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Title: U.S. Soybean Producer Perceptions and Management of Soybean Rust in the United States under the USDA Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education
Authors: Livingston, Michael J.
Authors (Email): Livingston, Michael J. (
Keywords: Asian soybean rust
probability beliefs
PIPE website
ARMS data
USDA Rural Development Broadband Program
Issue Date: 2010-10
Abstract: Recent survey data are examined to improve current understanding of the factors that help to determine the value of information reported on a website that serves as the centerpiece of the USDA’s “Soybean Rust Integrated Pest Management—Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education.” Respondents’ initial beliefs about their chances of experiencing a rust outbreak are shown to affect the likelihood that soybean producers will visit the website and change their management of fungicide use as a result.
Institution/Association: Agricultural and Resource Economics Review>Volume 39, Number 3, October 2010
Total Pages: 14
From Page: 547
To Page: 560
Collections:Volume 39, Number 3, October 2010

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