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Title: Does Close Count? School Proximity, School Quality, and Residential Property Values
Authors: Owusu-Edusei, Kwame
Espey, Molly
Lin, Huiyan
Keywords: hedonics
park proximity
school proximity
school quality
JEL Codes: I21
Issue Date: 2007-04
Abstract: This study jointly estimates the impact of school quality and school proximity on residential property values in Greenville, South Carolina. While quality is found to be capitalized into residential property values, the degree of capitalization depends on school level and proximity to each school for which the house is zoned for attendance. In general, there is positive value associated with closer proximity to schools of all levels, and negative value associated with a significantly longer than average distance to schools. In terms of quality rankings, excellence at the elementary and high school levels has the strongest impact on property values.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 39, Number 01, April 2007
Total Pages: 11
From Page: 211
To Page: 221
Collections:Volume 39, Number 01, April 2007

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