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Oct-2016 LINKING SMALLHOLDERS TO PROFITABLE MARKETS IN WEST AFRICA: CASE STUDY SYNTHESIS Staatz, John; Diallo, Boubacar; Me-Nsope, Nathalie M.; Vroegindewey, Ryan PDF (292 KB)
Oct-2016 Zambian Smallholder Livestock Herd Dynamics: What Are the Policy Implications? Lubungu, Mary PDF PS 86 (229 KB)
Jul-2016 Can Input Subsidy Programs Promote Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa? Jayne, T.S.; Sitko, Nicholas J.; Mason, Nicole M.; Skole, David PDF PS93 (400 KB)
Apr-2016 Relationship between Large-Scale Agricultural Investors and Local Communities: Lessons from Two Investments In Zambia Nolte, Kerstin; Subakanya, Mitelo PDF PS 79 (336 KB)
Apr-2016 Implications of Asia’s Changing Rice Economy for the Development of Rice Value Chains in West Africa Adjao, Ramziath T.; Staatz, John M. PDF (365 KB)
Apr-2016 Développement de la filière mangue au Mali: analyse des modèles de coordination et de partenariat entre les différents acteurs DIALLO, Boubacar; COULIBALY, Jacob; DIARISSO, Tidiane; STAATZ, John; TRAORE, Abdramane; TEME, Bino PDF (814 KB)
Mar-2016 Nutrition and Food Security: The Role of Forest Resources in Eastern Zambia Mofya-Mukuka, Rhoda; Simoloka, Asunta PDF (313 KB)
Feb-2016 Fertilizer Use and Farmer Productivity in Nigeria: Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. L. S.; Omonona, B.T.; Sanou, A.; Ogunleye, W. PDF (469 KB)
Feb-2016 Sustaining Input on Credit Through Dynamic Incentives and Information Sharing: Adjognon, S; Liverpool-tasie, S. L.; Shupp, R. PDF (596 KB)
Feb-2016 Is Fertilizer use Inconsistent with Expected Profitability for Rice Production in Nigeria? Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. O. PDF (452 KB)
Feb-2016 • A profitability analysis of fertilizer use for maize production in Nigeria Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. O.; Omonona, B.T.; Sanou, A.; Ogunleye, W. PDF (559 KB)
Feb-2016 • Factors Limiting Smallholder Cattle Commercialization in Zambia Lubungu, Mary; Sitko, Nicholas J.; Hichaambwa, Munguzwe PDF PS77 (453 KB)
Nov-2015 A Quiet Revolution Emerging in the Fish-farming Value Chain in Myanmar: Implications for National Food Security Belton, Ben; Hein, Aung; Htoo, Kyan; Kham, L. Seng; Nischan, Ulrike; Reardon, Thomas; Boughton, Duncan PDF FSP_PB1 (462 KB)
Nov-2015 Linking Rice Farmers to Markets through Improved Coordination: Approaches and Lessons from Mali Vroegindewey, Ryan; Staatz, John M.; Theriault, Veronique PDF SRAI_PB (330 KB)
Nov-2015 Changes in Per Capita Food Availability in West Africa: Implications for Agricultural Market Development Me-Nsope, Nathalie M.; Staatz, John M. PDF SRAI_PB2 (637 KB)
Oct-2015 The effects of Kenya’s ‘smarter’ input subsidy Mason, Nicole M.; Wineman, Ayala; Kirimi, Lilian; Mather, David PDF PB11 (361 KB)
Oct-2015 Let it rain: Weather extremes and household welfare in rural Kenya Wineman, A.; Ochieng, J.; Mason, N.; Kirimi, L. PDF PB 17 (292 KB)
Oct-2015 Road Map towards the Malabo Declaration: A Case for Open Borders Kabaghe, Chance PDF ReNAPRI_PB3 (450 KB)
Oct-2015 Anticipating Africa’s Policy Challenges In The Decade Ahead: Africa’s Changing Farm Structure and Employment Challenge Kabaghe, Chance PDF ReNAPRI_PB2 (227 KB)
Oct-2015 Road Map Towards The Malabo Declaration: Increasing Smallholder Farm Productivity through Improved Farm Management Practices. Kabaghe, Chance PDF ReNAPRI_PB1 (498 KB)
18-Sep-2015 Stages of Transformation in Food Processing and Marketing: Results of an Initial Inventory of Processed Food Products in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Mwanza Ijumba, Claire; Snyder, Jason; Tschirley, David; Reardon, Thomas PDF Tanz RB 3 (322 KB)
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