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Title: Separate Decision-Making for Supermarket Leaders and Followers: The Case of Whether or Not to Offer Irradiated Ground Beef
Authors: Jaenicke, Edward C.
Chikasada, Mitsuko
Issue Date: 2006-11
Abstract: Using supermarket survey data that include a store‚Äôs adoption of a new fresh irradiated ground beef product, this paper investigates whether the adoption decision-making process differs depending on whether adoption would make the store a leader or a follower. We model the adoption decision in two ways that take the leader-follower decision into account. Our results show only limited differences in store attributes across groups classified as leaders, followers, or non-adopters. More significantly, however, the results show that store attributes such as proximity to competitors and store size, among others, play separate roles in the decision to lead or follow.
Institution/Association: Journal of Food Distribution Research>Volume 37, Number 03, November 2006
Total Pages: 15
From Page: 29
To Page: 43
Collections:Volume 37, Number 3, November 2006

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