumer In‐store Purchasing Behavior? Collart, Alba J.; Interis, Matthew G. PDF Working paper (347 KB)
2016 The Impact of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza on Table Egg Prices Huang, Wei; Hagerman, Amy; Bessler, David A. PDF (871 KB)
2016 Are Smart Meters Being Used Smartly? A Case Study of Residential Electricity Customers in Vermont Wang, Qingbin; Lewandowski, Samantha PDF (363 KB)
2016 Comparing the Effect of Country of Origin versus State-Specific Label on Fresh Tomato Marketing Jiang, Yuan; House, Lisa; Kim, Hyeyoung PDF (854 KB)
2016 Own and Cross-effect of Social Media on Demand for Fresh Produce: A Case of Consumer Preference for California versus Florida Strawberry Chen, Xuqi; Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa PDF (543 KB)
2016 Food store access, shopping behavior, and SNAP benefit changes Beatty, Timothy KM; Cuffey, Joel PDF (192 KB)
2016 Bridging the gap: Food choices and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Rudi, Jeta Microsoft Word Extended Abstract (22 KB)
2016 Do Commercialization and Mechanization of a “Women’s Crop” Disempower Women Farmers? Evidence from Zambia and Malawi Tsusaka, Takuji W.; Orr, Alastair; Msere, Harry W.; Homann-KeeTui, Sabine; Maimisa, Penias; Twanje, Gift H.; Botha, Rosemary PDF Conference paper (507 KB)
2016 Demand for Varied Fruit and Vegetable Colors Steele, Marie; Weatherspoon, Dave PDF (698 KB)
2016 The Impacts of Off-Farm Income on Farm Efficiency, Scale, and Profitability Cotton Farms Nehring, Richard; Hallahan, Charlie PDF (735 KB)
2016 An Assessment of the Household Food Security Status and Local Foods Grown in Rural Bahamas Kelly, Jeri L.; Pemberton, Carlisle PDF (1065 KB)
2016 Households Demand for Staple Cereal Commodities in Burkina Faso Traore, Togo M.; Fields, Deacue PDF Main Paper (679 KB)
2016 Welfare Effects of the U.S Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule Ferrier, Peyton; Zhen, Chen; Bovay, John Microsoft Word Paper (222 KB)
2016 Consumers' Valuation of Rice Grade Labeling Choi, Young Woon; Han, Doo Bong; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr; Lee, Ji Yong PDF (1070 KB)
2016 What Consumers Don’t Know about GM Food McFadden, Brandon; Lusk, Jayson PDF (1034 KB)
2016 A Study of Intra-household and Gender Differences in Risk Preferences and Their Effect on Household Investment Decisions in Rural Cameroon Gonzalez Ramirez, M. Jimena; Meriggi, Niccolo PDF (460 KB)
2016 Is the Grass Really Greener across the State Line? A Regional Analysis of State Branding Programs Neill, Clinton L.; Holcomb, Rodney B.; Lusk, Jayson PDF AAEA Poster 2016 (432 KB)
2016 Smallholder milk market participation, dietary diversity and nutritional status among young children in Ethiopia Lenjiso, Birhanu Megersa; Smits, Jeroen; Ruben, Ruerd PDF (470 KB)
2016 Land Markets and Equity of Land Distribution in Northwestern Tanzania Wineman, Ayala; Liverpool-Tasie, Lenis Saweda PDF (856 KB)
2016 Economy wide effects of a possible erosion of AGOA preferential access for South Africa Nyhodo, Bonani; Ntshangase, Thandeka; Ngqangweni, Simphiwe PDF (6493 KB)
2016 Whether Credit Kuznets Curve Exists in Rural India?: A panel household data analysis from 2001 to 2012   Bhattarai, Madhusudan; P, Padmaja; Joshi, P K PDF Poster prepared for presentation at AAEA 2016 conference in Boston (285 KB)
2016 Value of production versus inputs and costs of energy in agriculture Pawlak, Jan PDF Main paper (3119 KB)
2016 Decomposing the Gender Wealth Gap in Ecuador Anglade, Boaz; Useche, Pilar; Deere, Carmen D. PDF (623 KB)
2016 Transformation of the food system in Nigeria and female participation in the Non-Farm Economy (NFE). Liverpool-Tasie, Lenis; Adjognon, Serge; Reardon, Thomas PDF Main paper draft (589 KB)
2016 Impacts of Dengue Epidemics on Household Labor Market Outcomes Walsh, Amanda PDF Main Paper (809 KB)
2016 Determinants of consumer food waste behaviour: Homo Economicus vs. Homo Moralis Herath, Deepananda; Felfel, Abdel PDF (658 KB)
2016 Buy Locally? Big-Box Stores and Time-Inconsistent Preferences Novak, Lindsey PDF Main Paper (577 KB)
2016 Is Fair Trade Fair for Consumers? A Hedonic Analysis of U.S. Retail Fair Trade Coffee Prices Wang, Xiaojin PDF (189 KB)
2016 Food Subsidies and Nutritional Status: Evidence from ICRISAT Data Bhagowalia, Priya; Chandna, Arjita PDF Selected Paper (110 KB)
2016 Are WTP Estimates for Fruit Quality Similar between Growers and Consumers? Results of a Choice Experiment on Four Rosaceous Fruit Crops Gallardo, R. Karina; Yue, Chengyan; McCracken, Vicki; Luby, James; McFerson, James PDF Main paper (529 KB)
2016 Changing Dairy Consumption in an Emerging Economy: An Application of a Multivariate Two-part Model Fu, Shengfei; Florkowski, Wojciech J. PDF (492 KB)
2016 Residential Location Impacts of Environmental Disamenity: The Case of Gravel Pit Operation and Landfills Zhang, Zhaohua; Hite, Diane PDF Main Paper (739 KB)
2016 The Coffee-Food Security Interface for Subsistence Households in Jimma Zone Ethiopia Beghin, John Microsoft Word The Coffee-Food Security Interface for Subsistence Households in Jimma Zone Ethiopia (66 KB)
2016 Effects of Policy and Market on Relative Income Deprivation of Agricultural Labour Czyżewski, Bazyli; Poczta-Wajda, Agnieszka PDF (988 KB)
2016 Will Fixing Disparities in Food Access Reduce Health Inequity? Colby, Scott PDF (1325 KB)
2016 Profitability and Institutional Constraints to the Adoption of Fertilizer Microdosing in Northwest Benin Bachmann, Erika; Natcher, David; Kulshreshtha, Suren; Baco, Mohamed Nasser; Akponikpe, P. B. I.; Peak, Derek PDF (375 KB)
2016 Energy recovery from domestic and agro-waste streams in Uganda: a socioeconomic assessment Gebrezgabher, Solomie; Amewu, Sena; Taron, Avinandan; Otoo, Miriam PDF (1382 KB)
2016 Neighborhood matter: Variation in food insecurity not explained by household characteristics Olabiyi, Olayemi; McIntyre, Lynn PDF Main paper (525 KB)
2016 Modeling Product Choices in a Peer Network Fang, Di; Richards, Timothy; Carola, Grebitus PDF (6145 KB)
2016 Community Supported Agriculture and Preferences for Risk and Fairness Bernard, Kévin; Bonein, Aurélie; Bougherara, Douadia PDF (4274 KB)
2016 Understanding the Effect of Product Displays on Consumer Choice and Food Waste: A Field Experiment Meadowcroft, Devon; Bernard, John C. PDF (3154 KB)
2016 Small farmers’ preferences for the design of certification schemes: Does gender matter? Meemken, Eva-Marie; Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan; Qaim, Matin PDF conference paper (717 KB)
2016 Polish Household Consumption of Tobacco and Alcohol: A Censored System Fu, Shengfei; Florkowski, Wojciech PDF Main Paper_ Fu and Florkowski 2016 (681 KB)
2016 Income and Health Choices Physical Activity Evidence from China Hu, Xiaowen; Stowe, C. Jill PDF Paper (4985 KB)
2016 Evaluating the Impacts of the 2008-2009 Great Recession on Labor Supply of Family Farm Households Chang, Hung-Hao PDF (1124 KB)
2016 Recovering Marginal Willingness to Pays from Hedonic Prices under Imperfect Competition Huang, Ju-Chin PDF Paper to be presented at 2016 AAEA (320 KB)
2016 Characteristics of U.S. Organic Fresh Produce Consumers: A Double Hurdle Model Approach Chen, Bo; Saghaian, Sayed H. PDF Main paper (141 KB)
2016 Tana River Basin, Kenya: geodatabase and mapping tool. User guide Hussain, Asghar; Baker, Tracy PDF (2187 KB)
2016 The Mindlessness and Mindfulness of Secondary Eating Alagsam, Fuad; Schieffer, Jack PDF (454 KB)
2016 Religiosity and Female Autonomy in Indonesia Irhamni, Milda PDF Poster (257 KB)
2016 The Effects of Self-Control on Subsequent Purchasing Decisions Palma, Marco; Segovia, Michelle; Kassas, Bachir; Ribera, Luis; Hall, Charles PDF Main Paper (629 KB)
2016 SOCIALLAB – NUTZTIERHALTUNG IM SPIEGEL DER GESELLSCHAFT Christoph-Schulz, Inken; Brümmer, Nanke; Rovers, Anja-Karolina; Saggau, Doreen PDF (792 KB)
2016 The Welfare Consequences of the 2015 California Drought Mandate: Evidence from New Results on Monthly Water Demand Buck, Steven; Nemati, Mehdi; Sunding, David PDF (484 KB)
2016 Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Genetically Engineered Edamame Wolfe, Elijah; Popp, Michael; Bazzani, Claudia; Nayga Jr, Rudolfo; Danforth, Diana; Popp, Jennie; Chen, Pengyin; Seo, Han-Seok PDF Conference Maker ID 199 (391 KB)
2016 Impacts of Urbanization on Costs of Production and Land Use in the Heartland, Southern Seaboard, and Prairie Gateway: A Farm-Level Analysis Nehring, Richard; Erickson, Kenneth; Harris, Michael; Hallahan, Charlie; Katchova, Ani PDF (493 KB)
2016 Does Consumer’s Working Memory Matter? The Relationship between Working Memory and Selective Attention in Food Choice Shen, Meng; Gao, Zhifeng PDF Poster (504 KB)
2016 How Information Affects Consumer Acceptance of Nano-packaged Food Products Zhao, Shuoli; Yue, Chengyan; Wang, Yumeng PDF (936 KB)
2016 Effects of smallholder diversification on rural household maize security Ayieko, Miltone Were; Songqing, Jin; Tschirley, David PDF (9 KB), PDF Poster presentation (138 KB)
2016 Loss Aversion, Temporal Framing, and Household Energy Decisions Gill, Carrie; Atlas, Stephen; Hardisty, David PDF Selected Poster 9644 v2016.5.25 (452 KB)
2016 The Effective Implementation of Social Protection Programmes Can Reduce Household and Community Poverty in Uganda Okello, Julius J. PDF (244 KB)
2016 Examining Household Food Waste Decisions: A Vignette Approach Ellison, Brenna; Lusk, Jayson L. PDF AAEA Conference Paper (597 KB)
2016 ZAHLUNGSBEREITSCHAFT FÜR TIERWOHL Petershammer, Silke; Dahlhausen, Johanna; Roosen, Jutta PDF (133 KB)
2016 Tennessee Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Tennessee Wine Everett, Connie N.; Boyer, Christopher N.; Jensen, Kimberly L.; Hughes, David W.; Velandia, Margarita M. PDF (535 KB)
2016 The Value of Country-of-Origin and Wild-Caught Labels: A Hedonic Analysis of Shrimp Retail Prices in the United States Wang, Xiaojin PDF (190 KB)
2016 The consumption pattern of convenience food: A comparison of different income levels in South Korea Hwang, Yeseul; Choe, Youngchan PDF (333 KB)
2016 Diversifikation und Arbeitszufriedenheit – trifft die These von Marx und Engels auf Landwirte zu? Mann, Stefan; Besser, Tim PDF (526 KB)
2016 ATTITUDES OF URBAN FEMALE CONSUMERS TOWARD FOOD PRODUCTION PRACTICES IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA Madhaven-Nambiar, Padmanand; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Suh, Dong-Kyu PDF Original paper (305 KB)
2016 60 Years Later and Still Going Strong: The Continued Relevance of the Tiebout Hypothesis Saltz, Ira S.; Capener, Don PDF (370 KB)
2016 The Changing Structure of Retail Food Stores, Direct Marketing (DM) and Its Impact on Farmers’ Financial Performance Sene, Seydina; Paudel, Krishna P.; Park, Timothy A. PDF (355 KB)
2016 Incorporating Time Costs into SNAP Allotment Calculation: A Home Food Production Time Use Analysis You, Wen; Davis, George PDF main paper (338 KB)
2016 Developing Food Value Chains to meet Tourism Demand in the Caribbean: Case Studies of St. Kitts Nevis and St. Lucia Ford, J.R. Deep; Dorodnykh, Ekaterina PDF (1482 KB)
2016 Life Cycle Consumption of Food: Evidence from French Data Kyureghian, Gayaneh; Soler, Louis-Georges PDF Main Paper (516 KB)
2016 Impact of Organic, Sustainable, and Biodynamic Wine Making Practices on Wine Prices Waldrop, Megan; McCluskey, Jill PDF Presentation Paper (379 KB)
2016 Store Choice and Consumer Behavior in Food Deserts: An Empirical Application of the Distance Metric Method Chenarides, Lauren; Jaenicke, Edward, C. PDF Store Choice and Consumer Behavior in Food Deserts [Working Paper] (854 KB)
2016 Profiling Private-Label Avoiders Larson, Ronald B. PDF (192 KB)
2016 Private Labels Competition and Retailers Market Power: The Case of Fluid Milk Market in Connecticut Xuan, Chen; Rabinowitz, Adam; Liu, Yizao PDF (386 KB)
2016 Similarities and Differences of Animal Welfare Perceptions between U.S. Cow-Calf Producers and the Public McKendree, Melissa G.S.; Tonsor, Glynn T.; Wolf, Christopher A. PDF Main Conference Paper (331 KB)
2016 The Impact of Impulsive Behavior on Fresh Produce Purchase: Do the Shopping Companions Matter? Chen, Xuqi; Gao, Zhifeng PDF (826 KB)
2016 Is MyPlate really Affordable? An analysis of SNAP Benefits and the actual cost of eating according to the dietary guidelines Mulik, Kranti; Haynes Maslow, Lindsey PDF (515 KB)
2016 Consumer Preference for Sampling at Farmers Markets Chen, Lijun; Parcell, Joe; Moreland, Jill PDF Main paper (665 KB)
2016 Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Locally Grown Produce: Comparison of New Hampshire and Massachusetts Results Shi, Wei; Halstead, John; Huang, Ju-Chin PDF Main paper (641 KB)
2016 Zero inflated ordered probit approach to modeling mushroom consumption in the US Jiang, Yuan; Kim, Hyeyoung; House, Lisa; Percival, Susan S. PDF (741 KB)
2016 Turfgrass producer preferences for certification and royalty fee structures Jayasekera, Deshamithra; Boyer, Tracy; Tong, Benjamin; Martin, Dennis PDF Submission Draft (434 KB)
2016 REGIONALITY BEYOND QUALITY: COMPENSATION OF INFERIOR TASTE FOR STRAWBERRIES Lorenz, Bettina Anne-Sophie; Langen, Nina; Landwehr, Stefanie; Hartmann, Monika PDF (311 KB)
2016 WHAT IS DRIVING FARMLAND RENTAL PRICES IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA? EVIDENCE FROM MALAWI Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob; Mason, Nicole; Chamberlin, Jordan PDF PDF of main paper (321 KB)
2016 Food Demand and Food Security in El Salvador Sandoval, Luis; Carpio, Carlos E. PDF (540 KB)
2016 The effects of allowing substitutes on bidding behavior in a private value experimental auction Lee, Ji Yong; Fox, John A. PDF (445 KB)
2016 Does taste trump health? Effects of nutritional characteristics on brand-level demand for chips in the U.S. Staudigel, Matthias; Anders, Sven PDF (924 KB)
2016 Is it hot in here or is it your food choices? Examining the carbon footprint of U.S. household food spending and opportunities for emission mitigation strategies through changes in food expenditures Boehm, Rebecca; Wilde, Parke E.; Ver Ploeg, Michele; Costello, Christine; Cash, Sean B. PDF Rebecca Boehm et al 2016 AAEA (920 KB)
2016 To Tell or Not to Tell: How Observation Impacts Consumption Behavior in Food Choice Experiments Gabrielyan, Gnel PDF (391 KB)
2016 Private Label Products and Consumer Income: Is There a Curvilinear Relationship? Jones, Eugene PDF (117 KB)
2016 Impact of Increasing Demand for Dairy Alternative Beverages on Dairy Farmer Welfare in the United States Copeland, Alicia; Dharmasena, Senarath PDF Main Paper (987 KB)
2016 The Effects of Emotion on Consumers’ Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) for Eco-labeled Fresh Produce Chen, Xuqi; Gao, Zhifeng PDF (1061 KB)
2016 Consumer perception of active and intelligent food packaging Barska, Anetta; Wyrwa, Joanna PDF Main paper (976 KB)
2016 Consumer Preferences for Sirloin Steak: The Influence of Tasting Johnson, Myriah; Palma, Marco; Miller, Rhonda; Morrill, Jessie; Anderson, David P.; Sawyer, Jason; Wickersham, Tryon; Richardson, James PDF (141 KB)
2016 Analysis of Household Poverty and Household Vulnerability to Poverty: The Role of Social Protection Measures in Reducing Household Poverty and Vulnerability in Katakwi District-Uganda Okello, Julius PDF (155 KB)
2016 Community-Managed Forests and Household Welfare: Empirical Evidence from Nepal Paudel, Jayash PDF Working paper (481 KB)
2016 Demand for Niche Local Brands in the Fluid Milk Sector Liu, Yizao; Rabinowitz, Adam; Chen, Xuan; Campbell, Benjamin PDF main paper (421 KB)
31-Dec-2015 MODELS OF IRRATIONAL BEHAVIOUR OF HOUSEHOLD AND FIRM Krstic, Bojan; Krstic, Milos PDF Ekonomika Vol 61 Issue 4 pp 1-10 2015 (640 KB)
Dec-2015 Rozwój energetyki prosumenckiej w świetle nowej ustawy o odnawialnych źródłach energii Błażejowska, Małgorzata PDF (310 KB)
Dec-2015 How Does the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Affect the U.S. Economy? Reimer, Jeffrey J.; Weerasooriya, Senal; West, Tyler T. PDF (435 KB)
Dec-2015 The Impact of Fiscal Subsidy on China’s New Rural Pension System: A Natural Experiment Lin, Benxi; Zhang, Yu Yvette; Lin, Zongjian; Wang, Yongli; Liu, Weiping PDF (564 KB)
Dec-2015 Zachowania konsumentów w zakresie racjonalnego wykorzystania żywności – badania wstępne Korzeniowska-Ginter, Renata; Bartkowicz, Joanna; Nowakowska, Małgorzata PDF (353 KB)
Dec-2015 Managing the Invasive Small Indian Mongoose in Fiji Brown, Philip; Daigneault, Adam PDF (649 KB)
Dec-2015 Reducing Rice Imports in Côte d’Ivoire: Is a Rise in Import Tariff the Solution? Coulibaly, Jeanne Y.; Tebila, Nakelse; Diagne, Aliou PDF (293 KB)
Dec-2015 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation and Local Program Outreach and Eligibility Services Mabli, James PDF (215 KB)
Dec-2015 An Examination of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Local Products Adalja, Aaron; Hanson, James; Towe, Charles; Tselepidakis, Elina PDF (785 KB)
Dec-2015 Gap in Obesity Rates Between Low- and High-Income Children Widens With Age Jo, Young PDF (320 KB)
Dec-2015 Rola reklamy telewizyjnej w kształtowaniu postaw żywieniowych dzieci w wieku szkolnym Lemanowicz, Marzena PDF (343 KB)
Dec-2015 Kierunki i skala zmian dochodów rolniczych w krajach Unii Europejskiej w latach 2005-2014 Runowski, Henryk PDF (436 KB)
Dec-2015 Niedobory konsumpcji w zakresie żywności w polskich gospodarstwach domowych według grup społeczno-ekonomicznych Stanisławska, Joanna; Głowicka-Wołoszyn, Romana PDF (476 KB)
Dec-2015 Table of Contents and Front Matter - PDF (126 KB)
Dec-2015 Cover - PDF (162 KB)
Dec-2015 Measuring the Food Access Gap in Native American Tribal Areas Saksena, Michelle PDF (289 KB)
Dec-2015 Ekonomiczne uwarunkowania energetyki prosumenckiej na przykładzie mikrobiogazowni rolniczej Podstawka, Marian; Gołasa, Piotr PDF (352 KB)
1-Nov-2015 Who is Drinking Wine in the United States? The Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile of U.S. Wine Consumers (1972-2012) Villanueva, Emiliano C.; Castillo-Valero, Juan Sebastián; García-Cortijo, Mª Carmen; ifamr, ifama PDF (337 KB)
Nov-2015 How inheriting affects bequest plans Stark, Oded; Nicinska, Anna; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP202A_How inheriting affects bequest plans (430 KB)
Nov-2015 Human Capital Development and Parental Investment in India Meghir, Costas; Nix, Emily; Attanasio, Orazio PDF (614 KB)
Nov-2015 Is There a Market for Branded Gulf of Mexico Oysters? Petrolia, Daniel; Walton, William; Yehouenou, Lauriane PDF MSState_AEC_WP_2015-4 (1014 KB)
Nov-2015 Pesticide use in Sub-Saharan Africa: Estimates, Projections, and Implications in the Context of Food System Transformation Snyder, Jason; Smart, Jennifer; Goeb, Joey; Tschirley, David PDF RP 8E (309 KB)
Nov-2015 Risk Perception and Trust Interaction in Response to Food Safety Events across Products and the Implications for Agribusiness Firms Shepherd, Jonathan D.; Saghaian, Sayed H. PDF (306 KB)
Nov-2015 Fruit and Vegetable Consumption of College Students: What is the Role of Food Culture? Schroeter, Christiane; House, Lisa A. PDF (336 KB)
Nov-2015 Are Grocery Shoppers of Households with Weight-Concerned Members Willing to Pay More for Nutrtional Information on Food? Ran, Tao; Yue, Chengyan; Rihn, Alicia PDF (388 KB)
Oct-2015 Advancing the Root Crop Industry in the English Speaking Caribbean Harrynanan, Lisa; Jacque, Andrew; Theophile, Brent; Patterson-Andrews, Hazel PDF (1223 KB)
Oct-2015 Investigating Shopper Awareness and Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Foods in Trinidad, West Indies Badrie, Neela; Ramesar, Hershael; Lutchmedial, Mikhail; Nanan, Leann; Maraj, Meera; Radgman, Kristine; Patterson-Andrews, Hazel PDF (802 KB)
Oct-2015 Households' Water Use Demand and Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Services: A Case Study of Semi-Urban Areas in the Lubombo and Lowveld Regions of Swaziland Mvangeli Dlamini, Nqobizwe PDF (1287 KB)
Oct-2015 THE PRICE OF ONE SWEET CALORIE Buttet, Sebastien; Dolar, Veronika PDF (526 KB)
Oct-2015 The role of livestock portfolios and group-based approaches for building resilience in the face of accelerating climate change: An asset-based panel data analysis from rural Kenya Ngigi, Marther W.; Müller, Ulrike; Birner, Regina; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP205_The role of livestock portofolios (439 KB)
30-Sep-2015 Crops Rotation – the Solution of Environmental Problems (a Case Study of Prince Edward Island in Canada) Procházka, Petr; Řezbová, Helena; Smutka, Luboš; Konečná, Martina PDF (391 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Rethinking Entry Mode Choice of Agro-Exporters: The Effect of the Internet Serrano, Raúl; Acero, Isabel; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (298 KB)
1-Sep-2015 An Analysis of the Decision Structure for Food Innovation on the Basis of Consumer Age Barrenar, Ramo; García, Teresa; Camarena, María; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (321 KB)
1-Sep-2015 Food Movements in Germany: Slow Food, Food Sharing, and Dumpster Diving Rombach, Meike; Bitsch, Vera; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (493 KB)
Sep-2015 The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and spatial price dispersion Andersson, Camilla; Bezabih, Mintewab; Mannberg, Andrea PDF Global Food DP No 72 (775 KB)
Sep-2015 Ceny detaliczne owoców w Polsce i w wybranych krajach europejskich Sobczak, Wioleta; Jabłońska, Lilianna PDF (248 KB)
Sep-2015 Following Dietary Guidance Need Not Cost More—But Many Americans Would Need To Re-Allocate Their Food Budgets Carlson, Andrea; Dong, Diansheng; Stewart, Hayden; Frazao, Betsy PDF (400 KB)
Sep-2015 Relacje cenowe w rolnictwie polskim a dochodowość gospodarstw rolnych i gospodarstw domowych rolników Czyżewski, Andrzej; Kryszak, Łukasz PDF (317 KB)
Sep-2015 Food Choices and Store Proximity Rahkovsky, Ilya; Snyder, Samantha PDF (4093 KB)
Sep-2015 Elevated macroeconomic risks hurt business environment perceptions Joseph, Mawejje; Paul, Lakuma PDF Brief (908 KB)
9-Aug-2015 The Income Diversification Strategies of Smallholder Coffee Producers in Nepal Sharma, Govinda Prasad; Pandit, Ram; White, Ben; Polyakov, Maksym; Kragt, Marit E. PDF WP1508 Sharma et al Income diversification for coffee producers in Nepal (501 KB)
Aug-2015 A háztartások természeti erőforrás-felhasználása, különös tekintettel az élelmiszer-fogyasztásra Dombi, Mihály; Karcagi-Kováts, Andrea; Bauerné Gáthy, Andrea; Kuti, István PDF Original Paper (636 KB)
Aug-2015 Decentralized energy in Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus in Developing Countries: Case Studies on Successes and Failures Guta, Dawit; Jara, Jose; Adhikari, Narayan; Qiu, Chen; Gaur, Varun; Mirzabaev, Alisher; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEF Discussion Paper No. 203 (498 KB)
Aug-2015 Determinants of households' food diversity demand in Uganda Tankari, Mahamadou Roufahi; Badiane, Ousmane PDF (621 KB)
Aug-2015 ZMIANY W SPOŻYCIU WYBRANYCH ARTYKUŁÓW SPOŻYWCZYCH W LATACH 2006-2013 Nowak, Mirosława Marzena; Jarczyński, Jacek PDF (407 KB)
Aug-2015 How inheriting affects bequest plans Stark, Oded; Nicinska, Anna; Wünscher, Tobias PDF ZEFDP202_How inheriting affects bequest plans (455 KB)
Aug-2015 Credence goods, consumers’ trust in regulation and high quality exports Cuffaro, Nadia; Di Giacinto, Marina PDF (499 KB)
Jul-2015 Worker Empowerment through Labor Standards. Evidence from the Peruvian Horticultural Export Sector Schuster, Monica; Maertens, Miet PDF (676 KB)
Jul-2015 Growth in Inflation-Adjusted Food Prices Varies by Food Category Kuhns, Annemarie PDF (294 KB)
Jul-2015 Čimbenici kupnje ekološkog kruha i pekarskih proizvoda Tomić, Marina; Matić, Kata; Mesić, Željka; Cerjak, Marija PDF Čimbenici kupnje ekološkog kruha i pekarskih proizvoda (138 KB)
Jul-2015 The Supermarket Revolution in the Balkan Countries: The Case of Serbia Lovre, Koviljko; Papic Brankov, Tatjana PDF The Supermarket Revolution in the Balkan Countries: The Case of Serbia (300 KB)
Jul-2015 Sustainable Consumption and the Attitude-Behaviour-Gap Phenomenon - Causes and Measurements towards a Sustainable Development Terlau, Wiltrud; Hirsch, Darya; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (784 KB)
8-Jun-2015 Children Characteristics and Intra-household Allocation of Conditional Cash Transfers Irhamni, Milda PDF (1392 KB)
Jun-2015 CONSUMERS’ ATTITUDES, KNOWLEDGE AND CONSUMPTION OF PRODUCTS WITH NUTRITION AND HEALTH CLAIMS Mitić, Sanja; Gligorijević, Mirjana; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the journal issue (396 KB)
Jun-2015 Determinants of Household Resilience to Dry Spells and Drought in Malawai: A Case of Chipoka Francisco Banda, Taonga PDF (515 KB)
28-May-2015 Entry of Vendors, Cost Containment and Participant Access in the Women, Infants and Children Program McLaughlin, Patrick W.; Saitone, Tina L.; Sexton, Richard J. PDF McLaughlinSaitoneSexton2015poster (26 KB)
27-May-2015 Effects of asset ownership on child health indicators and educational performance in Tanzania Kafle, Kashi R.; Dean, Jolliffe PDF (510 KB)
27-May-2015 Norms of Allocation within Nuclear and Extended-Family Households Kazianga, Harounan; Wahhaj, Zaki PDF (1217 KB)
27-May-2015 Estimating Recreation Demand When Survey Responses are Rounded Page, Ian B.; Lichtenberg, Erik; Saavoss, Monica PDF (742 KB)
27-May-2015 The Evolving Role of Food Sourced Outside the Home on Diets in the U.S.: 1977-2010 Smith, Travis A.; Lin, Biing-Hwan; Coats, Ellen PDF (345 KB)
26-May-2015 Joint Evaluation of Cash and In-kind Transfer programs in Indonesia: What are the roles in Food and Nutrition Security? Afkar, Rythia PDF (809 KB)
26-May-2015 ‘Eat More Chikin’ - Structural Change Via Threshold Effects: The Effects of Female Labor on U.S. Meat Demand. Rodriguez, Nestor M.; Eales, James S. PDF (1189 KB)
22-May-2015 Fuelwood Source Substitution and Shadow Prices in Western Kenya Murphy, David M. A.; Berazneva, Julia; Lee, David R. PDF Fuelwood Paper (427 KB)
11-May-2015 Analysis of crop enterprise combination among small holder farmers in delta north agricultural zone, delta state, Nigeria A. I. N., Kaine, PDF Main Paper (336 KB)
1-May-2015 Preferences for Farmstead, Artisan, and Other Cheese Attributes: Evidence from a Conjoint Study in the Northeast United States Wang, Qingbin; Thompson, Ethan; Parsons, Robert; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (686 KB)
May-2015 Measuring vulnerability to poverty allowing for agricultural and non‐agricultural risks: Evidence from Tanzanian household data Inoue, Ryosuke; Nakajima, Toru; Takahashi, Taro PDF (2475 KB)
May-2015 Attribute Search in Online Retailing Richards, Timothy J.; Hamilton, Stephen F.; Empen, Janine PDF (189 KB)
May-2015 Effect of Price Risk on Migration: Evidence from Ethiopian Rural Households Lee, Yu Na PDF Selected Paper for Presentation (569 KB)
May-2015 Body Weight and Depression: A Simultaneous Equation Approach Zhang, Jun PDF Main paper (912 KB)
May-2015 Youth Entrepreneurship in Uganda: Policy, Evidence and Stakeholders - PDF Main report (4852 KB)
May-2015 Consumer Demand for Dairy Alternative Beverages in the United States and its Implications to U.S. Dairy Industry Copeland, Alicia; Dharmasena, Senarath PDF AAEA Paper (189 KB)
May-2015 Households' Adoption of Drought Tolerant Plants: An Adaptation to Climate Change? Fan, Yubing; McCann, Laura E. PDF (734 KB)
May-2015 Social Drivers of Aspirations Formation and Failure in Rural Nepal Thompson, William W.; Janzen, Sarah A.; Magnan, Nicholas P.; Sharma, Sudhindra PDF (646 KB)
May-2015 Household Income Volatility in U.S. Farm Households Key, Nigel; Prager, Daniel; Burns, Christopher PDF (823 KB)
May-2015 Direct Effects of Formal Savings Adoption on Agricultural Investments Among the Poor: Experimental Evidence from Malawi Flory, Jeffrey A. PDF (224 KB)
May-2015 Creating Youth Employment through Entrepreneurship Financing: The Uganda Youth Venture Capital Fund Gemma, Ahaibwe; Ibrahim, Kasirye PDF Main paper (661 KB)
May-2015 Factors Affecting Food Purchase Decisions of U.S. Households with Children across Food Retail Channels over the Period 1998-2013 Dharmasena, Senarath; Senia, Mark PDF AAEA Paper (44 KB)
May-2015 Food Waste: The Role of Date Labels, Package Size, and Product Category Wilson, Norbert L.W.; Rickard, Bradley J.; Saputo, Rachel; Ho, Shuay-Tsyr PDF (375 KB)
21-Apr-2015 Projected 2015 Corn Revenue with Comparisons to Revenues from 2010 to 2014 Schnitkey, Gary PDF (164 KB)
16-Apr-2015 Projecting the 2015-16 Corn Balance Sheet and Price Implications Good, Darrel; Irwin, Scott PDF (235 KB)
13-Apr-2015 Agricultural Production Economics (Second Edition); Applied Microeconomics: Consumption, Production and Markets; and Economics of Food and Agriculture, (Third Edition): Supplemental Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Files and Other Class Materials Debertin, David L. PDF (151 KB)
Apr-2015 Consumer attitudes towards attributes of food and the use of digital media and smart technologies to inform and purchase food Saunders, C.M.; Guenther, M.; Tait, P.R.; Dalziel, P.C. PDF (388 KB)
Apr-2015 How Much Do Consumers Value PDO Certifications? Estimates of WTP for PDO Dry-Cured Ham in Italy Garavaglia, Christian; Mariani, Paolo PDF Full Paper (449 KB)
Apr-2015 Decentralizing Education Resources: School Grants in Senegal Meghir, Costas; Mommaerts, Corina; Carneiro, Pedro; Koussihouede, Oswald; Lahire, Nathalie PDF (1962 KB)
Apr-2015 Exploring The Moderating Role of Consumer Ethnocentrism on Consumer Value Perceptions Towards Own-Country Geographic Indication (GI) Foods Perrea, Toula; Mamalis, Spyridon; Melfou, Katerina; Papanagiotou, Panoraia; Krystallis, Athanasios PDF Full Paper (773 KB)
Apr-2015 The welfare cost of maize price volatility in Malawi Sassi, Maria PDF (1101 KB)
Apr-2015 Are Ugandan Farmers Using the Right Quality Fertilizer Swaibu, Mbowa; Komayombi, Bulegeya; Charles Kizza, Luswata PDF Briefing paper (1557 KB)
Apr-2015 Small scale agriculture as a resilient system in rural Romania Tudor, Monica Mihaela PDF (896 KB)
Apr-2015 Voluntary Pollution Abatement and Regulation Delgado, Michael S.; Khanna, Neha PDF (341 KB)
Apr-2015 The Impact of Financial Education for Youth in Ghana Karlan, Dean S.; Berry, James; Pradhan, Menno PDF (286 KB)
Apr-2015 Determinants of Purchase Likelihoods and Amounts Spent on Meat in Malaysia: A Sample Selection System Approach Tan, Andrew K. G.; Yen, Steven T.; Hasan, Abdul Rahman; Muhamed, Kamarudin PDF (221 KB)
Apr-2015 Predicting Welfare Effects of Food Price Shocks. A Comparative Analysis. Rischke, Ramona PDF (990 KB)
Apr-2015 Is There a Price Premium for Local Food? The Case of the Fresh Lettuce Market in Hawaii Xu, Xun; Loke, Matthew K.; Leung, PingSun PDF (217 KB)
Apr-2015 Biomass residential heating: semantic structure and implications for advertising Athiyaman, Adee PDF (661 KB)
Apr-2015 UK Public Health Responsibility Deals – can they nudge consumers towards healthier diets? Srinivasan, C.S. PDF (783 KB)
Apr-2015 Consumers’ purchasing trends of GIs products Mattas, Konstadinos; Tsakiridou, Efthimia; Theodoridou, Glykeria PDF Power Point Presentation (312 KB)
Apr-2015 Can Smallholder Fruit and Vegetable Production Systems Improve Household Food Security and Nutritional Status of Women? Kabunga, Nassul; Ghosh, Shibani; Griffiths, Jeffrey K. PDF (605 KB)
Apr-2015 Boserup versus Malthus: does population pressure drive agricultural intensification? Evidence from Burundi Desiere, Sam; D'Haese, Marijke PDF (1099 KB)
Apr-2015 From Global to Local? The Power of Domestic Markets Seitz, Carolin Claudia; Roosen, Jutta PDF Full Paper (885 KB)
Apr-2015 Reports of Water Quality Violations Induce Consumers to Buy Bottled Water Pape, Andreas Duus; Seo, Misuk PDF (231 KB)
Apr-2015 Assessing the Impact of Health Insurance and Other Socioeconomic Factors on Inequality in Health Care Expenditures among Farm Households El-Osta, Hisham S. PDF (558 KB)
31-Mar-2015 Impact of Irrigation Technologies on Rural Households’ Poverty Status: the Case of Fogera District, North-Western Ethiopia Solomon, S.; Ketema, M. PDF (913 KB)
Mar-2015 Wydatki na żywność w warunkach kryzysu gospodarczego z 2008 roku w wybranych krajach Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej Szuba-Barańska, Ewelina; Mrówczyńska-Kamińska, Aldona PDF (281 KB)
Mar-2015 A Behavioral Approach to Understanding Green Consumerism Using Latent Class Choice Analysis Peschel, Anne O.; Grebitus, Carola; Steiner, Bodo; Veeman, Michele
Mar-2015 Consumer Testing for the Local Food Start-Up Durham, Catherine; Colonna, Ann; Long, Deng; Masoni, Sarah PDF (77 KB)
Mar-2015 How Do Households Respond to Rising Food Prices in Developing Countries? Tandon, Sharad; Landes, Maurice PDF (343 KB)
Mar-2015 Do Differences in Reported Expenditures between Commercial Household-based Scanner Data and Government Surveys Matter in a Structural Model of Food Demand? Zhen, Chen; Muth, Mary K.; Karns, Shawn; Brown, Derick; Siegel, Peter PDF (603 KB)
Mar-2015 MARKET PARTICIPATION DECISION OF SMALLHOLDER FARMERS AND ITS DETERMINANTS IN BANGLADESH Osmani, Ataul Gani; Hossain, Elias; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (408 KB)
Mar-2015 Local vs. Organic: Does consumer personality matter? Bazzani, Claudia; Vincenzina, Caputo; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr.; Canavari, Maurizio PDF (436 KB)
Mar-2015 Consumers and food waste - a review of research approaches and findings on point of purchase and in-household consumer behaviour Aschemann-Witzel, Jessica; de Hooge, Ilona; Amani, Pegah; Bech-Larsen, Tino; Gustavsson, Jenny PDF (386 KB)
Mar-2015 Evaluation of consumers' lifestyles and willingness to pay for dates: A hybrid choice model approach Abdelradi, Fadi; Abdu, Khaled PDF (652 KB)
Mar-2015 Consumer behavior under unverifiable information provided by interested parties: implications for consumer protection policies Russo, Carlo; Tufi, Eleonora PDF (910 KB)
Mar-2015 The treatment of don't know responses in the consumers' perceptions: a survey in the agri-food sector Iannario, Maria; Manisera, Marica; Zuccolotto, Paola PDF (184 KB)
Mar-2015 GROSS MARGIN AS AN INDICATOR OF THE SIGNIFICANCE OF FARMER EDUCATION ON THE WCR RISK ASSESSMENT IN REPEATED SOWING Filipović, Jasmina; Stanković, Slađan; Ceranić, Slobodan; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (407 KB)
Mar-2015 Sustainable consumption of bakery products; a challenge for Czech consumers and producers Ratinger, Tomas; Boskova, Iveta; Tomka, Adam PDF (384 KB)
Mar-2015 The impact of the sensory experience on scale and preference heterogeneity: The GMNL model approach to pig castration and meat quality Kallas, Zein; Borrisser-Pairó, Francesc; Martínez, Beatriz; Vieira, Ceferina; Rubio, Begonia; Panella, Nuria; Gil, Marta; Linares, M. Belén; Garrido, M. Dolores; Ibañez, Miguel; M. Angels, Oliver; Gil, José María PDF (933 KB)
Mar-2015 Inflation Dynamics and Agricultural Supply Shocks in Uganda Joseph, Mawejje; Musa, Mayanja Lwanga
Mar-2015 Consumers and energy demand in food supply chains: Synthesising insights from the social sciences Hoolohan, Claire; McLachlan, Carly PDF (674 KB)
Mar-2015 Consumer preferences in food packaging: cub models and conjoint analysis Arboretti Giancristofaro, Rosa; Bordignon, Paolo PDF (598 KB)
Mar-2015 C(l)ue Me In - Enhancing Consumers' Attention to Ingredient List Information Cheung, Tracy; Junghans, Astrid; Dijsterhuis, Garmt; Kroese, Floor; Johansson, Petter; Hall, Lars; De Ridder, Denise PDF (386 KB)
