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Title: Relative Importance of Factors Affecting Customer’s Decisions to Buy Pick-Your-Own Versus Preharvested Fruit at North Carolina Farms
Authors: Carpio, Carlos E.
Wohlgenant, Michael K.
Safley, Charles D.
Keywords: conditional and random parameters logit models
demand analysis
pick-your-own fruit
relative importance
JEL Codes: D12
Issue Date: 2008-12
Abstract: This study identifies the most important factors affecting customers’ decisions to buy pickyour- own versus prepicked strawberries and muscadine grapes at direct-market operations in North Carolina. The relative importance analysis identified the region of location of the operations and prices as the explanatory variable explaining most of the variation observed in the customer’s decision to choose the type of fruit to purchase. The estimated price elasticities indicate that sales of each type of fruit are very sensitive to prices.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 40, Number 03, December 2008
Total Pages: 15
From Page: 983
To Page: 997
Collections:Volume 40, Number 03, December 2008

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