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Title: Acceptance of Research Results by Farmers
Authors: Presser, H.A.
Russell, H.M.
Issue Date: 1965-09
Abstract: In 1962 a rabbit eradication campaign was carried out in the Mallee Region of Victoria. After the campaign was completed, a sociological survey was done to assess the farmers' reaction to it. The survey showed that new techniques were rapidly adopted by the farmers concerned. This was due to the intensity of personal contact during the campaign, and to the use of research results as the basis for the recommendations. While research results convinced some farmers to adopt the recommendations, legal, social and situational pressures were important for others. Different sources of information were used by different types of farmers. The more active and progressive farmers used the more expert sources while others used local sources of information. The campaign developed more favorable attitudes to rabbit control and to the use of new methods of control.
Institution/Association: Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics>Volume 33, Number 03, September 1965
Total Pages: 19
Language: English
From Page: 147
To Page: 165
Collections:Volume 33, Number 03, September 1965

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