Mar-2015 A New, Obesity-specific Healthy Eating Index (OS-HEI) Radwan, Amr; Gil, Jose Maria; Variyam, J.N. PDF (526 KB)
Mar-2015 Human Values and Consumer Preferences for Extrinsic Credence Attributes in the Italian and German Markets for New Potatoes Fitzsimmons, Jill Ann; Colantuoni, Francesca; Cicia, Gianni; Del Giudice, Teresa PDF (831 KB)
Mar-2015 The value of direct farmers-consumers relationships as determinants of consumers' purchase choices Corsi, Alessandro; Novelli, Silvia PDF (530 KB)
Mar-2015 Heterogeneity in consumer preferences for food safety lavel in Thailand Wongprawmas, Rungsaran; Canavari, Maurizio PDF (807 KB)
Mar-2015 Livestock as an Imperfect Buffer Stock in Poorly Integrated Markets Lange, Simon; Reimers, Malte PDF (827 KB)
Mar-2015 Evaluating consumers' sustainable choice of wine: A virtual shop experiment Bazoche, Pascale; Issanchou, Sylvie; Brouard, Joëlle; Maratray, Jacques; Ginon, Emilie PDF (901 KB)
Mar-2015 A statistical model for consumer preferences: the case of Italian extra virgin olive oil Corduas, Marcella PDF (296 KB)
Mar-2015 Integration of Local Food Programs in Salt Lake County to Benefit Prisoners, Juvenile Delinquents and Meals on Wheels Clients Wagner, Katie M. PDF (51 KB)
Mar-2015 Brand Affiliation in Promoting Locally Produced Food: A Case of University Promoted Beef Rimal, Arbindra; Penton, Micala; Muzinic, Jennifer; Onyango, Benjamin PDF (82 KB)
Mar-2015 Real farmer share, perceived farmer share and fair distribution in food chains from a consumers' perspective Busch, Gesa; Spiller, Achim PDF (400 KB)
Mar-2015 Recession Had Greater Impact on Visits to Sit-Down Restaurants Than Fast Food Places Hamrick, Karen PDF (273 KB)
Mar-2015 How can food retailing benefit from neuromarketing research: a case of various parameters of store illumination and consumer response Berčík, Jakub; Horská, Elena; Wang, W.Y. Regina; Chen, Ying-Chun PDF (702 KB)
Mar-2015 Service Population Estimates for City of Williston Hodur, Nancy M.; Bangsund, Dean A. PDF (462 KB)
Mar-2015 Potato food waste in Swiss households - quantity, driving factors and waste behavior of consumers Willersinn, Christian; Mack, Gabriele; Siegrist, Michael; Mouron, Patrik PDF (1065 KB)
Mar-2015 Croatian consumers' knowledge and attitudes towards Fair Trade Cerjak, Marija; Naglić, Tatjana; Mesić, Željka; Tomić, Marina PDF (275 KB)
Mar-2015 National Brands versus Private Labels versus Niche Products: a graphical representation of consumers' perception Gaviglio, Anna; Demartini, Eugenio; Pirani, Alberto; Marescotti, Maria Elena; Bertocchi, Mattia PDF (838 KB)
Mar-2015 The role of culinary programs in the emergency of "distinct" consumers De Rosa, Marcello; Adinolfi, Felice; Capitanio, Fabian; Paci, Federica; Pantini, Denis PDF (310 KB)
Mar-2015 When the Brand Refers to Me, I Prefer Going Green Mattavelli, Simone; Perugini, Marco; Richetin, Juliette PDF (759 KB)
Mar-2015 "Sustainability" a semi-globalisable concept for international food marketing: Consumer expectations regarding sustainable food Meyer-Höfer, Marie von; Spiller, Achim PDF (551 KB)
Mar-2015 Self-identity and fruit and vegetable intake Carfora, V.; Caso, D.; Conner, M. PDF (299 KB)
Mar-2015 Preferences identification of consumers of snacks through the analysis of the frequencies of the sensory dominance Piccoli, Bruno; Recchia, Annamaria; Zoboli, Gian Paolo; Dinnella, Caterina PDF (583 KB)
Mar-2015 Factors Affecting Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Certififed Organic Food Products in United Arab Emirates Muhammad, Safdar; Fathelrahman, Eihab; Ullah, Rafi Ullah Tasbih PDF (145 KB)
Mar-2015 Understanding consumer behaviour: the social embeddedness of food practices Bauhardt, Christine; Brückner, Meike; Caglar, Gülay PDF (384 KB)
Mar-2015 Multi-level labelling: too complex for consumers? Weinrich, Ramona; Franz, Annabell; Spiller, Achim PDF (1243 KB)
Mar-2015 Consumer preferences in developing and developed country markets of relevance to New Zealand exporters Saunders, Caroline; Tait, Peter; Guenther, Meike; Dalziel, P.C. PDF (725 KB)
Mar-2015 REGIONAL ASPECTS OF FAMILY HOLDINGS STRUCTURE IN THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA Božić, Dragica; Munćan, Petar; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (427 KB)
Mar-2015 Measuring Access to Food in Tanzania: A Food Basket Approach Cochrane, Nancy; D'Souza, Anna PDF (535 KB)
Mar-2015 Effectiveness of quality signalling: brand versus certification Ding, Yulian; Veeman, Michele PDF (213 KB)
Mar-2015 Determinants of Consumer Attitudes and Purchasing Behaviors on Genetically Modified Foods in Taiwan Yang, Tongyang; Ames, Glenn C.W.; Berning, Joshua PDF (171 KB)
Mar-2015 Urban agriculture in the United States: reconnecting consumers and producers Dimitri, Carolyn; Oberholtzer, Lydia; Pressman, Andy PDF (451 KB)
Mar-2015 Are children more paternalistic than their mothers when choosing snacks? Marette, Stéphan; Issanchou, Sylvie; Monnery-Patris, Sandrine; Ginon, Emilie; Sutan, Angela PDF (612 KB)
Mar-2015 Impact on primary school children's taste preferences: packaging design versus product familiarity Landwehr, Stefanie Christina PDF (698 KB)
Mar-2015 The effects of message framing in promoting healthy eating behaviors among young and elderly consumers Bertolotti, Mauro; Chirchiglia, Giorgia; Catellani, Patrizia PDF (660 KB)
Mar-2015 Consumer empowerment in food retailing and the role of altruistic motives: an application of the theory of planned behavior Mecking, Rebecca-Ariane; Roosen, Jutta PDF (593 KB)
Mar-2015 Case Study about Food Losses in German Household Richter, Beate; Bokelmann, Wolfgang PDF (600 KB)
Mar-2015 Meeting European consumers' demand for imported beef Peschel, Anne O.; Grebitus, Carola; Gregory, Colson; Hu, Wuyang PDF (475 KB)
Mar-2015 Consumer readiness to reduce meat consumptions and eat more climate friendly Austgulen, Marthe H.; Skuland, Silje; Schjøll, Alexander; Alfnes, Frode PDF (1553 KB)
19-Feb-2015 What if the EPA Implements RFS Mandates for Renewable Fuels at Statutory Levels? Irwin, Scott; Good, Darrel PDF (161 KB)
19-Feb-2015 Trends in Farm Household Income and Assets Prager, Daniel PDF (486 KB)
1-Feb-2015 The Health Effects of Women Empowerment: Recent Evidence from Northern Ghana Ross, Kara L.; Zereyesus, Yacob; Shanoyan, Aleksan; Amanor-Boadu, Vincent; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (195 KB)
1-Feb-2015 The Hidden Benefits of Short Food Supply Chains: Farmers’ Markets Density and Body Mass Index in Italy Bimbo, Francesco; Bonanno, Alessandro; Nardone, Gianluca; Viscecchia, Rosaria; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (258 KB)
Feb-2015 'Local Milk for Local Schools?': Children Dairy Consumption Behaviours, Willingness to Pay and Health in Indonesia Permani, Risti; Nuryartono, Nunung; Wardani, Fikria Ulfa; Anggraenie, Triana PDF (1217 KB)
Feb-2015 Matching Food with Mouths: A Statistical Explanation to the Abnormal Decline of Per Capita Food Consumption in Rural China Yu, Xiaohua; Abler, David G. PDF (424 KB)
Feb-2015 The Challenges of Sustainably Feeding a Growing Planet Hertel, Thomas W. PDF (3601 KB)
Feb-2015 Testing the stability of welfare estimates in travel cost random utility models of recreation: An application to the Rotorua Lakes, New Zealand Mkwara, Lena; Marsh, Dan; Scarpa, Riccardo PDF (763 KB)
Feb-2015 Buying More than Taste? A Latent Class Analysis of Health and Prestige Determinants of Healthy Food Palma, Marco A.; Ness, Meghan L.; Anderson, David P. PDF (1297 KB)
Feb-2015 Skills mix for young entrepreneurs: The right way to go Ibrahim, Kasirye; Madina, Guloba; Gemma, Ahaibwe; Elizabeth, Birabwa PDF Briefing paper (614 KB)
Feb-2015 Measuring Access to Food in Tanzania: A Food Basket Approach Cochrane, Nancy; D'Souza, Anna PDF (3162 KB)
Feb-2015 Impacts of changes of consumption and production patterns in China and India on New Zealand trade and the environment Guenther, Meike; Saunders, Caroline; Tait, Peter PDF (2755 KB)
Feb-2015 ICRISAT Village Level Studies: Accelerating the Adoption of Maruti Pigeonpea Charyulu, D. Kumara; Mullen, John; Shyam, D. Moses PDF (1611 KB)
Feb-2015 Specifying community economic resilience - a framework for measurement Dinh, Huong; Pearson, Leonie PDF (914 KB)
Feb-2015 Are We Risking Too Much? Malcolm, Bill; Sinnett, Alex PDF (677 KB)
Feb-2015 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie : Tagungsband zum 1. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 27. November 2013 in der Paulinerkirche Göttingen Dirksmeyer, Walter; Theuvsen, Ludwig; Kayser, Maike PDF (16267 KB)
Feb-2015 Estimating the Production Function for Human Capital: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Colombia Attanasio, Orazio; Cattan, Sarah; Fitzsimons, Emla; Meghir, Costas; Rubio-Codina, Marta PDF (703 KB)
Feb-2015 Impact Assessment of Capacity Building through Tracing Learner Participants: ICRISAT Village Level Studies, 1975-2013 Davis, Jaison; Padmaja, R.; Mula, Rosana; Bantilan, Cynthia PDF (2155 KB)
Feb-2015 You always take the weather with you: The role of climate in determining agricultural land prices Allan, Corey; Kerr, Suzi PDF (538 KB)
Feb-2015 Western Australian Consumer Preferences for Welfare Friendly Production of Broiler Meat Patterson, Jacinta; Burton, Michael; Mugera, Amin PDF (10181 KB)
Feb-2015 Are We Turning a Brighter Shade of Green? The relationship between household characteristics and GHG emissions from consumption Allan, Corey; Kerr, Suzi; Will, Campbell PDF (905 KB)
Feb-2015 House Value, Crime and Residential Location Choice ZHANG, ZHAOHUA; HITE, DIANE PDF MAIN PAPER (480 KB)
15-Jan-2015 Willingness to Pay for Tennessee Beef among Tennessee Consumers Dobbs, Leah; Jensen, Kimberly; Leffew, Megan; English, Burton; Lambert, Dayton; Clark, Christopher PDF (158 KB)
15-Jan-2015 Factors influencing the purchase and consumers’ willingness to pay for ground bison Qasmi, Bashir; Fausti, Scott; Underwood, Keith PDF (141 KB)
15-Jan-2015 A Demand Analysis for Fresh Tomatoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Grocery Market. Lopez, Jose; Davis, Charade PDF Main Paper (535 KB)
Jan-2015 Market Competitiveness, Demographic Profiling of Demand and Tax Policies Associated with Sparkling and Non-Sparkling Bottled Water in the United States Zheng, Wen; Dharmasena, Senarath; Janakirarman, Ramkumar; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF SAEA Conference Paper (358 KB)
Jan-2015 The Catch-22 of External Validity in the Context of Constraints to Firm Growth Karlan, Dean S.; Fischer, Greg PDF (139 KB)
Jan-2015 Unshrouding Effects on Demand for a Costly Add-on: Evidence from Bank Overdrafts in Turkey Sule, Alan; Cemalcilar, Mehmet; Karlan, Dean S.; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (719 KB)
Jan-2015 Demand and Market Competitiveness of Almond Milk as a Dairy Alternative Beverage in the United States Dharmasena, Senarath; Kosub, Brooke; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF SAEA Conference Paper (133 KB)
Jan-2015 Shopping outlet choice and frequency in urban areas of the Republic of Uganda Madhavan-Nambiar, Padmanand; Florkowski, Wojciech; Chinnan, Manjeet; Ressurrecion, Anna PDF Main paper (626 KB)
Jan-2015 Factors Influencing Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Gottshall, Bryan; Gillespie, Jeffrey; Broyles, Stephanie PDF Conference Paper (447 KB)
Jan-2015 Price- and Non-Price Water Demand Management Strategies for Water Utilities Asci, Serhat; Borisova, Tatiana; Dukes, Michael D. PDF Conference paper (419 KB)
Jan-2015 Diet Deterioration and Food Retail Structure: Why are Italians Eating Less Fruits and Vegetables? Bonanno, Alessandro; Bimbo, Francesco; Castellari, Elena; Sckokai, Paolo PDF (771 KB)
2015 Value elicitation for multiple quantities of new differentiated products using non-hypothetical open-ended choice experiments Canavari, Maurizio; Wongprawmas, Rungsaran; Pappalardo, Gioacchino; Pecorino, Biagio PDF AAEA Poster 6662: Value elicitation for multiple quantities of new differentiated products using non-hypothetical open-ended choice experiments (934 KB)
2015 Employer Subsidized Meals and FAFH Consumption in Urban China Teng, Zhijing; Seale, James Jr.; Bai, Junfei; Wahl, Thomas I. PDF (526 KB)
2015 Gender policies and implementation in agriculture, natural resources and poverty reduction: case study of Ghana’s Upper East Region Dittoh, S.; Snyder, K. A.; Lefore, Nicole PDF (2721 KB)
2015 Does Ethnicity Matter For Food Choices? An Empirical Analysis of Asian Immigrant Time Use Yang, Tongyang; Berning, Joshua; Colson, Greg; Smith, Travis A. PDF Main paper (662 KB)
2015 Socially Responsible Products: What Motivates Consumers to Pay a Premium? Chiu, Leslie J. Verteramo; Gomez, Miguel I.; Liaukonyte, Jura; Kaiser, Harry M. PDF (551 KB)
2015 Influencing Gender-Inclusive Climate Change Policies in Latin America Gumucio, Tatiana; Rueda, Mariana Tafur PDF (358 KB)
2015 Does Social Capital Explain Small Business Resilience? A Panel Data Analysis Post-Katrina Torres, Ariana P.; Marshall, Maria I. PDF Poster pdf (151 KB)
2015 Relational goods and direct purchase from farmers: estimating the value of the relationship between consumers and producers Corsi, Alessandro; Novelli, Silvia PDF (493 KB)
2015 Economic Development, Food Demand and the Consequences for Agricultural Resource Requirements (Indonesia) Briggs, Adam; Chowdhury, Shyamal PDF (1789 KB)
2015 What Do We Mean by "Local Foods"? McFadden, Dawn Thilmany PDF (432 KB)
2015 FRUITS AND VEGETABLES SECTOR OF KHOREZM, UZBEKISTAN: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES Nurmetov, Kudrat; Pokrivčák, Ján; Salaev, Sanatbek; Baynazarov, Elmurod PDF (494 KB)
2015 MULTI-COUNTRY ASSESSMENT OF BARRIERS TO ACCEPTANCE OF GM RICE Durand-Morat, Alvaro; Wailes, Eric; Alam, MJ; Mwaijande, Francis; Tsiboe, Francis PDF Selected paper (34 KB)
2015 Świadomość ekologiczna radnych gmin przyrodniczo cennych województwa lubelskiego Guzal-Dec, Danuta PDF (214 KB)
2015 A new index measure and its use for describing US agriculture: Some initial findings and suggestions for monitoring and reporting Keeney, Roman PDF (808 KB)
2015 Dissecting turst: Evidence From a Field Experiment in Rural Cameroon Meriggi, Niccolo; Leuvelf, Koen PDF (543 KB)
2015 Are households feedng habits and waste management practices determinant in order to swing over food waste behaviours? The case of Barcelona Metropolitan Area Raquel, Diaz-Ruiz; Costa-Font, Gil; Costa-Font, Montserrat; Maria, Jose PDF (1421 KB)
2015 Problematyka zatorów płatniczych w transakcjach handlowych – aspekty prawne i ekonomiczne Gołaś, Jakub PDF (220 KB)
2015 Produktinformationen auf Lebensmitteln: Zu viel, zu wenig oder genau richtig? Vey, Franziska; Wangerow, Anna PDF (133 KB)
2015 Estimation of Shadow Wage in Agricultural Household Model in Nepal Nepal, Atul; Nelson, Carl PDF (344 KB)
2015 Consumer Preference for Alternative Milk Packaging Neill, Clinton Lee; Williams, Ryan B Microsoft Word Main Paper (60 KB)
2015 Household composition, income, and food-away-from-home expenditure in urban China Bai, Junfei; Liu, Haiyan; Wahl, Thomas; Seale, James L. Jr.; Zhang, Caiping PDF (304 KB)
2015 THE CONSUMER IN CRISIS MANAGEMENT MODE Tímár, István Zorán PDF Original paper (363 KB)
2015 THE SPREAD OF RETAIL FOREIGN CURRENCY LOANS IN HUNGARY Nagy, Éva Lotti; Csernák, József PDF Original paper (413 KB)
2015 Self-Consumption, Gifting, and Chinese Wine Consumers Qing, Ping; Hu, Wuyang PDF Main Paper (160 KB)
2015 Potential impact of improved varieties on poverty reduction: a case study of selected cereal crops in two districts of Ethiopia Kotu, Bekele; Admassie, Assefa PDF (625 KB)
2015 A typology of cattle farmers in Ireland: An overview of data, method and indicators Murphy, Geraldine; Meredith, David PDF (831 KB)
2015 Do Input Subsidies reduce Poverty among Smallholder Farm Households? Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia Mason, Nicole; Tembo, Solomon PDF (1278 KB)
2015 Agricultural Prices, Household Wellbeing and Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania: The Role of Agricultural Supply Chains and Household Constraints Chauvin, Nicolas; Porto, Guido; Mulangu, Francis PDF (1073 KB)
2015 The Effects of Smallholder Agricultural Involvement on Household Food Consumption and Dietary Diversity: Evidence from Malawi Benfica, Rui; Kilic, Talip PDF (1849 KB)
2015 Study on the effect of parents' migrating on the education of the rural left-behind children Bian, Wei; Ye, Chunhui; Zhao, Yunin PDF (959 KB)
2015 An Analysis of Meat Demand in Argentina using Household Survey Data Pace Guerrero, Ignacio; Berges, Miriam; Casellas, Karina PDF (611 KB)
2015 Are Women Less Productive Farmers? How Markets and Risk Affect Fertilizer Use, Productivity, and Measured Gender Effects in Uganda Larson, Donald; Savastano, Sara; Murray, Siobhan; Palacios-Lopez, Amparo PDF (1002 KB)
2015 Do input Subsidies Reduce Poverty among Smallholder Farm Households? Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia Mason, Nicole; Tembo, Solomon PDF (1278 KB)
2015 Accelerating Agricultural Growth and Poverty Alleviation through Public Expenditure: The Experience of India Bathla, Seema; Yu, Bingxin; Thorat, Sukhadeo; Joshi, Pramod K. PDF (719 KB)
2015 Płynność finansowa przedsiębiorstw przemysłu meblarskiego w Polsce w latach 2006– 2013 Gołaś, Zbigniew PDF (286 KB)
2015 Impact of NERICA Adoption on Productivity and Income in Benin: Is There Gender Difference? Mahoukede, Kinkingninhoun-Medagbe; Aliou, Diagne; Rita A., Agboh-Noameshie PDF (306 KB)
2015 Agricultural commercialization and household food security: The case of smallholders in Great Lakes Region of Central Africa Justus, Ochieng; Knerr, Beatrice; Owuor, George; Ouma, Emily PDF (933 KB)
2015 Willingness to pay for a differentiated potato applying a choice modelling experiment by socioeconomics levels of Argentinean consumers Rodriguez, Elsa M.M.; Lupin, Beatriz; Gonzalez, Julia PDF (712 KB)
2015 Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Cassava Flour Inclusion in Bread, a Case Study of Lagos State, Nigeria Erih, E. A.; Oni, O. A.; Fashogbon, A. E. PDF (248 KB)
2015 Kenyan Awareness of Aflatoxin: An Analysis of Processed Milk Consumers Mtimet, Nadhem; Walke, Maria; Baker, Derek; Lindahl, Johanna; Hartmann, Monika; Grace, Delia PDF (687 KB)
2015 Food demand in Vietnam: structural changes and projections to 2030 Hoang, Hoa; Meyers, William H. PDF (653 KB)
2015 Czynniki rozwoju terenów peryferyjnych Polski Wschodniej Balińska, Agata PDF (223 KB)
2015 Demand for a Transgenic Good with Nutritional, Medical, and Environmental Qualities Saito, Yoko; Aizaki, Hideo; Saito, Hisamitsu; Kondo, Takumi; Yamamoto, Yasutaka PDF Poster_6923 (396 KB)
2015 Who emits most? The environmental impact of food purchases of French households Caillavet, F.; Darmon, N.; Fadhuile, A.; Nichele, V. PDF (1418 KB)
2015 Loan Characteristics, Borrower Traits, and Home Mortgage Foreclosures: The Case of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sorenson, David J. PDF (345 KB)
2015 Wybrane czynniki kształtujące procesy reprodukcji majątku gospodarstw rolnych prowadzących rachunkowość rolną (FADN) - PDF (212 KB)
2015 Progress on Broadband Adoption in Rural America Barnes, James N.; Coatney, Kalyn PDF (212 KB)
2015 Identifying a Sustainable Pathway to Household Multi-dimensional Poverty Reduction in Rural China You, Jing; Kontoleon, Andreas; Wang, Sangui PDF (2777 KB)
2015 Sustainability and replicability of multiple-use water systems (MUS). Clement, Floriane; Pokhrel, Paras; Sherpa, Tashi Yang Chung PDF (2442 KB)
2015 Economic and Social Linkages Between Malaria Illness and Crop Production in Yobe State, Nigeria Ochi, John; Madaki, Musa; Murtala, Nasiru PDF (336 KB)
2015 Food Desert and Weight Outcome: Disentangling Confounding Mechanisms Zeng, Di; Thomsen, Michael R.; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr. PDF (229 KB)
2015 Disadvantaged Regions and Social Groups: Is There a Way Out? Rao, N. Chandrasekhara PDF (297 KB)
2015 A Comparison of the Welfare Impacts of Thai Rice Price Support and Deficiency Payment Programs Duangbootsee, Uchook; Myers, Robert PDF (497 KB)
2015 A Multidimensional View of Food Environment Impact on Consumption and Food Security Yenerall, Jackie; You, Wen; Hill, Jennie PDF (137 KB)
2015 The Interrelated Dynamics of Multiple Borrowing and Over-indebtedness among Rural Households in Thailand and Vietnam Chichaibelu, Bezawit; Waibel, Hermann PDF (284 KB)
2015 Welcome to Fantasyland: Comparing Approaches To Land Area Measurement In Household Surveys Carletto, Calogero; Gourlay, Sydney; Murray, Siobhan; Zezza, Alberto PDF (2462 KB)
2015 Effects of creation and distribution of the agricultural property stock of the state treasury on the structure of agricultural holdings Dzun, Włodzimierz PDF Main paper (701 KB)
2015 Revisiting Tenancy and Agricultural Productivity in Southern India: Insights from Longitudinal Household Surveys Deb, Uttam; Pramanik, Soumitra; Khan, Patan; Bantilan, Cynthia PDF (893 KB)
2015 Radioactively Contaminated? Seafood Preferences among Japanese after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Yamaura, Koichi; Peterson, Hikaru Hanawa PDF AAEA2015_poster_7026_Koichi Yamaura (749 KB)
2015 Wpływ odległości od uczestników sieci na kooperację innowacyjną przedsiębiorstw przemysłu spożywczego Tomaszewski, Marek PDF (172 KB)
2015 The Role of Gender and Kinship Structure in Household Decision-Making for Agriculture and Tree Planting in Malawi Meijer, Seline S.; Sileshi, Gudeta W.; Kundhlande, Godfrey; Catacutan, Delia; Nieuwenhuis, Maarten PDF (593 KB)
2015 Buying Your Way into a Healthier Lifestyle: A Latent Class Analysis of Healthy Food Purchases Segovia, Michelle; Palma, Marco PDF (719 KB)
2015 Feeding Africa's cities: The case of the Supply Chain of Teff to Addis Ababa Minten, Bart J.; Legesse, Ermias; Beyene, Seneshaw; Werako, Tadesse PDF (447 KB)
2015 Gaining Societal Acceptance of Biotechnology: The Case for Societal Engagement Van Acker, Rene; Cici, S. Zahra H.; Lohuis, Michael; Ryan, Camille; Sachs, Eric PDF (139 KB)
2015 A soft pillow for hard times: Effects of economic insecurity on body weight in transitional Russia Staudigel, Matthias PDF (196 KB)
2015 Signalling Origin: Consumer Willngness to Pay for Dairy Products with the "100% Canadian Milk" Label Forbes-Brown, Shelicia; Mcheels, Eric; Hobbs, Jill PDF (277 KB)
2015 Financial inclusion through Kisan Credit Cards in Disadvantaged Region like Arunchal Pradesh - Is There District-Level Convergence? Samantara, Samir R. PDF (279 KB)
2015 Market Imperfection, Farm Household Consumption Behavior and the Life Cycle Model: Evidence From East Africa Sene, Seydina O.; Mishra, Ashock PDF CONFERENCE PAPER (10865 KB)
2015 Can the Implementation of Social Protection Policies and Programme Reducing Households and Community Vulnerability to Poverty in Uganda? Okello, Julius J. PDF (190 KB)
2015 Impact of Out-Migration on Agriculture and Women Work Load: An Economic Analysis of Hilly Regions of Uttarakhand India Bhandari, Gunjan; Reddy, B.V. Chinnappa PDF (123 KB)
2015 Działania grup producentów owoców i warzyw poprawiające konkurencyjność w łańcuchu dostaw żywności Pawlewicz, Adam; Szamrowski, Piotr PDF (253 KB)
2015 Impact of Chinese acquisition of a US Company on Consumer Willingness to Pay Zhang, Yu Yvette; Palma, Marco A.; Jin, Shaosheng PDF Y. Zhang presentation at AAEA China Section (523 KB)
2015 Micro and meso-level issues affecting potato production and marketing in the tropical highlands of Sub-Saharan Africa: The known and the unknowns Okello, Julius J.; Kwikiriza, Norman; Kakuhenire, Rogers; Parker, Monica; Schulte-Geldermann, Elmar; Pambo, Kennedy PDF (760 KB)
2015 Income Growth, Urbanization, and Food Demand in China Zheng, Zhihao; Henneberry, Shida R.; Zhao, Yinyu; Gao, Ying PDF Main paper (353 KB)
2015 Degree of Output Market Participation by Male and Female Rice Farmers': A Case for Ahero Irrigation Scheme, Kenya Omondi, Samuel PDF (459 KB)
2015 Penalties for Foodborne Illness: Jury Decisions and Awards in Foodborne Illness Lawsuits Mahdu, Omchand; Boys, Kathryn A.; Geyer, Leon; Ollinger, Michael PDF Draft Paper (2085 KB)
2015 Winery Distribution Choices and the Online Wine Buyer Higgins, Lindsey M.; Wolf, Marianne McGarry; Bitter, Rachel; Amspacher, William PDF (158 KB)
2015 The Effect of Eminent Domain on Private and Mixed Development on Property Values Yu, Peiyong PDF (1811 KB)
2015 Determinanty kultury organizacyjnej przedsiębiorstwa rolniczego Baum, Rafał; Pepliński, Benedykt; Wajszczuk, Karol; Wawrzynowicz, Jacek; Wańkowicz, Jarosław PDF (213 KB)
2015 Household Consumption Response to Demographic Changes: An Analysis using a Demographic Model Twum-Barima, Asare PDF (1009 KB)
2015 Zmiany klimatu jako potencjalny czynnik ryzyka w produkcji mleka w Wielkopolsce Chaberski, Ryszard; Hoft, Izabela; Lipińska, Izabela; Lipiński, Marian PDF (246 KB)
2015 Analysis of the Structural Changes in Vietnamese Households’ Food Demand: 2010 to 2030 Hoang, Hoa K.; Meyers, William H. PDF Poster presentation (783 KB)
2015 International Migration, Remittance Income, and Income Diversification Strategies among Rural Farm Households in Transitional Albania Seidu, Ayuba; Onel, Gulcan PDF Main paper (274 KB)
2015 Demonstrating complexity with a roleplaying simulation: investing in water in the Indrawati Subbasin, Nepal Janmaat, J.; Lapp, S.; Wannop, T.; Bharati, Luna; Sugden, Fraser PDF (1668 KB)
2015 Estimating Danish Consumers’ Preference for Organic Foods: Application of a Generalized Differential Demand System Seidu, Ayuba; Seale, James PDF (712 KB)
2015 The Relationship between Supermarket Concentration and the Shopping Habits of the Urban Poor: a Prepared Foods Example Weatherspoon, Dave D.; Kuhns, Annemarie; Leschewski, Andrea; Dickens, Chris PDF (1046 KB)
2015 Impacts on Food Safety Recalls and Consumer Information on Restaurant Performance Pruitt, J. Ross; Holcomb, Rodney B. PDF (208 KB)
2015 Retailers' Promotions: What Role Do They Play in Household Food Purchases by Degree of Food Access in Scotland? Revoredo-Giha, Cesar; Akaichi, Faiçal; Leat, Philip M.K. PDF (350 KB)
2015 A Duration Analysis of Foreclosures to Sheriff Sales in Light of the Financial Crisis Kashian, Russell; Cebula, Richard; Peterson, Jeremy PDF (428 KB)
2015 A New Estimator for Multivariate Binary Data Fu, Shengfei; Shonkwiler, John Scott PDF (720 KB)
2015 What do we mean by 'women's crops'? Commercialisation, gender, and the power to name Orr, Alastair; Tsusaka, Taku; Kee-Tui, Sabine; Msere, Harry PDF (394 KB)
2015 Evaluating Preferences for Organic Product Attributes in Nigeria: Attribute non-attendance under explicit and implicit priming task Bello, Muhammad Baba; Abdulai, Awudu PDF Main paper (869 KB)
2015 Do Adult Equivalence Scales Matter in Poverty Estimates? A Ghana Case Study Regier, Gregory; Zereyesus, Yacob; Dalton, Timothy; Amanor-Boadu, Vincent PDF (321 KB)
2015 Regional Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Price Indices Using Supermarket Scanner Data Beatty, Timothy; Snyder, Samantha PDF (230 KB)
2015 Performance and Sustainability of Kudumbashree Neighbourhood Groups on Kerala: An Empirical Analysis Praveen, K.V.; Suresh, A. PDF (79 KB)
2015 Individual and Contextual Factors Explaining Latino Entrepreneurship in Rural Communities in the Midwest Payen Diaz de la Vega, Andrick PDF Cover Page with Poster Presentation (298 KB)
2015 Determinants of Participation of Women in Self-Help Groups (SGHs) and Credit Delivery from Formal and Informal Sources to BPL Households in Odisha Shah, Deepak; Panigrahi, Sangram PDF (217 KB)
2015 Family farming, institutional markets and social policies in Brazil. An analysis of the implementation of the Program of Food Access in Boa Vista Rocha, Joao Henrique; Estrada, Eduardo Moyano; Anjos, Flavio Sacco Dos PDF (183 KB)
2015 Local Government Border Congruence and the Fiscal Commons: Evidence from Ohio School Districts Hall, Joshua C. PDF (451 KB)
2015 Lieber schnell zum Discounter? - Einfluss von Transaktionskosten auf die Einkaufsstättenwahl Güsten, Stephanie Nadezda; Henkel, Tobias; Möser, Anke PDF (300 KB)
2015 Food preference segmentation using an AIDS mixture: An application to the UK Kehlbacher, Ariane; Arnoult, Matthieu; Srinivasan, Chittur; McCloy, Rachel; Tiffin, Richard PDF Conference Paper (600 KB)
2015 Wpływ wybranych czynników społeczno-demografi cznych i ekonomicznych na preferencje i zachowania studentów na rynku produktów mleczarskich. Jąder, Karolina PDF (212 KB)
2015 Economic Consequences of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak in Northern Tanzania Bastola, Umesh; Marsh, Thomas L. PDF Poster (780 KB)
2015 Analyzing Consumer Demand During A Food Scandal: The Case of Dioxin Contaminated Feed in Germany And The Media Rieger, Jorg; Kuhlgatz, Christian PDF (776 KB)
2015 A Hedonic Approach Towards Explaining Market Shares of Organic Food - Evidence from Swiss Household Data Götze, Franziska; Mann, Stefan; Ferjani, Ali; Kohler, Andreas; Heckelei, Thomas PDF (117 KB)
2015 Land Valuation and Perceptions of Land Sales Prohibition in Ethiopia Holden, Stein; Bezu, Sosina PDF (887 KB)
2015 Rising Food Price, Asset Transfers, and Household Food Security Asadullah, M Niaz; Hossain, Marup; Hossain, Md Amzad; Ara, Jinnat PDF (603 KB)
2015 Instrumenty wspomagające aktywną sprzedaż stosowane w spółce gospodarki żywnościowej – studium przypadku Piotrowska, Agnieszka; Puchała, Jacek PDF (244 KB)
2015 Ocena wkładu Unii Europejskiej w realizację inwestycji w zakresie gospodarki komunalnej i ochrony środowiska. Przykład gmin województwa wielkopolskiego Standar, Aldona; Bartkowiak-Bakun, Natalia PDF (178 KB)
2015 Food Assistance and Labor Force Outcomes of Childless Adults: Evidence from the CPS Cuffey, Joel; Mykerezi, Elton; Beatty, Timothy PDF (618 KB)
2015 Why Does the Poor Become Poorer? An Empirical Study on Income Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in Rural China Yu, Lerong; Li, Xiaoyun PDF (443 KB)
2015 Bans versus Fees: Disposable Carryout Bag Policies and Bag Usage Taylor, Rebecca; Villas-Boas, Sofia B. PDF (1086 KB)
2015 An Analysis of Tourists’ Preferences and Perceptions for Gulf Coast Seafood: Does Labeling Matter Robinson, Derrick; Hite, Diane PDF (399 KB)
2015 Wariantowa projekcja zużycia nawozów mineralnych w Polsce na lata 2014–2025 Sroka, Wojciech; Musiał, Wiesław PDF (332 KB)
2015 The Effect of Rainfall Variation on Agricultural Households: Evidence from Mexico Meza-Pale, Pablo; Yunez-Naude, Antonio PDF (717 KB)
2015 Smallholder Horticultural Commercialization: Gender Roels and Implications for Household Well-being in Kenya Muriithi, Beatrice PDF (871 KB)
2015 Local poverty reduction in Chile and Mexico: The role of food manufacturing growth Cazzuffi, Chiara; Lopex, Mariana; Soloaga, Isidro PDF (521 KB)
2015 Las transferencias agrarias en México y su efecto en el sector agropecuario Zavala-Pineda, María Jesica; Leos-Rodríguez, Juan Antonio; Salas-González, José María; Valdez-Cepeda, Ricardo David; Gómez-Oliver, Luis PDF Main paper (811 KB)
2015 Boosting household irrigation in Ethiopia International Water Management Institute (IWMI) PDF (254 KB)
2015 Impact of Irrigation Water Scarcity on Rural Household Food Security, Income and Poverty Levels in Pakistan Rahut, Dil Bahadur; Ali, Akhter; Behera, Bhagirath; Aryal, Jeetendra PDF (439 KB)
2015 System wskaźników rentowności kapitału własnego – propozycja metodyczna Gołaś, Zbigniew PDF (317 KB)
2015 Changes in the Wealth of American Households during the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis in the U.S Aboohamidi, Abbas; Chidmi, Benaissa PDF (407 KB)
2015 State Taxes, Tax Exemptions, and Elderly Migration Onder, Ali Sina; Schlunk, Herwig PDF (535 KB)
2015 Rice demand in Vietnam: Dietary changes and implications for policy Hoang, Hoa; Meyers, William H. PDF (4529 KB)
2015 Comparative Poverty Status of Users and Non-Users of Micro Credit in Kwara State, Nigeria Falola, Abraham; Ayinde, Opeyemi; Mark, Mercy; Ezekiel, Israel PDF (423 KB)
2015 Willingness-to-Pay for Sugar Fortification in Western Kenya Pambo, Kennedy; Otieno, David; Okello, Julius J. PDF Main Paper (518 KB)
2015 WELFARE TRANSITIONS AND ITS CORRELATES AMONG COCOA FARMING HOUSEHOLDS IN NIGERIA: AN APPLICATION OF ORDERED PROBIT APPROACH Lawal, Justina Oluyemisi; Omonona, Bolarin T.; Oluwatayo, Isaac B.; Oyekale, Abayomi S.; Salman, Kabir K. PDF main paper (98 KB)
2015 Women Access to Credit: An Empirical Evidence from Eritrea Bahta, Y.T.; Strydom, D.B.; Donkor, Emmanuel PDF (456 KB)
2015 The Impact of Nutritional Supplement Choices on Diet Behavior and Obesity Outcomes Anders, Sven; Schroeter, Christiane PDF (156 KB)
2015 Preference Inconsistencies of a Rational Decision Maker Kassas, Bachir; Palma, Marco; Zhang, Yvette PDF (869 KB)
2015 The role of gender in fertiliser adoption in Uganda Diiro, Gracious M.; Ker, Alan P.; San, Abdul G. PDF (241 KB)
2015 Getting a Piece of the Pie: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Women’s Production of Sweetpotato in Northern Nigeria David, Soniia PDF (534 KB)
2015 THE SPREAD OF RETAIL FOREIGN CURRENCY LOANS IN HUNGARY Nagy, Éva Lotti; Csernák, József PDF Original paper (413 KB)
2015 Agricultural production and children's diets: Evidence from rural Ethiopia Hirvonen, Kalle; Hoddinott, John PDF (1285 KB)
2015 Wpływ powiązań z dostawcami i odbiorcami w łańcuchu dostaw na aktywność innowacyjną przemysłu spożywczego w zachodniej Polsce Dzikowski, Piotr PDF (263 KB)
2015 Do Input Subsidies Reduce Poverty among Smallholder Farm Households? Panel Survey Evidence from Zambia Mason, Nicole; Tembo, Solomon PDF (1278 KB)
2015 Out-of-pocket health payments: a catalyst for agricultural productivity growth, but with potentially impoverishing effects Sene, Ligane Massamba; Badiane, Ousmane PDF (1052 KB)
2015 Imputing for Missing Data in the ARMS Household Section: A Multivariate Imputation Approach Burns, Christopher; Prager, Daniel; Ghosh, Sujit; Goodwin, Barry PDF Main paper (412 KB)
2015 How Does Composition of Household Income Affect Child Nutrition Outcomes? Evidence from Uganda Kirk, Angeli; Kilic, Talip; Carletto, Calogero PDF (869 KB)
2015 Asymmetric Cost Pass-Through? Empirical Evidence on the Role of Market Power, Search and Menu Costs Loy, Jens-Peter; Glauben, Thomas; Weiss, Christoph PDF (266 KB)
2015 Too late to get healthy? A behavioural analysis of the diet-health relationship in the older Italian population Mazzocchi, Mario; Irz, Xavier; Modugno, Lucia; Traill, W. Bruce PDF (763 KB)
2015 Productive Impacts of Cash Transfer and Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Bangladesh: Propensity Score Matching Analysisi Begum, Ismat; Alam, Mohammad; Haque, M. PDF (322 KB)
2015 Poverty and Price Transmission Elleby, Christian PDF (832 KB)
2015 The role of Non-State Actors in the Implementation of Social Protection Policies and Programme in Uganda Okello, Julius J. PDF (293 KB)
2015 Are in-house and outsourcing innovation strategies interlinked? Evidence from the European agri-food sector Materia, Valentina; Pascucci, Stefano; Dries, Liesbeth PDF (931 KB)
2015 Decentralization of Social Assistance Programs and the Poverty Reducing Impacts of Earnings Potential Equivalence Scales Simons, Andrew M. PDF (1588 KB)
2015 Information based food policy: is nutritional label the right instrument for everyone? Cavaliere, Alessia; De Marchi, Elisa; Banterle, Alessandro PDF (516 KB)
2015 Do Right to Work Laws Worsen Income Inequality? Evidence from the Last Five Decades Munasib, Abdul; Jordan, Jeffrey L.; Mathur, Aparna; Roy, Devesh PDF Main Paper (794 KB)
