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Title: Testing the Dynamic Characteristics of Competitiveness in Fresh Fish Exports of Euro Mediterranean Countries
Authors: Katrakilidis, Constantinos P.
Polymeros, Konstantinos
Issue Date: 2007
Series/Report no.: 103rd EAAE Seminar 'Adding Value to the Agro-Food Supply Chain in the Future Euromediterranean Space'
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to estimate the competitive level of fresh fish exports among the Euro Mediterranean countries. Revealed Comparative Advantage indices of Italian, French, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish fresh fish are estimated, in order to gain new insights regarding the position of these products in the market of the European Union, in terms of competitiveness. In addition, this study investigates the parameters affecting the competitive level among countries, using Cointegration and Innovation Accounting methodology. The estimated Comparative Advantage indices reveal that there is a wide range of competitiveness among Euro Mediterranean countries. In addition, the investigation of the dynamic characteristics of competitiveness reveals that the competitive position for each country is affecting at different level by different factors, constituting a dynamic market that can be easily affected by changes in the volatile marketing environment.
Institution/Association: European Association of Agricultural Economists>103rd Seminar, April 23-25, 2007, Barcelona, Spain
Total Pages: 18
Language: English
Collections:103rd Seminar, April 23-25, 2007, Barcelona, Spain

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