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Title: Nonlinearity in the Return to Education
Authors: Trostel, Philip A.
Keywords: return to education
instrumental variables
JEL Codes: I20
Issue Date: 2005-05
Abstract: This study estimates marginal rates of return to investment in schooling in 12 countries. Significant systematic nonlinearity in the marginal rate of return is found. In particular, the marginal rate of return is increasing significantly at low levels of education, and decreasing significantly at high levels of education. This may help explain why estimates of the return to schooling are often considerably higher when instrumenting for education.
Identifiers: Print ISSN 1514-0326
Online ISSN 1667-6726
Institution/Association: Journal of Applied Economics>Volume 8, Number 01, May 2005
Total Pages: 12
From Page: 191
To Page: 202
Collections:Volume 08, Number 1, May 2005

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