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Title: Managing Wholesale Nurseries in the Desert
Authors: Wilson, Paul N.
Leones, Julie P.
Keywords: Wholesale nursery
Management practices
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: This study reports the management practices and strategies of wholesale nursery operations in Arizona. In this desert environment near large California competitors, Arizona firms attempt to differentiate their products and develop market niches as competitive strategies. Xeriscape using low-water-use plants is an evolving specialty product of the industry. Future industry and public education concerning xeriscape is necessary to strengthen this strategic advantage for these firms.
Identifiers: 0738-8950
Institution/Association: Journal of Agribusiness>Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 1995
Total Pages: 15
From Page: 17
To Page: 31
Collections:Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 1995

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