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Title: Impacts of Sample Size and Quality-Adjusted Imputed Prices on Own-Price Elasticities Estimated Using Cross-Sectional Data
Authors: Stockton, Matthew C.
Keywords: cross-sectional data
imputed prices
quality-adjusted prices
JEL Codes: B41
Issue Date: 2003-08
Abstract: Cross-sectional data sets containing expenditure and quantity information are typically used to calculate quality-adjusted imputed prices. Do sample size and quality adjustment of price statistically alter estimates for own-price elasticities? This paper employs a data set pertaining to three food categories-pork, cheese, and food away from home-with four sample sizes for each food category. Twelve sample sizes were used for both adjusted and unadjusted prices to derive elasticities. No statistical differences were found between own-price elasticities among sample sizes. However, elasticities that were based on adjusted price imputations were significantly different from those that were based on unadjusted prices.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 35, Number 02, August 2003
Total Pages: 7
From Page: 415
To Page: 421
Collections: Volume 35, Number 02, August 2003

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