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Title: Measurement and Explanation of Technical Efficiency Performance in Ukrainian Agriculture, 1991-1996
Authors: Murova, Olga I.
Trueblood, Michael A.
Coble, Keith H.
Keywords: Data envelopment analysis
enterprise privatization
price liberalization
stochastic frontier analysis
technical efficiency
JEL Codes: D29
Issue Date: 2004-04
Abstract: The present study examines technical efficiency patterns in Ukraine‚Äôs crop sector for 1991-1996. The economic and policy environment in Ukraine has changed since reform began in 1991. Many policy changes have exerted offsetting economic pressures on efficiency. Enterprise privatization and the liberalization of prices and trade put upward pressure on technical efficiency, whereas start-stop land privatization efforts, unpredictable government intervention, and slow developments in the credit and labor markets put downward pressure on efficiency. We found that technical efficiency appears to have improved slightly over the 1991-1996 period, suggesting that the positive forces had more impact.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 36, Number 01, April 2004
Total Pages: 14
From Page: 185
To Page: 198
Collections: Volume 36, Number 01, April 2004

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