2015 Determinants of Participation in the Nonfarm Sector in a Conflict-Based Resettlement Scheme Riithi, A.N.; Maina, J.M. PDF (464 KB)
2015 Households' food consumption behaviour in Argentina: A quadratic demand system with demographic effects Echeverria, Lucia; Berges, Miriam PDF (215 KB)
2015 Consumer Preferences and Factors Affecting Consumer Purchases of Pomegranates Kapllani, Armand; House, Lisa; Guan, Zhengfei PDF (324 KB)
2015 Zrównoważony rozwój sektora żywnościowego a ograniczenie strat i marnotrawstwa żywności Bilska, Beata; Wrzosek, Małgorzata; Krajewski, Karol; Kołożyn-Krajewska, Danuta PDF (220 KB)
2015 Social network effects on mobile money adoption in Uganda Murendo, Conrad; Wollni, Meike; de Brauw, Alan; Mugabi, Nicholas PDF (572 KB)
2015 Industry Concentration and Regional Housing Market Performance Barth, James R.; Benefield, Justin D.; Hollans, Harris PDF (498 KB)
2015 Household Consumption Responses to SNAP Participation Burney, Shaheer PDF (680 KB)
2015 Do labels capture consumers’ actual willingness to pay for Fair Trade characteristics? Vlaeminck, Pieter; Vranken, Liesbet PDF (650 KB)
2015 Household Allocation of Microfinance Loans in Kyrgyzstan Angioloni, Simone; Kudabaev, Zarylbek; Ames, Glenn; Wetzstein, Michael PDF (982 KB)
2015 Sustainable Integrated Approach for Management of Fusarium Wilt of Tomato Caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (Sacc.) Synder and Hansen Singh, Ravindra; Biswas, S. K.; Nagar, Devesh; Singh, Jaskaran; Singh, Morajdhwaj; Mishra, Yogesh Kumar PDF (192 KB)
2015 Household Salads Consumption in Japan: An Application of the two-step Demand System Honda, Arisa; Nakajima, Shinsaku; Ohura, Yuji; Kikushima, Ryosuke; Kono, Yoshinobu PDF (400 KB)
2015 Identifying women farmers: Informal gender norms as institutional barriers to recognizing women’s contributions to agriculture Twyman, Jennifer; Muriel, Juliana; Garcia, Maria Alejandra PDF (285 KB)
2015 Impact of Improved cassava varieties' adoption on farmers' incomes in Rural Ghana Acheampong, Patricia; Owusu, Victor PDF (687 KB)
2015 Does gender of the household head explain smallholder farmers' maize market positions? Evidence from Ethiopia Marenya, Paswel; Kassie, Menale; Jaleta, Moti; Rahut, Dil Bahadur PDF (1039 KB)
2015 Japanese Consumer Preferences toward GM Foods after the Great East Japan Earthquake Ajewole, Kayode; Peterson, Hikaru H.; Yamaura, Koichi PDF Main paper (220 KB)
2015 More than Meets the Eye: Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Marine Stewardship Council’s Certified Seafood Lim, Kar Ho; Grebitus, Carola; Hu, Wuyang; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr. PDF (562 KB)
2015 Net Migration Determinants Foley, Maggie; Angjellari-Dajci, Fiorentina PDF (155 KB)
2015 Book Review - PDF (33 KB)
2015 Integrated assessment of groundwater use for improving livelihoods in the dry zone of Myanmar Pavelic, Paul; Senaratna Sellamuttu, Sonali; Johnston, Robyn; McCartney, Matthew; Sotoukee, Touleelor; Balasubramanya, Soumya; Suhardiman, Diana; Lacombe, Guillaume; Douangsavanh, Somphasith; Joffre, O.; Latt, K.; Zan, A. K.; Thein, K.; Myint, A.; Cho, C.; Htut, Y. T. PDF (2949 KB)
2015 Urban shopping patterns in Indonesia and their implications for small farmers Minot, Nicholas; Stringer, Randy; Umberger, Wendy J.; Wahida PDF (682 KB)
2015 Structural Change via Threshold Effects: Estimating U.S. Meat Demand Using Smooth Transition Functions and the Effects of More Women in the Labor Force Rodriguez, Nestor; Eales, James S. PDF AAEA Draft - Lightening Presentation (577 KB)
2015 Polygyny: Cooperation vs. Competition among Wives on Child Health Han, Peter; Foltz, Jeremy PDF Main Paper (270 KB)
2015 Impact of Agricultural Income Shocks due to Extreme Weather Events on the Food Security of the Poor in Central Asia Mirzabaev, Alisher PDF (534 KB)
2015 Would more extensive out-migration of rural farmers expedite farm mechanization? Evidence from a changing Chinese agricultural sector Luo, Tianyuan; Escalante, Cesar PDF conference paper (794 KB)
2015 Income structures of Maasai households- Who benefits whom? Loos, Tim; Zeller, Manfred PDF (168 KB)
2015 THE SALES OF FARM PRODUCTS IN WIELKOPOLSKIE VOIVODESHIP Śmiglak-Krajewska, Magdalena; Łąkowski, Hubert PDF (203 KB)
31-Dec-2014 Competition among Companies in the Fast Food Market in the Czech Republic Šrédl, K.; Mikhalkina, E. PDF (495 KB)
30-Dec-2014 Preferencje nabywcze „żywności wygodnej” pochodzenia drobiowego w opinii młodzieży akademickiej Augustyńska-Prejsnar, Anna; Ormian, Małgorzata; Gajdek, Grażyna PDF (271 KB)
30-Dec-2014 Makroekonomiczne uwarunkowania upadłości przedsiębiorstw w Polsce Bieniasz, Anna; Gołaś, Zbigniew PDF (296 KB)
30-Dec-2014 Rozwój rynku kawy i zmiany w jej konsumpcji wśród Polaków Chudy, Sylwia PDF (405 KB)
30-Dec-2014 Typy zachowań oszczędnościowych osób młodych w Gruzji na przykładzie mieszkańców Tbilisi Anioła-Mikołajczak, Paulina; Chudzian, Joanna; Pataraia, Larisa PDF (304 KB)
12-Dec-2014 QUALITY-SATISFACTION-LOYALTY: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR IN CATERING Rudolfne Katona, Maria; Komaromi, Nandor; Nabradi, Andras PDF (471 KB)
Dec-2014 Sustainable diet and changes in food consumption in chosen European Union countries Rejman, Krystyna; Halicka, Ewa; Kowrygo, Barbara PDF (300 KB)
Dec-2014 Determinants of food availability and access in Ghana: what can we learn beyond the regression results? Adom, Philip Kofi PDF (717 KB)
Dec-2014 Menu Labeling Imparts New Information About the Calorie Content of Restaurant Foods Stewart, Hayden; Hyman, Jeffrey; Dong, Diansheng PDF (609 KB)
Dec-2014 Sustainability standards, gender, and nutrition among smallholder farmers in Uganda Chiputwa, Brian; Qaim, Matin PDF Global Food Discussion Paper 52 (332 KB)
Dec-2014 Consequentiality and Opt-out Responses in Stated Preference Surveys Hwang, Joonghyun; Petrolia, Daniel R.; Interis, Matthew G. PDF (214 KB)
Dec-2014 The Nutrition Transition and Indicators of Child Malnutrition Kimenju, Simon; Qaim, Matin PDF (244 KB)
Dec-2014 Mid-Day Meals Scheme in Hilly Areas: Tamil Nadu, India Mahendran, A.; Indrakant, S. PDF Main paper (186 KB)
Dec-2014 Los cambios en los patrones de consumo de carnes en el mercado interno. Lanfranco, Bruno; Rava, Catalina PDF Lanfranco & Rave (2014) INIA ST 2018 - demanda carne (1295 KB)
Dec-2014 Sustainability as Sales Argument in the Fruit Juice Industry? An Analysis of On-Product Communication Klink, Jeanette; Langen, Nina; Hecht, Stefanie; Hartmann, Monika; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (870 KB)
Dec-2014 PROMOTION OF ORGANIC FOOD IN SERBIA: IMPLICATIONS FROM ORGANIC FOOD CONSUMERS’ PROFILE RESEARCH Đokić, Ines; Đokić, Nenad; Pavlović, Nataša; Kovač Žnideršić, Ružica; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the journal issue (358 KB)
Dec-2014 Egészségtudatosabb élelmiszer-fogyasztás vizsgálata Zala megyében – A vállalkozások szerepe az egészségmegőrzésben Péter, Erzsébet; Németh, Kornél; Kaszás, Nikoletta PDF Original Paper (458 KB)
Dec-2014 „Ízlések és borok” – a csongrádi borok pozícionálása Kispál, Gabriella PDF Original Paper (374 KB)
7-Nov-2014 Crop Insurance Revenue Guarantees Likely Lower in 2015 Schnitkey, Gary PDF (133 KB)
1-Nov-2014 Value Chain Analysis of Traditional Vegetables from Malawi and Mozambique Chagomoka, Takemore; Afari-Sefa, Victor; Pitoro, Raul; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (381 KB)
1-Nov-2014 Offering Low-Cost Healthy Food: an Exploration of Food Manufacturers’ and Retailers’ Perspectives Samoggia, Antonella; Arvola, Anne; Bertazzoli, Aldo; Gurinovic, Mirjana; Hendrixson, Vaiva; Rivarolifi, Sergio; Ruggeri, Arianna; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (421 KB)
Nov-2014 Polygamie et transmission intergénérationnelle de l’éducation au Sénégal Behaghel, Luc; Lambert, Sylvie PDF Main paper (150 KB)
Nov-2014 Value Addition to Human Managerial Skills in the Livestock Sector in Nigeria Adeyemo, A.A.; Longe, M.P.; Alakoso, A.A. PDF Main paper (170 KB)
Nov-2014 The Role of Time in Fast-Food Purchasing Behavior in the United States Hamrick, Karen; Okrent, Abigail PDF (1847 KB)
Nov-2014 Zia Taqueria: Building a Local Supply Chain in Southwestern Colorado Sullins, Martha PDF (307 KB)
Nov-2014 Household Expenditures on Vegetables in Malaysia Tan, Andrew K. G.; Yen, Steven T.; Hasan, Abdul Rahman; Muhamed, Kamarudin PDF (523 KB)
Nov-2014 A National Survey of Consumer Preferences for Branded Gulf Oysters and Risk Perceptions of Gulf Seafood Petrolia, Daniel R.; Walton, William C.; Sarah, Acquah PDF (2452 KB)
Nov-2014 Why Fruit and Vegetable Production is Not Fruitful for Uzbek Farmers? Ergashev, Alisher PDF (537 KB)
Nov-2014 Coping Strategies in Response to Rising Food Prices: Evidence From India Tandon, Sharad; Landes, Maurice PDF (2200 KB)
Nov-2014 Les coûts cachés de l’assurance veuvage informelle Lambert, Sylvie; Rossi, Pauline PDF Main paper (150 KB)
Oct-2014 Field of Study and Earnings Inequality among the Highly Educated: 1993-2010 Ritter, Joseph A.; West, Kristine L. PDF (706 KB)
Oct-2014 FARMERS’ MANAGEMENT CAPACITIES AS A SUCCESS FACTOR IN AGRICULTURE: A REVIEW Vukelić, Nataša; Rodić, Vesna; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (376 KB)
Oct-2014 Supplier dynamics in horticultural export chains – evidence from Ecuador Romero, Cristina; Wollni, Meike PDF Global Food Discussion Paper No. 50 (477 KB)
Oct-2014 A New Balance of Power Between Suppliers and Retailers in Finland Liu, Xing; Niemi, Jyrki; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (406 KB)
Oct-2014 Helyi élelmiszerek fogyasztói megítélése Szente, Viktória; Jasák, Helga; Szűcs, Andrea; Kalmár, Sándor PDF Original Paper (357 KB)
Oct-2014 Farm household risk balancing in Switzerland and Belgium: an econometric and survey approach de Mey, Yann; Wauters, Erwin; Lips, Markus; Schmid, Dirk; Vancauteren, Mark; Van Passel, Steven PDF (522 KB)
Oct-2014 Stated Preferences for Consumption of Sea Urchin: A Choice Experiment in Sardinia (Italy) Furesi, Roberto; Madau, Fabio A.; Palomba, Andrea; Pulina, Pietro; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (242 KB)
Oct-2014 Saving for a (not so) Rainy Day: A Randomized Evaluation of Savings Groups in Mali Beaman, Lori; Karlan, Dean S.; Thuysbaert, Bram PDF (372 KB)
Oct-2014 Determinants of Web-based CSR Disclosure in the Food Industry Sommer, Florian; Klink, Jeanette; Senkl, Daniela; Hartmann, Monika PDF (258 KB)
Oct-2014 Consumer Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behavior in the Russian Market for Organic Food Meixner, Oliver; Haas, Rainer; Perevoshchikova, Yana; Canavari, Maurizio; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (310 KB)
Oct-2014 Economy-wide Impacts of Food Waste Reduction: A General Equilibrium Approach Britz, Wolfgang; Dudu, Hasan; Ferrari, Emanuele PDF (566 KB)
Oct-2014 Language, Ethnical Identity and Consumer Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Study of Marketing Communication in the Region FVG Rosa, F.; Sillani, S.; Nassivera, F.; Vasciaveo, M.; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (560 KB)
Oct-2014 Sustainability as Sales Argument in the Fruit Juice Industry? An Analysis of On-Product Communication Klink, Jeanette; Hecht, Stefanie; Langen, Nina; Hartmann, Monika; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (259 KB)
30-Sep-2014 Semantic Network in Information Processing for the Pork Market Rydval, J.; Bartoška, J.; Brožová, H. PDF (707 KB)
19-Sep-2014 Watching Your Instrument Panel Raab, Dwight PDF (200 KB)
17-Sep-2014 Owning Corn and Soybeans beyond Harvest in 2014/15 Good, Darrel; Irwin, Scott PDF (167 KB)
12-Sep-2014 Small Farms and the ACA Lovell, Marc PDF (258 KB)
5-Sep-2014 Evaluating the Actual Production History Yield Exclusion Provision of the 2014 Farm Bill Coppess, Jonathan; Sherrick, Bruce; Schnitkey, Gary PDF (594 KB)
4-Sep-2014 Are USDA Soybean Yield Forecasts Getting Better or Worse over Time? Irwin, Scott; Good, Darrel; Sanders, Dwight PDF (342 KB)
2-Sep-2014 Rebuilding U.S. Animal Industries Hurt, Chris PDF (151 KB)
1-Sep-2014 An Empirical Investigation into the Adoption of Green Procurement Practices in the German Food Service Industry Hauschildt, Verena; Schulze-Ehlers, Birgit; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (704 KB)
1-Sep-2014 Connecting Sensory Quality Characteristics and Local Designations to Willingness to Pay for Cheese at the Retail Level Barnes, Ryan N.; Bosworth, Ryan C.; Bailey, DeeVon; Curtis, Kynda R.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (769 KB)
Sep-2014 Assessment of Farm Household Food Security and Consumption Indices in Nigeria Ojeleye, O.A.; Adebisi, O.A.; Fadiji, T.O. PDF Main paper (412 KB)
Sep-2014 The Individual Behavior of Consumers Visualized by Means of Sequence Analysis Klink, Jeanette; Langen, Nina; Hartmann, Monika PDF (542 KB)
Sep-2014 Household Food Security in the United States in 2013 Coleman-Jensen, Alisha; Gregory, Christian; Singh, Anita PDF (862 KB)
Sep-2014 New Data on U.S. Food-Away-From-Home Prices Show Geographic and Time Variation Kumcu, Aylin; Okrent, Abigail PDF (385 KB)
Sep-2014 Que faut-il attendre des taxes nutritionnelles ? Réquillart, Vincent; Bonnet, Céline PDF Main paper (169 KB)
Sep-2014 Economic Rotation of Sissoo Tree Plantations (Strip) in Bangladesh Yunus, Mohammad; Hossain, M. A. T.; Yasmin, Farzana; Milon, MD. PDF Main paper (336 KB)
Sep-2014 Low inflation, consumer confidence sustain favourable business conditions Mawejje, Joseph; Lakuma, Corti Paul PDF series (1040 KB)
Sep-2014 What is to be expected from food taxes? Bonnet, Celine; Requillart, Vincent PDF Translation (419 KB)
Sep-2014 Low inflation, consumer confidence sustain favourable business conditions Jeseph, Mawejje; Paul, Lakuma PDF Brief (1040 KB)
Sep-2014 Sektor mięsa wieprzowego w Polsce i na świecie w latach 2000-2012 Wojtasik-Kalinowska, Iwona; Konarska, Małgorzata; Sakowska, Anna; Guzek, Dominika; Głąbska, Dominika; Wierzbicka, Agnieszka PDF (316 KB)
Sep-2014 WIC Foods Cost More in Smaller Stores Volpe, Richard PDF (307 KB)
Sep-2014 Produkcja i ceny owoców z upraw ekologicznych Zmarlicki, Krzysztof; Brzozowski, Piotr PDF (298 KB)
Sep-2014 VERBRAUCHERVERSTÄNDNIS DER GESTALTUNG VON LEBENSMITTELVERPACKUNGEN Weinrich, Ramona; Nitzko, Sina; Spiller, Achim; Zuhlsdorf, Anke PDF (438 KB)
Sep-2014 Dairy Products Expenditure Pattern in Vietnam: Effects of Household Characteristics on Expenditure for Dairy Products Phuong, Nguyen Van; Cuong, Tran Huu; Mergenthaler, Marcus PDF (524 KB)
Sep-2014 Konsumpcja papierosów w różnych grupach społeczno-ekonomicznych w Polsce w latach 2000-2013 Jałowiecka, Ewa; Jałowiecki, Piotr; Śmiałowski, Tomasz PDF (645 KB)
Sep-2014 The role of different typologies of urban agriculture for the nourishment of the metropolis. The case study of Milan Sali, Guido; Corsi, Stefano; Monaco, Federica; Mazzochi, Chiara PDF (406 KB)
18-Aug-2014 Corn and Soybean Acreage Good, Darrel PDF (151 KB)
15-Aug-2014 Updated Farmland Values and Returns Tools - 2014 Sherrick, Bruce PDF (610 KB)
13-Aug-2014 ARC-CO and PLC Payment Indicator Using August WASDE U.S. Yield and Price Zulauf, Carl; Schnitkey, Gary PDF (353 KB)
Aug-2014 Consumers' preferences towards biodiesel in the Spanish transport sector: A case study in Catalonia Kallas, Zein; Gil, José Maria PDF (217 KB)
Aug-2014 How do different off-farm income sources affect income inequality among farm households? Severini, Simone; Tantari, Antonella PDF (341 KB)
Aug-2014 Adoption of biodegradable mulching films in agricultural: is there a negative prejudice towards materials derived from organic wastes? Scaringelli, Myriam Anna; Giannoccaro, Giacomo; Prosperi, Maurizio; Lopolito, Antonio PDF (138 KB)
Aug-2014 Kenyan perceptions of aflatoxin: an analysis of raw milk consumption Walke, Maria; Mtimet, Nadhem; Baker, Derek; Lindahl, Johanna; Hartmann, Monika; Grace, Delia PDF (499 KB)
Aug-2014 Market valuation of health claims’ types and strength: the Italian yogurt market Bimbo, Francesco; Bonanno, Alessandro; Viscecchia, Rosaria; Nardone, Gianluca PDF (271 KB)
Aug-2014 Consumer acceptance of an EU/non-EU label of origin of beef: an analysis of attribute attendance in a discrete choice experiment Lagerkvist, Carl Johan; Hess, Sebastian PDF (441 KB)
Aug-2014 Labelling and consumer behaviour: experimental evidence from a Belgian supermarket Vlaeminck, Pieter; Jiang, Ting; Vranken, Liesbet PDF (456 KB)
Aug-2014 Young urban adults preference for wine information sources: An exploratory study for Republic of Macedonia Hristov, Hristo; Kuhar, Ales PDF (418 KB)
Aug-2014 The Role of Confidence in Truthful Revelation of Private Values Parkhurst, Gregory M.; Nowell, Clifford PDF (393 KB)
Aug-2014 Consumers' preferences for Integrated Pest Management: Experimental insights Biguzzi, Coralie; Ginon, Emilie; Gomez-y-Paloma, Sergio; Langrell, Sergio; Lefebvre, Marianne; Marette, Stephan; Mateu, Guillermo; Sutan, Angela PDF (489 KB)
Aug-2014 Participating in SNAP Is Associated With Less Time Spent Eating Tuttle, Charlotte PDF (292 KB)
Aug-2014 Information, Random Regret Minimisation, Random Utility Maximisation: Willingness to pay for Renewable Energy Longo, Alberto; Boeri, Marco PDF (615 KB)
Aug-2014 Does living close to a vineyard increase the willingness-to-pay for organic and local wine? Ay, Jean-Sauveur; Chakir, Raja; Marette, Stephan PDF (284 KB)
Aug-2014 Investigating determinants of agricultural income diversification: an exploratory case study in Tuscany Boncinelli, Fabio; Bartolini, Fabio; Casini, Leonardo; Brunori, Gianluca PDF (286 KB)
Aug-2014 Fresh-cut salad consumer and shelf life date extension: more or less information? Stranieri, S.; Baldi, Lucia; Manzoni, V. PDF (98 KB)
Aug-2014 Nutrition Effects of the Supermarket Revolution on Urban Consumers and Smallholder Farmers in Kenya Qaim, Matin; Andersson, Camilla I.M.; Chege, Christine G.K.; Kimenju, Simon Chege; Klasen, Stephan; Rischke, Ramona PDF Global Food Discussion Paper No. 40 (322 KB)
Aug-2014 Farmgate versus retail prices and supermarkets’ pricing decisions: an integrated approach Russo, Carlo; Goodhue, Rachael PDF (882 KB)
Aug-2014 Vevőelégedettség-vizsgálat tapasztalatai a mezőgazdasági gépek értékesítési folyamatában Boll, Anikó PDF Original Paper (510 KB)
Aug-2014 Table of Contents and Front Matter - PDF (129 KB)
Aug-2014 Farmers’ Preferences and Attitudes Toward Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Vaccination in Vietnam Zhang, Haifeng; Kono, Hiroichi; Kubota, Satoko PDF (177 KB)
Aug-2014 Consumers’ valuation of soft drinks labeled with calorie and sweetener information: the impact of taste Lewis, Karen E.; Grebitus, Carola; Nayga, Rodolfo M. PDF (321 KB)
Aug-2014 The impact of package size on consumption Cakir, Metin; Balagtas, Joseph Valdes; Okrent, Abigail M. PDF (218 KB)
Aug-2014 Market discrimination, market participation and control over revenue: A gendered analysis of Cameroon’s cocoa producers Banerjee, Debosree; Klasen, Stephan; Wollni, Meike PDF Global Food Discussion Paper No. 43 (319 KB)
Aug-2014 Labour adjustments in agriculture: evidence from Romania Tocco, Barbara; Davidova, Sophia; Bailey, Alastair PDF (661 KB)
Aug-2014 Time use for consumption and household production of food: is there a retirement-consumption puzzle in Germany? Velarde, Melanie; Herrmann, Roland PDF (270 KB)
Aug-2014 Impacts from Region-of-Origin Labeling on Consumer Product Perception and Purchasing Intention – Causal Relationships in a TPB based Model Lorenz, Bettina A.; Hartmann, Monika; Simons, Johannes PDF (188 KB)
Aug-2014 Determinants of Awareness and Use ICT-based Market Information Services in Developing-Country Agriculture: The Case of Smallholder Farmers in Kenya Okello, Julius J.; Kirui, Oliver K.; Gitonga, Zachary M.; Njiraini, Georgina W.; Nzuma, Jonathan M. PDF (259 KB)
Aug-2014 Consumer willingness to pay for food quality labels: evaluating the prosciutto di parma PDO quality differentiation strategy Capelli, Maria Giacinta; Menozzi, Davide; Arfini, Filippo PDF (473 KB)
Aug-2014 Are ranking preferences information methods comparable with the choice experiment information in predicting actual behavior? Yangui, Ahmed1; Akaichi, Faiçal; Costa-Font, Montserrat; Gil, Jose Maria PDF (288 KB)
Aug-2014 Variety and the cost of search in supermarket retailing Richards, Timothy J.; Yonezawa, Koichi; Hamilton, Stephen F. PDF (263 KB)
Aug-2014 Identifying determinants of income inequality in the presence of multiple income sources: The case of Korean farm households Kimhi, Ayal; Arayama, Yuko; Kim, Jong-Moo PDF (31 KB)
Aug-2014 Consumer preferences for riding lessons in Finland, Sweden and Latvia Tienhaara, Annika; Pouta, Eija; Lunner Kolstrup, Christina; Pinzke, Stefan; Janmere, Lana; Järvinen, Maija PDF (640 KB)
Aug-2014 Developments in farm incomes between 2004–2011 in the Polish agriculture and their future prospects Grochowska, Renata; Manko, Stanislaw PDF (90 KB)
Aug-2014 ARER 43/2 Cover - PDF (152 KB)
Aug-2014 Modelling robust crop production portfolios to assess agricultural vulnerability to climate change Mitter, Hermine; Heumesser, Christine; Schmid, Erwin PDF (281 KB)
Aug-2014 Young urban adults preference for wine information sources: An exploratory study for Republic of Macedonia Hristov, Hristo; Kuhar, Ales PDF (428 KB)
Aug-2014 A structural equation modelling approach to explore consumers’ attitude towards sustainable wine Sogari, Giovanni; Menozzi, Davide; Corbo, Chiara; Macconi, Martina; Mora, Cristina PDF (285 KB)
Aug-2014 The contribution of different off-farm income sources and government payments to regional income inequality among farm households in Italy Severini, Simone; Tantari, Antonella PDF (160 KB)
Aug-2014 Are Thai consumers willing to pay for food safety labels? Choice experiment on fresh produce Wongprawmas, Rungsaran; Canavari, Maurizio; Waisarayutt, Chutima PDF (578 KB)
Aug-2014 Relationship between attention and choice making Grebitus, Carola; Seitz, Carolin PDF (566 KB)
Aug-2014 Got green milk? Field Experimental Trail of Consumer Demand for a Climate Label Matsdotter, Elina; Elofsson, Katarina; Arntyr, Johan PDF (539 KB)
Aug-2014 High nature value farming for sustainable local food production and consumption Peneva, Mariya Marinova; Kazakova-Mateva, Yanka Kostadinova; Mishev, Plamen Dimitrov PDF (230 KB)
Aug-2014 Are models and respondents talking the same language: evidence from stated and inferred discontinuous preferences in a choice experiment valuing public goods? Espinosa, Maria; Rodriguez, Macario; Madureira, Livia Maria Costa; Santos, Jose Lima; Gomez y Paloma, Sergio PDF (532 KB)
31-Jul-2014 Position Limits, Hedging, and Excessive Speculation Peterson, Paul PDF (176 KB)
30-Jul-2014 Highlights of the 2012 Census of Agriculture: A Closer Look at Farm Size Kuethe, Todd PDF (272 KB)
29-Jul-2014 The Implications of Market Structure for Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulation Spurlock, C. Anna PDF (995 KB)
29-Jul-2014 The Effects of Country of Origin Image and Patriotism on British Consumers' Preference for Domestic and Imported Beef Meas, Thong; Hu, Wuyang; Grebitus, Carola; Colson, Gregory J. PDF Main Paper (439 KB)
27-Jul-2014 Consumer attitudes toward the use of gene technology in functional breakfast grain product: Comparison between college students from US and China Wang, Nanying; Houston, Jack; Colson, Gregory J.; Liu, Zimin PDF Poster (597 KB), PDF Cover page (7 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Towards 2050: Trends and Scenarios for African Agribusiness Van Rooyen, C.J.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (392 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Agribusiness Model in Africa: A Case Study of Zambeef Products PLC Almas, Lal K.; Obembe, Oladipo; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (423 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Wild Fruits of Africa: Commercializing Natural Products to Improve Rural Livelihoods in Southern Africa Mabaya, Edward; Jackson, Jose; Ruethling, Gretchen; Carter, Casandra Marie; Castle, Jack; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (442 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Dala Foods Nigeria Limited: Effective Product Development and Management in Nigeria Gambo, Musa K.K.; Ali Madugu, Safiyanu; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (438 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Inclusiveness of the Small-Holder Farmer Key Success Factors for Ethiopian Agribusiness Development Steen, Marc; Maijers, Woody; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (479 KB)
1-Jul-2014 A Glimpse into the Future: A Lens through which to Consider 'Africa's Rising' Connolly, Aidan J.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (416 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Bee Natural Uganda: Unlocking the Potential of Smallholder Farmers in the West Nile Lynch, Margaret; Mabaya, Edward; Bussiere, Elena; Willigerd, Matthew; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (372 KB)
1-Jul-2014 Ele Agbe in Search of a New Light in Ghana’s Shea Sector Abban, Rita; Omta, S.W.F.; Aheto, John B.K.; Scholten, Victor; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (403 KB)
Jul-2014 Designing financial incentives to maximize participation of target populations in weight loss programs Yuan, Yuan; You, Wen; Boyle, Kevin J.; Estabrooks, Paul A. PDF Poster with cover page (1147 KB)
Jul-2014 Timing is Everything: The Role of Time and the Business Cycle in Fast-Food Purchasing Behavior in the United States Hamrick, Karen; Okrent, Abigail PDF (1598 KB)
Jul-2014 Using a Randomized Choice Experiment to Test Willingness to Pay for Multiple Differentiated Products Zaffou, Madiha; Campbell, Benjamin L.; Martin, Jennifer PDF (353 KB)
Jul-2014 Is poverty worth fighting wars over? Partridge, Mark D. PDF (313 KB)
Jul-2014 “Using Experiments to Address Attribute Non-attendance in Consumer Food Choices” Caputo, Vincenzina; Loo, Ellen J. Van; Scarpa, Riccardo; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr; Verbeke, Wim PDF (367 KB)
Jul-2014 Nutrition Effects of the Supermarket Revolution on Urban Consumers and Smallholder Farmers in Kenya Qaim, Matin; Andersson, Camilla I.M.; Chege, Christine G.K.; Kimenju, Simon Chege; Klasen, Stephan; Rischke, Ramona PDF (252 KB)
Jul-2014 Rural Households’ Access, Willingness to Pay (WTP) and Factors Influencing WTP for Safe Water and Sanitation in Southwest Nigeria Dare, Alaba Modupe PDF (626 KB)
Jul-2014 Procurement of Fresh Produce by Modern marketing Channels and their impact on Farming household – Evidence from India Sutradhar, Rajib PDF (713 KB)
Jul-2014 Consumers’ Online Deliberation about Food-Related Risks and Benefits: The Case of Red Meat Verbeke, Wim; Rutsaert, Pieter; Barnett, Julie; Gaspar, Rui; Marcu, Afrodita; Pieniak, Zuzanna; Seibt, Beate; Fletcher, Dave; Lima, Luisa PDF (278 KB)
Jul-2014 The Impact of Shocks on Gender-differentiated Asset Dynamics in Bangladesh Rakib, Muntaha; Matz, Julia Anna PDF (530 KB)
Jul-2014 A Case Study of the Symbolic Value of Community Supported Agriculture Membership Zepeda, Lydia; Reznickova, Anna "Alice"; Russell, Willow Saranna; Hettenbach, David PDF (166 KB)
Jul-2014 China’s Dairy United: Organization, Governance, and Safety Wang, Jingjing; Chen, Mei; Klein, Peter G. PDF (704 KB), PDF (503 KB)
Jul-2014 The Effect of Price and Non-Price Conservation Programs on Residential Water Demand Asci, Serhat; Borisova, Tatiana PDF Conference paper (774 KB)
Jul-2014 THE IMPACT OF CREDIT AND CAPITAL SUPPORTS ON ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR OF FARM HOUSEHOLDS: A HOUSEHOLD ECONOMIC APPROACH de Rosari, Bernardus Bala; Sinaga, Bonar Marulitua; Kusnadi, Nunung; Sawit, Mohamad Husein PDF (481 KB)
Jul-2014 Assessing the Intensity of Market Competition in the US Papaya Import Market Evans, Edward; Ballen, Fredy PDF (261 KB)
Jul-2014 A Food Demand System Estimation for Rural Malawi: Estimates Using Third Integrated Household Survey Data Maganga, Assa Mulagha; Phiri, M. Alexander R.; Mapemba, Lawrence D.; Gebremariam, Gebrelibanos G.; Dzanja, Josephy K. PDF (151 KB)
Jul-2014 Theme Overview: Rural Poverty and Food Rupasingha, Anil PDF (152 KB)
Jul-2014 Variation of Consumer Preferences Between Domestic and Imported Food: The Case of Artisan Cheese Gedikoglu, Haluk; Parcell, Joe L. PDF (358 KB)
12-Jun-2014 Factors Influencing Adolescent BMI in Urban China Anfinson, Carl; Wahl, Thomas; Seale, James; Bai, Junfei PDF Poster (693 KB)
11-Jun-2014 The Impact of Food Away from Home on Adult Food Quality: Comment Lee, Jonq-Ying PDF (98 KB)
Jun-2014 Smallholder food crop commercialization in Uganda: panel survey evidence from Uganda Annet, Adong; Tony, Muhumuza; Swaibu, Mbowa PDF Main report (1415 KB)
Jun-2014 Macroeconomic effects of budget deficits in Uganda: a VAR-VECM approach Musa Mayanja, Lwanga; Joseph, Mawejje PDF Main report (1260 KB)
Jun-2014 Modellierung der Erreichbarkeit von Supermärkten und Discountern Neumeier, Stefan PDF (6731 KB)
Jun-2014 QUALITY OF GOURMAND PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND MODERN TRENDS IN RESTAURANT INDUSTRY Ćirić, Nata; Đenadić, Miroljub; Muhi, Bela; Jovanović, Dušan; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (335 KB)
Jun-2014 Dochody gospodarstw domowych emerytów w krajach UE Wyrzykowski, Paweł PDF (344 KB)
Jun-2014 Employer learning and statistical discrimination: a comparison of hispanic and white males Urgiles Bravo, Maria Gabriela PDF (828 KB)
Jun-2014 FARM MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS: A CASE STUDY ON A GERMAN MULTIFUNCTIONAL FARM Husemann, Christoph; Novković, Nebojša; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (570 KB)
Jun-2014 Czynniki determinujące spożycie mięsa wołowego na świecie i w Polsce w latach 2000-2012 Konarska, Małgorzata; Sakowska, Anna; Guzek, Dominika; Głąbska, Dominika; Wierzbicka, Agnieszka PDF (273 KB)
Jun-2014 Charakterystyka wybranych systemów pakowania mięsa w odniesieniu do preferencji konsumentów i aspektów ekonomicznych Sakowska, Anna; Konarska, Małgorzata; Guzek, Dominika; Głąbska, Dominika; Wierzbicka, Agnieszka PDF (296 KB)
Jun-2014 Using a Generalized Differenced Demand Model to Estimate Price and Expenditure Elasticities for Milk and Meat in Austria Widenhorn, Andreas; Salhofer, Klaus PDF (341 KB)
28-May-2014 Consumers’ Preferences for the Food Preparation Time and Identification of the Factors Influencing Time-saving Food Consumption Pattern Kim, Elizabeth J.; Ahn, Byeong-il PDF (706 KB)
28-May-2014 Store Choices of Rural Grocery Shoppers Using an Attribute Screening Model Peterson, Hikaru Hanawa; Peterson, Jeffrey M. PDF AAEA paper (660 KB)
24-May-2014 On Price Endogeneity in the Analysis of Food Demand in China Hovhannisyan, Vardges; Bozic, Marin PDF Main paper (503 KB)
22-May-2014 To Charge or Not to Charge: Evidence from a Health Products Experiment in Uganda Fischer, Greg; Karlan, Dean S.; McConnell, Margaret; Raffler, Pia PDF (885 KB)
1-May-2014 Table of Content Bosch, Darrell J.; Marchant, Mary A.; McKenzie, Andrew M.; Paudel, Krishna P. PDF (426 KB)
1-May-2014 Examining Labor Substitution: Does Family Matter for U.S. Cash Grain Farmers? D'Antoni, Jeremy M.; Khanal, Aditya R.; Mishra, Ashok K.; Bosch, Darrell J.; Marchant, Mary A.; McKenzie, Andrew M.; Paudel, Krishna P. PDF (606 KB)
1-May-2014 Measuring Price–Quantity Relationships in the Dutch Flower Market Steen, Marie; Bosch, Darrell J.; Marchant, Mary A.; McKenzie, Andrew M.; Paudel, Krishna P. PDF (596 KB)
1-May-2014 Who Attends Farmers’ Markets and Why? Understanding Consumers and their Motivations Gumirakiza, Jean Dominique; Curtis, Kynda R.; Bosworth, Ryan C.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (263 KB)
1-May-2014 U.S. and Canadian Consumer Perception of Local and Organic Terminology Campbell, Benjamin L.; Khachatryan, Hayk; Behe, Bridget K.; Dennis, Jennifer; Hall, Charles; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (639 KB)
May-2014 U.S. Demand for Wellness and Functional Beverages and Implications on Nutritional Intake: An Application of EASI Demand System Capturing Diverse Preference Heterogeniety Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF AAEA-2014-Wellness and functional beverages poster (475 KB)
May-2014 Searching on a Model for Sustainable Agricultural Higher Education Center (SAHEC) Movahedi, Reza PDF (189 KB)
May-2014 Consumer Demand for Greek-Style Yogurt and its Implications to the Dairy Industry in the United States Dharmasena, Senarath; Okrent, Abigail; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF (127 KB)
May-2014 Consumption externalities and preference complementarities Cleary, Rebecca; Carlson, Andrea PDF (320 KB)
May-2014 Modeling Food Retail Format Choice and Shopping Frequency Decision in Urban Ghana: A Multivariate Ordered Probit Regression Application Meng, Ting; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Sarpong, Daniel B.; Chinnan, Manjeet S.; Resurreccion, Anna V. A. PDF (468 KB)
May-2014 Morphological and Physical Characteristics of Soils Developed on a Toposequence Derived from Coarse-grained Pegmatites in a Tropical Region, Delta State, Nigeria Egbuchua, C.N. PDF Main paper (245 KB)
May-2014 Measures of Online Advertising Effectiveness: The Case of Orange Juice House, Lisa A.; Jiang, Yuan; Salois, Matthew PDF (529 KB)
May-2014 Can Willingness-To-Pay Values be Manipulated? Evidences from an Experiment on Organic Food in China Xiaohua, Yu; Binjian, Yan; Zhifeng, Gao PDF (248 KB)
May-2014 Financial Education and Access to Savings Accounts: Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Ugandan Youth Clubs Karlan, Dean S.; Jamison, Julian; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (2451 KB)
May-2014 Examine the Effects of Students’ Social Capital Components on Entrepreneurship Intention (Evidences from: University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran) Adaryani, Rasool Lavaei; Akban, Mohammad Reza; Adel, Fatemeh; Amiri, Ali PDF (332 KB)
May-2014 Methodology for the Quarterly Food- Away-from - Home Prices Data Kumcu, Aylin; Okrent, Abigail M . PDF (1829 KB)
May-2014 Demographic and Economic Factors Affecting Demand for Brand-Level Milk in Texas Bingham, David; Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Salin, Victoria PDF AAEA-2014-Brand-Level Milk poster (435 KB)
May-2014 Analysis of Various Household Expenditures at Urban Households in the Republic of Uganda: A Multivariate Tobit Approach Madhavan-Nambiar, Padmanand; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Chinnan, Manjeet S.; Ressurrecion, Anna PDF Poster (741 KB)
May-2014 Coffee Production in mid-Northern Uganda: Prospects and Challenges Swaibu, Mbowa; Tonny, Odokonyero; Ezra, Munyambonera PDF Briefing paper (1438 KB)
May-2014 Taxing Animal Products: Protein Demand under Environmental Pressure and Social Impact in France France, Caillavet; Adélaide, Fadhuile; Véronique, Nichèle PDF (229 KB)
4-Apr-2014 Social Networks and Restaurant Choice Richards, Timothy J.; Tiwari, Ashutosh PDF (186 KB)
3-Apr-2014 Consumer Attention, Engagement, and Market Shares: Evidence from the Carbonated Soft Drinks Market Liu, Yizao; Rui, Huaxia PDF (496 KB)
3-Apr-2014 Effects of Peers on Agricultural Productivity in Rural Northern India Songsermsawas, Tisorn; Baylis, Katherine R.; Chhatre, Ashwini PDF (2321 KB)
Apr-2014 An exploration of the factors influencing well-being of farm and non-farm households Miller, Ana Corina; Jack, Claire G.; Anderson, Duncan J.
