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Title: Simultaneous Adoption of Herbicide-Resistance and Conservation-Tillage Cotton Technologies
Authors: Roberts, Roland K.
English, Burton C.
Gao, Qi
Larson, James A.
Keywords: Bayes' theorem
conservation tillage
genetically modified crops
herbicide-resistant crops
simultaneous logit model
technology adoption
JEL Codes: Q12
Issue Date: 2006-12
Abstract: If adoption of herbicide-resistant seed and adoption of conservation-tillage practices are determined simultaneously, adoption of herbicide-resistance seed could indirectly reduce soil erosion and adoption of conservation-tillage practices could indirectly reduce residual herbicide use and increase farm profits. Our objective was to evaluate the relationship between these two technologies for Tennessee cotton production. Evidence from Bayes' theorem and a two-equation logit model suggested a simultaneous relationship. Mean elasticities for acres in herbicide-resistance seed with respect to the probability of adopting conservation-tillage practices and acres in conservation-tillage practices with respect to the probability of adopting herbicide-resistance seed were 1.74 and 0.24, respectively.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 38, Number 03, December 2006
Total Pages: 15
From Page: 629
To Page: 643
Collections:Volume 38, Number 03, December 2006

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