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Title: Does Price or Income Affect Organic Choice? Analysis of U.S. Fresh Produce Users
Authors: Smith, Travis A.
Huang, Chung L.
Lin, Biing-Hwan
Keywords: Nielsen Homescan data
ordered logit
organic fruits and vegetables
user groups
JEL Codes: C25
Issue Date: 2009-12
Abstract: This study analyzes consumer purchasing behavior of organic fresh fruits and vegetables using the 2006 Nielsen Homescan panel. An ordered logit model was estimated to quantify the impacts of economic and socio-demographic factors on the probability of a household belonging to a specific organic user group—devoted, casual, or nonuser. Results suggest that price and income, to some extent, affect consumer purchases of organic produce. Additionally, the profile of an organic produce user is most likely to consist of an Hispanic household residing in the Western United States with children under 6 years old and a household head older than 54 years with at least a college degree.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 41, Number 03, December 2009
Total Pages: 14
From Page: 731
To Page: 744
Collections:Volume 41, Number 03, December 2009

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