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Title: New model of citizen participation: Identification of farming and forestry production systems in Leon and Chinandega departments, 2008-2009.
Other Titles: Nuevo Modelo de Participación Ciudadana: Identificación de Sistemas de Producción agropecuarios y Forestales en los Departamentos de León y Chinandega, 2008-2009
Authors: Zúniga-González, Carlos Alberto
Authors (Email): Zúniga-González, Carlos Alberto (
Keywords: Production Model from Citizen Power
Production System
Production Cabinets.
JEL Codes: P25
Issue Date: 2010-01-23
Abstract: The study aims to identify farming and forestry systems that are deployed in the territories of 23 municipalities of Leon and Chinandega departments, by local actors either the rural public sector or production cabinets, during the period of Reconciliation and National Unity Government. The methodology is the focus of systems (or systems approach) that is a scientific approach developed for over three decades, to understand, explain and especially attempting to interfere with the complex phenomena experienced in farming and forestry production units, their performance and evolution are feasible to be affected significantly over the next thirty years (Dixon et al.: 2001). The results show that in Nicaragua since 2007 saw a new citizen participation identified as the Production Board, finding its highest expression in the municipalities and counties through local production cabinets, these organizational structures are all a farming and forestry production systems structured in a package of human development programs to improve the productive infrastructure, to ensure productive units productivity, food security, a fair market distribution, in essence, it´s to promote agricultural activities and therefore to improve the living standards of farmers.
Notes: This Paper is part of the Research: Analysis of the farming and forestry systems contribution in the local development municipalities of the Leon and Chinandega: a measure of its efficiency and productivity.
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