Apr-2014 Food Prices—Taking the Long-Term View Volpe, Richard PDF (313 KB)
Apr-2014 Livestock product trade and highly contagious animal diseases Niemi, Jarkko K.; Lehtonen, Heikki PDF (573 KB)
Apr-2014 Co-residence, Life-Cycle Savings and Inter-generational Support in Urban China Rosenzweig, Mark; Zhang, Junsen PDF (421 KB)
Apr-2014 Two or three meals a day, gender interacts with food rhythms in Paris area Lhuissier, Anne; Tichit, Christine; Caillavet, France; Cardon, Philippe; Masullo, Ana; Martin, Judith; Parizot, Isabelle; Chauvin, Pierre PDF Translation (544 KB)
Apr-2014 Looking for Locapours: Using Zagat Survey Data to Examine Restaurant Demand for Local Wine Perla, Joseph M.; Rickard, Bradley J.; Schmit, Todd M. PDF (321 KB)
Apr-2014 Impacts of supermarkets on farm household nutrition in Kenya Chege, Christine G. K.; Andersson, Camilla I.M.; Qaim, Matin PDF Global Food Discussion Paper No. 31 (268 KB)
Apr-2014 Modelling the Impact of Market Imperfections on Farm Household Investment in Stand-Alone Solar PV. Abdul-Salam, Yakubu; Phimister, Euan PDF (563 KB)
Apr-2014 Demand for carbon-neutral food – evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment for milk and apple juice Breustedt, Gunnar PDF (119 KB)
Apr-2014 Determinants of household’s choice of cooking energy in Uganda Francis, Mwaura; Geoffrey, Okoboi; Gemma, Ahaibwe PDF Main report (1504 KB)
Apr-2014 Perceptions indicate elevated risks in the business environment Paul, Lakuma; Joseph, Mawejje; Peace, Lugo PDF Brief (1259 KB)
Apr-2014 Consumer willingness to pay for food safety: the case of mycotoxins in milk Sckokai, Paolo; Veneziani, Mario; Moro, Daniele; Castellari, Elena PDF (220 KB)
Apr-2014 The effect of effectiveness: Donor response to aid effectiveness in a direct mail fundraising experiment Karlan, Dean S.; Wood, Daniel PDF (1749 KB)
Apr-2014 Kézműves élelmiszerek vásárlásának fogyasztói magatartásvizsgálata a nők körében Dogi, Ilona; Nagy, Lajos; Csipkés, Margit; Balogh, Péter PDF Original paper (494 KB)
Apr-2014 Willingness to Pay for Sensory Attributes in Beer Gabrielyan, Gnel; McCluskey, Jill J.; Marsh, Thomas L.; Ross, Carolyn F. PDF (347 KB)
Apr-2014 Was Ricardo Right? Maddison, David; Rehdanz, Katrin PDF (1464 KB)
Apr-2014 The Impact of Four Alternative Policies to Decrease Soda Consumption Liu, Yizao; Lopez, Rigoberto A.; Zhu, Chen PDF (265 KB)
Apr-2014 Factors Affecting Nonfarm Income Diversification among Rural Farm Households in Central Nepal Ghimire, Raju; Huang, Wen-Chi; Shrestha, Rudra Bahadur PDF (185 KB)
Apr-2014 Deux ou trois repas par jour ? Des rythmes alimentaires sexués en région parisienne Lhuissier, Anne; Tichit, Christine; Caillavet, France; Cardon, Philippe; Masullo, Ana; Martin, Judith; Parizot, Isabelle; Chauvin, Pierre PDF Main paper (820 KB)
Apr-2014 Unraveling Demand for Dairy-Alternative Beverages in the United States: The Case of Soymilk Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF (246 KB)
Apr-2014 Cover, Front Matter, and Foreword - PDF (240 KB)
Apr-2014 Consumer Response to Perceived Value and Generic Advertising Salois, Matthew J.; Reilly, Amber PDF (310 KB)
Apr-2014 Cognitive Dissonance, Confirmatory Bias and Inadequate Information Processing: Evidence from Experimental Auctions Cao, Ying; Just, David R.; Wansink, Brian PDF (972 KB)
Apr-2014 Impact of cocoa agroforests on yield and household income: Evidence from Ghana Owusu, Victor; Frimpong, Frederick Kwabena PDF (421 KB)
Apr-2014 Supermarket Promotions and Food Prices Lan, H.; Lloyd, T. A.; Morgan, C. W. PDF (309 KB)
Apr-2014 Determinants of Change and Household Responses to Food Insecurity: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria Edeh, Hyacinth Onuorah; Gyimah-Brempong, Kwabena PDF (697 KB)
Apr-2014 Determinants of use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) among women grain marketers in Delta State, Nigeria Otitoju, M.A.; Nweze, N.J.; Ezechie, O.J. PDF (8399 KB)
1-Mar-2014 Consumer’s Food Shopping Choice in Ghana: Supermarket or Traditional Outlets? Meng, Ting; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Sarpong, Daniel B.; Chinnan, Manjeet S.; Resurreccion, Anna V.A.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (446 KB)
1-Mar-2014 Behavioral Economics in the School Lunchroom: Can it Affect Food Supplier Decisions? A Systematic Review Thapa, Janani R.; Lyford, Conrad P.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (617 KB)
1-Mar-2014 Understanding Consumer Preferences for Nutritious Foods: Retailing Strategies in a Food Desert Weatherspoon, Dave D.; Oehmke, James F.; Coleman, Marcus A.; Weatherspoon, Lorraine J.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (332 KB)
1-Mar-2014 Fast Food Restaurant Pricing Strategies in Michigan Food Deserts Leschewski, Andrea Marie; Weatherspoon, Dave D.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (821 KB)
1-Mar-2014 The Effect of Breakfast Cereal Coupons on the Nutritional Quality of Household Purchases Berning, Joshua P.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (266 KB)
1-Mar-2014 Costs of Taxing Sodium: A Lunch Meat Application Hahn, William F.; Davis, Christopher G.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (456 KB)
Mar-2014 Popyt na żywność w krajach UE w warunkach spowolnienia gospodarczego Wyrzykowski, Paweł PDF (482 KB)
Mar-2014 Consumer Preferences for Local Food Products in North Carolina Jefferson-Moore, Kenrett Y.; Robbins, Richard D.; Johnson, Daniel; Bradford, Jackie PDF (85 KB)
Mar-2014 On the economics of others Stark, Oded PDF (183 KB)
Mar-2014 Consumer Preferences for U.S. Food Products in Ghana Ejimakor, Godfrey; Adu-Nyako, Kofi; Okafor, Ralph; Egyir, Irene; Bell, Kamal PDF (64 KB)
Mar-2014 Infant Formula Costs to the WIC Program Fall Oliveira, Victor; Frazão, Elizabeth PDF (308 KB)
Mar-2014 Willingness to Buy Organically Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs: An Econometric Analysis Govindasamy, Ramu; You, Xinling; Arumugam, Surendran; Vellangany, Isaac PDF (56 KB)
Mar-2014 Vendor and Consumer Differences in Perceptions of Food Quality in Ghana Ejimakor, Godfrey; Adu-Nyako, Kofi; Okafor, Ralph; Egyir, Irene PDF (61 KB)
Mar-2014 Marketing U.S. Lentils in Sri Lanka: A Consumer Preference Analysis Govindasamy, Ramu; Arumugam, Surendran; Vellangany, Isaac PDF (62 KB)
Mar-2014 Effect of Small-scale Irrigation on the Farm Households’ Income of Rural Farmers: The Case of Girawa District, East Hararghe, Oromia, Ethiopia Beyan, A.; Jema, H.; Adem, K. PDF Main paper (327 KB)
Mar-2014 LEVEL OF CUSTOMER ORIENTATION AND CUSTOMER PROTECTION IN HOTELS IN SERBIA Ćirić, Maja; Počuča, Milan; Raičević, Vuk; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (393 KB)
Mar-2014 Dochodowa elastyczność wydatków polskich gospodarstw domowych i jej uwarunkowania Laskowski, Wacław PDF (308 KB)
Mar-2014 Bed and Breakfast: An Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Eco-Agritourism Govindasamy, Ramu; Vellangany, Isaac; Arumugam, Surendran PDF (62 KB)
Mar-2014 Land Reform: An Analysis of Definitions, Types and Approaches Tarisayi, Kudzayi Savious PDF Main paper (116 KB)
Mar-2014 Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Multi-Labeled Produce at Farmers' Markets Curtis, Kynda R.; Gumirakiza, J. Dominique; Bosworth, Ryan C. PDF (95 KB)
Mar-2014 ORGANISATIONAL MODELS IN AGRICULTURE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SMALL FARMERS Zakić, Nebojša; Vukotić, Svetlana; Cvijanović, Drago; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (390 KB)
4-Feb-2014 Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Seafood Attributes: A Multi-species and Multi-state Comparison Meas, Thong; Hu, Wuyang PDF Selected Paper (246 KB)
Feb-2014 A regionális fejlesztés új megközelítésben Gáspár, Tamás PDF Original paper (580 KB)
Feb-2014 Az alternatív élelmiszer-ellátó rendszerek meghatározásának és csoportosításának tényezői Kujáni, Katalin PDF Original paper (374 KB)
Feb-2014 The Estimated Amount, Value, and Calories of Postharvest Food Losses at the Retail and Consumer Levels in the United States Buzby, Jean C.; Farah-Wells, Hodan; Hyman, Jeffrey PDF (3369 KB)
Feb-2014 Economic Development, Food Demand and the Consequences for Agricultural Resource Requirements (Indonesia) Briggs, Adam; Chowdhury, Shyamal PDF (1056 KB)
Feb-2014 A Latent Class Model to discover Household Food Waste Patterns in Lisbon City in Support of Food Security, Public Health and Environmental Protection Fonseca, Jaime R.S.; Schiefer, Gerhard PDF (362 KB)
Feb-2014 Investigation of the Factors Hindering and Promoting Tourism Evidences from Villages of Abyaneh Village Manafian, Hoda; Ameri, Zhila Daneshvar; Esfahani, Saba Salehi PDF (245 KB)
Jan-2014 AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE STRUCTURES IN THE PERSPECTIVE THE NEW CAP IN ROMANIA 2014-2020 TUREK RAHOVEANU, Maria Magdalena; TUREK RAHOVEANU, Adrian; Erokhin, Vasily; Ivolga, Anna PDF Chapter from the Monograph (261 KB)
Jan-2014 Physioeconomic Poverty Analysis of Grade 1 Employees of Rawalpindi City, Pakistan Siddiqui, Sabeen; Anwar, Zubair; Batool, Saira; Habib, Nusrat; Naheed, Sobia; Zahra, Naheed PDF Main paper (297 KB)
Jan-2014 Economic PConsumer demand, export markets help maintain favourable business climate Joseph, Mawejje; Paul, Lakuma PDF Brief (914 KB)
Jan-2014 Banking the Poor: Evidence from a Savings Field Experiment in Malawi Flory, Jeffrey A. PDF (433 KB)
Jan-2014 Evaluation of Selected USDA WAOB and NASS Forecasts and Estimates in Corn and Soybeans Irwin, Scott H.; Sanders, Dwight R.; Good, Darrel L. PDF (868 KB)
Jan-2014 Millennial Parents and the Effectiveness of Generic Advertising for 100% Orange Juice Salois, Matthew J.; Reilly, Amber PDF (248 KB)
Jan-2014 The MIRAB Model of Small Island Economies in the Pacific and their Security Issues: A Draft Tisdell, Clem PDF Main Paper (151 KB)
Jan-2014 Migration and Remittance and Their Impacts on Food Security in Nepal Regmi, Madhav; Paudel, Krishna P.; Williams, Deborah PDF (576 KB)
Jan-2014 Participation in Informal Off-farm Labor Market and its Impact on Household Income and Food Security in Malawi Sitienei, Isaac; Mishra, Ashok K.; Gillespie, Jeffrey; Khanal, Aditya R. PDF (491 KB)
Jan-2014 Industry Evaluations of the Status and Prospects for the Burgeoning New York Greek-style Yogurt Industry Boynton, Robert D.; Novakovic, Andrew M. PDF (896 KB)
Jan-2014 Effects of Socio-economic and Demographic Variables on Meat Consumption in Vietnam Phuong, Nguyen Van; Cuong, Tran Huu; Mergenthaler, Marcus PDF Main paper (635 KB)
Jan-2014 Loose Knots: Strong versus Weak Commitments to Save for Education in Uganda Karlan, Dean S.; Linden, Leigh PDF (988 KB)
Jan-2014 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Environmental Production Attributes in Tomatoes: A Southeastern Consumer Survey Maples, McKenzie; Morgan, Kimberly L.; Harri, Ardian; Hood, Kenneth; Interis, Matthew PDF (411 KB)
Jan-2014 Demographic and Economic Factors Affecting Demand for Brand-Level Milk in Texas Bingham, David; Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Salin, Victoria PDF 2014 SAEA Paper (128 KB)
Jan-2014 Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism? Anagol, Santosh; Etang, Alvin; Karlan, Dean S. PDF (1014 KB)
2014 Cognitive Biases in the Assimilation of Scientific Information on Global Warming and Genetically Modified Food McFadden, Brandon R.; Lusk, Jayson PDF (563 KB)
2014 How Does Daylight Saving Time Affect Electricity Demand? Pellen, Alistair PDF (402 KB)
2014 Wybory rynkowe mięsa kurcząt brojlerów w opinii studentów Augustyńska-Prejsnar, Anna; Ormian, Małgorzata; Gajdek, Grażyna PDF (270 KB)
2014 Peer-Effects on Childhood Obesity: An Instrumental Variables Approach on Exogenously Assigned Peers Asirvatham, Jebaraj; Thomsen, Michael; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr.; Rouse, Heather PDF Main Paper (142 KB)
2014 Food Marketing Understanding and influencing consumer demand Pearson, Dr. David PDF (6113 KB)
2014 Wybrane zagadnienia marketingu żywności ekologicznej w gospodarstwach rolnych województwa lubelskiego Siedlecka, Agnieszka PDF (329 KB)
2014 Prawny aspekt zarządzania publicznymi inwestycjami infrastrukturalnymi w regionach. Dylematy rozwoju społeczno--gospodarczego Kosiński, Eryk PDF (278 KB)
2014 Potencjał podaży w kontekście wprowadzenia nowego produktu regionalnego „Wołowina Sudecka” Minta, Stanisław; Tańska-Hus, Bożena; Nowak, Marek PDF (292 KB)
2014 Modeling and Explaining County-level Prosperity in the U.S. Khatiwada, Lila K. PDF (476 KB)
2014 Dostępność do ambulatoryjnej opieki zdrowotnej na wsi w Polsce. Ujęcie przestrzenno-czasowe Krawczyk-Sołtys, Agnieszka PDF (250 KB)
2014 Irrigated urban vegetable production in Ghana: characteristics, benefits and risk mitigation Drechsel, Pay; Keraita, B. PDF (4130 KB)
2014 A look at the variations in consumer preferences for farmers' markets attributes Neill, Clinton L.; Mitchell, Donna M.; Williams, Ryan B. PDF Main paper (437 KB)
2014 Socially-Responsible Certification Schemes for Smallholder Coffee Farmers: Economics of Giving and Consumer Utility Verteramo Chiu, Leslie J.; Gómez, Miguel I.; Kaiser, Harry M.; Yan, Jubo PDF Main Paper (633 KB)
2014 The Influence of Social Networks on Food Choices in College Food Courts Wang, Dan; Grebitus, Carola; Schroeter, Christiane PDF (519 KB)
2014 The Location and Timing of SNAP Purchases Baylis, Katherine R.; Fan, Linlin; Gundersen, Craig; Michele, Ver Ploeg; James, Ziliak PDF The Location and Timing of SNAP Purchases (117 KB)
2014 Assessing Korean Consumers' Valuation for BSE-Tested and Country of Origin Labeled Beef Products Lee, Sang Hyeon; Lee, Ji Yong; Han, Doo Bong; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr. PDF (507 KB)
2014 Compte rendu d'ouvrage - Anne Dupuy, Plaisirs alimentaires. Socialisation des enfants et des adolescents, PUR, 2013, 510 p. Julien, Marie-Pierre PDF (221 KB)
2014 Advancing the water-energy-food nexus: social networks and institutional interplay in the Blue Nile Stein, C.; Barron, J.; Nigussie, L.; Gedif, B.; Amsalu, T.; Langan, Simon PDF (2010 KB)
2014 Aktywność społeczno-zawodowa kobiet na obszarach wiejskich – kierunki zmian na przykładzie województwa opolskiego Płatkowska-Prokopczyk, Laura PDF (265 KB)
2014 What Motivates Individuals to Participate in Economic Experiments? A Latent Class Analysis with Unobserved Heterogeneity Collart, Alba J.; Palma, Marco A. PDF (303 KB)
2014 Specyfika działalności spółdzielni socjalnych jako podmiotów ekonomii społecznej Mierzwa, Danuta; Mierzwa, Dominika PDF (374 KB)
2014 The Role of Confidence in Truthful Revelation of Private Values Parkhurst, Gregory M.; Nowell, Clifford PDF (380 KB)
2014 Welfare Effects of Policy-induced Rising Food Prices on Farm Households in Nigeria Shittu, Adebayo M.; Obayelu, Oluwakemi A.; Salman, Kabir K. PDF (652 KB)
2014 What Drives Local Wine Expenditure in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania? A Consumer Behavior and Wine Market Segmentation Analysis Deng, Xueting; Woods, Timothy PDF Main paper (544 KB)
2014 Adoption of Nutritionally Enhanced Sweetpotato Varieties: The Role of Household Food Insecurity and Knowledge of Nutritional Benefits Okello, Julius J.; Shikuku, Kelvin M.; Sindi, Kirimi; McEwan, Margaret; Low, Jan W. PDF Poster Presentation (1679 KB)
2014 Depopulacja na obszarach wiejskich województwa opolskiego w latach 2002-2011 Dybowska, Joanna PDF (252 KB)
2014 Spatial Dependence in the Adoption of the Urea Deep Placement for Rice Production in Niger State, Nigeria: A Bayesian Spatial Autoregressive Probit Estimation Approach Adjognon, Serge; Liverpool-Tasie, Lenis Saweda O. PDF Main paper (294 KB)
2014 Daycare, Durables, and Credit Constraints: Evidence from Rio de Janeiro Reimao, Maira Emy PDF AAEA - MReimao - Selected Presentation (3812 KB)
2014 Dietary Assimilation and its effect on health: A Study of International Students Katare, Bhagyashree PDF (709 KB)
2014 Hysteresis, Price Acceptance, and Reference Prices Richards, Timothy J.; Gómez, Miguel I.; Printezis, Iryna PDF Main Paper (276 KB)
2014 Demand for the Food Diversity in Central and Eastern European Countries: an Evidence from Slovakia Rizov, Marian; Cupak, Andrej; Pokrivcak, Jan; None PDF Main paper (881 KB)
2014 Actions towards food safety: choosing labels or self-protection Quan, Shiwen; Chen, Yuan; Zeng, Yinchu PDF Poster Presentation (1857 KB)
2014 The Importance of Non-labor Income: An Analysis of Socioeconomic Performance in Western Counties by Type of Non-labor Income Lawson, Megan M.; Rasker, Ray; Gude, Patricia H. PDF (714 KB)
2014 Economic and Sociodemographic Drivers Associated with Vending Machine Purchasers in the United States Gvillo, Rejeana; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Ishdorj, Aruin; Palma, Marco PDF Poster Presentation (147 KB)
2014 A framework to understand gender and structural vulnerability to climate change in the Ganges River Basin: lessons from Bangladesh, India and Nepal Sugden, Fraser; de Silva, Sanjiv; Clement, Floriane; Maskey-Amatya, Niki; Ramesh, Vidya; Philip, Anil; Bharati, Luna PDF (679 KB)
2014 Sustainable development and ecosystem services McCartney, Matthew; Finlayson, M.; de Silva, Sanjiv; Amerasinghe, Priyanie; Smakhtin, Vladimir PDF (325 KB)
2014 The Effects of Media Coverage of the 2009 Cookie Dough Recall on the Demand for the Brand and the Close Substitutes Bharad, Abhishek Bhagwat; Harrison, R. Wes; Davis, Christopher PDF AAEA 2014 Annual meeting Poster submission by Bharad et. al. (244 KB)
2014 Economic Impact of the Informal Childcare Sector in Kansas Choi, Eun-Young; Johnson, Thomas G. PDF (388 KB)
2014 Short Run and Long Run dynamics in the Demand of U.S Tree Nuts Awondo, Sebastain Nde; Fonsah, Esendugue Greg PDF conference paper (79 KB)
2014 Consumer Response to Perceived Value and Generic Advertising Salois, Matthew J.; Reilly, Amber PDF (296 KB)
2014 Proceedings of the Workshop on Flood-based Farming for Food Security and Adaption to Climate Change in Ethiopia: Potential and Challenges, Adama, Ethiopia, 30-31 October 2013 Erkossa, Teklu; Hagos, Fitsum; Lefore, Nicole PDF (4513 KB)
2014 Impact of agro-biodiversity on farmers’ income probability distribution Kobus, Pawel PDF (292 KB)
2014 Szkody łowieckie w uprawach rolnych Sporek, Monika PDF (363 KB)
2014 Consumers’ Valuation for Reduced Salt Labeling: A Non-hypothetical Choice Experiment Lee, Sang Hyeon; Han, Doo Bong; Caputo, Vincenzina; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr. PDF poster (1256 KB)
2014 Beer Snobs Do Exist: Estimation of Beer Demand by Type Toro-Gonzalez, Daniel; McCluskey, Jill J.; Mittelhammer, Ron PDF (126 KB)
2014 Regionalne zróżnicowanie kwot płatności zrealizowanych w ramach jednolitych płatności obszarowych Teszbir, Hanna; Gołaś, Zbigniew PDF (366 KB)
2014 Factors Influencing the Demand for Financial Advice by Households in the United States After the Financial Crisis of 2007-08 Aboohamidi, Abbas; Chidmi, Benaissa PDF Poster (4801 KB)
2014 Zróżnicowanie jakości życia na obszarach wiejskich Unii Europejskiej Hadyński, Jakub PDF (452 KB)
2014 Możliwości wykorzystania zasad systemu HACCP w procesie doskonalenia jakości kształcenia w średnich szkołach rolniczych Kaczmarek, Maria; Wrześniewski, Wincenty PDF (295 KB)
2014 Ocena jakości usług gastronomicznych jako czynnik zwiększający zaufanie konsumentów Cieślik, Ewa; Cieślik, Jerzy; Wasilewski, Piotr; Turcza, Kinga; Siembida, Agnieszka PDF (275 KB)
2014 Spate irrigation and poverty in Ethiopia Hagos, Fitsum; Erkossa, Teklu; Lefore, Nicole; Langan, Simon PDF (460 KB)
2014 Expanding the Economic Base Model to Include Nonwage Income Nesse, Katherine PDF (596 KB)
2014 Wpływ inwestycji przed i po akcesji Polski do Unii Europejskiej na potencjał produkcyjny gospodarstw rolnych Sass, Roman PDF (291 KB)
2014 Wpływ modernizacji wspieranych funduszami UE na zmiany sytuacji majątkowej w gospodarstwach rolnych w Polsce Czubak, Wawrzyniec; Sadowski, Arkadiusz PDF (355 KB)
2014 Zagrożenia biotopów w agroekosystemach Sporek, Kazimierz; Sporek, Monika PDF (265 KB)
2014 Credit Constraints and Impact on Farm Household Welfare: Evidence from Vietnam’s North Central Coast region Tran, Minh Chau; Gan, Christopher; Hu, Baiding PDF (799 KB)
2014 Position bias in best-worst scaling surveys: a case study on trust in institutions Campbell, Danny; Erdem, Seda PDF (198 KB)
2014 Climate Change and Crop Choice in Zambia: A Mathematical Programming Approach Wineman, Ayala; Crawford, Eric W. PDF (1497 KB)
2014 Zawód rolnik – rolnictwo jako kierunek studiów i forma pozyskania kwalifikacji rolniczych Mijal, Anna PDF (271 KB)
2014 Addressing elimination and selection by aspects decision rules in discrete choice experiments: does it matter? Erdem, Seda; Campbell, Danny; Thompson, Carl PDF Main paper (349 KB)
2014 The Use of Food Nutrition Facts Panel Information and Juice Consumption Kim, Hyeyoung; Jauregui, Carlos; Lee, Jonq-Ying PDF Main paper (411 KB)
2014 Home Meal Replacement Market Segmentation: A Food-Related Life Style Jo, Hyebin; Lee, Seoyoun; Choe, Youngchan PDF (569 KB)
2014 Uwarunkowania zmian dochodowości pracy w rolnictwie polskim w latach 2004-2013 Gołaś, Zbigniew PDF (310 KB)
2014 Perceived Barriers to Purchasing Healthy Foods vs. Access in Underserved Areas across the Northeast Chenarides, Lauren; Bonanno, Alessandro; Palmer, Anne; Clancy, Kate PDF Poster presentation (545 KB)
2014 Crunch the Can or Throw the Bottle? Effect of “Bottle Deposit Laws” and Municipal Recycling Programs Campbell, Benjamin L.; Khachatryan, Hayk; Behe, Bridget K.; Hall, Charles; Dennis, Jennifer PDF main paper (2013 KB)
2014 Non-Food Coping Strategies in Response to the World Food Price Crisis: Evidence from Education in India Tandon, Sharad PDF (1081 KB)
2014 The Impact of Four Alternative Policies to Decrease Soda Consumption Liu, Yizao; Lopez, Rigoberto A.; Zhu, Chen PDF (265 KB)
2014 Can Food Stamp Policies Encourage Healthy Eating? An Experiment on Food Stamp Restrictions Weaver, Amanda S.; Lusk, Jayson L. Microsoft Word Main paper - draft (43 KB)
2014 New Product Adoption in a Friendship Network using Spatial Lag Model Fang, Di; Morrison, Richard
2014 Is Job Insecurity Making Australians Fat? Evidence from Panel Data on Perceived Risk of Job Loss Currie, Phillippa; Smith, Trenton G.; Stillman, Steven PDF main paper (210 KB)
2014 Financial and economic aspects of urban vegetable farming Danso, G.; Hope, L.; Drechsel, Pay PDF (87 KB)
2014 State and Retail Outlet Impact on Premiums for Locally Grown Berries Hoke, Omer; Campbell, Benjamin L.; Brand, Mark; Hau, Thao PDF paper (545 KB)
2014 Gender, Farmer Attitudes and Adoption of Biofortified Food Crops in Sub Saharan Africa: The Case of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato in Tanzania Shikuku, Kelvin M.; Okello, Julius J.; Sindi, Kirimi; McEwan, Margaret; Low, Jan W. PDF Poster Presentation (1950 KB)
2014 Rolnictwo w Polsce w świetle zmian polityki Unii Europejskiej Weiss, Elżbieta; Bitkowska, Agnieszka PDF (260 KB)
2014 What Drives Wine Expenditure in the United States? A Four-State Wine Market Segmentation and Consumer Behaviors Study Deng, Xueting; Woods, Timothy PDF 2014 Poster Presentation-Xueting Deng (1106 KB)
2014 Is It Worth the Time? Analyzing the Interaction of Money Price , Time Price, and Nutrition Quality Yang, Yanliang; Davis, George C.; Muth, Mary K. PDF Poster (2132 KB)
2014 Przedsiębiorczość osób młodych na wsi – stymulatory i bariery Psyk-Piotrowska, Elżbieta; Sudra, Ewelina PDF (265 KB)
2014 U.S. Demand for Tobacco Products in a System Framework Zheng, Yuqing; Zhen, Chen; Nonnemaker, James; Dench, Daniel
2014 Consumer Preferences for Second-Generation Bioethanol Li, Tongzhe; McCluskey, Jill J. PDF Main paper (397 KB)
2014 Social Media and Consumer Engagement in the Carbonated Soft Drinks Market Liu, Yizao; Rui, Huaxia PDF Main Paper (234 KB)
2014 The impact of improved clean cookstoves on households in Southern Haiti Sagbo, Nicaise S. M.; Kusunose, Yoko PDF (462 KB)
2014 Information efficiency in a lemons market: Evidence from Bt cotton seed market in Pakistan Ma, Xingliang; Spielman, David J.; Nazli, Hina; Zambrano, Patricia; Zaidi, Fatima; Kouser, Shahzad PDF Selected paper (796 KB)
2014 Decentralization of National Transfer Programs: compliance, local revealed equivalence scales, and efficacy of aid Simons, Andrew M. PDF Main paper and tables (1061 KB)
2014 Can Explicit Price Reminders Mitigate Hypothetical Bias in Online Choice Experiment? Lim, Kar Ho; Hu, Wuyang PDF (986 KB)
2014 Food Price Subsidies and Nutrition: Evidence from State Reforms to India's Public Distribution System Krishnamurthy, Prasad; Pathania, Vikram; Tandon, Sharad PDF (603 KB)
2014 Wybrane zagadnienia potencjału konkurencyjności przedsiębiorstw przetwórstwa owocowo-warzywnego zlokalizowanych na terenie województwa wielkopolskiego Smoluk-Sikorska, Joanna; Jabłońska-Porzuczek, Lidia; Kalinowski, Sławomir PDF (309 KB)
2014 Characterization of Chilean olive oil consumers: An exploratory analysis applied in the Bío Bío Region Romo, R.; Labrin, C.; Lizana, V.; Herrera, R. PDF (295 KB)
2014 Economic Benefits and Reference Potential of Market Mavens Puspa, Jofi PDF (420 KB)
2014 Polski rynek maszyn rolniczych po wejściu do Unii Europejskiej – produkcja i podaż środków mechanizacji rolnictwa Pawlak, Jan PDF (286 KB)
2014 Water-food-energy nexus Bird, Jeremy; Dodds, F.; McCornick, Peter; Shah, Tushaar PDF (327 KB)
2014 Food gifting, kinship networks and household food security Sun, Shaoyan; An, Henry; Marcoul, Philippe PDF Main paper (1001 KB)
2014 The Impact of Location and Proximity on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Renewable and Alternative Electricity: The Case of West Virginia Nkansah, Kofi; Collins, Alan PDF Poster 5067 (590 KB)
2014 Expressing Individuality via Food Choices Weaver, Amanda S.; Lusk, Jayson Microsoft Word final paper (417 KB)
2014 Influences on consumer attitudes towards CSR in agribusiness Mueller, Henrike; Theuvsen, Ludwig PDF (846 KB)
2014 Znaczenie polskiej ekonomii rolnej w Europie w świetle prac XIII Kongresu Europejskiego Stowarzyszenia Ekonomistów Rolnych Paszkowski, Stanisław PDF (350 KB)
2014 Przesłanki realizacji inwestycji infrastrukturalnych w gminach województwa warmińsko-mazurskiego Kozłowski, Waldemar PDF (329 KB)
2014 Productivity effects of sustainable intensification: The case of Urea deep placement for rice production in Niger State, Nigeria: Liverpool-Tasie, Lenis Saweda O.; Adjognon, Serge; Kuku-Shittu, Oluyemisi PDF main paper (294 KB)
2014 Consumer Preferences, Ecolabels, and the Effects of Negative Environmental Information Chen, Xianwen; Alfnes, Frode; Rickertsen, Kyrre PDF (417 KB)
2014 Rural Household Saving Determinants in Kazakhstan Gaisina, Sholpan PDF (431 KB)
2014 Testing for Household Resilience to Food Insecurity: Evidence from Nicaragua Ciani, Federico; Romano, Donato; None PDF (933 KB)
2014 The Effects of Prices, Advertising, Expenditures, and Demographics on Demand for Nonalcoholic Beverages Okrent, Abigail M.; MacEwan, Joanna P. PDF (466 KB)
2014 Impact of WIC program participation on food expenditures Oh, Miyoung; Jensen, Helen H.; Rahkovsky, Ilya PDF (349 KB)
2014 Linking Consumer Health Perceptions to Consumption of Nonalcoholic Beverages Kim, Hyeyoung; House, Lisa A. PDF (301 KB)
2014 Effect of branding Gulf oysters on consumers willingness to pay Acquah, Sarah; Petrolia, Daniel PDF cover page (22 KB), PDF Main paper (95 KB)
2014 Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences for Nanotechnology and Genetic-Modification Technology in Food Products Yue, Chengyan; Zhao, Shuoli; Kuzma, Jennifer PDF Poster 4582 (827 KB)
2014 Czynniki decydujące o wyborze produktów tradycyjnych i regionalnych w opinii mieszkańców Podkarpacia Kawa, Marta; Augustyńska-Prejsnar, Anna PDF (269 KB)
2014 Factors Driving Fruit and Vegetable Expenditures and Consumption Frequency in Lesser Developed Country: an Analysis of Urban Households from the Republic of Uganda Madhavan-Nambiar, Padmanand; Florkowski, Wojciech; Chinnan, Manjeet; Ressurrecion, Anna PDF Main paper (325 KB)
2014 The Influence of Unit Pricing on Snack Food Choices Cash, Sean B.; McAlister, Anna R.; Lou, Chen PDF (1234 KB)
2014 Ocena procesów inwestycyjnych w gospodarstwach rolnych w Polsce po integracji z Unią Europejską Ryś-Jurek, Roma PDF (289 KB)
2014 Dynamika rozwoju społeczno-ekonomicznego gmin wiejskich województwa mazowieckiego na tle innych typów gmin Wojewódzka-Wiewiórska, Agnieszka PDF (1011 KB)
2014 Assessing the Impact of the Great Recession on Healthfulness of Food Purchase Choices Kuhns, Annemarie; Volpe, Richard PDF (541 KB)
2014 Interurban Farming as a Component of Green Urbanism: The Case of Granada Conurbation Requena, Javier Calatrava PDF (373 KB)
2014 Pozycja konkurencyjna głównych producentów i eksporterów nasion oleistych i olejów roślinnych Pawlak, Karolina PDF (323 KB)
2014 How the rural-urban linkages determine the nonfarm activities and incomes of rural household, evidences from five provinces in China Hu, Chaoran; Reardon, Thomas A.; Jin, Songqing; Chen, Kevin Z. PDF (645 KB)
2014 Decomposing the inverse land size-yield relationship Pieralli, Simone PDF Paper (956 KB)
2014 Households’ investments in durable and productive assets in Niger: quasi-experimental evidences from a cash transfer project Stoeffler, Quentin; Mills, Bradford PDF (874 KB)
2014 Gender strategy CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) PDF (3311 KB)
2014 ll Around the (Genetically-Modified) Mulberry Bush: Information-seeking and Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Food Labeling in Vermont Kolodinsky, Jane M.; Reynolds, Travis PDF Kolodinsky and Reynolds GM Labeling paper for 2014 AAEA conference presentation (739 KB)
2014 GATS and Retail Services: India Perspectve Jaiswal, Anindita PDF (508 KB)
2014 Sytuacja finansowa gospodarstw domowych rolników na tle pozostałych grup społeczno-ekonomicznych ludności Kozera, Agnieszka; Wysocki, Feliks PDF (313 KB)
2014 On target for people and planet: setting and achieving water-related sustainable development goals van der Bliek, Julie; McCornick, Peter; Clarke, James PDF (3052 KB)
2014 Household Whole and Low Fat Milk Consumption in Poland: A Bivariate Two-part Model Fu, Shengfei; Klepacka, Anna M.; Florkowski, Wojciech J. PDF (528 KB)
2014 The Value of “Made in USA”: Impact of Chinese acquisition of a US Company on Consumer Willingness to Pay JIN, SHAOSHENG; ZHANG, YU PDF Main Paper of Jin and Zhang for China section (592 KB)
