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Nov-2016 Determinants of Conservation Agriculture Adoption among Zambian Smallholder Farmers Zulu-Mbata, Olipa; Chapoto, Antony; Hichaambwa, Munguzwe PDF (616 KB)
Nov-2016 Food Security Implications of Staple Food Substitution in Sahelian West Africa Haggblade, Steven; Me-Nsope, Nathalie M.; Staatz, John M. PDF WP 02 (774 KB)
Nov-2016 Household-Level Evidence of Cereals Demand and the Welfare Implications of Cereals Price Shocks in Rural and Urban Mali Me-Nsope, Nathalie M.; Staatz, John M. PDF WP01 (670 KB)
Jun-2016 The profitability of inorganic fertilizer use in smallholder maize production in Tanzania: Implications for alternative strategies to improve smallholder maize productivity. Mather, David; Minde, Isaac; Waized, Betty; Ndyetabula, Daniel; Temu, Anna PDF (490 KB)
Mar-2016 Improved Agricultural Technology Adoption in Zambia: Are Women Farmers Being Left Behind? Namonje-Kapembwa, Thelma; Thelma, Antony PDF (950 KB)
Mar-2016 The Impact of Power Rationing on Zambia's Agricultural Sector Samboko, Paul; Chapoto, Antony; Kuteya, Auckland; Kabwe, Stephen; Mofya-Mukuka, Rhoda; Mweemba, Bruno; Munsaka, Eustensia PDF WP105 (647 KB)
15-Feb-2016 Drivers of Micronutrient Policy Change in Zambia: An Application of the Kaleidoscope Model Haggblade, Steven; Babu, Suresh; Harris, Jody; Mkandawire, Elizabeth; Nthani, Dorothy; Hendriks, Sheryl L. PDF (758 KB)
Feb-2016 How Is Multinational Investment in Grain and Oilseed Trading Reshaping the Smallholder Markets in Zambia? Sitko, Nicholas J.; Chisanga, Brian PDF WP104 (353 KB)
Feb-2016 The Effects of Kenya’s ‘Smarter’ Input Subsidy Program on Smallholder Behavior and Incomes: Do Different Quasi-Experimental Approaches Lead to the Same Conclusions? Mason, Nicole M.; Wineman, Ayala; Kirimi, Lilian; Mather, David PDF WPS56 (1096 KB)
Jan-2016 RESULTS FROM THE 2015 MALAWI AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SECURITY POLICY PROCESSES BASELINE SURVEY Benson, Todd; Nankhuni, Flora; Mabiso, Athur; Maredia, Mywish PDF Malawi working paper (454 KB)
2016 Let it Rain: Weather Extremes and Household Welfare in Rural Kenya Wineman, Ayala; Mason, Nicole M.; Ochieng, Justus; Kirimi, Lilian PDF WPS57 (848 KB)
Dec-2015 Smallholder Cropping and Input Responses to Changes in Expected Prices and Market Access in Central and Northern Mozambique, 2008‐2011 Mather, David; Cunguara, Benedito; Tschirley, David PDF WP75e (1611 KB)
Dec-2015 Analysis of Beef Value Chain in Zambia: Challenges and Opportunities of Linking Smallholders to Markets Lubungu, Mary; Sitko, Nicholas J.; Hichaambwa, Munguzwe PDF WP 103 (1420 KB)
Dec-2015 Forest Resources for Rural Household Food and Nutrition Security: The Case of Eastern Province of Zambia Mofya-Mukuka, Rhoda; Simoloka, Asunta PDF WP 102 (447 KB)
Oct-2015 The Status of Customary Land and the Future of Smallholder Farmers Under the Current Land Administration System in Zambia Honig, Lauren; Mulenga, Brian P. PDF WP 101 (597 KB)
Oct-2015 The Status of Customary Land and the Future of Smallholder Farmers Under the Current Land Administration System in Zambia Honig, Lauren; Mulenga, Brian P. PDF IAPRI_WP101 (597 KB)
Oct-2015 The Politics of Maize in Zambia: Who holds the Keys to Change the Status Quo? Chapoto, Antony; Zulu-Mbata, Olipa; Hoffman, Barak D.; Kabaghe, Chance; Sitko, Nicholas; Kuteya, Auckland; Zulu, Ballard PDF IAPRI_WP99 (291 KB)
Oct-2015 Unpacking the Growth of Medium-scale Farms Zambia: What Are the Implications for the Future of Smallholder Agriculture? Sitko, Nicholas J.; Chamberlin, Jordan; Mulenga, Brian PDF IAPRI_WP100 (604 KB)
Sep-2015 The Geography of Customary Land in Zambia: Is Development Strategy Engaging With The Facts? Sitko, Nicholas J.; Chamberlin, Jordan; Hichaambwa, Munguzwe PDF WP98 (795 KB)
May-2015 Does Customary Land Tenure System Encourage Local Forestry Management in Zambia? A Focus on Wood Fuel Mulenga, Brian; Nkonde, Chewe; Ngoma, Hambulo PDF WP 95 (686 KB)
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