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Title: A Binary Logit Estimation of Factors Affecting Adoption of GPS Guidance Systems by Cotton Producers
Authors: Banerjee, Swagata (Ban)
Martin, Steven W.
Roberts, Roland K.
Larkin, Sherry L.
Larson, James A.
Paxton, Kenneth W.
English, Burton C.
Marra, Michele C.
Reeves, Jeanne M.
Keywords: binary logit
GPS guidance system
marginal effect
precision farming
technology adoption
JEL Codes: Q2
Issue Date: 2008-04
Series/Report no.: JAAE
Abstract: Binary logit analysis was used to identify the factors influencing adoption of Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance systems by cotton farmers in 11 Mid-south and Southeastern states. Results indicate that adoption was more likely by those who had already adopted other precision-farming practices and had used computers for farm management. In addition, younger and more affluent farmers were more likely to adopt. Farmers with larger farms and with relatively high yields were also more likely to adopt. Education was not a significant factor in a farmer’s decision to adopt GPS guidance systems.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 40, Number 01, April 2008
Total Pages: 11
From Page: 345
To Page: 355
Collections:Volume 40, Number 01, April 2008

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