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Title: An Application of Conjoint Analysis in Agricultural Sustainability Assessment
Authors: Sydorovych, Olha
Wossink, Ada
Keywords: Conjoint analysis
choice experiments
sustainability assessment
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Increasing public interest in the concept of sustainable agriculture has resulted in the development of a number of methods that could be used for the assessment of sustainability of various agricultural production systems. Because of its complex, multi-dimensional nature, sustainability is most often assessed using numerous indicators, which make aggregate comparisons among systems difficult. In this paper we propose a methodology that could be beneficial in aggregate sustainability assessment. We apply conjoint analysis to identify economic, social, and ecological attributes that are perceived as important for agricultural sustainability by different stakeholders and to assess their relative impact on the overall sustainability measure.
Institution/Association: European Association of Agricultural Economists>2008 International Congress, August 26-29, 2008, Ghent, Belgium
Total Pages: 6
Collections:2008 International Congress, August 26-29, 2008, Ghent, Belgium

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