2014 Direct and Indirect Effects of Cash Transfers on Entrepreneurship Ribas, Rafael P. PDF Appendix (122 KB), PDF Tables (1039 KB), PDF Main text (358 KB)
2014 Consumer’s Preference and Willingness to Pay for Different Turfgrass Varieties in the Southern Region of the United States Ghimire, Monika; Boyer, Tracy A.; Chung, Chanjin; Moss, Justin Q. PDF (1351 KB)
2014 Compte rendu d'ouvrage - Abigail C. Saguy (2013) What’s Wrong with Fat? Oxford University Press, 259 p. Bossy, Thibault PDF (216 KB)
2014 Wybrane współzależności międzygałęziowe w sektorze rolno-żywnościowym w krajach Unii Europejskiej Mrówczyńska-Kamińska, Aldona PDF (289 KB)
2014 Comparative Advantage, Self-sufficiency and Food Security in Iran: Case Study of Wheat Commodity Haji-Rahimi, Mahmood PDF (95 KB)
2014 The Incidence of Soda Taxes with Imperfect Information and Strategic Firm Behavior Zheng, Hualu; Huang, Lu PDF Main Paper (681 KB)
2014 EU Consumers’ Perceptions of Fresh-cut Fruit and Vegetables Attributes: a Choice Experiment Model Baselice, Antonio; Colantuoni, Francesca; Lass, Daniel A.; Nardone, Gianluca; Stasi, Antonio PDF main paper (775 KB)
2014 The taxation of farm income in Italy. Evidences from the EU-SILC database Severini, Simone; Tantari, Antonella; Rocchi, Benedetto; None PDF Main paper (367 KB)
2014 Determinants of Household Food Security in Rural Ethiopia: An Empirical Analysis Abafita, Jemal; Kim, Kyung-Ryang PDF (355 KB)
2014 Does income growth improve diet diversity in China? Doan, Dung PDF (467 KB)
2014 Alokacja środków finansowych na wybrane działania PROW 2014-2020 z wykorzystaniem optymalizacji liniowej Kiryluk-Dryjska, Ewa PDF (310 KB)
2014 Are Food Stamps Income or Food Supplementation? A Meta-Analysis Cuffey, Joel; Beatty, Timothy K.M.; Harnack, Lisa PDF (900 KB)
2014 Przemysł nasienny w Polsce i jego rynek Piwowar, Arkadiusz PDF (276 KB)
2014 Is Obesity Contagious? A Case Study of International Graduate Students Katare, Bhagyashree PDF (495 KB)
2014 Małe i średnie przedsiębiorstwa jako forma przedsiębiorczości na obszarach wiejskich Bucka, Maria PDF (268 KB)
2014 Food Choices under Stress: Considering Internet Usage and Social Support Drescher, Larissa S.; Hasselbach, Johanna PDF (705 KB)
2014 Skutki potencjalnej liberalizacji światowego handlu rolnego dla sektora rolno-żywnościowego wspólnoty gospodarczej państw Afryki Zachodniej (ECOWAS) Pawlak, Karolina; Kita, Katarzyna PDF (275 KB)
2014 The Impact of Social Media Conversations on Consumer Brands Liu, Yiazo; Lopez, Rigoberto PDF (669 KB)
2014 Fertility and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from One Child Policy in China Wang, Hui PDF Powerpoint presentation (1588 KB)
2014 Does income growth improve diet diversity in China? Doan, Dung PDF (531 KB)
2014 Marnotrawstwo zasobów lokalnych na obszarach wiejskich w kontekście zrównoważonego rozwoju – próba identyfikacji problemu Bruska, Anna PDF (251 KB)
2014 A KÁROLY RÓBERT FŐISKOLA HALLGATÓINAK UTAZÁSI ÉS REKREÁCIÓS SZOKÁSAI Major, Dominika; Bujdosó, Zoltán; Csernák, József PDF Original paper (273 KB)
2014 Rola sieci dyfuzji wiedzy i informacji w procesie modernizacji gospodarstw rolnych na przykładzie województwa opolskiego Bisaga, Anna PDF (261 KB)
2014 Znaczenie sektora rolno-żywnościowego w gospodarkach państw Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej Szuba, Ewelina; Mrówczyńska-Kamińska, Aldona PDF (308 KB)
2014 Market access and child nutrition in a conflict environment Darrouzet-Nardi, Amelia; Masters, William A. PDF Main paper (755 KB)
31-Dec-2013 Farmland Loss and Poverty in Hanoi‘s Peri-Urban Areas, Vietnam: Evidence from Household Survey Data Tuyen, T. Q.; Van Huong, V. PDF (270 KB)
31-Dec-2013 Modeling the Determinats of Domestic Private Investments in Ethiopia Ambaye, Guesh Gebremeske; Berhanu, T.; Abera, G. PDF (489 KB)
Dec-2013 Country of origin and ethnocentrism: a review from the perspective of food consumption Schnettler, Berta; Sánchez, Mercedes; Orellana, Ligia; Sepúlveda, José PDF Journal paper (641 KB)
Dec-2013 Rice- Coconut Yoghurt: Preparation, Nutritional and Sensory Qualities Belewu, Moshood Adewale; Abdulsalam, Khadijat O.; Belewu, Kafayat; Belewu, Nosimot PDF Main paper (168 KB)
Dec-2013 New Analysis Reveals Significant Within-State Variation in SNAP Participation Rates Scherpf, Erik; Newman, Constance PDF (358 KB)
Dec-2013 A Visual Primer for the Food and Agricultural Sectors Glaser, Lewrene; Kassel, Kathleen; Morrison, Rosanna Mentzer PDF (566 KB)
Dec-2013 Farmers’ Participation in Agritourism: Does It Affect the Bottom Line? Joo, Hyunjeong; Khanal, Aditya R.; Mishra, Ashok K. PDF (467 KB)
Dec-2013 Determinants of Household Food Insecurity in Mexico David, Magnaña-Lemus PDF (367 KB)
Dec-2013 Tax evasion, informality and the business environment in uganda Joseph, Mawejje PDF Main report (1021 KB)
Dec-2013 Consumer Preferences for Peach Attributes: Market Segmentation Analysis and Implications for New Marketing Strategies Campbell, Benjamin L.; Mhlanga, Saneliso; Lesschaeve, Isabelle PDF (243 KB)
Dec-2013 Solving Processing Issues a Key to Successful Local Meat Marketing Stillman, Richard; Gwin, Lauren; Thiboumery, Arion PDF (353 KB)
8-Nov-2013 Threshold Level Public Goods Provision with Multiple Units: Experimental Effects of Disaggregated Groups with Rebates Liu, Pengfei; Swallow, Stephen K.; Anderson, Christopher M. PDF Working Paper #24 (900 KB)
1-Nov-2013 Linking Wine Consumers to the Consumption of Local Wines and Winery Visits in the Northern Appalachian States Woods, Timothy A.; Nogueira, Lia; Yang, Shang-Ho; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (643 KB)
1-Nov-2013 Competitiveness of the Orange Juice Chain in Brazil Neves, Marcos Fava; Trombin, Vinícius Gustavo; Kalaki, Rafael Bordonal; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (248 KB)
Nov-2013 Follow the Money: Methods for Identifying Consumption and Investment Responses to a Liquidity Shock Karlan, Dean S.; Osman, Adam; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (264 KB)
Nov-2013 Analysis of Consumer Awareness and Preferences for Fortified Sugar in Kenya Kennedy Otieno, Pambo PDF (1897 KB)
Nov-2013 Wind Insurance and Mitigation in the Coastal Zone Petrolia, Daniel R.; Hwang, Joonghyun; Landry, Craig E.; Coble, Keith H. PDF Working Paper 13-1 (477 KB)
Nov-2013 Growth Performance Characteristics of Goats Fed Varied Levels of Poultry Manure in whole Cassava Plant Based Concentrate Diet Yousuf, M.B.; Adeloye, A.A.; Okukpe, A.O.; Daramola, A.A.; Adeyemi, K.D.; Badmus, H. A.; Ogundun, N.A. PDF Main paper (243 KB)
Nov-2013 Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Unemployment Insurance How Tight Are the Strands of the Recessionary Safety Net? Prell, Mark A.; Finifter, David H. PDF (1096 KB)
Oct-2013 The Groceries Supply Code of Practice: Fairness for Farmers? Shears, Peter PDF (100 KB)
Oct-2013 THE COMPETITIVENESS OF FUNCTIONAL FOOD PRODUCTION Vukelić, Nataša; Živković, Jasmina; Okanović, Đorđe; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (188 KB)
Oct-2013 RURAL HOUSEHOLDS IN UKRAINE: CURRENT STATE AND TENDENCIES Moroz, Serhiy; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (236 KB)
Oct-2013 Factors Affecting the Adoption and use of NERICA Varieties among Rice Producing Households in Ghana Asante Bright, Owusu; Wiredu Alexander, Nimo; Dogbem, Wilson; Asuming-Boakye, Alfred; Frimpong Benedicta, Nsiah; Haleegoah, Joyce; Nortey, John; Diagne, Aliou PDF Main paper (516 KB)
Oct-2013 Public Support for Agriculture: Perceptions of Farming and Environment among the British in 2012 Reader, Mark PDF (75 KB)
Oct-2013 To what extent do fertiliser subsidies improve household income and reduce poverty? The case of Malawi Mkwara, Bentry PDF (104 KB)
Oct-2013 Consumer willingness to pay for nano-packaged food products: evidence from experimental auctions and visual processing data Katare, Bhagyashree PDF (899 KB)
Oct-2013 An Analysis of Wine Consumption Trends and Food-Related Expenditures in Japan Omura, Makiko; Sakurai, Yuka; Ebihara, Kensuke PDF AAWE WP144 (586 KB)
Oct-2013 Evaluation of Household Decision Making Associated with Shift from Pastoral to Agro-Pastoral Farming Systems in Transmara West District - Kenya Esther Machana, Magembe PDF (919 KB)
30-Sep-2013 Analysis of the Demand for Rice in Kaduna State, Nigeria Oyinbo, O.; Omolehin, R. A.; Abdulsalam, Z. PDF (307 KB)
1-Sep-2013 Consumer Behaviour in Rural Tourism. Conjoint analysis of Choice Attributes in the Italian-Slovenian cross-boundary area Marangon, Francesco; Troiano, Stefania; Tempesta, Tiziano; Vecchiato, Daniel PDF (155 KB)
Sep-2013 The Policy Strategy of Rice Straw Utilization of as Feed for Ruminants Syamsu, Jasmal A.; Karim, Hasmida PDF Main paper (192 KB)
Sep-2013 Effects of Continuous Cultivation of Soil on Termites (Isoptera) Diversity and Abundance in Savannas of Northern of Côte d’Ivoire Coulibaly, Ténon; Boga, Jean-Pierre; Yapi, Ahoua; Kouassi Kouassi, Philippe PDF Main paper (431 KB)
Sep-2013 The business climate in Uganda: implications for job creation Joseph, Mawejje PDF Briefing Paper (510 KB)
Sep-2013 Valuing Information on GM Foods in the Presence of Country-of-Origin Labels Xie, Jing; Hyeyoung, Kim; House, Lisa; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (336 KB)
Sep-2013 The Market for Animal-Source Foods in Uganda: Looking Beyond Quantity: Rapid Apprasial of Consumer Preferences for Retail Outlets, Retail Forms and Safety and Quality Attributes Baker, Derek; Mtimet, Nadhem; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Jagwe, John; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (1558 KB)
Sep-2013 Coffee Production a Golden Opportunity for Rural Youth Employment Swaibu, Mbowa; Gemma, Ahaibwe; Musa Mayanja, Lwanga PDF Briefing Paper (981 KB)
Sep-2013 Developing Countries Dominate World Demand for Agricultural Products Trostle, Ronald; Seeley, Ralph PDF (418 KB)
Sep-2013 Does the Sustainability of Food Products Influence Consumer Choices? The Case of Italy Banterle, Alessandro; Ricci, Elena Claire; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (281 KB)
Sep-2013 Targeting Ultra-poor Households in Honduras and Peru Karlan, Dean S.; Thuysbaert, Bram PDF (600 KB)
Sep-2013 Preferencije potrošača soka od bazge na području Zagrebačke županije Vrbetić, Mihaela PDF (435 KB)
Sep-2013 Gender Resource Accessibility and Profitability among Groundnut Producers in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria Ojo, Catherine O.; Ghide, A.A.; Phanuel, E. PDF Main paper (189 KB)
Sep-2013 Does commercialization of smallholder horticulture reduce rural poverty? Evidence based on household panel data from Kenya Muriithi, Beatrice W. PDF (730 KB)
4-Aug-2013 Public Acceptance of and Willingness to Pay for Nanofood: Case of Canola Oil Zhou, Guzhen; Hu, Wuyang; Schieffer, Jack; Robbins, Lynn PDF conference slected paper presentation (442 KB)
1-Aug-2013 Who Buys Food Directly from Producers in the Southeastern United States? Maples, McKenzie; Morgan, Kimberly L.; Interis, Matthew G.; Harri, Ardian; Bosch, Darrell J.; Marchant, Mary A.; Wetzstein, Michael PDF (471 KB)
Aug-2013 Changing Rural Land Use In New Zealand 1997 To 2008 Dorner, Zach PDF (338 KB)
Aug-2013 Economic Analysis on the Value of Winter Housing for Dairy Farming in Tararua District Journeaux, Phil PDF (575 KB)
Aug-2013 Eastern Broccoli Crop Budgets Atallah, Shady S.; Gomez, Miguel I. PDF (1086 KB)
Aug-2013 Constraints to Agricultural Technology Adoption in Uganda: Evidence from the 2005/06-2009/10 Uganda National Panel Survey Kasirye, Ibrahim PDF (650 KB)
Aug-2013 Consumer Perceptions of Sustainable Farming Practices: A Best-Worst Scenario Sackett, Hillary M.; Shupp, Robert; Tonsor, Glynn PDF (231 KB)
Aug-2013 Integration as a catalyst for assimilation Stark, Oded; Jakubek, Marcin PDF (678 KB)
Aug-2013 Analysing The Performance Of Two Export-Oriented Spice Chains In Nepal: Taking The Smallholder Perspective Bhattari, Salil; Lyne, Michael; Martin, Sandra PDF (685 KB)
Aug-2013 Smallholder Farmers Participation in Livestock Market in Zambia Lubungu, Mary; Chapoto, Antony; Tembo, Gelson PDF (166 KB)
Aug-2013 Price Inflation for Food Outpacing Many Other Spending Categories Volpe, Richard PDF (324 KB)
Aug-2013 Polarized Preferences in Homegrown Value Auctions Hurley, Terrance M.; Yue, Chengyan; Anderson, Neil O. PDF (304 KB)
Aug-2013 Manufacturing Process and Various uses of Savannah Herbal Tea (Lippia multiflora) in Côte d’Ivoire Ekissi, Alice Christine; Yao-Kouame, Albert; Konan, Amoin Georgette; Alui, Konan Allphonse; Agbo, N’Zi Georges; Kati-Coulibaly, Séraphin PDF Main paper (421 KB)
Aug-2013 Segmentation of Customers of Horticultural Non-food Products in Southern Germany Gabriel, Andreas; Menrad, Klaus PDF (286 KB)
Aug-2013 A funkcionális tejtermékek fogyasztói megítélése regionális összehasonlítás tükrében Sebesy, Zsanett; Tenk, Antal; Sántha, Tamás PDF Original paper (350 KB)
Aug-2013 Consumer attitudes towards and willingness to pay for NZ food attributes in the UK, China and India and the impact on NZ producer returns Saunders, Caroline; Guenther, Meike; Tait, Peter; John, Saunders PDF (439 KB)
Aug-2013 Population Estimates for City of Williston Hodur, Nancy M.; Bangsund, Dean A. PDF (1337 KB)
Aug-2013 Cover, Front Matter, and Table of Contents Messer, Kent D.; Khanna, Neha; Basu, Arnab K. PDF (211 KB)
Aug-2013 Consumer choice of electricity supplier: Investigating preferences for attributes of electricity services. Ndebele, T.; Marsh, Dan PDF (1031 KB)
Jul-2013 Ethnicity, Marriage and Family Income Matz, Julia Anna PDF (682 KB)
Jul-2013 Measuring consumer preferences using hybrid discrete choice models Palma, David; Dios Ortuzar, Juan de; Casaubon, Gerard; Rizzi, Luis I.; Agosin, Eduardo PDF AAWE WP137 (1154 KB)
Jul-2013 Changes in Income Have Small Effect on Where a Household Shops for Milk Dong, Diansheng; Stewart, Hayden PDF (217 KB)
Jul-2013 Do Restaurants Cater to Locapours? Using Zagat Survey Data to Examine Factors that Influence Wine List Selections Perla, Joseph M.; Rickard, Bradley J.; Schmit, Todd M. PDF AAWE WP139 (585 KB)
Jul-2013 Inter-household variations in environmental impact of food consumption in Finland Irz, Xavier; Kurppa, Sirpa PDF Main paper (1325 KB)
Jul-2013 آفاق إنتاج الغذاء الوظيفي في سورية وتصديره إلى الأسواق العالمية- روسيا نموذجاً Babili, Mahmoud PDF (1084 KB)
Jul-2013 Savings by and for the Poor: A Research Review and Agenda Karlan, Dean S.; Ratan, Aishwarya; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (273 KB)
Jul-2013 Horizons of Functional Food Production in Syria and its Exportation to International Markets: Russia as an Example Babili, Mahmoud PDF (869 KB)
Jul-2013 Food Security: How Rural Ghanaian Households Respond to Food Shortages in Lean Season Drafor, Ivy; Kunze, Dagmar; Sarpong, Daniel Bruce PDF (119 KB)
3-Jun-2013 Arbitrage between ethanol and gasoline: evidence from motor fuel consumption in Brazil Pouliot, Sébastien PDF (940 KB)
3-Jun-2013 Spatial Competition in Agricultural Markets: A Discrete-Choice Approach Hueth, Brent; Taylor, Christopher W. PDF (1484 KB)
3-Jun-2013 Risk and Ambiguity Preferences and the Adoption of New Agricultural Technologies: Evidence from Field Experiments in Rural India Ward, Patrick S.; Singh, Vartika PDF (637 KB)
2-Jun-2013 Forward Looking Decision Making: The Effects of the Food Stamp Program Participation on Women’s Obesity in the NLSY Huang, Ying; Huffman, Wallace PDF (323 KB)
2-Jun-2013 In the form of bread? A randomized comparison of cash and food transfers in Yemen Schwab, Benjamin PDF (1233 KB)
1-Jun-2013 The Effect of the National School Lunch Program on Childhood Obesity Cho, Yongwon PDF (245 KB)
Jun-2013 Improving girl’s access to secondary schooling Barungi, Mildred; Kasirye, Ibrahim PDF Main report (1196 KB)
Jun-2013 Effects of Distance and Local Food Environment on Shopping Frequency and Food Purchases Rahkovsky, Ilya; Snyder, Samantha PDF (210 KB)
Jun-2013 Better communication for successful food technology development: A Delphi study Ragona, M.; Raley, M.; Sijtsema, S.J.; Frewer, L.J. PDF (93 KB)
Jun-2013 The Caloric Costs of Culture: Evidence from Indian Migrants Atkin, David PDF (2347 KB)
Jun-2013 Feeding Southeast Minnesota: A Model to Estimate Food Expenditures and Quantities Dietrich, Sadie M. PDF (661 KB)
Jun-2013 The Determinants of Rural Poverty in Nigeria Etim, Nsikak-Abasi A.; Udoh, Edet J. PDF (120 KB)
Jun-2013 Off-Farm Work and Economic Performance on Corn Farms Nehring, Richard; Mishra, Ashok K.; Fernandez-Cornejo, Jorge; Hallahan, Charlie; Erickson, Kenneth; Harris, Michael PDF (318 KB)
Jun-2013 Milking Center Cost Study New York State 2010-2011 Howland, Betsey; Karszes, Jason; Skellie, Kim PDF (804 KB)
Jun-2013 Health-Related Product Attributes and Purchasing Behavior in the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Market: An Application with Household-level, Censored Data Li, Jing; Jaenicke, Edward C.; Anekwe, Tobenna D. PDF (596 KB)
Jun-2013 How Far Does the Amendment to the Hindu Succession Act Reach? Evidence from Two-Generation Females in Urban India Deininger, Klaus W.; Jin, Songqing; Nagarajan, Hari; Xia, Fang PDF (351 KB)
Jun-2013 The welfare effect of the new wave of protectionism: The case of Argentina Chauvin, Nicolas Depetris; Ramos, Maria Priscila PDF (404 KB)
Jun-2013 The incorporation of subjective risks into choice experiments to test scenario adjustment Cerroni, Simone; Notaro, Sandra; Raffaelli, Roberta; Shaw, Douglass W. PDF (225 KB)
Jun-2013 The Contribution of Productivity Growth to Net Farm Income in Canada and the United States Cahill, Sean A. PDF (268 KB)
Jun-2013 L’étiquetage nutritionnel face à l’arbitrage goût-santé Ruffieux, Bernard; Soler, Louis-Georges PDF Main paper (695 KB)
31-May-2013 Modeling Seasonal Unit Roots as a Simple Empirical Method to Handle Autocorrelation in Demand Systems: Evidence from UK Expenditure Data Silva, Andres; Dharmasena, Senarath PDF (224 KB)
31-May-2013 Anonymous Social Networks versus Peer Networks in Restaurant Choice Tiwari, Ashutosh; Richards, Timothy J. PDF (267 KB)
30-May-2013 Does Government Sponsored Advertising Increase Social Welfare? A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation Carpio, Carlos E.; Isengildina-Massa, Olga PDF AAEA2013paper (689 KB)
30-May-2013 The Talk at Tailgate Markets: How Interactions Influence Purchase Behavior Carson, Rachel; Giarrocco, Kelly; Hamel, Zoe; Mathews, Leah Greden; Waissen, Matthew; Baylor, Rebecca; Gerber, Eric; Russell, Sara PDF (934 KB)
29-May-2013 "Billions and Billions Served" Heterogeneous Effects of Food Source on Child Dietary Quality Smith, Travis A. PDF (388 KB)
27-May-2013 Dietary Diversity in Urban and Rural China: An Endogenous Variety Approach Liu, Jing; Shively, Gerald; Binkley, James K. PDF 2013_AAEA_diversity_Liu et al. (563 KB)
23-May-2013 Missing Markets and Consumer Cooperation Hueth, Brent
20-May-2013 Estimating PIGLOG Demands Using Representative versus Average Expenditure Hahn, William F.; Taha, Fawzi A.; Davis, Christopher G. PDF paper pdf (390 KB)
1-May-2013 Analysis of Differences in Meat Consumption Patterns Kayser, Maike; Nitzko, Sina; Spiller, Achim; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (184 KB)
May-2013 Win Some Lose Some? Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco Angelucci, Manuela; Karlan, Dean S.; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (969 KB)
May-2013 The Impacts of Wage Employment on a Jatropha Plantation on Income and Food Security of Rural Households in Madagascar – A Panel Data Analysis Bosch, Christine; Zeller, Manfred PDF (250 KB)
May-2013 Long-Run Price Elasticities of Demand for Credit: Evidence from a Countrywide Field Experiment in Mexico Karlan, Dean S.; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (687 KB)
May-2013 Mixed Method Evaluation of a Passive mHealth Sexual Information Testing Service in Uganda Jamison, Julian; Karlan, Dean S.; Raffler, Pia PDF (617 KB)
May-2013 The Size vs. Health Trade-off in Lower-Income Households’ Food Choices: The Case of Fluid Milk Bonanno, Alessandro; Chenarides, Lauren; Volpe, Richard III PDF (1076 KB)
May-2013 Child Care Choices, Food Choices, and Children’s Obesity Status Mandal, Bidisha; Powell, Lisa M. PDF (256 KB)
May-2013 Consumer Welfare Effects of Quantity Changes in Demand Huang, Kuo S.; Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (512 KB)
May-2013 Heterogeneous Responses to Social Norms for Water Conservation Brent, Daniel A.; Cook, Joseph H.; Olsen, Skylar PDF (984 KB)
May-2013 Table of contents Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J.
May-2013 National, Regional, and State-Level Estimates of Returns to Scale in the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Baral, Ranju; Davis, George C.; You, Wen; Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (798 KB)
May-2013 Structural Change in U.S. Consumer Response to Food Safety Recalls Taylor, Mykel R.; Klaiber, H. Allen; Kuchler, Fred PDF selected paper (195 KB)
May-2013 North Dakota Lignite Energy Industry's Contribution to the State Economy for 2012 and Projected for 2013 Coon, Randal C.; Bangsund, Dean A.; Hodur, Nancy M. PDF (101 KB)
May-2013 Consumer Response to Point of Purchase Advertising for Local Brands Collart, Alba J.; Palma, Marco A.; Carpio, Carlos E.; Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (518 KB)
1-Apr-2013 An analysis of the potential effects of the modification of the Prosecco Protected Designation of Origin: a choice experiment Tempesta, Tiziano; Vecchiato, Daniel; Djumboung, Danièle Aurelie; Chinazzi, Gianluca PDF (757 KB)
Apr-2013 Effects of Variety and Fertilizers on Number of Grains/Cob of Maize in Asaba Area of Delta State Enujeke, E.C. PDF Main paper (226 KB)
Apr-2013 A Case on Problems in Quality and Reasons in Rice -Under the Scheme of UPDS in Tamil Nadu Mahendran, A. PDF Main paper (147 KB)
Mar-2013 Improving Consumer Participation in Oklahoma Farmers' Markets Crow, Carra; Henneberry, Shida Rastegari PDF (135 KB)
Mar-2013 Constraints to Agricultural Technology Adoption in Uganda: Evidence from the 2005/06-2009/10 Uganda National Panel Survey Ibrahim, Kasirye PDF Main Paper (544 KB)
Mar-2013 The Tasting Room Experience and Winery Customer Satisfaction Gomez, Miguel PDF (733 KB)
Mar-2013 MEASURING THE COMMUNICATION EFFECTS OF SALES PROMOTION IN A FOOD COMPANY Mesaros, Ines; Dokic, Nenad; Penic, Mirjana; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (674 KB)
Mar-2013 Impacts of Community Supported Agriculture Program Participation on Consumer Food Purchases and Dietary Choice Curtis, Kynda; Ward, Ruby; Allen, Karin; Slocum, Susan PDF (271 KB)
Mar-2013 Picking up Pawpaws: An Evaluation of Consumer Willingness to Sample Unusual Regional Products Yang, Shang-Ho; Woods, Timothy PDF (396 KB)
Mar-2013 Attitudes toward Locally Produced Food Products: Households and Food Retailers Rimal, Abrindra; Onyango, Benjamin PDF (148 KB)
Mar-2013 Uncovering Success Attributes for the Direct Farmers Markets and Agritourism: Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States Onyango, Benjamin; Govindasamy, Ramu PDF (124 KB)
Mar-2013 Consumer Choices for Organic and Local Food Products in North Carolina Jefferson-Moore, Kenrett Y.; Robbins, Richard D.; Johnson, Daniel PDF (129 KB)
Mar-2013 Purchasing Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs to Support Govindasamy, Ramu; Vellangany, Isaac PDF (124 KB)
Mar-2013 Socioeconomic and Ecological Dimension of Certified and Conventional Arabica Coffee Production in North Sumatra, Indonesia Saragih, Jef Rudiantho PDF Main paper (480 KB)
3-Feb-2013 The Comparison of three Non-hypothetical Valuation Methods: Choice Experiments, Contingent Valuation, and Experimental Auction Xie, Jing; Gao, Zhifeng PDF (870 KB)
Feb-2013 The potential of food waste reduction through the green purchasing Iwamoto, Hiroyuki PDF (299 KB)
Feb-2013 Assessing Consumer Willingness to Pay for Ground Bison Given Nutrition Information Yang, Shang-Ho; Woods, Timothy A. PDF Manuscript of Selected Paper (417 KB)
Feb-2013 Household response to higher costs of domestic services in Ecuador Anda Leon, Maria Daniela PDF (531 KB)
Feb-2013 The Effective Application Time to Spray Bacillus Thuringiensis Subspecies Kurstaki for Managing Bagworm, Metisa Plana Walker on Oil Palm Shahir, M.S.; Mohd Rasdi, Z.; Fauziah, I.; Md Jamaludin, B.; Fakhrorazi, A.; Ismail, R.; Mohd Hanysyam, M.N.; Norazliza, R. PDF Main paper (315 KB)
Feb-2013 Americans’ Food Choices at Home and Away: How Do They Compare With Recommendations? Guthrie, Joanne F.; Lin, Biing-Hwan; Okrent, Abigail M.; Volpe, Richard J., III PDF (723 KB)
Feb-2013 New ERS Data Product Links Food Availability and Food Intake Data Lin, Biing-Hwan; Rogers, Carolyn C. PDF (551 KB)
Feb-2013 Drink More Milk: Policies Supporting the Indonesian Dairy Industry Vanzetti, David; Setyoko, Nur Rakhman; Oktaviani, Rina PDF (978 KB)
Feb-2013 A Two-Tiered Demographic System: "Insiders" and "outsiders" in Three Swabian Communities, 1558-1914 Guinnane, Timothy W.; Ogilvie, Sheilagh PDF (772 KB)
Feb-2013 Poverty Assessment by Proxy-Means Tests: Are Indicator-Based Estimations Robust over Time? A Study from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Edig, Xenia van; Schwarze, Stefan; Zeller, Manfred PDF (231 KB)
Feb-2013 A Cohort Analysis of Food-at-Home and Food-away-from-Home Expenditures in Germany Drescher, Larissa S.; Roosen, Jutta PDF (310 KB)
Feb-2013 The Non-Market Value of Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand: A Choice Modelling Application Lee, Peter; Cassells, Sue M.; Holland, John PDF (567 KB)
Feb-2013 Protected-Culture Technology Transforms the Fresh-Tomato Market Calvin, Linda; Thornsbury, Suzanne PDF (505 KB)
Feb-2013 Trends in Per Capita Food Availability in West Africa, 1980-2009 Me-Nsope, Nathalie Mongue; Staatz, John M. PDF IDWP 130 (1363 KB)
Feb-2013 Farm Household Finances and Transition in Agriculture (Power Point) Ahearn, Mary Clare PDF (628 KB)
Feb-2013 Comparison of consumers' perceptions of organic products between the United States and Poland Grzelak, Paweł; Maciejczak, Mariusz PDF (633 KB)
Feb-2013 Qualitäts- und Endogenitätsaspekte in Nachfragesystemen: Eine vergleichende Schätzung von Preis- und Ausgabenelastizitäten der Nachfrage nach ökologischem und konventionellem Gemüse in Deutschland Schröck, Rebecca PDF (356 KB)
Feb-2013 Analysis of Those Leaving USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Reveals the Program’s Effectiveness Nord, Mark PDF (475 KB)
Feb-2013 Willingness to Pay for Private Labels, National Brands, and Local Designations at the Retail Level Bosworth, Ryan C.; Bailey, DeeVon; Curtis, Kynda R. PDF (199 KB)
Feb-2013 Substitute and Complementary Foods Are Important When Assessing Impacts of Price Policies on Dietary Quality Okrent, Abigail M. PDF (492 KB)
Feb-2013 Front Matter Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF Front matter (184 KB)
Feb-2013 Federal Income Tax Reform and the Potential Effects on Farm Households Durst, Ron L.; Williamson, James M. PDF (626 KB)
Feb-2013 Estimating the cost of air pollution in South East Queensland: An application of the life satisfaction non-market valuation approach Ambrey, Christopher L.; Chan, Andrew Yiu-Chung; Fleming, Christopher M. PDF (692 KB)
Feb-2013 The Economic Base of North Dakota in 2011 Coon, Randal C.; Bangsund, Dean A.; Hodur, Nancy M. PDF (1002 KB)
27-Jan-2013 The Prevalence of Poverty and Inequality in South Sudan: The Case of Renk County Ahmed, Adam; Roghim, Somaia; Saleh, Ali; Siddig, Khalid H.A.; Siddig, Khalid H.A.; Ahmed, Adam PDF Main paper (872 KB)
14-Jan-2013 Determinantes del precio en cervezas: aplicación del modelo de precios hedónicos Cerpa, Javier; Melo, Oscar PDF (1164 KB)
11-Jan-2013 Economic Impact of Hunting Expenditures on Southern U.S. Poudel, Jagdish; Munn, Ian A.; Henderson, James E. PDF Conference paper (262 KB)
Jan-2013 Rent Gradient of a College Town Langelett, George; Chang, Kuo-Liang
Jan-2013 Household Consumption Characteristics of Cookies: The Case of Uganda Fu, Shengfei; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Nambiar, Padmanand Madhavan; Resurreccion, Anna V.A.; Chinnan, Manjeet S. PDF (500 KB)
Jan-2013 International migration, human capital formation, and saving Stark, Oded; Dorn, Agnieszka PDF (216 KB)
Jan-2013 Demand Interrelationships of Organic and Non-Organic Nonalcoholic Beverages in the United States: An Application of Semiparametric Estimation of Censored Demand System Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF SAEA 2013 paper (84 KB)
Jan-2013 Food Insecurity Among Households With Working-Age Adults With Disabilities Coleman-Jensen, Alisha; Nord, Mark PDF (980 KB)
Jan-2013 Farm Market Patron Behavioral Response to Food Sampling Yang, Shang-Ho; Woods, Timothy A. PDF This is an updated version of SAEA 2013 paper. (1556 KB)
2013 Production Arrangements and Strategic Brand Level Competition in a Vertically Linked Market Ahmad, Waseem; Anders, Sven M.; Marcoul, Philippe PDF (193 KB)
2013 Retrospective Evaluation of the WIC Program Changes: Dairy Nutrient Delivery Mojduszka, Eliza M. PDF (278 KB)
2013 Incorporating Eye Tracking Technology and Conjoint Analysis to Better Understand the Green Industry Consumer Campbell, Benjamin L.; Behe, Bridget K.; Khachatryan, Hayk; Hall, Charles R.; Dennis, Jennifer H.; Huddleston, Patricia T.; Fernandez, R. Thomas PDF (185 KB)
2013 Let’s Talk About the Money: Spousal Communication, Expenditures and Farm Production Chen, Joyce J.; Collins, LaPorchia PDF (189 KB)
2013 A Gendered Analysis of the Effect of Peanut Value Addition on Household Income in Rongo and Ndhiwa Districts of Kenya Wanyama, R.N.; Mshenga, Patience M.; Orr, A.; Christie, M.E.; Simtowe, F.P. PDF (306 KB)
2013 Assessing the Effectiveness of Generic Advertising for 100% Orange Juice Salois, Matthew; Reilly, Amber PDF Poster for 2013 AAEA Annual Meeting (793 KB)
2013 Flavor of Georgia: Entrepreneurship and Value Added Products Cantrell, Colby PDF (231 KB)
2013 Forward - PDF (184 KB)
2013 Two Asymmetric and Conflicting Learning Effects of Calorie Posting on Overeating: Laboratory Snack Choice Experiment Shimokawa, Satoru PDF (1128 KB)
2013 Determinants of Household Food Insecurity in Mexico Magana-Lemus, David; Ishdorj, Ariun; Rosson, C. Parr III PDF (130 KB)
