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Title: Dynamic Programming, Activity Analysis and the Theory of the Firm
Authors: Throsby, C.D.
Issue Date: 1968-03
Abstract: The role of dynamic programming as a means of examining the allocation and pricing problems in the theory of the firm is considered in this paper. The production relationships and equilibrium conditions as specified by neoclassical theory and linear programming are stated and dynamic programming formulations of each of these models are constructed and compared. It is demonstrated that dynamic programming adds nothing to established theory in these cases, providing simply an alternative means of computation which might be preferred for some empirical problems. It is concluded that some theoretical contribution may be possible by using dynamic programming to attack problems beyond the scope of conventional methods.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 36, Number 01, March 1968
Total Pages: 8
Language: English
From Page: 20
To Page: 27
Collections:Volume 36, Number 01, March 1968

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