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Title: Managing Water Resources in Georgia: Lessons from Experiences in the Western States
Authors: Cummings, Ronald G.
Keywords: Water planning
Equitable apportionment
Groundwater management
State's rights to control resources
JEL Codes: Equitable apportionment
Issue Date: 1993
Abstract: This paper addresses the critical importance for Georgia of a comprehensive state-wide water plan, as well as statutory and regulatory structures that make manifest the state’s commitment to the efficient use of its water resources. To establish this importance, the author draws form experiences in Western States. Aside from benefits attributable to improved in-state allocations of water, the benefits of comprehensive state water plans are shown to relate to criteria now being used by the Supreme Court in adjudications involving equitable apportionment and/or commerce clause limitations on a state’s right to protect intrastate groundwater resources.
Identifiers: 0738-8950
Institution/Association: Journal of Agribusiness>Volume 11, Number 2, Fall 1993
Total Pages: 16
From Page: 85
To Page: 100
Collections:Volume 11, Number 2, Fall 1993

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