2013 African Leafy Vegetables and Household Wellbeing in Kenya: A Disaggregation by Gender Mwaura, S.N.; Muluvi, A.S.; Mathenge, Mary K. PDF (250 KB)
2013 A comparison of the Total Energy Requirements of Rural and Urban Households in Scotland: a SAM Multiplier Analysis Xu, Yan; Roberts, Deborah; Thomson, Ken PDF (1363 KB)
2013 Urban wastewater and agricultural reuse challenges in India Amerasinghe, Priyani H.; Bhardwaj, Rajendra Mohan; Scott, C.; Jella, Kiran; Marshall, Fiona PDF (2628 KB)
2013 Managing water and agroecosystems for food security Boelee, Eline PDF (2442 KB)
2013 The Impact of Beverage Taxes on Quantity and Quality of Consumption in France Silva, Andres; Etilé, Fabrice; Boizot-Szantai, Christine; Dharmasena, Senarath PDF (133 KB)
2013 A spatial model of household fuelwood extraction in northern Uganda Miteva, Daniela A.; Kramer, Randall A.; Brown, Zachary; Smith, Martin PDF (6828 KB)
2013 ESTRATÉGIAS DE MARKETING VERDE NA COMERCIALIZAÇÃO DE PRODUTOS ORGÂNICOS Rosa, Carolina Obregão da; Sordi, Victor Fraile; Garcia, Rodrigo Garóffalo; Ruviaro, Clandio Favarini PDF (815 KB)
2013 Consumer Valuation of a Shelf-tag Nutrition Icon: The Case of Guiding Stars for Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereal Products Lin, Chung-Tung Jordan; Lee, Jonq-Ying PDF (797 KB)
2013 An Empirical Examination of Food-for-work Effects on Household Crop Choices using data from Ethiopia Dadzie, Nicholas; Kraybill, David S. PDF (446 KB)
2013 Comparing Perceptions of Biotechnology in Fresh versus Processed Foods: A Cross-Cultural Study Kim, Hyeyoung; House, Lisa PDF Main paper (477 KB)
2013 Do School Lunch Menus Influence National School Lunch Program Participation? Peckham, Janet G.; Kropp, Jaclyn D.; Mroz, Thomas A.; Haley-Zitlin, Vivian; Granberg, Ellen M.; Hawthorne, Nikki PDF (1262 KB)
2013 Explaining investments in sustainable land management: The role of various income sources in the smallholder farming systems of western Kenya Tanui, Joseph; Groeneveld, Rolf; Klomp, Jeroen; Mowo, Jeremiahs; Ierland, Ekko C. van PDF (583 KB)
2013 Optimal Generic Advertising under Bilateral Imperfect Competition between Processors and Retailers Chung, Chanjin; Eom, Young Sook; Yang, Byung Woo; Han, Sungill PDF Manuscript (226 KB)
2013 Health Effects of Pesticide Use among Vegetable farmer in Kenya Macharia, Ibrahim; Mithöfer, Dagmar; Waibel, Hermann PDF (379 KB)
2013 The Chicken Wears No Skin: Ordering Effects in Elicitation of Willingness to Pay for Multiple Credence Attributes in Ethical and Novel Food Products Cash, Sean B.; Slade, Peter; Cranfield, John PDF (180 KB)
2013 Willingness to Pay for Programs for the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine on a Rocky Mountain West College Campus Ritten, Chian Jones; Breunig, Ian M. PDF (350 KB)
2013 Did the U.S BSE and EU27 HPAI Outbreaks Affect EU Meat Exports? Taha, Fawzi A.; Hahn, William F. PDF main paper in pdf format (346 KB)
2013 Remitter/Receiver Relations in Africa Musumba, Mark; Mjelde, James PDF (776 KB)
2013 Microcredit impact in Kyrgyzstan: A Case Study Angioloni, Simone; Kudabaev, Zarylbek; Ames, Glenn C.W.; Wetzstein, Michael E. PDF (370 KB)
2013 Valuation of Recreation in the National Parks: Estimating Micro Meta Models for Benefit Transfer Duffield, John W.; Neher, Chris J.; Patterson, David; Loomis, John PDF (258 KB)
2013 Weather and Welfare in Ethiopia Foltz, Jeremy D.; Gars, Jared; Özdoğan, Mutlu; Simane, Belay; Zaitchik, Ben PDF (241 KB)
2013 Drivers of Collective Action and the Welfare Gains of such Initiatives among smallholder farmers: Experiences from Kenya Kirui, Oliver K. PDF (193 KB)
2013 Self Control or Social Control? Peer Effects and Temptation Consumption Chuang, Yating PDF (484 KB)
2013 The impact of Migrant Remittances on the Technical Efficiency of Arable Crop Farm Households in South Eastern Nigeria Iheke, Onwuchekwa Raphael; Nwaru, Jude Chukwudi; Onyenweaku, C. E. PDF (207 KB)
2013 Adoption energieeffizienter Techniken in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen - Eine Kausaluntersuchung am Beispiel der Gartenbaubranche Hertel, Manuel; Menrad, Klaus PDF (1284 KB)
2013 Natural or Organic: An Empirical Analysis of Ready-To-Eat Cereal Market Huang, Lu PDF (632 KB)
2013 Meat consumption patterns in Vietnam: effects of household characteristics on pork and poultry consumption Nguyen, Van Phuong; Mergenthaler, Marcus PDF (95 KB)
2013 Corporate social responsibility and the economics of consumer social responsibility Etilé, Fabrice; Teyssier, Sabrina PDF (191 KB)
2013 The Effect of Income on Health Choices: Alcohol Use Hu, Xiaowen; Stowe, C. Jill PDF Main paper (2935 KB)
2013 Consumers' Evaluation of Biotechnology in Food Products: New Evidence from a Meta-Survey Hess, Sebastian; Lagerkvist, Carl Johan; Redekop, William; Pakseresht, Ashkan PDF (424 KB)
2013 Analysis of Consumer Preferences and Willingness-To-Pay for Organic Food Products in Germany Illichmann, Rebecca; Abdulai, Awudu PDF (335 KB)
2013 Poverty and food security analysis: A study of fishermen households in a selected area of Bangladesh Rahman, M.A.; Abka, R.; Rahman, M.S.; Sarma, P.K. PDF (94 KB)
2013 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Nano-packaged Food Products: Evidence from Experimental Auctions Katare, Bhagyashree; Yue, Chengyan; Hurley, Terrance M. PDF (643 KB)
2013 The Effects of the Federal Estate Tax on Farm Households Durst, Ron L. PDF (192 KB)
2013 How do African households adapt to climate change? Evidence from Malawi Cook, Aaron M.; Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob E.; Sesmero, Juan P. PDF (674 KB)
2013 Female Labor Force Participation in Pakistan and Some MENA Countries Aboohamidi, Abbas; Chidmi, Benaissa PDF (332 KB)
2013 Meat Demand in the US During and After the Great Recession Darko, Francis Addeah; Eales, James S. PDF (751 KB)
2013 Understanding the process of agricultural technology adoption: mineral fertilizer in eastern DR Congo Lambrecht, Isabel; Vanlauwe, Bernard; Merckx, Roel; Maertens, Miet PDF (1063 KB)
2013 Determinants of Fresh Vegetable, Fresh Fruit and Peanut Products Expenditure in Urban Households in Ghana Meng, Ting; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Sarpong, Daniel; Resurreccion, Anna V. A.; Chinnan, Manjeet PDF 2013 AAEA & CAES Selected Poster Presentation (438 KB)
2013 Visual Attention and Attribute Attendance in Multi-Attribute Choice Experiments Balcombe, Kelvin George; Fraser, Iain; McSorley, Eugene PDF (247 KB)
2013 Effects of Storage Losses and Grain Management Practices on Storage: Evidence from Maize Production in Benin Kadjo, Didier; Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob E.; Alexander, Corinne E.; Tahirou, Abdoulaye PDF (480 KB)
2013 Photovoltaik – Soziale und ökonomische Faktoren des Investitionsverhaltens auf landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben Plaas, Elke; Bergmann, Holger PDF (340 KB)
2013 An Analysis of the Effects of Agricultural Output Commercialization on Household Welfare in Osun State of Nigeria Adejobi, A.O.; Akinola, C.A. PDF (288 KB)
2013 Cash versus In-Kind: Farmer Valuation of Seed Traits and Differences in Willingness-to-Pay Hossack, Fiona; An, Henry PDF (469 KB)
2013 The Effect of a Multi-tiered Model for Reducing Obesity Risk Factors: Attitude and Behavior Change in a Rural Community Thapa, Janani; Lyford, Conrad P.; Belasco, Eric J.; McCool, Barent; McCool, Audrey; Pence, Barbara; Carter, Tyra PDF (152 KB)
2013 Labor Supply and Food Consumption Behavior of Farm Households: Evidence from South Korea Joo, Hyunjeong; Mishra, Ashok K. PDF (325 KB)
2013 Potenziale für eine Verminderung des Fleischkonsums am Beispiel Deutschland und Auswirkungen einer Konsumreduktion in OECD-Ländern auf globale Marktbilanzen und Preise für Nahrungsmittel Cordts, Anette; Duman, Nuray; Grethe, Harald; Nitzko, Sina; Spiller, Achim PDF (889 KB)
2013 Consumer Preference for Eggs from Enhanced Animal Welfare Production System: A Stated Choice Analysis Lu, Yiqing; Cranfield, John; Widowski, Tina PDF (497 KB)
2013 On-Farm and Off-farm Works: Complement or Substitute? Evidence from Rural Nigeria Babatunde, Raphael O. PDF (441 KB)
2013 Modeling the Louisiana Local Government Fiscal Module in a Disequilibrium Environment: A Modified COMPAS Model Approach Adhikari, Arun; Fannin, J. Matthew PDF (703 KB)
2013 Combining Likert scale attitudinal statements with choice experiments to analyze pref-erence heterogeneity for functional dairy products Bechtold, Kai-Brit; Abdulai, Awudu PDF (386 KB)
2013 Racial/Ethnic Discrimination in USDA’s Direct Farm Lending Programs Dodson, Charles B. PDF (304 KB)
2013 Consumers’ Attitudes towards Country of Origin Labeling for Sugar Lewis, Karen E.; Grebitus, Carola PDF (462 KB)
2013 L’intention d’achat de produits biologiques régionaux : une recherche exploratoire sur la base de la théorie du comportement planifié Pernin, Jean-Louis; Petitprêtre, Benoît PDF (179 KB)
2013 Infrastructure, services, and smallholder income growth: evidence from Kenyan panel data Chamberlin, Jordan PDF (412 KB)
2013 Nutrition Information, Networks and Childhood Anemia Dillon, Andrew
2013 A Comparative Analysis of Canadian Consumers’ WTP for Novel Food Technologies (Case of Juice Produced by Nanotechnology & Pork Chops Using Genomic Information) Matin, Anahita Hosseini; Goddard, Ellen PDF (270 KB)
2013 Interdependence of Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption: A Natural Experiment Approach Koksal, Aycan; Wohlgenant, Michael PDF (857 KB)
2013 Stress in the desert: Estimating the relationship among diet quality, allostatic load and food access Mancino, Lisa; Ploeg, Michele Ver PDF (598 KB)
2013 The Impact of Food Price Shocks on the Consumption and Nutritional Patterns of Mexican Households Juárez-Torres, Miriam PDF (597 KB)
2013 The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Demand: The Case of Carbonated Soft Drink Market Liu, Yizao; Lopez, Rigoberto A. PDF (151 KB)
2013 On Demand Analysis and Dynamics: A Benefit Function Approach Chavas, Jean-Paul PDF Demand dynamics (484 KB)
2013 The Impact of Credit Constraints on Housing Demand: Assessed with Endogenous Price and Expenditure Li, Yarui; Leatham, David J. PDF Main paper (69 KB)
2013 Maintaining Public Goods: Household Valuation of New and Renovated Local Parks Livy, Mitchell R.; Klaiber, H. Allen PDF (949 KB)
2013 Micro-credit impact in Kyrgyzstan: A study case Angioloni, Simone; Kudabaev, Zarylbek; Ames, Glenn C.W.; Wetzstein, Michael E. PDF (155 KB)
2013 Groundwater governance in Sri Lanka: lessons from around the world. Keynote address Shah, Tushaar PDF (455 KB)
2013 Household and Intersectoral Effects of Reduced SNAP Expenditures: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis West, Tyler T.; Reimer, Jeffrey J. PDF (202 KB)
2013 Modelling Inter-temporal Differential Returns to Agricultural and Forestry Land Use using the Forest Investment and Valuation Estimator (FIVE) Ryan, Mary; O'Donoghue, Cathal; Upton, Vincent; Phillips, Henry; Farrelly, Niall PDF (363 KB)
2013 Livelihood Vulnerability and Migration Decision Making Nexus: The Case of Rural Farm Households in Nigeria Osawe, Osayanmon Wellington PDF (282 KB)
2013 Subsidizing Fruits and Vegetables by Income Group: A Two-Stage Budgeting Approach Niu, Luyuan; Wohlgenant, Michael PDF (478 KB)
2013 What's For Lunch? Determinants of the National School Lunch Program Menu Peckham, Janet G. PDF (1949 KB)
2013 Model Specification Uncertainty and Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates Approach Dharmasena, Senarath; Bryant, Henry L. PDF (340 KB)
2013 Perception and Real Quality of Fertilizer Khor, Ling Yee; Zeller, Manfred PDF (1335 KB)
2013 Opportunities for Western Food Products in China: The Case of Orange Juice Demand Chen, Xuqi; Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa PDF (671 KB)
2013 Disaggregated Retail Food Price Indices Using Homescan Data: An Application to Income Levels and SNAP Benefits Kumcu, Aylin; Volpe, Richard III PDF (406 KB)
2013 Meat Demand Analysis in Urban China: To Include or Not to Include Meat Away from Home? Bai, Junfei; Seale, James L. Jr.; Wahl, Thomas I.; Lohmar, Bryan PDF (286 KB)
2013 Drought, Biofuel, and Livestock Hao, Na; Seong, Byeongchan; Park, Cheolwoo; Colson, Gregory; Karali, Berna; Wetzstein, Michael PDF (388 KB)
2013 The Effect of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program on Childhood Obesity Qian, Yiwei; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr.; Thomsen, Michael R.; Rouse, Heather PDF (445 KB)
2013 Willingness to Pay for Sustainably Labeled Foods: A Measurement Comparison Sackett, Hillary M.; Shupp, Robert S.; Tonsor, Glynn PDF (321 KB)
2013 Mobilization of Personal Savings among Microfinance- Participating Households: A Survey in West Bengal, India Kundu, Amit PDF (247 KB)
2013 Gender Analysis and Approaches to Gender Responsive Extension to Promote Quality Protein Maize (QPM) in Ethiopia Gebreselassie, Kidist; Groote, Hugo De; Friesen, Dennis PDF (357 KB)
2013 Off-farm Income and Fertilizer Investments by Smallholder Farmers in Kenya Mathenge, Mary K.; Smale, Melinda PDF (599 KB)
2013 Agriculture Development Lowers the Risk of Cognitive Disability: Evidence from China's Rural Household Responsibility System Reform Niu, Mengqi; Zhang, Xiaobo PDF (752 KB)
2013 Welfare impacts of increasing food prices in Mexico: an application of unrestricted Engel curves and LA/EASI demand system Magana-Lemus, David; Isdorj, Ariun; Rosson, C. Parr, III PDF Main paper (537 KB)
2013 Compte rendu d'ouvrage - Giraud Gaël, Renouard Cécile (2012) Le facteur 12 : Pourquoi ilfaut plafonner les revenus Dupaigne, Martial PDF (75 KB)
2013 Heterogeneous behavior, obesity and storability in soft drink consumption: A dynamic demand model Colantuoni, Francesca; Rojas, Christian PDF (736 KB)
2013 Unravelling Food Basket of Indian Households: Revisiting Underlying Changes and Future Food Demand Srivastava, S.K.; Mathur, V.C.; Sivaramane, N.; Kumar, Ranjit; Hasan, Rooba; Meena, P.C. PDF (172 KB)
2013 Empowerment and Microfinance: A socioeconomic study of female garment workers in Dhaka City Rahman, M.A.; Khatun, M.; Tasnim, Z.; Islam, N. PDF (43 KB)
2013 The Path to SNAP: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Dynamics Among Young Adults Scherpf, Erik PDF (149 KB)
2013 Distributional Impacts of Food Price Changes on Romanian Households following EU Accession Hubbard, Carmen PDF (283 KB)
2013 Household food expenditures at home and away from home in Turkey Bozoglu, Mehmet; Bilgic, Abdulbaki; Yen, Steven T.; Huang, Chung L. PDF (266 KB)
2013 Store choice for fruits and vegetables — An empirical case study for multiple store shopping behavior Wu, Yingxian; Jaenicke, Edward C.; Anekwe, Tobenna D. PDF (1287 KB)
2013 “I’ll Have What He’s Having”: Group Ordering Behavior in Food Choice Decisions Ellison, Brenna; Lusk, Jayson L. PDF (473 KB)
2013 Can We Do Better than Crop Insurance? The Case for Farmer Owned Crop Insurance Savings Accounts Ramirez, Octavio A.; Colson, Gregory PDF (182 KB)
2013 Effects of Sowing Date on Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Damage by Pachnoda interrupta (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and an Economic Threshold Levels for Its Management at Maiduguri, Sudan Savannah Ecological Zone of Nigeria Abdullahi, G; Sastawa, B. M.; Shehu, A PDF (148 KB)
2013 Impact of a community-based educational garden program on child and household food choices: A case study in Atlanta Brown, Joanna; Colson, Gregory; Magnan, Nicholas PDF (1285 KB)
2013 How much of the error term is explained by psychometric variables? The example of organic produce demand Grebitus, Carola; Dumortier, Jerome PDF (142 KB)
2013 Debt and Input Misallocation in Farm Supply and Marketing Cooperatives: A DEA Approach Russell, Levi A.; Briggeman, Brian C.; Featherstone, Allen M. PDF (294 KB)
2013 Consumers’Willingness to Pay for Safety Attributes of Bread in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria Anyam, Osemeke E.; Fashogbon, Ayodele E.; Oni, Omobowale A. PDF (227 KB)
2013 The impact of cash and food transfers: Evidence from a randomized intervention in Niger Hoddinott, John; Sandstrom, Susanna; Upton, Joanna PDF (774 KB)
2013 Does Economic Freedom Lead to Selective Migration By Education? Mulholland, Sean E.; Hernandez-Julian, Rey PDF (251 KB)
2013 Welfare Reform’s Effect on State Public Welfare Budget Shares Compton, Andrew D. PDF (537 KB)
2013 Ex-Post Impacts of Improved Maize Varieties on Poverty in Rural Ethiopia Zeng, Di; Alwang, Jeffrey Roger; Norton, George W.; Shiferaw, Bekele; Jaleta, Moti; Yirga, Chilot PDF (522 KB)
2013 The Effect of Consumer Learning Behavior on the Rising Bottled Water Consumption Huang, Lu; Liu, Yizao PDF (127 KB)
2013 The Cross-Price Effect on Willingness-to-pay Estimates in Open-ended Contingent Valuation Shi, Lijia; Chen, Xuqi; Gao, Zhifeng PDF (346 KB)
2013 The Effect of Food Store Access on Children’s Diet Quality Yu, Gaogao; Nayga, Rodolfo M. Jr.; Thomsen, Michael R.; Whiteside‐Mansell, Leanne; Swindle, Taren M. PDF selected poster (310 KB)
2013 Technical efficiency in small-scale irrigation cooperative and its determinants from the perspective of social capital heterogeneity–the case of northwestern China Wang, Xin; McIntosh, Christopher S.; Watson, Philip; Zhang, Hua; Lu, Qian PDF main paper (667 KB)
2013 Hybrid Rice as a Pro-Poor Technology? Evidence from Bangladesh McFall, William A.; Magnan, Nicholas; Spielman, David J. PDF (191 KB)
2013 A socio-economic picture of Kosovar migrants and their origin farm households Möllers, Judith; Meyer, Wiebke; Xhema, Sherif; Buchenrieder, Gertrud PDF (646 KB)
2013 The Effects of Intertemporal Considerations on Consumer Preferences for Biofuels Khachatryan, Hayk; Joireman, Jeff; Casavant, Kenneth L. PDF (696 KB)
2013 Access versus Choice: testing the “food desert” construct in Champaign, IL Jerch, Rhiannon L.; Baylis, Katherine R.; Dissanayake, Sahan T. M. PDF (4985 KB)
2013 Consumer preferences for apple quality traits Carrillo-Rodriguez, Lilian; Gallardo, R. Karina; Yue, Chengyan; McCracken, Vicki A.; Luby, James; McFerson, James R. PDF (138 KB)
2013 Experimental Spousal Financial Decisions in Rural Tanzania Seitz McCarthy, Aine PDF (3828 KB)
2013 Tackling change: future-proofing water, agriculture, and food security in an era of climate uncertainty McCornick, Peter; Smakhtin, Vladimir; Bharati, Luna; Johnston, Robyn; McCartney, Matthew; Sugden, Fraser; Clement, Floriane; McIntyre, Beverly PDF (2254 KB)
2013 Non-Price Competition and the California WIC Program McLaughlin, Patrick W.; Saitone, Tina L.; Sexton, Richard J. PDF (154 KB)
2013 Evolving Consumer Acceptance of Biotechnology Applications in Canada: Evidence from the Public Opinion Surveys in 2001 (fifth wave) and 2011 (seventh wave) Herath, Deepananda PDF (842 KB)
2013 The Effect of Income on Health Choices: Physical Activity and Alcohol Use Hu, Xiaowen; Stowe, C. Jill PDF Poster presentation (1951 KB)
2013 The Role of Health Status on Income in China Xie, Ruizhi; Awokuse, Titus O. PDF (692 KB)
2013 Agriculture, irrigation and poverty reduction in Cambodia: policy narratives and ground realities compared de Silva, Sanjiv; Johnston, Robyn; Senaratna Sellamuttu, Sonali PDF (1230 KB)
2013 Rice Trade Protectionism Versus Liberalization in Nigeria: A CGE Analysis of Economic and Welfare Effects Obi-Egbedi, Ogheneruemu; Okoruwa, Victor O.; Yusuf, Sulaiman A.; Adenegan, Kemisola O.; Alarudeen, Aminu PDF (256 KB)
2013 Family Socioeconomic Status and Child Health: Evidence from China Zhong, Yi; Awokuse, Titus O. PDF (871 KB)
2013 Launching next generation ICT for weather and water information and advice to smallholders in Africa [Abstract only] Sharma, Bharat; Rebelo, Lisa-Maria; Amarnath, Giriraj; Miltenburg, I. PDF (111 KB)
2013 Family Conflict and Farm Profitability: Not Always a Negative Relationship McDonald, Tia Michelle; Marshall, Maria I. PDF (540 KB)
2013 Depressive Symptoms and Endogenous Physical Activity: An Ordered Probability Approach Zhang, Jun; Yen, Steven T. PDF (302 KB)
2013 Consumer Meat Safety Concerns: Impacts of Beef E. coli O157: H7 Recalls on Meat Consumption Shang, Xia; Tonsor, Glynn PDF Poster presentation (975 KB)
2013 Farmer Demand for Soil Fertility Management Practices in Kenya’s Grain Basket Kamau, Mercy W.; Smale, Melinda; Mutua, Mercy PDF (1013 KB)
2013 A Micro-Level Analysis of Vulnerability to Climate Change by Smallholder Farmers in Semi-Arid Areas of Zimbabwe Mutsvangwa-Sammie, Eness P.; Mazvimavi, Kizito; Murendo, Conrad; Kundhlande, Godfrey PDF (306 KB)
2013 und Verbraucherpolitik - zum Leitbild des informierten und aufmerksamen Verbrauchers Mäncher, Anna PDF (475 KB)
2013 Who Benefits More From Nerica Varieties? Gender Differential Impact on Yield and Income in Benin Kinkingninhoun-Medagbe, Florent M.; Diagne, Aliou; Agboh-Noameshie, Afiavi R.; Lokossou, J. C. PDF (156 KB)
2013 The distributional effects of the Hilmer reforms on the Australian gas industry Verikios, George; Zhang, Xiao-guang PDF (152 KB)
2013 Migration and Agricultural Efficiency in Kosovo Sauer, J.; Davidova, S.; Gorton, M. PDF (146 KB)
2013 Assessing the effect of consumer purchasing criteria for types of rice in Togo A choice modeling approach Fiamohe, Rose; Seck, Papa Abdoulaye; Nakelse, Tebila; Diagne, Aliou PDF (383 KB)
2013 Cattle breeding in Northern Australia: Revealing how consumers react to alternative technologies Pluske, Jo; Burton, Michael; Rigby, Dan; Vercoe, Phil PDF (228 KB)
2013 Hunger-driven food choices: An experiment to test the effect of providing pre-lunch snacks on school lunch choices Castellari, Elena; Berning, Joshua P.; Huang, Rui PDF (693 KB)
2013 Research Note: Impact of Fish Farming on Land Relations: Evidence from a Village Study in West Bengal Roy, Shantanu D. PDF (95 KB)
2013 Dynamic food demand and habit forming behaviors: Bayesian approach to a Dynamic Tobit panel data model with unobserved heterogeneity Oh, Miyoung; Jensen, Helen H. PDF (520 KB)
2013 Consumer Response to Egg Production Systems and the Effect of Proposition 2 Advertising: A Preliminary Neuroeconomic Analysis McFadden, Brandon R.; Lusk, Jayson L.; Crespi, John M.; Cherry, J. Bradley C.; Martin, Laura E.; Bruce, Amanda S. PDF (510 KB)
2013 Online Survey Data Quality and its Implication for Willingness-to-Pay: A Cross-Country Comparison Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa; Jing, Xie PDF (455 KB)
2013 Calorie labeling and fast food choices in surveys and actual markets: some new behavioral results Loureiro, Maria L.; Rahmani, Djamal PDF (325 KB)
2013 Young Urban Adults' Preferences for Wine Attributes: An Exploratory Study of the Republic of Macedonia Wine Market Applying the Best-Worst Scaling Hristov, Hristov; Kuhar, Ales PDF (456 KB)
2013 Voting or Buying: Inconsistency in Preferences toward Food Safety in Restaurants Alphonce, Roselyne; Alfnes, Frode; Sharma, Amit PDF (145 KB)
2013 Farmers Markets and Location Choice for Value Added Processing Bouma, Andrea; Durham, Catherine A.; Goddik, Lisbeth PDF (1359 KB)
2013 Deer Creek Farms: Tradition into the Future Yeager, Elizabeth A.; Stutzman, Sarah A. PDF (277 KB)
2013 ANALYSE CONJOINTE DE LA PREFERENCE DES CONSOMMATEURS D’ANANAS FRAIS AU BENIN Kinkpe, Thierry A.; Houessionon, Prosper; Adegbola, Patrice Ygue; Biaou, Gauthier PDF (284 KB)
2013 Nutrition Label Usage, Diet Health Behavior, and Information Uncertainty Schroeter, Christiane; Anders, Sven M. PDF (404 KB)
2013 Assessing the Impact of Internet Access on Household Income and Financial Performance of Small Farms Khanal, Aditya R.; Mishra, Ashok K. PDF (194 KB)
2013 The Puzzle of Valuation Gaps Between Experimental Auction and Real Choice Experiments: Do Purchase Intention and Price Bargaining Preference Matter? Xie, Jing; Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa PDF (256 KB)
2013 Time in Eating and Food Preparation for Single-Headed Households Senia, Mark C.; Jensen, Helen H.; Zhylyevskyy, Oleksandr PDF Poster Presentation (274 KB)
2013 Les préférences des consommateurs pour un écolabel. Le cas des produits de la mer en France Salladarré, Frédéric; Guillotreau, Patrice; Lesage, Claire-Marine; Ollivier, Pierrick PDF (141 KB)
2013 The Effect of School Quality on House Prices: A Meta-Regression Analysis Yadavalli, Anita P.; Florax, Raymond J.G.M. PDF (183 KB)
2013 The Determinants of Food Expenditures in the Urban Households of Ghana: A Quantile Regression Approach Meng, Ting; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Sarpong, Daniel Bruce; Resurreccion, Anna V.A.; Chinnan, Manjeet S. PDF main paper (231 KB)
2013 Agricultural Market Reforms and Nutritional Transition in Rural China Fan, Linlin; Nogueira, Lia; Baylis, Katherine R. PDF (3270 KB)
2013 Determinants of Food Insecurity in Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia Sisay, Ejigayhu; Edriss, Abdi-Khalil PDF (277 KB)
2013 Does Eye Tracking Reveal More About the Effects of Buying Impulsiveness on the Green Industry Consumer Choice Behavior? Khachatryan, Hayk; Behe, Bridget K.; Campbell, Benjamin L.; Hall, Charles R.; Dennis, Jennifer H. PDF (386 KB)
2013 The Expansion of Food Retail in Developing Countries and Its Effects on the Hunger Index Wells, Patricia Bryn; Saghaian, Sayed H.; Osborne, William PDF (450 KB)
2013 Individualized or non-individualized IDM: What elicits consumer preferences best? Langena, Nina; Klink, Jeanette; Hartmann, Monika PDF (1091 KB)
2013 How local is local? Consumer Preference for Steaks with Different Food Mile Implications Lim, Kar Ho; Hu, Wuyang PDF (627 KB)
2013 Theme Overview: Transitions in Agriculture Ferrell, Shannon L. PDF (208 KB)
2013 Determinants of Relief Seed Use and Crop Productivity among Vulnerable Households in Zimbabwe Murendo, Conrad; Mazvimavi, Kizito; Kunzekweguta, Machiweyi PDF (311 KB)
2013 Do ‘locally grown’ claims influence artisanal food purchase? Evidence from a natural field experiment. Menapace, Luisa; Raffaelli, Roberta PDF (597 KB)
2013 Hidden hunger or knowledge hunger? Nutritional knowledge, diet diversity and micronutrient intake in Rwanda: The case of Vitamin A Okello, Julius J.; Sindi, Kirimi; Low, Jan; Shikuku, Kelvin M. PDF (382 KB)
2013 "Local is the New Organic": Do Consumers Agree? Meas, Thong; Hu, Wuyang; Batte, Marvin T.; Woods, Timothy; Ernst, Stan PDF (705 KB)
2013 Determinants and Patterns of Income Diversification among Smallholder Farmers in Akaki District, Ethiopia Teshome, Bekelu; Edriss, Abdi-Khalil PDF (209 KB)
2013 Lessons from the California GM Labeling Proposition on the State of Crop Biotechnology Zilberman, David; Kaplan, Scott; Kim, Eunice; Waterfield, Gina; Smyth, Stuart PDF Main Paper with Cover Page (661 KB)
2013 Understanding the Poverty U-turn Across Geographic Scales in the American Midwest, 1980-2010 Peters, David J. PDF (891 KB)
2013 Consumer Attitudes, Labeling Regimes and the Market Success of Food Nanotechnology Tran, Van T.; Yiannaka, Amalia; Giannakas, Konstantinos PDF (1645 KB)
2013 The User Cost of Low-Income Homeownership Riley, Sarah F.; Ru, Hong Yu; Feng, Qing PDF (441 KB)
2013 Social networks, consumer beliefs and nutrition behavior: Theory and empirical evidence for Germany Henning, Christian H.C.A.; Zarnekow, Nana PDF (276 KB)
2013 Market Intermediaries' Willingness to Pay for Rosaceous Tree Fruit Attributes Li, Huixin; Gallardo, R. Karina; McCracken, Vicki A.; Yue, Chengyan; Luby, James; McFerson, James R. PDF (714 KB)
15-Dec-2012 Competitiveness of Domestic Production of Poultry Meat on the EU Market and on the World Market Belova, Anna; Smutka, Lubos; Rosochatecka, Eva; Bazina, A. PDF (310 KB)
15-Dec-2012 Impact of Complementary National Direct Payments on Cattle Breeding Sector Rezbova, Helena; Tomsík, Karel PDF (302 KB)
Dec-2012 Livelihood diversification strategies in the Himalayas Rahut, Dil Bahadur; Scharf, Maja Micevska XML (5 KB)
Dec-2012 Income redistribution going awry: The reversal power of the concern for relative deprivation Sorger, Gerhard; Stark, Oded PDF (617 KB)
Dec-2012 Nutritional Quality of Food Prepared at Home and Away From Home, 1977-2008 Lin, Biing-Hwan; Guthrie, Joanne F. PDF (405 KB)
Dec-2012 Assessing Potential Technical Enhancements to the U.S. Household Food Security Measures Nord, Mark PDF (2949 KB)
Dec-2012 Better nutrition for children in Uganda: The policy makers role Ibrahim, Kasirye PDF Paper brief (659 KB)
Dec-2012 Vertical Price Transmission in Local Rice Markets in Côte d’Ivoire: Are Consumers Really Right? Keho, Yaya; Camara, Aïssata Sobia PDF Main paper (504 KB)
Dec-2012 Donor Aid Cuts, Kenya Elections Affect Uganda Business Climate Mawejje, Joseph PDF Periodical (970 KB)
Dec-2012 Impact of Food Contamination on Brands: A Demand Systems Estimation of Peanut Butter Bakhtavoryan, Rafael; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Salin, Victoria PDF (274 KB)
Dec-2012 Consumer preferences for sweeteners across cultures Carrillo-Rodriguez, Lilian; McCluskey, Jill J.; Sprott, David PDF (849 KB)
Dec-2012 Assessing Potential Technical Enhancements to the U.S. Household Food Security Measures Nord, Mark PDF (2949 KB)
1-Nov-2012 The Agenda of Sustainable Development. Industry Speaks. Grobocopatel, Gustavo; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (162 KB)
1-Nov-2012 Food Store Density, Nutrition Education, Eating Habits and Obesity Bonanno, Alessandro; Goetz, Stephan J.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (529 KB)
1-Nov-2012 Segmenting Consumers to Inform Agrifood Value Chain Development in Nepal Adhikari, Rajendra Prasad; Collins, Ray; Sun, Ximing; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (532 KB)
1-Nov-2012 Towards a Branded Food Economy in China McLoughlin, Damien; Bourne, Steve; Shelman, Mary; Bradley, Frank; Connolly, Aidan J.; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (275 KB)
1-Nov-2012 Analyzing Consumers’ Preferences for Apple Attributes in Tirana, Albania Skreli, Engjell; Imami, Drini; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (662 KB)
Nov-2012 Back matter Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF Back matter (471 KB)
Nov-2012 Poverty and Vulnerability Dynamics: Empirical Evidence from Smallholders in Northern Highlands of Ethiopia Tsehay, Abrham Seyoum; Bauer, Siegfried PDF (282 KB)
Nov-2012 Journal Front Matter Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF Front matter (470 KB)
