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Title: Participação e cultura política: os conselhos municipais de desenvolvimento rural sustentável no território Portal da Amazônia
Other Titles: Participation and political culture: the municipal councils for sustainable rural development in the territory of the Amazon Portal
Authors: Olival, Alexandre de Azevedo
Spexoto, Andrezza Alves
Rodrigues, Jose Alesando
Authors (Email): Olival, Alexandre de Azevedo (
Spexoto, Andrezza Alves (
Rodrigues, Jose Alesando (
Keywords: sustainable development
politic culture.
JEL Codes: R58
Issue Date: 2007-12-30
Series/Report no.: Volume 45
Number 04
Abstract: In spite of being one of the most important institutional innovations in the Brazilian politics, the profusion of municipal administration councils doesn’t guarantee in itself an evolution in the Brazilian democracy. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the profile of the municipal councils of sustainable rural development and their counselors, identifying possible differences between the civil society representatives and the public power. For that were applied questionnaires containing open and closed questions for 100 counselors of 12 of the 16 municipal districts that form the Amazon Portal territory. The results indicate that the counselors are formed by local elite, mainly in relation to political culture, having big differences among the civil society representatives and the public power. The dates could indicate an unequal correlation of forces inside of these deliberation spaces. The results indicate although that great part of the counselors still possesses an advisory profile and doesn’t play an important aid in the formulation of municipals development plans, having little participation of the population in the deliberations. As conclusion, the research emphasizes the need to implement strategies for larger involvement of the population and for the importance of the counselors’ training for the participative process.
Institution/Association: Brazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (RESR)>Volume 45, Number 4, December 2007
Total Pages: 23
From Page: 1013
To Page: 1035
Collections:Volume 45, Number 4, December 2007

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