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Other Titles: Agricultural and Livestock Plans and It’s implications in the Brazilian Beef Cattle
Authors: Telles, Ana Carolina Veronico Coquemala
Renato Telles, Renato
Authors (Email): Telles, Ana Carolina Veronico Coquemala (
Renato Telles, Renato (
Editors: Calegario, Cristina Lelis Leal
Editors (Email): Calegario, Cristina Lelis Leal (
Keywords: agribusiness
agricultural and livestock plan
productivity and investment in agribusiness.
Issue Date: 2009-01-10
Abstract: In the last seven years, the federal governments published Agricultural and Livestock Plans with the proposal of building and working as mechanisms of improvement Brazil agricultural and livestock activities. In order of agribusiness expression and importance for the country, considerations about the influence of these plans into Brazilian productivity have become increasable relevant. The present paper has as a proposal (1) a comparative analyses of each PAP’ characteristics, in the period of 2000/2001 to 2005/2006, studying the official documents published by the Agricultural, Livestock and Food Supply Ministry; (2) a prospective investigation of productivity datas offered by IBGE/Embrapa and; (3) provide, from simple statistical approach and inference, the real performance of livestock in the last six years, and (4) offer bases that help in formulating hypotheses about the programs effectiveness. Recalculated the productivity index, considering the progress in the disposal of matrices since 2001, concluding by the presence of bias in the indicator. The productivity examination, result in positive performance, but lower than recognized. The figures obtained do not have strong enough to unequivocally independent of environmental variables. It is not possible admit that the PAP’s effectiveness fueling the result of the bovine productive chain.
Institution/Association: Organizações Rurais e Agroindustriais/Rural and Agro-Industrial Organizations>Volume 11, Number 1, January/April 2009
Total Pages: 19
From Page: 121
To Page: 139
Collections:Volume 11, Number 1, January/April 2009

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