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Title: Invasive Species Control over Space and Time: Miconia calvescens on Oahu, Hawaii
Authors: Burnett, Kimberly M.
Kaiser, Brooks A.
Roumasset, James A.
Keywords: Geographical Information Systems
invasive species
Miconia calvescens
spatial analysis
JEL Codes: Q23
Issue Date: 2007-10
Abstract: The optimal size and location of an invasive species population depend upon spatially differentiated biological growth, economic costs, and damages. Although largely absent from most economic models, spatial considerations matter because the likelihood and magnitude of the invasion vary spatially and the threatened assets may be unevenly distributed across space. We map the current and future populations of an invasive species, Miconia calvescens, on Oahu, Hawaii, and the potential damages to water quantity, quality, and endangered-species habitat, and weigh these against treatment costs. We find that optimal densities vary from approximately 1% to 18% cover throughout the island.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 39, Special Issue, October 2007
Total Pages: 8
From Page: 125
To Page: 132
Collections:Volume 39, Special Issue, October 2007

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