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Title: Stated Choice Experiments with Complex Ecosystem Changes: The Effect of Information Formats on Estimated Variances and Choice Parameters
Authors: Hoehn, John P.
Lupi, Frank
Kaplowitz, Michael D.
Keywords: choice experiments
stated preference
web surveys
wetland mitigation
Issue Date: 2010-12
Series/Report no.: JARE
Abstract: Stated choice experiments about ecosystem changes involve complex information. This study examines whether the format in which ecosystem information is presented to respondents affects stated choice outcomes. Our analysis develops a utility-maximizing model to describe respondent behavior. The model shows how alternative questionnaire formats alter respondents’ use of filtering heuristics and result in differences in preference estimates. Empirical results from a large-scale stated choice experiment confirm that different format presentations of the same information lead to different preference parameter estimates and error variances. A tabular format results in choice parameter estimates with statistically smaller variances than parameters estimated from data obtained with a text-based format. A text-based format also appears to induce greater use of decision heuristics than does a tabular format.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 35, Number 3, December 2010
Total Pages: 23
From Page: 568
To Page: 590
Collections:Volume 35, Number 3, December 2010

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