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Title: Opening a Public Recreation Area to Revitalize Coastal Communities and Preserve Natural Resources in Louisiana: The Case of Elmer's Island
Authors: Paudel, Krishna P.
Caffey, Rex H.
Devkota, Nirmala
Hall, Larry M.
Keywords: coastal community revitalization
market valuation
nonmarket valuation
public purchase of private recreational area
JEL Codes: O13
Issue Date: 2005-08
Abstract: The income capitalization approach is used, based on expenditure and nonmarket values collected from travel-cost and contingent valuation methodologies, to measure the feasibility of running a self-sustaining recreational site in coastal Louisiana. Through Internet and intercept surveys, a total of 2,696 respondents, 88% of them anglers, provided information on economic expenditures, destination preferences, and preferences for specific site amenities regarding Elmer's Island. The purchase and subsequent opening of the area to the public were found to be self-sustaining even when considering conservative economic estimates.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 37, Number 02, August 2005
Total Pages: 10
From Page: 475
To Page: 484
Collections:Volume 37, Number 02, August 2005

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