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Title: Welfare Impacts of the Mexico Potato Quarantine
Authors: Richards, Timothy J.
Molina, Ignacio
Hussein, Osman
Keywords: international trade
non-tariff barriers
sanitary and phytosanitary barriers
welfare loss
JEL Codes: F13
Issue Date: 2009-12
Abstract: Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) tariffs on U.S. potato imports to Mexico were phased out by 1993. Citing phytosanitary issues, in 1996, the Mexican government placed quantitative restrictions on U.S. potato imports and restricted their import only to designated border areas. This article estimates the welfare cost of restricting U.S. potato imports into Mexico. We find that removing trade restrictions may lead to over 1.8 million tons of new imports into Mexico, a gain of consumer surplus of 4.0 billion pesos per year, and a loss of 2.9 billion pesos of producer surplus.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 41, Number 03, December 2009
Total Pages: 16
From Page: 761
To Page: 776
Collections:Volume 41, Number 03, December 2009

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