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Title: A relevância da família como unidade de análise nos estudos sobre pluriatividade
Authors: Mattei, Lauro Francisco
Authors (Email): Mattei, Lauro (
Keywords: pluriactivity
JEL Codes: Z13
Issue Date: 2007-12-30
Series/Report no.: Volume 45
Number 04
Abstract: The pluriactivity phenomenon has been more studied in Brazil in the 1990’s, when increased the papers about it in many regions of the country. The main issue related with the pluriactivity theme is the relevant unit of analyses. In according to the international literature, this article defends the idea that the family, and not the production unit, should be the north of the studies of pluriactivity in the Brazilian family farming.
Institution/Association: Brazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (RESR)>Volume 45, Number 4, December 2007
Total Pages: 19
From Page: 1055
To Page: 1073
Collections:Volume 45, Number 4, December 2007

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