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Title: Contractual Choice and Food Safety Strategy: Some Empirical Findings in Italian Poultry Sector
Authors: Furesi, Roberto
Martino, Gaetano
Pulina, Pietro
Keywords: Hybrid form
food safety
contract choices
Choice experiments
Issue Date: 2006
Series/Report no.: Seminar Paper
Abstract: The analysis of contract choice is here related to the contracting nature of the hybrid governance structures. The approach of the empirical analysis is concerned with the transaction between farmers and processor in poultry supply chains and it is based upon a choice experiment to estimate the marginal values of contract attributes. Final remarks take into account the role of contract attributes in ensuring the degree of food safety and suggest a tentative organizational explanation of the degree of safety supplied. The study is funded by VI European Research Program (Strep Project “Poultryflorgut”).
Institution/Association: European Association of Agricultural Economists>99th Seminar, February 8-10, 2006, Bonn, Germany
Total Pages: 10
Language: English
Collections:99th Seminar, February 8-10, 2006, Bonn, Germany

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