Nov-2012 Quality of Gum Arabic in Senegal: Linking the Laboratory Research to the Field Assessment Mujawamariya, Gaudiose; Burger, Kees; D’Haese, Marijke PDF (328 KB)
Nov-2012 Akzeptanz und Erfolg kleinräumiger Systeme der Lebensmittelversorgung im urbanen Umfeld am Beispiel Stuttgart : empirische Untersuchungen von Verbrauchern und Unternehmen Gebhardt, Beate PDF Working Paper No. 22 (870 KB)
Nov-2012 Perception of Global Food Security Issues in the German Public Klumper, Wilhelm; Kathage, Jonas; Qaim, Matin PDF (220 KB)
Nov-2012 Will Long Term Food Desert Consumers Purchase Fresh Fruits and Vegetables? Weatherspoon, Dave D.; Oehmke, James F.; Coleman, Marcus A.; Dembele, Assa S.; Weatherspoon, Lorraine J. PDF (211 KB)
Nov-2012 Assessing Crop-Livestock Interaction in Mixed Farming Systems of North Western Kenya Wanyama, J. M; Muyekho, F. N; Lusweti, N. F.; Lusweti, C. M.; Omamo, E; Wairimu, K. N.; Kariuki, Nelson; Komen, John PDF (984 KB)
Nov-2012 Increased Purchases of Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs due to Concerns about Food Miles Govindasamy, Ramu; Puduri, Venkata; Kelley, Kathleen; Simon, James E. PDF (413 KB)
Oct-2012 Determinants of adoption of management interventions in indigenous chicken production in Kenya Ochieng, Justus; Owuor, George; Bebe, Bockline Omedo PDF (204 KB)
Oct-2012 Az uniós iskolatej- és iskolagyümölcs-program tapasztalatai Magyarországon Stummer, Ildiko; Isepy, Anett; Mandi-Nagy, Daniel; Nemeth, Noemi PDF Original paper (200 KB)
Oct-2012 Visitor satisfaction in agritourism and its implications for agritourism farmers in Sri Lanka Malkanthi, S. H. Pushpa; Routray, Jayant K PDF (155 KB)
Oct-2012 Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints Karlan, Dean S.; Udry, Christopher R.; Osei-Akoto, Isaac; Osei, Robert PDF (843 KB)
Oct-2012 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Dairy Goat Milk in Siaya County, Kenya Jerop, Rebecca PDF (1086 KB)
12-Sep-2012 Public debt and time preferences: Insolvency, excessive saving and in between Tsur, Yacov PDF (1081 KB)
Sep-2012 Health Care Expenditures of Self-Employed Farm Households El-Osta, Hisham S.; Ahearn, Mary Clare PDF (508 KB)
Sep-2012 Assessment of Women’s Participation in Cooperative Societies and its Determinants in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria Olawale, Awotide, Diran PDF Main paper (502 KB)
Sep-2012 Food Processing Costs Per Food-at-Home Dollar Rose Sharply in 2009 and 2010 Canning, Patrick N. PDF (577 KB)
Sep-2012 Trans Fats Are Less Common in New Food Products Rahkovsky, Ilya PDF (503 KB)
Sep-2012 What Role Do Food and Beverage Prices Have on Diet and Health Outcomes? Todd, Jessica E.; Lin, Biing-Hwan PDF (567 KB)
Sep-2012 Healthy Foods Not Necessarily More Expensive Than Less Healthy Foods Frazao, Elizabeth; Carlson, Andrea PDF (537 KB)
Sep-2012 A Holistic Approach to Consumer Research on Expectations Regarding Animal Husbandry Christoph, Inken B.; Buergelt, Doreen; Salamon, Petra; Weible, Daniela; Zander, Katrin; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (237 KB)
Sep-2012 Fuel Choices in Rural Maharashtra Gregory, Jack; Stern, David I. PDF (441 KB)
Sep-2012 Diversity of Aquatic Insects in Keniam River, National Park, Pahang, Malaysia Mohd Rasdi, Z.; Fauziah, Ismail; Ismail, R.; Mohd Hafezan, S.; Fairuz, K.; Hazmi, A.D.; Che Salmah, M.R. PDF Main paper (529 KB)
Sep-2012 Sustainable Products and Consumers’ Brand Choice Meixner, Oliver; Knoll, Viktoria; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (301 KB)
Sep-2012 Payment Choice with Consumer Panel Data Cohen, Michael; Rysman, Marc PDF Working Paper #13 (429 KB)
Sep-2012 Wages and Informality in Developing Countries Meghir, Costas; Narita, Renata; Robin, Jean-Marc PDF (349 KB)
Sep-2012 New Trends in Chinese Diet: Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior Del Giudice, Teresa; Caracciolo, Francesco; Cicia, Gianni; Grunert, Klaus G.; Krystallis, Athanasios; Zhou, Yanfeng; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (313 KB)
Sep-2012 Consumers‘ Perception of Feed Origin in Organic Food Products Declared as Local Wageli, Salome; Hamm, Ulrich; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (232 KB)
Sep-2012 Material Footprint of a Sustainable Nutrition System in 2050 – Need for Dynamic Innovations in Production, Consumption and Politics Lettenmeier, Michael; Gobel, Christine; Liedtke, Christa; Rohn, Holger; Teitscheid, Petra; Schiefer, Gerhard; Rickert, Ursula PDF (508 KB)
Sep-2012 Retail Dairy Prices Respond Differently to Farm Milk Price Shocks Blayney, Donald P.; Stewart, Hayden PDF (555 KB)
Sep-2012 U.S. Per Capita Availability of Chicken Surpasses That of Beef Bentley, Jeanine PDF (517 KB)
31-Aug-2012 Consumers’ Awareness and Attitudinal Determinants of European Union Quality Label Use on Traditional Foods Verbeke, Wim; Pieniak, Zuzanna; Guerrero, Luis; Hersleth, Margrethe PDF (169 KB)
28-Aug-2012 Where Do Urban Households in Zambia Buy their Livestock Products? Hichaambwa, Munguzwe PDF (296 KB)
20-Aug-2012 Impact of Productive Safety Net Financed Livestock Credit on Food Security and Poverty Status of Rural Households in Ethiopia: A Simulation Approach Bogale, Ayalneh; Genene, Wubshet PDF Main paper (443 KB)
19-Aug-2012 Market Structure and Coherence of International Cooperation: The Case of the Dairy Sector in Malawi Revoredo-Giha, Cesar PDF Main paper (194 KB)
16-Aug-2012 Input Subsidies, Cash Constraints and Timing of Input Supply:-Experimental Evidence from Malawi Holden, Stein T.; Lunduka, Rodney PDF (335 KB)
14-Aug-2012 A Hedonic Pricing Model of Homogenized Peanut Butter in the Presence of the 2009 Salmonella-based Major Product Recall Vickner, Steven S. PDF Vickner_AAEA_2012_Peanut_Butter_Recall_684 (6132 KB)
14-Aug-2012 Elicit the Values of On- and Off-margin Consumers: Combining Choice Rankings and Auctions Palma, Marco A.; Zhang, Yu Yvette PDF Palma and Zhang AAEA poster (547 KB)
12-Aug-2012 Evaluating the Determinants of Self-Employed Income Across Regional Economies: A Case-Study of the U.S. Southeast Willis, David B.; Boys, Kathryn A.; Hughs, David W.; Swindall, Devin C. PDF (235 KB)
12-Aug-2012 Gender Roles and Intra-Household Allocation: Identifying Differences in the Incentives to Hide Money Across Spouses in Ghana Castilla, Carolina; Walker, Thomas F. PDF (607 KB)
12-Aug-2012 Structural Changes in Chinese Food Preferences Hovhannisyan, Vardges; Gould, Brian W. PDF (251 KB)
Aug-2012 Front Matter Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (476 KB)
Aug-2012 Modeling Employment, Housing, and Population in Western North Dakota: The Case of Dickinson Bangsund, Dean A.; Hodur, Nancy M.; Rathge, Richard W.; Olson, Karen PDF (1329 KB)
Aug-2012 Spillover Effects of TV Advertising: The Case of Carbonated Soft Drinks Li, Xun; Lopez, Rigoberto A. PDF (574 KB)
Aug-2012 Long-term Impacts of Rice Price and Production Seasonality on Human Capital: Evidence from Rural Indonesia Yamauchi, Futoshi PDF Contributed paper (806 KB)
Aug-2012 The Effect of Relative Income in the Dynamics of Migration: Evidence from the VHLSS Panel Data Lee, Won Fy PDF (1371 KB)
Aug-2012 Obesity and Hyperbolic Discounting: An Experimental Analysis Richards, Timothy J.; Hamilton, Stephen F. PDF (160 KB)
Aug-2012 Impact of Added Sugar Information of Front-of-Pack Labels on Consumers’ Beverage Health Perception Changes Kim, Hyeyoung; House, Lisa PDF (708 KB)
Aug-2012 Improved Smallholder Dairy Farming in Uganda through Technological Change Mbowa, Swaibu; Shinyekwa, Isaac; Lwanga, Musa PDF Main Paper (1321 KB)
Aug-2012 The Demand for Nutrients in China: A Direct Approach Tian, Xu; Yu, Xiaohua PDF Powerpoint presentation (467 KB)
Aug-2012 Editors' Report Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (1462 KB)
Aug-2012 Price promotions and supermarket pricing: A duration analysis of UK supermarket prices Lan, Hao; Lloyd, Tim A.; Morgan, C. Wyn PDF (703 KB)
Aug-2012 Enhanced Data and Methods for Estimating Access to Affordable and Nutritious Food for Population Characteristics Ver Ploeg, Michele; Dutko, Paula; Snyder, Samantha D.; Kaufman, Phillip R.; Breneman, Vincent E.; Williams, Ryan Blake; Dicken, Chris PDF (814 KB)
Jul-2012 THE CORNELL-SEWA-WIEGO Exposure and Dialogue Programme: An Overview of the Process and Main Outcomes Bali, Namrata; Chen, Martha Alter; Kanbur, Ravi PDF (188 KB)
Jul-2012 What is the Scope for Increased Fertilizer Use in Kenya? Sheahan, Megan; Black, Roy; Jayne, Thomas S. PDF IDWP125 (791 KB)
Jul-2012 CONSUMER PROTECTION IN BULGARIA: EU CHALLENGES Ene, Corina; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (308 KB)
Jul-2012 Urban Consumption Patterns of Livestock Products in Zambia and Implications for Policy Hichaambwa, Munguzwe PDF WP65 (825 KB)
Jul-2012 Opportunities, Challenges and Way Forward for Uganda’s Trade in Education services within the East African Community Othieno, Lawrence; Nampewo, Dorothy PDF Main Paper (1015 KB)
Jul-2012 A Study of Food and Beverage Manufacturing in New York State Schmit, Todd M.; Park, Kristen S.; Henehan, Brian M.; Hall, Jeffrey PDF (2162 KB)
Jul-2012 Addressing the Poor Nutrition of Ugandan Children Ssewanyana, Sarah; Kasirye, Ibrahim PDF Paper brief (853 KB)
Jul-2012 "Dairy sector reforms and transformation in Uganda since the 1990s Mbowa, Swaibu; Shinyekwa, Isaac; Lwanga, Musa PDF Main Paper (9526 KB)
Jul-2012 Dual Burden Households and Nutritional Inequality in Indonesia Roemling, Cornelia; Qaim, Matin PDF (358 KB)
30-Jun-2012 Czech Republic's Self-sufficiency in Case of Pork Meat and Its Impact on Trade Balance Development Gebeltova, Zdenka PDF (400 KB)
29-Jun-2012 Households Access to Nongovernmental Microfinance, Formal and Informal Credits in Rural China Huang, Jikun; Luan, Hao; Jia, Xiangping PDF (869 KB)
27-Jun-2012 Implementation of a GAP Label in a Differentiated-Product Industry: A Welfare Evaluation with a Random Coefficients Model for Mar Del Plata, Argentina Lacaze, Maria Victoria; Gonzalez, Julia PDF Paper for presentation at 2012 ICAE (344 KB)
21-Jun-2012 Livestock and Rural Household Food Security: The Case of Small Farmers of the Punjab, Pakistan Bashir, Muhammad Khalid; Schilizzi, Steven; Pandit, Ram PDF (645 KB)
21-Jun-2012 The Determinants of Rural Household Food Security for Landless Households of the Punjab, Pakistan Bashir, Muhammad Khalid; Schilizzi, Steven; Pandit, Ram PDF (640 KB)
21-Jun-2012 Food Security and Its Determinants at the Crossroads in Punjab, Pakistan Bashir, Muhammad Khalid; Schilizzi, Steven; Pandit, Ram PDF (874 KB)
20-Jun-2012 The Pricing Performance of Market Advisory Services in Hogs Over 1995-2004 Webber, Ricky L.; Batts, Ryan M.; Irwin, Scott H.; Good, Darrel L. PDF (1131 KB)
20-Jun-2012 The Pricing Performance of Market Advisory Services in Cattle Over 1995-2004 Brandenberger, Tracy L.; Irwin, Scott H.; Good, Darrel L. PDF (532 KB)
4-Jun-2012 Formal Savings Spillovers on Microenterprise Growth and Production Decisions Among Non-Savers in Villages: Evidence from a Field Experiment Flory, Jeffrey A. PDF (834 KB)
4-Jun-2012 Fat-tail Climate Risks, Mechanism design, and Reputation* Banerjee, Prasenjit; Shogren, Jason F. PDF (399 KB)
2-Jun-2012 Estimating the Relationship between Education and Food Purchases among Food Insecure Households Hogan, John J.; Berning, Joshua P. PDF (506 KB)
1-Jun-2012 The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Good & Too Much is Terrible Lewis, Daniel; Allender, William J.; Richards, Timothy J.; Hamilton, Stephen F.; Park, Sungho PDF (229 KB)
Jun-2012 What Role Do Food and Beverage Prices Have in Childhood Obesity? Todd, Jessica E. PDF (515 KB)
Jun-2012 Response of Broilers to Two Management Systems of Housing in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria Adokiye, Kalio, Godfrey; Beatrice, Okafor, Belema PDF Main paper (438 KB)
Jun-2012 Modeling Advertising Expenditures and Spillover Effects Applied to the U.S. Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry: Vector Autoregression (VAR) and Polynomial Distributed Lag (PDL) Approaches Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Bessler, David A. PDF AAEA 2012 Paper (171 KB)
Jun-2012 Product Information and Willingness-to-Pay: A Case Study of Fair Trade Coffee on Chinese Market Yang, Shang-Ho; Guan, Huanda; Hu, Wuyang; Liu, Yun PDF 2012 AAEA annual meeting selected presentation poster (109 KB)
Jun-2012 Nutritional labelling in the face of health-taste choices Ruffieux, Bernard; Soler, Louis-Georges PDF Translation (316 KB)
Jun-2012 Perceptions of Ugandan Business Executives on the Current and Expected Business Economic Conditions Mawejje, Joseph; Nampewo, Dorothy PDF Periodical (956 KB)
Jun-2012 Determinants of Export-Led Cassava Production Intensification among Small-Holder Farmers in Delta State, Nigeria Achoja, F.O.; Idoge, D.E.; Ukwuaba, S.I.; Esowhode, A.E. PDF Main paper (375 KB)
Jun-2012 Consumers Appear Indifferent to Country-of-Origin Labeling for Shrimp Krissoff, Barry; Kuchler, Fred PDF (469 KB)
Jun-2012 On the Map: Increases in U.S. Poverty Rate Were Highest in the Manufacturing Areas of the Midwest and South Parker, Timothy A.; Farrigan, Tracey L. PDF (486 KB)
Jun-2012 Potential Developing Country Agricultural Safeguards in Cereal Grains Markets Leister, Amanda M. PDF (526 KB)
Jun-2012 Food Security in Asia and the Pacific: The Role of Smallholders Thapa, Ganesh; Gaiha, Raghav Gaiha PDF (823 KB)
Jun-2012 Capital Structure in Modern American Agriculture: Evidence from a National Survey Moss, Charles B.; Mishra, Ashok K.; Uematsu, Hiroki PDF (292 KB)
Jun-2012 Food Insecurity More Common for Households With Nonstandard Work Arrangements Coleman-Jensen, Alisha PDF (503 KB)
Jun-2012 Effects of Family Size on Household Food Security in Osun State, Nigeria Olayemi, Adebayo Oyefunke PDF Main paper (358 KB)
Jun-2012 Fresh Vegetables and Salty Snacks Cost More in Urban Locales Stewart, Hayden; Dong, Diansheng PDF (468 KB)
Jun-2012 Uganda's Electircity Sector Reforms and Iinstitutional Restructuring Mawejje, Joseph; Munyambonera, Ezra; Bategeka, Lawrence PDF Main Paper (2661 KB)
Jun-2012 Estimation of Margins and Efficiency in the Ghanaian Yam Marketing Chain Aidoo, Robert; Nimoh, Fred; Andivi Bakang, John-Eudis; Ohene-Yankyera, Kwasi; Cudjoe Fialor, Simon; Mensah, James Osei; Abaidoo, Robert Clement PDF Main paper (520 KB)
Jun-2012 Rice market participation and channels of sale in rural Vietnam Cazzuffi, Chiara; McKay, Andrew PDF (211 KB)
Jun-2012 Indonesia's Modern Retail Food Sector: Interaction With Changing Food Consumption and Trade Patterns Dyck, John H.; Woolverton, Andrea E.; Rangkuti, Fahwani Yuliati PDF (4055 KB)
Jun-2012 Agriculture, Markets, and Poverty: A Comparative Analysis of Lao PDR and Cambodia Gaiha, Raghav; Azam, Md Shafiul PDF (408 KB)
Jun-2012 SNAP Benefits Alleviate the Intensity and Incidence of Poverty Tiehen, Laura; Ver Ploeg, Michele PDF (726 KB)
Jun-2012 Food and Nutrient Intake Data: Taking a Look at the Nutritional Quality of Foods Eaten at Home and Away From Home Lin, Biing-Hwan; Morrison, Rosanna Mentzer PDF (538 KB)
29-May-2012 Consumers Willing To Pay a Premium for Organic Produce Smith, Travis A.; Lin, Biing-Hwan PDF (199 KB)
May-2012 Table of contents Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (432 KB)
May-2012 Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive? It Depends on How You Measure the Price Carlson, Andrea; Frazao, Elizabeth PDF (5697 KB)
May-2012 Geographical Indication for Jasmine Rice: Applying a Logit Model to Predict Adoption Behavior of Thai Farm Households Ngokkuen, Chuthaporn; Grote, Ulrike PDF (440 KB)
May-2012 Measuring the Effect of Education and Influence on Female Employment and Empowerment: Evidence from India Kandpal, Eeshani; Baylis, Katherine R.; Arends-Kuenning, Mary PDF (549 KB)
May-2012 Receiving incorrect information is costly: Diffusion and accuracy of market information among farmers in northern Ghana Zanello, Giacomo; Shankar, Bhavani; Srinivasan, Chittur S. PDF Poster Presentation (454 KB)
May-2012 Modeling the Welfare Impacts of Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries Jonasson, Erik; Filipski, Mateusz; Brooks, Jonathan; Taylor, J. Edward PDF Conference paper (387 KB)
30-Apr-2012 From Agricultural to Bio-based Economics? Context, State of the Art and Challenges Viaggi, Davide; Mantino, Francesco; Mazzocchi, Mario; Moro, Daniele; Stefani, Gianluca PDF Editorial paper (1245 KB)
26-Apr-2012 The Doha Round and Food Security in the Dairy Sector in Cameroon: A Global Simulation Model (GSIM) Approach: Technical Annex Leudjou, Roland R. PDF (339 KB)
26-Apr-2012 The Doha Round and Food Security in the Dairy Sector in Cameroon: A Global Simulation Model (GSIM) Approach Leudjou, Roland R. PDF (421 KB)
20-Apr-2012 Expenditure response to increases in in-kind transfers: Evidence from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Beatty, Timothy K.M.; Tuttle, Charlotte PDF (256 KB)
Apr-2012 Intrahousehold Power: the Role of Women’s Share of Asset and Social Capital on Household Food and Nonfood Expenditures Pangaribowo, Evita Hanie PDF (392 KB)
Apr-2012 ANALYSES OF ORGANIZATION AND MILK PRODUCTION ECONOMICS ON FARMS IN MONTENEGRO Cetkovic, Jasmina; Despotovic, Aleksandra; Cimbaljevic, Miroslav; Cvijanovic, Drago PDF Main paper from the Journal (359 KB)
Apr-2012 The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Financial Stress, and Childhood Obesity Burgstahler, Rebecca; Gundersen, Craig; Garasky, Steven B. PDF (276 KB)
Apr-2012 An Exploration of the Relationship Between Income and Eating Behavior Chen, Susan E.; Liu, Jing; Binkley, James K. PDF (223 KB)
Apr-2012 Modern ICT for Agricultural Development and Risk Management in Smallholder Agriculture in India Mittal, Surabhi; De Groote, Hugo; Smale, Melinda; Erenstein, Olaf; Kassie, Menale; Keil, Alwin PDF (1100 KB)
28-Mar-2012 The Determinants of Rural Household Food Security in the Punjab, Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis Bashir, Muhammad Khalid; Schilizzi, Steven; Pandit, Ram PDF (761 KB)
1-Mar-2012 Income Situation of the Households in the Slovak and the Czech Republic Kubicova, Lubica; Kadekova, Zdenka; Nagyova, Ludmila; Stavkova, Jana PDF Kubicova Lubica (4810 KB)
Mar-2012 Determinants of Adoption and Spatial Diversity of Wheat Varieties on Household Farms in Turkey Negassa, Asfaw; Hellin, Jonathan; Shiferaw, Bekele A.; De Groote, Hugo; Smale, Melinda; Erenstein, Olaf; Kassie, Menale; Keil, Alwin PDF (970 KB)
Mar-2012 Providing the Local Story of Produce to Consumers at Institutions in Vermont: Implications for Supply Chain Members Sevoian, Noelle; Connor, David PDF (184 KB)
Mar-2012 Net Farm Income Is Expected To Decline in 2012 But Remain at a Near Record Level Park, Timothy A.; McGath, Christopher; Patrick, Kevin; Ifft, Jennifer; Covey, Theodore PDF (493 KB)
Mar-2012 Consumer Response to Food Contamination and Recalls: Findings from a National Survey Godwin, Sandria L.; Coppings, Richard C.; Kosa, Katherine M.; Cates, Sheryl C. PDF (204 KB)
Mar-2012 Influence of Consumer Demographics on the Demand for Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs Because of Food Miles Concerns: A Logit Model Analysis Govindasamy, Ramu; Purduri, Venkata; Kelley, Kathleen; Simon, James E. PDF (160 KB)
Mar-2012 Modeling Household Preferences for Cereals and Meats in Mexico Mejia, Maria; Peel, Derrell S. PDF (253 KB)
Mar-2012 Assessment of the Impact of Extension Services on Fish Farming in Ekiti State, Nigeria Agbebi, F.O. PDF Main paper (329 KB)
Mar-2012 An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri‑Food System 2012 - PDF (3954 KB), PDF (4030 KB)
Mar-2012 Social Media Opportunities for Value-Added Businesses Kelley, Kathleen; Hyde, Jeffrey PDF (211 KB)
Mar-2012 U.S. Consumer Demand for Organic Fluid Milk by Fat Content Li, Xianghong; Peterson, Hikaru Hanawa; Xia, Tian PDF (282 KB)
Mar-2012 Evaluation of Nematode Pests and Fungal Diseases of Ceratotheca Sesamoides in Ilorin Izuogu, N. B.; Egberongbe, O. L.; Oyedunmade, E. E. A. PDF Main paper (103 KB)
Mar-2012 Potential Benefits of Extended Season Sales through Direct Markets Curtis, Kynda R.; Yeager, Irvin; Black, Brent; Drost, Dan PDF (154 KB)
Mar-2012 A Personal Touch: Text Messaging for Loan Repayment Morten, Melanie; Karlan, Dean S.; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (271 KB)
Mar-2012 Microbiological Quality of Packaged Lunchmeat as Related to the Sell-by-date Godwin, Sandria L.; Chen, Fur-Chi PDF (220 KB)
Mar-2012 Americans More Realistic About Their Diet Quality Gregory, Christian A. PDF (493 KB)
Mar-2012 Government Commodity Payments Continue To Shift to Larger Farms, Higher Income Households White, T. Kirk; Hoppe, Robert A. PDF (432 KB)
Mar-2012 The Bacteria Content of Bagged, Pre-Washed Greens as Related to the Best if Used by Date Chen, Fur-Chi; Godwin, Sandria L. PDF (255 KB)
Mar-2012 Food Retailers Adjust Private-Label Prices as Costs and Consumer Demand Change Volpe, Richard J., III PDF (506 KB)
Mar-2012 What’s Behind the Rise in SNAP Participation? Andrews, Margaret S.; Smallwood, David M. PDF (744 KB)
Mar-2012 Analysis of Leisure Expenditure and Policy Implications: Using Korean Urban Households Data Sul, Sooyoung; Tcha, MoonJoong PDF Main paper (565 KB)
Mar-2012 Predicting Consumer Participation in a Hayride Event of Agri-tourism Activity: A Logit Model Approach Purduri, Venkata; Govindasamy, Ramu; Kelley, Kathleen; Bernard, John C. PDF (161 KB)
Mar-2012 Market Potential for Local Organic Produce in the South Atlantic Sub-Region Jefferson-Moore, Kenrett Y.; Robbins, Richard D.; Smallwood, Arneisha PDF (157 KB)
Mar-2012 Resource Use Efficiency for Cowpea Production in Akatsi District of Ghana Nimoh, F.; Asuming-Brempong, S. PDF Main paper (577 KB)
15-Feb-2012 Consumers’ Perceptions and Attitudes of Organic Food Products in Northern Thailand Sangkumchaliang, Parichard; Huang, Wen-Chi; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (523 KB)
15-Feb-2012 U.S. Fluid Milk Demand: A Disaggregated Approach Davis, Christopher G.; Dong, Diansheng; Blayney, Donald P.; Yen, Steven T.; Stillman, Richard; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (1395 KB)
Feb-2012 Szolgáltatások igénybevétele a hajdúsági családi gazdaságokban Nagy-Demeter, Dora; Koncz, Gabor PDF Original paper (152 KB)
Feb-2012 Analysis of Fruit Consumption in the U.S. with a Quadratic AIDS Model Mekonnen, Dawit Kelemework; Huang, Chung L.; Fonsah, Esendugue Greg PDF Main paper (302 KB)
Feb-2012 IMPACT OF MICROFINANCE ON HOUSEHOLD WELFARE: ASSESSING THE CASE OF SAMURDHI PROGRAM IN SRI LANKA Thibbotuwawa, R.M.M.I.; Printhika, B.L.D.S.; Jayasinghe-Mudalige, Udith K.; Udugama, J.M.M. PDF (352 KB)
Feb-2012 Consumers’ willingness-to-pay for low-calorie labeled Rice Iwamoto, Hiroyuki PDF (285 KB)
Feb-2012 Financial Position of Farm Operator Households Ahearn, Mary Clare PDF (364 KB)
Feb-2012 Exploring Variations in Income Growth in Southeastern United States Gyawali, Buddhi Raj; Banerjee, Swagata (Ban); Hill, Anquinette; Bukenya, James O. PDF (190 KB)
Feb-2012 An Introduction to Nutrition-Agriculture Linkages Chung, Kimberly PDF (589 KB)
Feb-2012 Investigating Endogeneity Effects of Social Capital on Household Welfare in Nigeria: A Control Function Approach Adepoju, Adebusola A.; Oni, O. A. PDF (222 KB)
Jan-2012 Market Competitiveness and Demographic Profiles of Dairy Alternative Beverages in the United States: The Case of Soymilk Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF Selected Paper SAEA 2012 (94 KB)
Jan-2012 Determinants of Crop Income in Rural Mozambique, 2002-2005. Mather, David PDF (671 KB)
Jan-2012 PEER EFFECTS, RISK POOLING, AND STATUS SEEKING: What Explains Gift Spending Escalation in Rural China? Chen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo; Kanbur, Ravi PDF (755 KB)
Jan-2012 You Can Pick Your Friends, But You Need to Watch Them: Loan Screening and Enforcement in a Referrals Field Experiment Bryan, Gharad; Karlan, Dean S.; Zinman, Jonathan PDF (954 KB)
2012 What can a comprehensive plan really tell us about a region?: A cluster analysis of county comprehensive plans in Idaho Brown, Nicholas S.; Watson, Phil PDF (372 KB)
2012 Multinationals versus cooperatives: The income and efficiency effects of supply chain governance in India Vandeplas, Anneleen; Minten, Bart; Swinnen, Johan F.M. PDF (525 KB)
2012 Ecosystems for water and food security. [Background paper] Boelee, Eline PDF (7423 KB)
2012 A Comparison of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Four Types of Sweeteners Deng, Xueting; Saghaian, Sayed H.; Woods, Timothy A. PDF (227 KB)
2012 Price Discrimination with Asymmetric Firms: The Case of the U.S. Carbonated Soft Drinks Market Liu, Yizao; Shen, Shu; Shen, Shu PDF Main paper (264 KB)
2012 A Censored Demand System Analysis of Fruits and Vegetables by Different Income Groups Using Micro Data Niu, Luyuan; Wohlgenant, Michael K. PDF Main paper (340 KB)
2012 Gender aspects of small-scale private irrigation in Africa van Koppen, Barbara; Hope, Lesley; Colenbrander, W. PDF (497 KB)
2012 Temporal Aggregation and Treatment of Zero Dependent Variables in the Estimation of Food Demand using Cross-Sectional Data Leffler, Kristyn K.; Carpio, Carlos E.; Boonsaeng, Tullaya PDF (660 KB)
2012 Food Expenditures in Rural Households in the Northern Region of Ghana Meng, Ting; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Kolavalli, Shashidhara; Ibrahim, Mohammed PDF 2012 SAEA selected paper for presentation (195 KB)
2012 Does More Cooking Mean Better Eating? Estimating the relationship between time spent in food preparation and diet quality Mancino, Lisa; Gregory, Christian A. PDF (226 KB)
2012 Policy, planning and management at the land-water interface Szuster, Brian W.; Hoanh, Chu Thai; Kam, Suan Pheng; Ismail, Abdelbagi M.; Noble, Andrew D.; Borger, M. PDF (5205 KB)
2012 Consumer preferences for milk and yogurt attributes: How health beliefs and attitudes affect choices. Allen, Shannon; Goddard, Ellen W. PDF (1278 KB)
2012 Policy impacts under alternative land market regimes in rural China Kleinwechter, Ulrich; Grethe, Harald PDF Paper and cover page (247 KB)
2012 The Impact of Diet Costs on Diet Quality Thiele, Silke PDF (356 KB)
2012 Food Authenticity, Technology and Consumer Acceptance Hobbs, Jill E.; McDonald, Jillian; Zhang, Jing PDF Poster paper (101 KB)
2012 Food Expenditures away from Home by Elderly Households Yen, Steven T.; Kasteridis, Panagiotis P.; Riley, John B. PDF (223 KB)
2012 Conflict, Food Price Shocks, and Food Insecurity: The experience of Afghan households D'Souza, Anna; Jolliffe, Dean PDF (324 KB)
2012 Is Generational Change Contributing to the Decline in Fluid Milk Consumption? Stewart, Hayden; Dong, Diansheng; Carlson, Andrea PDF (207 KB)
2012 Finding True Consumer Attitudes: Do Validation Questions Help? Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa; Bi, Xiang PDF Poster (67 KB)
2012 Global Exposure: Food Price Spike Effects on Ethiopian Farm Households Savastano, Sara; Weaver, Robert D.; Paolantonio, Adriana PDF (863 KB)
2012 The Role of Food Access in Meeting Some Dietary Guidelines: A Natural Experiment Kyureghian, Gayaneh; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr. PDF Manuscript (580 KB)
2012 Living standards, terms of trade and foreign ownership: reflections on the Australian mining boom Gregory, Robert G. PDF (873 KB)
2012 IMPACT OF FOOD CONTAMINATION ON BRANDS: A DEMAND SYSTEMS ESTIMATION OF PEANUT BUTTER Bakhtavoryan, Rafael; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Salin, Victoria PDF Main paper (202 KB)
2012 Family Business Decision-Making: Factors and Influences on Choosing a Successor Foltz, Renee D.; Marshall, Maria I. PDF (412 KB)
2012 Applied Microeconomics: Consumption, Production and Markets Debertin, David L. PDF (4528 KB)
2012 Recreational Homes and Migration to Remote Amenity-Rich Areas Chi, Guangqing; Marcouiller, David W. PDF (369 KB)
2012 Forest Management Decentralization in Kenya: Effects on Household Farm Forestry Decisions in Kakamega Ogada, Maurice Juma PDF main paper (649 KB)
2012 Valuing Information on GM Foods in the Presence of Country-of-Origin Labels Xie, Jing; Kim, Hyeyoung; House, Lisa PDF (569 KB)
2012 Dietary Guidelines Have Encouraged Some Americans To Purchase More Whole-Grain Bread Mancino, Lisa; Kuchler, Fred PDF (212 KB)
2012 Poverty Dynamics and Vulnerability: Empirical Evidence from Smallholders in Northern Highlands of Ethiopia Tsehay, Abrham Seyoum; Bauer, Siegfried PDF (968 KB)
2012 Uniqueness in Art Market: Specialization in Visual Art Tekindor, Arzu Aysin; McCracken, Vicki A. PDF (1097 KB)
2012 Facilitating access to rural services in Vietnam: The invisible social capital link Hoang Dinh, Quoc; Dufhues, Thomas; Buchenrieder, Gertrud PDF Main paper (198 KB)
2012 The Goods-Time Elasticity of Substitution in Home Food Production for Food Stamp/SNAP Participants Rudi, Jeta; Davis, George C.; You, Wen PDF (433 KB)
2012 Understanding food-away-from-home expenditures in urban China Liu, Haiyan; Wahl, Thomas I.; Bai, Junfei; Seale, James L., Jr. PDF (491 KB)
2012 Spousal Accord and the Costs of Household Decision-making in Tanzania and Mali Anderson, C. Leigh; Reynolds, Travis William; Gugerty, Mary Kay PDF (183 KB)
2012 Input use pattern and profitability of improved mungbean varieties in coastal region of Bangladesh Islam, Q.M.S.; Mohiuddin, M.; Sarma, P.K.; Islam, M.S. PDF (56 KB)
2012 Expectations towards Geographical Indications-Empirical Evidence from India Neetha, Rose C.D.; Kotrakerebasegowda, Umesh PDF Main paper (192 KB)
2012 Household Composition and Food Away From Home Expenditures in Urban China Liu, Haiyan; Wahl, Thomas I.; Seale, James L., Jr.; Bai, Junfei PDF Powerpoint presentation (512 KB)
2012 PREFERÊNCIA POR ALIMENTOS SEGUROS: ESTUDO DE CASO DO CONSUMO DE MORANGO EM UM MUNICÍPIO DE MINAS GERAIS Barbosa, Djalma Adão Júnior; Amorim, Airton Lopes; Faria, Franciane Rocha de; Priore, Silvia Eloiza; Gomes, Marília Fernandes Maciel PDF (1043 KB)
2012 Price dispersion, search costs and consumers and sellers heterogeneity in retail food markets. Anania, Giovanni; Nistico, Rosanna PDF (578 KB)
2012 Gender, Agricultural Commercialization, and Collective Action in Kenya Fischer, Elisabeth; Qaim, Matin PDF (615 KB)
2012 Seed market liberalization, hybrid maize adoption, and impacts on smallholder farmers in Tanzania Kathage, Jonas; Qaim, Matin; Kassie, Menale; Shiferaw, Bekele A.
