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Title: Elaboração de estratégias em organizações rurais: uma abordagem sob o enfoque das teorias prescritiva e descritiva
Other Titles: Elaboration of strategies in farm organizations: an approach under the focus of the prescriptive and descriptive theories
Authors: Mineu, Humberto Ferreira Silva
Oliveira, Luciel Henrique de
Keywords: strategies in farm organizations
multicase study
Issue Date: 2003-07-01
Abstract: This piece of work was intented to characterizing the elaboration of strategies in farm organizations. The option for this double model approach involving the prescriptive and descriptive theories seeks to better understanding what happens strategywise in such organizations. A multicase study was used, with four corn and soy producers in Uberaba, MG who were chosen based on their technoeconomical- managerial profile, in the meeting of the purposes of the research and easy access. It was verified that the use of different approach strategies, through two different schools, involving the prescriptive and descriptive theories allowed to assimilate what happens in terms of strategy in the farm organizations researched; it was realized that the combination of clear intentions, along with creativity, intuition and experience were fundamental in the differences observed; that the combination of the prescrptive and descriptive approaches in the synthesis of the resulting strategy was related with: a better competitive position in the production chain; a better articulation of intentions; clear definition of goals; identification and use of opportunities; adaptation to the changes in the environment and with the intention as for the creation of conditions for the firm.
Institution/Association: Organizações Rurais e Agroindustriais/Rural and Agro-Industrial Organizations>Volume 05, Number 2, July/December 2003
Total Pages: 16
Collections:Volume 05, Number 2, July/December 2003

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