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Title: Environmental regulatory arrangements and aquaculture production
Authors: Hughes, Phil
Schuele, Michael
Weier, Annette
Keywords: aquaculture
regulatory arrangements
environmental management
Issue Date: 2004-02
Abstract: Aquaculture production in Australia is subject to an unnecessarily complex array of legislation and agencies - covering environmental protection, land use planning, marine and coastal management, land tenure, and quarantine and translocation. Unwarranted, or poorly developed and implemented, arrangements can impose unnecessary costs on producers, consumers and the community, affect competitiveness, and adversely affect management of the environment. This paper assess environmental regulatory arrangements for aquaculture, identifies potential constraints on the aquaculture industry, and opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental regulatory arrangements.
Institution/Association: Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society>2004 Conference (48th), February 11-13, 2004, Melbourne, Australia
Total Pages: 16
Collections:2004 Conference (48th), February 11-13, 2004, Melbourne, Australia

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