2012 Sex Imbalance, Marriage Competition, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from rural China Yuan, Yan; Rong, Zhao; Xu, Lihe PDF (443 KB)
2012 Demand for Food Away from Home: A Multiple Discrete/Continuous Extreme Value Model Richards, Timothy J.; Mancino, Lisa PDF (222 KB)
2012 Water and food security: integrated scientific and governance based solutions Chartres, Colin PDF (749 KB)
2012 Facilitating access to rural services in Vietnam: The invisible social capital link Quoc, Hoang Dinh; Dufhues, Thomas; Buchenrieder, Gertrud PDF (281 KB)
2012 Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Bacteriophage Technology Treated Fresh Produce Yeboah, Osei-Agyeman; Goktepe, Ipek; Naanwaab, Cephas B.; Kyei, Foster Ofori PDF WTP Paper (304 KB)
2012 Changing Incomes and Food Prices: The Implications for Rural and Urban Food Security in Sri Lanka Ratnasiri, Shyama; Bandara, Jayatilleke S.; Korale-Gedara, Pradeepa PDF (201 KB)
2012 Stated Preference and Perception Analysis for Traceable and BSE-tested Beef: An Application of Mixed Error-Component Logit Model Lim, Kar Ho; Hu, Wuyang; Maynard, Leigh J.; Goddard, Ellen W. PDF (762 KB)
2012 Natural resources and livelihood concepts in monitoring rural development in Madagascar : issues of measurement and interpretation Benoit-Cattin, Michel; Andrianirina, Nicole PDF (812 KB)
2012 Assessing U.S. Household Purchase Dynamics for Dietary Fiber Henry-Osorio, Miguel; Dong, Diansheng PDF Poster (1650 KB)
2012 Water – Sensible Residential Landscapes: Builder vs. Homebuyer Preferences Boyer, Tracy A.; Chung, Chanjin; Moss, Justin Q. PDF (162 KB)
2012 U.S. Consumer Demand for Differentiated Eggs Li, Xianghong; Peterson, Hikaru Hanawa; Xia, Tian PDF (260 KB)
2012 Food Deserts Suffer Persistent Socioeconomic Disadvantage Dutko, Paula PDF (171 KB)
2012 How Should Rural Women's Enterprises Be Developed and Promoted? Movahedi, Reza; Samian, Masoud; Mirzai, Khalil; Saloomahalleh, Adel Esmaili PDF (101 KB)
2012 Is Older Better? Maize Hybrid Change on Household Farms in Kenya Olwande, John; Smale, Melinda PDF (117 KB)
2012 Credit Constraint and Non-separable Behavior of Rural Households — Evidence from China Zhao, Jianmei; Zhang, Jun PDF 2012 AAEA meeting Post 407-- by jianmei (424 KB)
2012 Will the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans be Any More Effective for Consumers? Palma, Marco A.; Jetter, Karen M. PDF (527 KB)
2012 From Plot to Plate: Linking Agricultural Productivity and Human Nutrition in Bangladesh Yu, Bingxin PDF (847 KB)
2012 Labor Migration Choice and Its Impacts on Households in Rural China Rong, Zhao; Yang, Liu; Yuan, Yan PDF (382 KB)
2012 The Rhythm of the Rains: Seasonal Effects on Child Health in The Gambia Gajigo, Ousman; Schwab, Benjamin PDF (815 KB)
2012 Closing the Eyes on a Gloomy Future: Psychological Causes and Economic Consequences Laajaj, Rachid PDF Main Paper (854 KB)
2012 The economic potential for an origin based marketing and certification system for a meat product in South Africa: Perceptions, preferences, and experiments. Kirsten, Johann F.; Vermeulen, Hester; Van Zyl, Karlien; Du Randt, Gerrie; Du Plessis, H.; Weissnar, Tessa PDF Poster for IAAE 2012 (699 KB)
2012 Consumers’ preferences for processed milk – A study in Mymensingh town Mila, F.A.; Raha, S.K. PDF (58 KB)
2012 The impact of land security and input allocation on farm household income Zhang, Yanjie; Wang, Xiaobing; Brümmer, Bernhard; Yu, Xiaohua PDF Main paper (878 KB)
2012 Food quality changes and implications: Evidence from the rice value chain of Bangladesh Minten, Bart; Murshid, K.A.S.; Reardon, Thomas PDF (951 KB)
2012 Disposicion a pagar por tomates mejorados geneticamente. Aplicacion de una subasta experimental Martinez, Laura Martinez-Carrasco; Bauza, Margarita Brugarolas; Poveda, Africa; Ferrer, Dolores; Fresquet, Enrique PDF (201 KB)
2012 The Twin-Transfer Squeeze on Rural Households and Governments in Virginia Copenhaver, Brad; Elmer, Mary; Gaffney, Robert; Shaw, Caitlin; Alwang, Jeffrey Roger PDF (509 KB)
2012 Dietary Transformation in Indonesia: Is the “Supermarket Revolution” to Blame? Toiba, Hery; Wahida; Umberger, Wendy J.; Minot, Nicholas; Stringer, Randy PDF (202 KB)
2012 Food Expenditures and Income in Rural Households in the Northern Region of Ghana Meng, Ting; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Kolavalli, Shashidhara; Ibrahim, Mohammed PDF Main paper (349 KB)
2012 Consumer Income and Knowledge on Tax Status on Food and Beverages Zheng, Yuqing PDF Poster (95 KB), PDF title page (17 KB)
2012 Participation of rural women in micro credit: A study on BRAC in sadar upazila of Gazipur district Rana, M.M.; Rahman, M.A.; Uddin, G.M.K.; Sarma, P.K. PDF (36 KB)
2012 Health inequalities over the adult life course: the role of lifestyle choices Ovrum, Arnstein; Gustavsen, Geir Waehler; Rickertsen, Kyrre PDF (419 KB)
2012 Structural Change via Threshold Effects: Estimating U.S. Meat Demand Using Smooth Transition Functions Rodriguez, Nestor; Eales, James S. PDF Seattle AAEA Meetings Poster Control I.D. 480 (577 KB)
2012 A behavioural approach to remittances analysis Meyer, Wiebke; Mollers, Judith; Buchenrieder, Gertrud PDF Main paper (839 KB)
2012 A meta-analysis of the response of calorie demand to income changes Ogundari, Kolawole; Abdulai, Awudu PDF (1215 KB)
2012 Women’s access to Multiple-use Water Services (MUS): an agenda for African and South Asian countries [Abstract only] Amerasinghe, Priyanie; van Koppen, Barbara PDF (28 KB)
2012 Climbing the electricity ladder generates carbon Kuznets curve downturns Burke, Paul J. PDF (199 KB)
2012 The Long and Short Run Impacts of Food and Energy Price Shocks: Evidence from Nigeria Aye, Goodness C. PDF (118 KB)
2012 The Effect of Energy Price Shocks on Household Food Security Beatty, Timothy K.M.; Tuttle, Charlotte PDF (316 KB)
2012 Have soda sales tax effects changed over time? Scanner data comparison analyses Colantuoni, Francesca; Rojas, Christian PDF (1552 KB)
2012 Farmers Markets and Direct Marketing in the Western US: Market Trends and Linkages with Food System Issues Thilmany, Dawn; Tegegne, Eyosiyas; Hines, Brett PDF (257 KB)
2012 Perceptions of Constraints Affecting Adoption of Women-in-Agriculture Programme Technologies in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Akpabio, Iniobong A.; Etim, Nsikak-Abasi A.; Okon, Sunday PDF (95 KB)
2012 'Hidden Quality' in the History of American Food: Consumer Search vs. Industry Obfuscation? Smith, Trenton G.; Tasnadi, Attila PDF Main paper (320 KB)
2012 An Evaluation of Food Deserts in America Weatherspoon, Dave D.; Ver Ploeg, Michele; Dutko, Paula PDF (148 KB)
2012 MEAT AND FISH DEMAND IN TUNISIA: ECONOMIC AND SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS EFFECTS Dhraief, Mohamed Zied; Oueslati, Meriem; Dhehibi, Boubaker PDF Main article (343 KB)
2012 The Effect of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on Food Spending Among Low-Income Households Boonsaeng, Tullaya; Carpio, Carlos E.; Zhen, Chen; Okrent, Abigail M. PDF (664 KB)
2012 DEMAND ESTIMATION IN THE PRESENCE OF AN UNOBSERVABLE PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE: THE CASE OF MINT QUALITY Toro-Gonzalez, Daniel; Yan, Jia; Gallardo, Rosa Karina; McCluskey, Jill J. PDF Main paper (753 KB)
2012 Tradeoff between Farm Profitability and the Desire for Market Work: An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Farm Households Sonoda, Tadashi PDF "Poster" (129 KB)
2012 A Dynamic Model of Failure to Maximize Utility in the Chronic Consumer Choice to Consume Foods High in Added Sugars Rhodes, Charles PDF (2559 KB)
2012 Factors Impacting Participation In and Purchases Made by Members of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative Holcomb, Rodney B.; Kenkel, Philip L.; Brown, Lisa N. PDF (376 KB)
2012 Who Benefits Most from Rural Electrification? Evidence in India Khandker, Shahidur R.; Samad, Hussain A.; Ali, Rubaba; Barnes, Douglas F. PDF (222 KB)
2012 Institutions and policy in the Blue Nile Basin: understanding challenges and opportunities for improved land and water management Haileslassie, A.; Hagos, Fitsum; Awulachew, Seleshi Bekele; Peden D.; Ahmed, A. A.; Gebreselassie, S.; Tafesse, T.; Mapedza, Everisto; Mukherji, Aditi PDF (1096 KB)
2012 Chinese Domestic Textiel Demand: Where Tehy Buy Does Matter MacDonald, Stephen; Pan, Suwen; Hudson, Darren; Tuan, Francis C. PDF main paper (199 KB)
2012 The Interaction Between Migrants and Origin Households: Evidence from Linked Data Chen, Joyce J.; Hassan, Nazmul PDF (108 KB)
2012 La demanda de flores de corte: Generación de datos e investigación de mercado Cordomí, Mariana Delgado; Perez, Gonzalo Antonio; Talassino, Mauricio Rodrigo PDF (411 KB)
2012 Investing in agricultural water management to benefit smallholder farmers in Ghana. AgWater Solutions Project country synthesis report Evans, Alexandra E.V.; Giordano, Meredith A.; Clayton, Terry PDF (1502 KB)
2012 Evaluating the Factors Influecing the Number of Visits to Farmers' Markets Abello, Francisco J.; Palma, Marco A.; Anderson, David P.; Waller, Mark W. PDF Main Paper (470 KB)
2012 Micro-credit programmes of different NGOs/MFIs: A comparative study Islam, Mohammad; Khatun, M.A.; Hossain, D.; Alom, J. PDF (95 KB)
2012 Dynamics of household edible oil consumption in rural and urban Tamil Nadu (India) Govindaraj, Gurrappa Naidu; Suryaprakash, Satrasala; Sivaramane, Nilakantan; Sundaramoorthy, Chandrasekaran; Murali, Palanichamy PDF Main paper (313 KB)
2012 ÖNGONDOSKODÁS JELENTŐSÉGÉNEK VIZSGÁLATA PRIMERKUTATÁS ALAPJÁN Vanis, Fanni; Baranyi, Aranka; Taralik, Krisztina PDF Original paper (181 KB)
2012 Analysis of Factors Influencing Women Participation in Coffee Value Chain in Huye District, Rwanda Genereuse, Umuhoza PDF (881 KB)
2012 The Role of sensory experience on Spanish consumer’s willingness to pay for sustainable produced food Avitia, Jessica; Costa-Font, Montserrat; Gil, Jose Maria; Lusk, Jayson L.; Echeverria, Gemma PDF (805 KB)
2012 AN EVALUATION OF ESTIMATORS FOR CENSORED SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS USING MONTE CARLO SIMULATION Zhao, Yunfei; Marsh, Thomas L.; Li, Huixin PDF poster presentation at 2012 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington, August 12-14, 2012. (659 KB)
2012 SPATIAL RETAIL PRICING STRATEGIES FOR BEER IN GERMANY Empen, Janine; Glauben, Thomas; Loy, Jens-Peter PDF (573 KB)
2012 Investing in agricultural water management to benefit smallholder farmers in Tanzania. AgWater Solutions Project country synthesis report Evans, Alexandra E.V.; Giordano, Meredith A.; Clayton, Terry PDF (1264 KB)
2012 Are Results from Non-Hypothetical Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis and Non-Hypothetical Recoded-Ranking Conjoint Analysis Similar? Akaichi, Faiçal; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.; Gil, Jose Maria PDF (3803 KB)
2012 A HITELEK ÉS MEGTAKARÍTÁSOK ALAKULÁSA A BÁCS-KISKUN MEGYEI HÁZTARTÁSOK TÜKRÉBEN Szabó, Gergő Krisztián; Bujáki, János; Törcsvári, Zsolt; Csernák, József PDF Original paper (180 KB)
2012 Effects of the Revised Food Packages for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) in Connecticut Andreyeva, Tatiana PDF (192 KB)
2012 Welfare Impacts of Rising Food Prices in Rural Ethiopia: a Quadratic Almost Ideal Demand System Approach Uregia, Nigussie Tefera; Desta, Mulat Demeke; Rashid, Shahidur PDF Main paper (1154 KB)
2012 Are Italian farming households actually poorer than other non agricultural households? An empirical analysis. Rocchi, Benedetto; Stefani, Gianluca; Romano, Donato; Landi, Chiara PDF (630 KB)
2012 Revisiting an empirically based analysis of household-level adaptation in high altitude villages in Nepal Herslund, L.; Byg, A.; Overgaard Larsen, H.; Meilby, Henrik; Nielsen, O.J.; Rayamajhi, S.; Smith-Hall, C. PDF (92 KB)
2012 Implications of Forest Reforms on Agricultural Household Labour Allocation Decisions: Evidence from Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya Sikei, Geophrey; Nyangena, Wilfred PDF (199 KB)
2012 Staring Down Foreclosure: Findings from a Sample of Homeowners Seeking Assistance Neelakantan, Urvi; Zeuli, Kimberly A.; McKay, Shannon; Lazaryan, Nika PDF (238 KB)
2012 The Marginal External Cost of Obesity in the United States Parks, Joanna C.; Alston, Julian M.; Okrent, Abigail M. PDF (529 KB)
2012 Applying CVM for Economic Valuation of Drinking Water in Iran Pour, Morteza Tahami; Kalashami, Mohammad Kavoosi PDF (153 KB)
2012 Investigating Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Organic Green Chicken in Iran (Case Study: Rasht City) Kalashami, Mohammad Kavoosi; Heydari, Morteza; Kazerani, Houman PDF (127 KB)
2012 Does Fair Trade Fulfill the Claims of its Proponents? Measuring the Global Impact of Fair Trade on Participating Coffee Farmers Gingrich, Chris D.; King, Emily J. PDF (69 KB)
2012 Horticultural exports, female wage employment and primary school enrolment: Theory and evidence from a natural quasi-experiment in Senegal Maertens, Miet; Verhofstadt, Ellen PDF (736 KB)
2012 Food Deserts: Demand, Supply, and Economic Theory Bonanno, Alessandro PDF (184 KB)
2012 China’s small-scale hog production and implications for trade: Evidence from a farmer survey Wang, Qingbin; Zhang, Guangxuan PDF (556 KB)
2012 Quality attributes and socio-demographic factors affecting channel choices Lupin, Beatriz; Rodriguez, Elsa M. PDF Full Paper. Poster Presentation (238 KB)
2012 Carbon Labeling for Consumer Food Goods Shewmake, Sharon; Okrent, Abigail M.; Thabrew, Lanka; Vandenbergh, Michael PDF (4964 KB)
2012 Genetically modified organisms and sustainable crop production: A critical review Mozumdar, Lavlu; Islam, Mohammad; Saha, Sumitra PDF (72 KB)
2012 An Empirical Analysis of Socio-Demographic Stratification in Sweetened Carbonated Soft-Drink Purchasing Rhodes, Charles PDF (750 KB)
2012 Gobbling Up Snacks: Cause or Potential Cure for Childhood Obesity? Frazao, Elizabeth; Stewart, Hayden; Hyman, Jeffrey; Carlson, Andrea PDF (611 KB)
2012 La economia de las familias mapuches rurales: De la cuestion de la tierra a la diversificacion de fuentes de rentas Diaz, Ximena E. PDF (361 KB)
2012 Recreationists Willingness to Pay for Conservation of a Forest ecosystem: An Economic study of Basavana Betta State Forest, Karnataka state, India Yashoda; Reddy, B.V. Chinnappa PDF (201 KB)
2012 CDM afforestation for managing water, energy and rural income nexus in irrigated drylands Djanibekov, Utkur; Djanibekov, Nodir; Khamzina, Asia PDF (377 KB)
21-Dec-2011 Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for Domestically Produced Wheat Products in South Korea Jin, Hyun Joung PDF (277 KB)
Dec-2011 Buyer Alliances as Countervailing Power in WIC Infant-Formula Auctions Davis, David E. PDF (507 KB)
Dec-2011 Current Food Consumption of Households in Japan: Possibilities in Cooperation with Domestic Agriculture Kusakari, Hitoshi PDF Main paper (1727 KB)
Dec-2011 Shocks and Coping Strategies of Rural Households: Evidence from Ogo-Oluwa Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria Olalekan, Olawuyi Seyi; Olapade-Ogunwole, Fola; Raufu, Mufutau Oyedapo PDF (86 KB)
Dec-2011 Characterization of Maize Producing Households in Drought Prone Regions of Eastern Africa Erenstein, Olaf; Kassie, Girma Tesfahun; Langyintuo, Augustine S.; Mwangi, Wilfred; De Groote, Hugo; Smale, Melinda; Erenstein, Olaf; Kassie, Menale; Keil, Alwin PDF (905 KB)
Dec-2011 Household Production and the Demand for Food and Other Inputs: U.S. Evidence Huffman, Wallace E. PDF (308 KB)
Dec-2011 Study of the Effects of Globalization on Iranian Caviar Export Barghandan, Abolghasem; Barghandan, Kamran; Naeemi, Mohammadreza; Mohammadzadeh, Abdolghafoor PDF (90 KB)
Dec-2011 Consumer Market for Functional Foods in South Brazil de Barcellos, Marcia Dutra; Lionello, Rafael Laitano; Schiefer, Gerhard; Fritz, Melanie PDF (642 KB)
Dec-2011 Away-from-Home Meat Consumption in China Liu, Hongbo; Parton, Kevin A.; Zhou, Zhangyue; Cox, Rod PDF (722 KB)
10-Nov-2011 Development of retail market in Serbia Radosavljevic, Gordana; Maksimovic, Ljiljana; Borisavljevic, Katarina PDF (101 KB)
10-Nov-2011 The role of informal sources of information in the Polish consumer market Wojcik, Jacek; Doligalski, Tymoteusz PDF (101 KB)
7-Nov-2011 Residential Energy Consumption in Urban China Zhao, Xiaoli; Li, Na; Ma, Chunbo PDF (749 KB)
1-Nov-2011 Back to the Future? Understanding Change in Food Habits of Farmers' Market Customers Pascucci, Stefano; Cicatiello, Clara; Franco, Silvio; Pancino, Barbara; Davide, Marino; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (595 KB)
1-Nov-2011 Analyzing the Competitive Performance of the South African Wine Industry van Rooyen, Johan; Esterhuizen, Dirk; Stroebel, Lindie; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (582 KB)
1-Nov-2011 Attitudes of Maltese Consumers Towards Quality in Fruit and Vegetables in Relation to Their Food-Related Lifestyles Dimech, Marco; Caputo, Vincenzina; Canavari, Maurizio; IFAMR, IFAMA PDF (539 KB)
Nov-2011 Hedonic Analysis of Retail Egg Prices Using Store Scanner Data: An Application to the Korean Egg Market Kim, Changhee; Chung, Chanjin PDF (537 KB)
Nov-2011 Journal Backmatter Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (262 KB)
Nov-2011 Determinants of Meat Purchasing Behavior by Ethnic Groups Garcia-Jimenez, Carlos I.; Mishra, Ashok K. PDF (370 KB)
Nov-2011 Self Efficacy as a Mediator of the Relationship between Dietary Knowledge and Behavior Rimal, Arbindra; Moon, Wanki; Balasubramanian, Siva K.; Miljkovic, Dragan PDF (470 KB)
Nov-2011 Table of contents Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (433 KB)
Nov-2011 Examining the Effectiveness of Nutrition Information in a Simulated Shopping Environment Berning, Joshua P.; Sprott, David E. PDF (496 KB)
Nov-2011 The Cost of Dietary Variety: A Case of Fruit and Vegetables Hatzenbuehler, Patrick L.; Gillespie, Jeffrey M.; O'Neil, Carol E. PDF (639 KB)
Nov-2011 A Spatial Analysis of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the Appalachian Region Michieka, Nyakundi M.; Pradhan, Archana; Gebremedhin, Tesfa G. PDF (728 KB)
Nov-2011 Choosing a Cigarette Brand: Determining the Value of Countermarketing Information to Smokers Using Field Auctions Rousu, Matthew C.; Nonnemaker, James; Farrelly, Matthew PDF (522 KB)
Nov-2011 Journal Frontmatter Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (262 KB)
25-Oct-2011 The Effects of Farm Commodity and Retail Food Policies on Obesity and Economic Welfare in the United States Okrent, Abigail M.; Alston, Julian M. PDF (1947 KB)
Oct-2011 Ökoélelmiszerek megítélése Magyarországon – alakuló fogyasztói tudatosság Szente, Viktoria; Szakaly, Zoltan; Szeles, Gyula PDF Original paper (171 KB)
Oct-2011 Közvetlen értékesítés a zöldség-gyümölcs termelők körében Csikne Macsai, Eva PDF o (177 KB)
Oct-2011 A fagyasztott zöldségek fogyasztási preferenciáinak vizsgálata Nemeth-T., Anett; Vincze-Tóth, Judit; Trojan, Szabolcs PDF Original paper (289 KB)
Oct-2011 Smallholder Heterogeneity and Maize Market Participation in Southern and Eastern Africa: Implications for Investment Strategies to Increase Marketed Food Staple Supply Mather, David; Boughton, Duncan; Jayne, Thomas S. PDF (815 KB)
2-Sep-2011 Cap Impact on Rural Households Livelihood Strategies in Bulgaria Nikolov, Dimitre; Anastassova, Minka; Radev, Teodor PDF (129 KB)
2-Sep-2011 The effects of Information and Country of Origin on Japanese Olive Oil Consumer Selection Mtimet, Nadhem; Ujiie, Kiyokazu; Kashiwagi, Kenichi; Zaibet, Lokman; Nagaki, Masakazu PDF (228 KB)
2-Sep-2011 Impact of meat type, methods of production, fat content, price and carbon footprint information on meat choice Koistinen, Laura; Pouta, Eija; Heikkila, Jaakko; Forsman-Hugg, Sari; Kotro, Jaana; Makela, Jarmo; Niva, M. PDF (204 KB)
2-Sep-2011 Will Geographical Indications Supply Excessive Quality? Merel, Pierre R.; Sexton, Richard J. PDF (260 KB)
1-Sep-2011 Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Lamb Meat in Central and Southwest Urban Albania Imami, Drini; Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine; Zhang, Quanguo; Zhllima, Edvin; Peter, Goldsmith PDF (212 KB)
1-Sep-2011 Food Culture Distance: An Antecedent to Export Marketing Strategy Adaptation - An Empirical Examination of Swedish and Finnish Food Processing Companies Azar, Goudarz PDF (1509 KB)
1-Sep-2011 The U.S. Produce Traceability Initiative: Analysis, Evaluation, and Recommendations Porter, Justin K.; Baker, Gregory A.; Agrawal, Narendra PDF (241 KB)
Sep-2011 Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products to Rural Household Income in Zambia Mulenga, Brian P.; Richardson, Robert B.; Mapemba, Lawrence D.; Tembo, Gelson PDF PS46 Zambia (226 KB)
Sep-2011 Household Food Security in the United States in 2011 Coleman-Jensen, Alisha; Nord, Mark; Andrews, Margaret S.; Carlson, Steven PDF (822 KB)
Sep-2011 Quantitative analysis of the household’s expenditure for food Dudek, Hanna PDF (310 KB)
Sep-2011 Valuing traceability of imported beef in Korea: an experimental auction approach Lee, Ji Yong; Han, Doo Bong; Nayga Jr, Rodolfo M.; Lim, Song-Soo PDF (121 KB)
Sep-2011 Performance and Survival of Ugandan Manufacturing firms in the context of the East African Community Buyinza, Faisal PDF Main Paper (2166 KB)
10-Aug-2011 Agricultural Efficiency Gains and Trade Liberalization in Sudan Siddig, Khalid H.A.; Babiker, Babiker Idris PDF Main working paper (232 KB)
Aug-2011 Food Demand Analysis of Indonesian Households with Particular Attention to the Poorest Pangaribowo, Evita Hanie; Tsegai, Daniel W. PDF (467 KB)
Aug-2011 A 2004 Social Accounting Matrix for Israel: Documentation of an Economy-Wide Database with a Focus on Agriculture, the Labour Market, and Income Distribution Siddig, Khalid H.A.; Flaig, Dorothee; Luckmann, Jonas; Grethe, Harald PDF Working Paper No. 20 (739 KB)
Aug-2011 JAAE Front page - PDF (625 KB)
Aug-2011 Editors' Report - February 7, 2011 Marchant, Mary A.; Bosch, Darrell J. PDF (434 KB)
Aug-2011 Differences in WTP and Consumer Demand for Organic and Non-GM Fresh and Processed Foods He, Na; Bernard, John C. PDF (1019 KB)
Aug-2011 Az integrált növényvédelem és gyümölcstermelés magyarországi bevezetésére, valamint elterjesztésére ható gazdasági tényezők Lehota, Jozsef; Szabo, Zoltan; Lehota, Zsuzsanna PDF (122 KB)
Aug-2011 Something in the Water? Testing for Groundwater Quality Information in the Housing Market McLaughlin, Patrick A. PDF (708 KB)
Aug-2011 Do Supervisors Affect the Valuation of Public Goods? Franceschi, Dina; Vásquez, William F. PDF (1473 KB)
Aug-2011 The Controversy of Exchange Rate Devaluation in Sudan: An Economy-wide General Equilibrium Assessment Siddig, Khalid H.A. PDF Main working paper (281 KB)
Aug-2011 Determining Consumer Perceptions of and Willingness to Pay for Appalachian Grass-Fed Beef: An Experimental Economics Approach Evans, Jason R.; D'Souza, Gerard E.; Collins, Alan R.; Brown, Cheryl; Sperow, Mark PDF (1113 KB)
Aug-2011 A munkahelyi étkezés hazai fogyasztói piacának vizsgálata Fodor, Monika; Gyenge, Balazs; Horvath, Agnes PDF Original paper (198 KB)
Aug-2011 SAEA Award Recipients (1987-2011) - PDF (443 KB)
Aug-2011 Improving the Nutrient Content of Food through Genetic Modification: Evidence from Experimental Auctions on Consumer Acceptance Colson, Gregory; Huffman, Wallace E.; Rousu, Matthew C. PDF (190 KB)
Aug-2011 Consumer Characteristics, Identification, and Hedonic Valuation of Wine Attributes: Exploiting Data from a Field Experiment Gustafson, Christopher R.; Lybbert, Travis J.; Sumner, Daniel A. PDF (888 KB)
Aug-2011 How Do Homebuyers Value Different Types of Green Space? Bark, Rosalind H.; Osgood, Daniel E.; Colby, Bonnie G.; Halper, Eve B. PDF (1843 KB)
26-Jul-2011 Analyzing the Impact of Food Safety Information on Food Demand in China He, Dehua; Chidmi, Benaissa; Zhou, Deyi PDF Selected Paper (247 KB)
24-Jul-2011 Comparison of Approaches to Measuring the Causes of Income Inequality Satimanon, Monthien PDF (464 KB)
Jul-2011 Consumer Preferences for Attributes of Organic Processed Foods: The Case of Soymilk In the United States Zheng, Yue; Peterson, Hikaru Hanawa; Li, Xianghong PDF AAEA conference poster (1163 KB)
Jul-2011 Brand Premiums in the U.S. Beef Industry Martinez, Stephen W. PDF (338 KB)
Jul-2011 Who Provides Information Matters: The Role of Source Credibility on US Consumers’ Beef Brand Choices Dentoni, Domenico; Tonsor, Glynn T.; Calantone, Roger J.; Peterson, H. Christopher PDF (424 KB)
Jul-2011 Factors Affecting Poverty Dynamics in Rural Zambia. Chapoto, Antony; Banda, Diana J.; Haggblade, Steven; Hamukwala, Priscilla PDF WP 55 (772 KB)
Jul-2011 Market Quality of Pacific Northwest Pears Gallardo, Rosa Karina; Kupferman, Eugene M.; Beaudry, Randolph M.; Blankenship, Sylvia M.; Mitcham, Elizabeth J.; Watkins, Christopher B. PDF (187 KB)
Jul-2011 Effects of Elicitation Method on Willingness-to-Pay: Evidence from the Field Carlberg, Jared G.; Froehlich, Eve J. PDF (211 KB)
Jul-2011 Consumer Perceptions of Environmentally Friendly Products in New Foundland and Labrador Haghiri, Morteza PDF (117 KB)
Jul-2011 Repeat Buying Behavior for Ornamental Plants: A Consumer Profile Palma, Marco A.; Hall, Charles R.; Collart, Alba J. PDF (183 KB)
10-Jun-2011 Effects of Contract Farming Scheme on Cassava Production Enterprise in Oyo State, Nigeria Fawole, Pippy; Thomas, Kehinde A.; Okoruwa, Victor O. PDF (48 KB)
10-Jun-2011 Determinants of Rice Farmer’s Access to Credit in Niger State, Nigeria Odu, O. O.; Okoruwa, Victor O.; Adenegan, Kemisola O.; Olajide, A. O.; Okoruwa, Victor O. PDF Main paper (1116 KB)
10-Jun-2011 Remittances and Household Expenditure in Rural Nigeria Olowa, Olatomide W.; Awoyemi, Timothy T.; Okoruwa, Victor O. PDF Main paper (139 KB)
10-Jun-2011 Analysis of Costs and Returns of Artisanal Fish Marketing in Kebbi State, Nigeria Suleiman, A.; Tosan, Fregene; Okoruwa, Victor O. PDF Main paper (78 KB)
1-Jun-2011 Effects of Family, Friends, and Relative Prices on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption by African American Youths Zhylyevskyy, Oleksandr; Jensen, Helen H.; Garasky, Steven B.; Cutrona, Carolyn E.; Gibbons, Frederick X. PDF Main paper (304 KB)
Jun-2011 Uwarunkowania rozwoju przemysłu spożywczego po przystąpieniu Polski do UE Kociszewski, Michał; Szwacka-Mokrzycka, Joanna PDF (312 KB)
Jun-2011 Labour and Poverty: Empirical Relationship Using House Data from South Nigeria Nsikak-Abasi, A. Etim; Okon, Sunday; Akpabio, Iniobong A. PDF (79 KB)
Jun-2011 Period-Age-Cohort Model Maximizing Covariation Applied to Food Intake Fujimoto, Takashi PDF Main paper (731 KB)
Jun-2011 The Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products to Rural Household Income in Zambia Mulenga, Brian P.; Richardson, Robert B.; Mapemba, Lawrence D.; Tembo, Gelson PDF WP 54 (209 KB)
Jun-2011 Direct and Indirect Determinants of Obesity: The Case of Indonesia Romling, Cornelia; Qaim, Matin PDF (425 KB)
Jun-2011 Gesellschaftliches Management von Verbraucherbeschwerden: Funktion und Finanzierung Becker, Tilman C.; Heinze, Karen PDF Working Paper (440 KB)
Jun-2011 The Effect of Food and Beverage Prices on Children's Weights Wendt, Minh; Todd, Jessica E. PDF (1339 KB)
Jun-2011 Spatial Distribution of Farm-Family Resources in the Mid-Hills of Nepal Bhatta, Gopal Datt; Doppler, Werner PDF (5322 KB)
Jun-2011 Cost-effectiveness of water interventions: The case for public stand-posts and bore-holes in reducing diarrhoea among urban households in Uganda Barungi, Mildred; Kasirye, Ibrahim PDF Main Paper (206 KB)
Jun-2011 Geographic Differences in the Relative Price of Healthy Foods Todd, Jessica E.; Leibtag, Ephraim S.; Penberthy, Corttney PDF (6084 KB)
3-May-2011 Using a Modified Payment Card Survey on Chinese Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Fair Trade Coffee: Would the Starting Point Matter Yang, Shang-Ho; Hu, Wuyang PDF 2011 AAEA Annual Meeting - China Section Presentation Paper (226 KB)
3-May-2011 Spousal Risk Preferences and Household Investment Decisions Brady, Michael P.; Mandal, Bidisha PDF (237 KB)
3-May-2011 The Effect of Retail Grocery Coupons for Breakfast Cereals on Household Purchasing Behavior Berning, Joshua P.; Zheng, Hualu PDF main paper (85 KB)
3-May-2011 Consumer Perceptions of Sustainable Farming Practices: A Best-Worst Scenario Sackett, Hillary M.; Shupp, Robert S.; Tonsor, Glynn T. PDF (202 KB)
3-May-2011 Measuring Price Sensitivity Differences for Inner-City and Suburban Consumers: An Analysis of Breakfast Cereals with Supermarket Scanner Data Jones, Eugene PDF Selected Paper (203 KB)
2-May-2011 Consumer Structure of the Blueberry Market: A Double Hurdle Model Approach Shi, Lijia; House, Lisa; Gao, Zhifeng PDF (618 KB)
2-May-2011 Is agricultural zoning exclusionary? Gottlieb, Paul D.; Rudel, Thomas; O'Neill, Karen; McDermott, Melanie PDF Main paper (632 KB)
2-May-2011 Measuring the Welfare Loss to Landowners of Future Geographic Shifts In the Suitable Habitat for Vegetation Due to Climate Change Howard, Peter H. PDF Main Paper (552 KB), PDF Appendix (421 KB)
2-May-2011 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Value-Added Blueberry Products: A Payment Card Approach Hu, Wuyang; Woods, Timothy A.; Bastin, Sandra PDF (23 KB)
May-2011 Peer Effect, Risk-Pooling and Status Seeking: Which Matters to Gift Spending Escalation in Rural China? Chen, Xi; Zhang, Xiaobo PDF (1019 KB)
May-2011 Partial versus General Equilibrium Calorie and Revenue Effects of a Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Dharmasena, Senarath; Davis, George C.; Capps, Oral, Jr. PDF AAEA Selected paper May 2011 (71 KB)
May-2011 Determinants of Willingness to Purchase Organic Food: An Exploratory Study Using Structural Equation Modeling Voon, Thomas Jan P.; Ngui, Kwang Sing; Agrawal, Anand PDF Manuscript (165 KB)
May-2011 Analyzing pork purchases at the point of sale – The role of consumer involvement Grebitus, Carola; Colson, Gregory; Menapace, Luisa PDF Grebitus, Colson, Menapace - AAEA Selected Paper (119 KB)
May-2011 Front Materials - PDF (1305 KB)
May-2011 A Comparison of Price Imputation Methods under Large Samples and Different Levels of Censoring. Lopez, Jose Antonio PDF Research Paper (308 KB)
May-2011 Die Bedeutung von Gütezeichen und Herkunftsangaben beim Rindfleischkauf – Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Verbraucherstudie in Bayern Profeta, Adriano; Balling, Richard; Will, Sabine PDF (202 KB)
May-2011 Anatomy of Stigmatized Behavior: Peer Influence and Relative Concern Chen, Xi PDF (979 KB)
May-2011 Consumer Preferences for Fruit and Vegetables with Credence-Based Attributes: A Review Moser, Riccarda; Raffaelli, Roberta; Thilmany, Dawn D. PDF Manuscript (184 KB)
May-2011 End Materials - PDF (888 KB)
15-Apr-2011 The Value of EU Agricultural Landscape Pavel, Ciaian; Gomez y Paloma, Sergio PDF (248 KB)
Apr-2011 Do Sales Matter? Evidence from UK Food Retailing Lloyd, Tim A.; Morgan, C. Wyn; McCorriston, Steve; Zgovu, Evious PDF (1286 KB)
Apr-2011 The Relative Importance of Search versus Credence Product Attributes: Organic and Locally Grown Wirth, Ferdinand F.; Stanton, John L.; Wiley, James B. PDF (280 KB)
Apr-2011 Addressing Gender Gaps in the Ugandan Labour Market Kasirye, Ibrahim PDF Paper brief (445 KB)
Apr-2011 How Much Do Consumers Benefit from New Brand Introductions? The Case of Potato Chips Arnade, Carlos Anthony; Gopinath, Munisamy; Pick, Daniel H. PDF (329 KB)
Apr-2011 The Economics of Geographical Indications: Welfare Implications Tauber, Ramona; Anders, Sven M.; Langinier, Corinne PDF (238 KB)
Apr-2011 Food Security and Wheat Prices in Afghanistan: A Distribution-sensitive Analysis of Household-level Impacts D'Souza, Anna; Jolliffe, Dean PDF (341 KB)
Apr-2011 Effects of Family, Friends, and Relative Prices on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption by African American Youths Zhylyevskyy, Oleksandr; Jensen, Helen H.; Garasky, Steven B.; Cutrona, Carolyn E.; Gibbons, Frederick X. PDF AAEA 2011 paper (323 KB)
Apr-2011 Comparing Willingness to Pay for Organic, Natural, Locally Grown, and State Marketing Program Promoted Foods in the Mid-Atlantic Region Onken, Kathryn A.; Bernard, John C.; Pesek, John D., Jr. PDF (427 KB)
Apr-2011 Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings of Farm Households: An Empirical Investigation Mishra, Ashok K.; Chang, Hung-Hao PDF (434 KB)
Apr-2011 Choosing ‘buy none’ in food choice analysis: the role of utility balance Campbell, Danny; Doherty, Edel; Gibson, Vikki PDF (609 KB)
Apr-2011 The Impact of Human Capital on Farm Operator Household Income El-Osta, Hisham S. PDF (1395 KB)
23-Mar-2011 USDA Corn and Soybean Acreage Estimates and Yield Forecasts: Dispelling Myths and Misunderstandings Good, Darrel L.; Irwin, Scott H. PDF (233 KB)
20-Mar-2011 Factors Influencing the Purchase of Live Seafood in the North Central Region of the United States Quagrainie, Kwamena K.; Xing, Ai; Hughes, Kevin G. PDF (377 KB)
2-Mar-2011 Alternative 2011 Corn Production, Consumption, and Price Scenarios Good, Darrel L.; Irwin, Scott H. PDF (172 KB)
Mar-2011 Consumer Willingness to Pay a Premium for Halal Goat Meat: A Case from Atlanta, Georgia Ibrahim, Mohammed PDF (146 KB)
Mar-2011 Wine Price Markup in California Restaurants Amspacher, William PDF (130 KB)
Mar-2011 The Role of Sensory Attributes in Marketing Organic Food: Findings from a Qualitative Study of Italian Consumers Asioli, Daniele; Canavari, Maurizio; Castellini, Alessandra; de Magistris, Tiziana; Gottardi, Fernando; Lombardi, Pamela; Pignatti, Erika; Spadoni, Roberta PDF (163 KB)
Mar-2011 Determinants of Deprivation among Part–time Cassava Farming Households in the Humid Tropic Nsikak-Abasi, A. Etim; Okon, Sunday; Akpabio, Iniobong A. PDF (76 KB)
Mar-2011 Selling Cobia in U.S. Live Markets Kauffman, Dan PDF (117 KB)
Mar-2011 How does it work for Hungarian food consumers? A medium-term analysis Szigeti, Judith; Podruzsik, Szilard PDF (256 KB)
Mar-2011 Industry and Firm Strategies for Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices Durham, Catherine A.; Miller, Jason D.; Mannenbach, Heidi; Anderson, Kristyn; Eng, Lindsay PDF (168 KB)
Mar-2011 Using a Transportation Alliance to Solve Distribution Issues for Buying Local Stegelin, Forrest E. PDF (87 KB)
Mar-2011 Health and Nutrient Claims in Processed Food Products: Are Consumers Gaining or Losing? Wiseman, Kelleen PDF (143 KB)
Mar-2011 Size Distribution of Income Among Rice-Based Farming Households in South Eastern States of Nigeria Chikezie, C.; Ibekwe, U.C.; Ohajianya, D.O.; Orebiyi, J.S.; Oguoma, N.N.; Obasi, P.C.; Henri-Ukoha, A.; Emenyonu, C.A.; Nwaiwu, I.U. PDF (73 KB)
Mar-2011 Teens, Food Choice, and Health: How Can a Multi-Method Research Methodology Enhance the Study of Teen Food Choice and Health Messaging? Wiseman, Kelleen PDF (117 KB)
Mar-2011 Economic Welfare Effects of the FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products on Tobacco Growers Tiller, Kelly; Feleke, Shiferaw T.; Starnes, Jane H. PDF Main paper (143 KB)
Mar-2011 Eco-labelling schemes faced with selfish or altruistic consumer motivations and with the public or private nature of environmental attributes Grolleau, Gilles; Ibanez, Lisette; Mzoughi, Naoufel PDF Translation (123 KB)
Mar-2011 Płatności bezpośrednie w kontekście dochodów polskich rolników Babuchowska, Karolina; Marks-Bielska, Renata PDF (122 KB)
Mar-2011 The Behaviour of Disaggregated Public Expenditures and Income in Malaysia Tang, Chor-Foon; Lau, Evan PDF Main paper (276 KB)
Mar-2011 Are All Direct Market Consumers Created Equal? Curtis, Kynda R. PDF (267 KB)
Mar-2011 Examining the Prevalence of Food-Label Use by University Students McLean-Meyinsse, Patricia E.; Gager, Janet V.; Cole, Derek N. PDF (149 KB)
Mar-2011 Welfare Reform and the Spread of HIV Ressler, Rand W.; Waters, Melissa S.; Hill, R. Carter PDF Main paper (122 KB)
Mar-2011 Consumers' Perceptions of Non-Traditional Vegetable Products in the Southern United States: Summary of Preliminary Results Funtikova, Alena; Alipoe, Dovi; Dagher, Magid A. PDF (350 KB)
Mar-2011 Marginality: Addressing the Root Causes of Extreme Poverty Gatzweiler, Franz W.; Baumuller, Heike; Husmann, Christine Ladenburger; von Braun, Joachim PDF (1032 KB)
Mar-2011 Poakcesyjne zmiany w ofercie handlowej produktów na polskim rynku żywnościowym; przykład oliwy z oliwek Barszczewski, Cezary; Kowrygo, Barbara PDF (131 KB)
Mar-2011 The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Persian Rugs: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach Najarzadeh, Reza; Rezagholizadeh, M.; Saghaian, Sayed H.; Reed, Michael R.; Aghaei, Mina PDF (146 KB)
15-Feb-2011 Consumer Preferences for Fresh Citrus: Impacts of Demographic and Behavioral Characteristics Gao, Zhifeng; House, Lisa; Gmitter, Fred G., Jr.; Valim, M. Filomena; Plotto, Anne; Baldwin, Elizabeth A.; Peter, Goldsmith PDF Article 2- Gao (390 KB)
15-Feb-2011 Market Access for Local Food through the Conventional Food Supply Chain Abate-Kassa, Getachew; Peterson, H. Christopher; Goldsmith, Peter D. PDF (126 KB)
5-Feb-2011 What do Haitians need after the earthquake? Andre, Rock; Lusk, Jayson L. PDF main paper (457 KB)
Feb-2011 U.S. Consumers’ Valuation of Quality Attributes in Beef Products Abidoye, Babatunde O.; Bulut, Harun; Lawrence, John D.; Mennecke, Brian; Townsend, Anthony M. PDF (696 KB)
Feb-2011 Back Materials - PDF (476 KB)
Feb-2011 How Much Do Fruits and Vegetables Cost? Stewart, Hayden; Hyman, Jeffrey; Buzby, Jean C.; Frazao, Elizabeth; Carlson, Andrea PDF (2338 KB)
Feb-2011 Quantifizierung des Einflusses der äußeren Produktgestaltung auf die Geschmacksbewertung und auf die Kaufbereitschaft bei Wein mittels eines Charakteristikamodells Szolnoki, Gergely; Hoffmann, Dieter; Herrmann, Roland PDF (225 KB)
Feb-2011 An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2011 - PDF (2040 KB), PDF (2235 KB)
Feb-2011 Ascertaining the Impact of the 2000 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans on the Intake of Calories, Caffeine, Calcium, and Vitamin C from At-Home Consumption of Nonalcoholic Beverages Dharmasena, Senarath; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Clauson, Annette L. PDF (518 KB)
28-Jan-2011 Utilization of intelligent methods and techniques for customer knowledge management Jelica, Trninic; Olivera, Grljevic; Serdar, Ana Maria PDF (83 KB)
28-Jan-2011 Measuring effectiveness of Internet advertisement Popova, Iskra; Tanglertpanya, Tanawat PDF (342 KB)
28-Jan-2011 Challenges and development guidelines of the service industry in Uzbekistan Safarov, Bakhtier PDF (59 KB)
28-Jan-2011 Service quality in online marketing: Customers centric analysis Durkasree, P.; Ramesh, M. PDF (137 KB)
28-Jan-2011 What influences online shopping of individuals from European countries? Kujundzic, Tino; Jadric, Mario; Cukusic, Maja PDF (296 KB)
Jan-2011 Bidding for WIC infant formula contracts: Do non-WIC customers subsidize WIC customers? Davis, David E. PDF (443 KB)
Jan-2011 Homogeneity of Farm Labor: A Dual Approach D'Antoni, Jeremy M.; Mishra, Ashok K.; Gillespie, Jeffrey M. PDF (541 KB)
Jan-2011 Predicting aggregate food consumption for a specific geographic area: an application to southeast Minnesota Wang, Yuki PDF (1387 KB)
2011 Willingness-to-pay in terms of price: an application to organic beef during and after the “mad cow” crisis Corsi, Alessandro; Novelli, Silvia PDF (237 KB)
2011 Do Practice Rounds Bias Experimental Auction Results? Corrigan, Jay R.; Rousu, Matthew C. PDF (95 KB)
2011 "Local food" from the processors' and retailers' point of view: A case study of Western Austria Hambrusch, Josef; Florianczyk, Zbigniew PDF paper (445 KB)
2011 Linguistic False Friends and Expected Food Markets: What can Make Consumers Not Choose Your Product? Fauquet-Alekhine, Philippe; Fauquet-Alekhine-Pavlovskaia, Elena PDF (154 KB)
2011 Gender Differences in Pro-social Behaviour: The Case of Fair-trade Food Consumers De Devitiis, Biagia; De Luca, Anna Irene; Maietta, Ornella Wanda PDF (373 KB)
2011 Consumer acceptance and valuation of beef that has been tested for BSE Cranfield, John A.L. PDF (446 KB)
2011 Assessing buyers' requirements for fresh produce in the formal market sector of PNG Chang, Hui-Shung (Christie); Griffith, Garry R.; Malcolm, Bill; Wright, Vic; Griffith, Garry R. PDF (106 KB)
2011 Food Security in Urban Households: An Analysis of the Prevalence and Depth of Hunger in Nairobi and its Relationship to Food Expenditure Kamau, Mercy; Githuku, James; Olwande, John PDF (565 KB)
2011 A Comparison of Auction and Choice Experiment: An Application to Consumer Willingness to Pay for Rice with Improved Storage Management Su, Lianfan; Adam, Brian D.; Lusk, Jayson L.; Arthur, Frank PDF (354 KB)
2011 Influencia de las variables sociodemograficas en el consumo de alimentos ecologicos en Espana. Analisis con base en el panel de consumo alimentario del MARM Zamora, Manuela; Ruiz, Francisco Jose; Salcedo, Maria PDF (221 KB)
2011 Food Demand Analysis: A New Approach Di Giuseppe, Stefania PDF (706 KB)
2011 Food Prices and Blood Cholesterol Rahkovsky, Ilya; Gregory, Christian A. PDF (576 KB)
2011 The Determinants of Self-Employed Income in a Regional Economy Swindall, Devin C.; Willis, David B.; Boys, Kathryn A.; Hughes, David W. PDF (649 KB)
2011 Puerto Rican Consumers' Attitude towards Willingness to Pay a Premium for Ethnic Produce: An Econometric Analysis Govindasamy, Ramu; Puduri, Venkata S. PDF (174 KB)
2011 Pricing Attributes of Wines from Emerging Suppliers on the British Columbia Market Yoo, Veronica; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Carew, Richard PDF Main Paper ID 13710 (237 KB)
2011 Market Participation Among Poor Rural Households in Kenya Olwande, John; Mathenge, Mary K. PDF (404 KB)
2011 Americans Can Satisfy Dietary Guidelines for Vegetables and Fruit for Under $2.50 Per Day Stewart, Hayden; Hyman, Jeffrey PDF (217 KB)
2011 The Effect of Altruism on Co