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Title: Design and Management of Teaching Programs With Survival In Mind
Authors: Connor, Larry J.
Keywords: strategic
undergraduate and graduate studies
JEL Codes: A20
Issue Date: 2005-08
Series/Report no.: JAAE
Abstract: Agricultural economics teaching programs are becoming stressed. They vary considerably because of different institutional settings and are conducted under changing college, university, and department trends and paradigm shifts. To ensure success, strategic marketing processes need to be used in analyzing programs: identifying potential students (clientele or customers), ascertaining what to offer (majors, minors, service courses, enrichment options, and distance education), finalizing the strategic plan, and executing the plan (with students, administration, industry, and disciplinary peers). Conclusions and recommendations for enhancing teaching quantity and quality are presented for the strategic marketing processes. Finally, some implications and conclusions for graduate education are discussed.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 37, Number 02, August 2005
Total Pages: 9
From Page: 489
To Page: 497
Collections:Volume 37, Number 02, August 2005

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