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Title: The demand for meat in Egypt: An almost ideal estimation
Authors: Alboghdady, Mohamed Altabei
Alashry, Mohamed Khairy
Keywords: meat
Almost Ideal Demand System
seemingly unrelated regressions
Issue Date: 2010-03
Abstract: This paper analyzes the demand for meat in Egypt for the period 1990–2005 using the linearized Almost Ideal Demand System to estimate own-price, cross-price and expenditure elasticities. It found that the Marshallian own-price elasticity was the highest for fish, followed by chicken, beef and duck. On the other hand, the crossprice elasticity of beef showed a complementary relationship with the other meat types, except for fish, which is substitutive. Chicken and fish showed a substitutive relationship with all other meat types. Duck showed a substitutive relationship with all meats except rabbit. Mutton and rabbit showed a versatile relationship with the other meat types. The highest substitutive relationship was between mutton and beef. Compensated own-price elasticity estimates showed similar trends but smaller values than uncompensated ones, which is theoretically consistent
Institution/Association: African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 04, Number 1, March 2010
Total Pages: 12
From Page: 70
To Page: 81
Collections:Volume 04, Number 1, March 2010

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