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Title: Impacto de un incremento de la capacidad de generación de energía a partir de biomasa en plantas de co-generación en Andalucía
Other Titles: Impact of an increase in the capacity of power generation from biomass in Andalusia
Authors: Cardenete, Manuel Alejandro
Gonzalez, Jose Manuel
Romero, Pablo
Populo, Madel
Roman, Rocio
JEL Codes: C68
Issue Date: 2010-12
Abstract: The paper estimates the regional economic impact of renewable energy development (inv) based on the use of biomass. The regional level is Andalusia. The analysis is carried out under the assumption that achieves the goal of renewable energy development set in Andalusian Sustainable Energy Plan (PASENER) 2007-2013. To estimate the economic impact, a General Equilibrium Model (CGE) is used based on the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) updated for Andalusia in 2008. The results show that if the goal of PASENER is met, there might be an increase production of 4.02%.
Institution/Association: Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales>Volume 10, Number 2, 2010
Total Pages: 23
From Page: 159
To Page: 182
Collections:Volume 10, Number 2, 2010

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