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Title: Profitability and Resource Allocation Among Cotton and Peanuts When Considering Planting and Harvest Timeliness
Authors: Meeks, Timothy A.
Flanders, Archie
Shurley, W. Donald
White, Fred C.
Gunter, Lewell F.
Keywords: cotton
harvest timeliness
linear programming
planting timeliness
JEL Codes: Q12
Issue Date: 2005-04
Abstract: Harvest timeliness is a continual problem in rotation of cotton and peanuts. Efficient allocation of land and labor resources during production of cotton and peanuts requires decisions be made on allocating resources throughout the growing season. Of particular concern is efficient allocation during planting and harvesting. Through economic analysis and linear programming optimization, planting and harvesting timeliness issues are addressed and compared with prevailing practices. Results for a representative farm indicate that cotton planting should increase during the early period of the planting season as compared with current practice, and most cotton should be harvested before peanut harvest begins.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 37, Number 01, April 2005
Total Pages: 13
From Page: 249
To Page: 261
Collections:Volume 37, Number 01, April 2005

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