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Authors: Azevedo, Paulo Roberto
Colognese, Silvio Antonio
Shikida, Pery Francisco Assis
Authors (Email): Shikida, Pery Francisco Assis (
Keywords: family agro-industry
the western side of the state of Paraná
conditions for production and perspectives
Issue Date: 2000-01-03
Abstract: This present work comprises a collection of primary data which aim at providing a general outlook on the situation of family agro-industries in some locations in the western side of the state of Paraná ( Marechal Cândido Rondon, Santa Helena, Santa Lúcia, Missal, Vera Cruz do Oeste and Lindoeste ) for the year 1998. The existence of a group of conditions for production among family agro-industries becomes evident and involves: area of commercialization, clientele, access to more remote markets, degree of professionalization and interaction by the present legislation, the existence of advisory, availability of credit, technological level, aspects concerning production and labour. As a result one can infer that the family agroindustries which were researched are essencially linked to the concept of “small property”, featuring low capitalization, best known for the traditionalism which reaches production, management and commercialization. The lack of financing programs, advisory and support to commercialization along with the low occurrence of younger groups’ permanence in the business altogether contribute to their economic distantiation as well as their dephasing in technogical therms. As policies directed to the segment, one points out the call for a greater integration among the public segment, agronomic associations and cooperatives seeking to viabilize, at low expense, programs for technical and economical advisory. Despite such limitating factors, these family agro-industries may be seen as an alternative for the small productors. A subsequent better dynamism will not only reflect on an updating of the agricultural segment itself, but also on higher profits, job opportunities and the quality of life in the country.
Institution/Association: Organizações Rurais e Agroindustriais/Rural and Agro-Industrial Organizations>Volume 02, Number 1, January/June 2000
Total Pages: 8
From Page: 3
To Page: 10
Collections:Volume 02, Number 1, January/June 2000

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