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Title: Consumers’ Purchasing Intentions for Vegetable Oil in the Presence of Generic or Specific Information on Genetic Modification
Authors: Hu, Wuyang
Chen, Kevin Z.
Keywords: China
genetically modified (GM) food
labeling information
probit model
vegetable oil
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: In combination with the emergence of genetically modified (GM) food, there has been an urgent call for GM labeling to provide relevant information disclosure. Using data collected in Beijing, China, this study attempts to address the issue of whether different types of information may have distinct impacts on consumers’ stated purchasing decisions. Three types of information are used in this study: one is generic and the other two are linked with two important implications of GM technology—human health and the environment. Results verify that consumers’ purchasing decisions are affected by different types of information through their attitudes and personal characteristics. This finding has potential implications for establishing various GM marketing strategies and information campaigns.
Identifiers: 0738-8950
Institution/Association: Journal of Agribusiness>Volume 26, Number 2, Fall 2008
Total Pages: 21
From Page: 135
To Page: 155
Collections:Volume 26, Number 2, Fall 2008

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