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Title: Vector Autoregressions, Policy Analysis, and Directed Acyclic Graphs: An Application to the U.S. Economy
Authors: Awokuse, Titus O.
Bessler, David A.
Keywords: vector autoregression
directed graphs
policy analysis
JEL Codes: C1
Issue Date: 2003-05
Abstract: The paper considers the use of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), and their construction from observational data with PC-algorithm TETRAD II, in providing over-identifying restrictions on the innovations from a vector autoregression. Results from Sims’ 1986 model of the US economy are replicated and compared using these data-driven techniques. The directed graph results show Sims’ six-variable VAR is not rich enough to provide an unambiguous ordering at usual levels of statistical significance. A significance level in the neighborhood of 30 % is required to find a clear structural ordering. Although the DAG results are in agreement with Sims’ theory-based model for unemployment, differences are noted for the other five variables: income, money supply, price level, interest rates, and investment. Overall the DAG results are broadly consistent with a monetarist view with adaptive expectations and no hyperinflation.
Identifiers: Print ISSN 1514-0326
Online ISSN 1667-6726
Institution/Association: Journal of Applied Economics>Volume 6, Number 2, November 2003
Total Pages: 24
From Page: 1
To Page: 24
Collections:Volume 06, Number 2, November 2003

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