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Authors: Barreiro-Hurlé, Jesús
Gracia, Azucena
de Magistris, Tiziana
Keywords: Nutrition facts panel
latent class
choice experiments
health claims
nutrition claims
Issue Date: 2009-08
Abstract: The provision of nutrition and health information on food labels is increasing as an industry and regulation answer to the growing consumer concern with diet-health relationships. Prior research has shown that the presence of this information on food labels is valued by consumers; however there is still no clear pattern on which labelling options are more valued and how different consumers value the different options. This paper analyses the results of a choice experiment conducted to identify the effect of multiple health and nutrition information sources on consumer food choice, taking into account preference heterogeneity using a latent class approach. Results show that different consumer groups can be identified with clearly distinguishable valuation and behavioural patterns. A minority of consumers attaches high WTP to the provision of additional information in the nutrition facts panel, however this is not show for a vast majority who value claims. Moreover, not taking into account this preference heterogeneity can lead to policies that do not maximize consumer welfare. Based on the characteristics of consumers identified in each group, recommendations are made as to how both industry and public administration can move forward with the development of nutritional labelling guidelines or policies.
Institution/Association: International Association of Agricultural Economists>2009 Pre-Conference Workshop, August 16, 2009, Diet and Obesity: Role of Prices and Policies
Total Pages: 29
Collections:2009 Pre-Conference Workshop, August 16, 2009, Diet and Obesity: Role of Prices and Policies

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