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Title: Price Discrimination and Market Power in Export Markets: The Case of the Ceramic Tile Industry
Authors: Requena Silvente, Francisco
Keywords: price discrimination
market power
export markets
ceramic tile industry
JEL Codes: F14
Issue Date: 2005-11
Abstract: This paper combines the pricing-to-market equation and the residual demand elasticity equation to measure the extent of competition in the export markets of ceramic tiles, which has been dominated by Italian and Spanish producers since the late eighties. The findings show that the tile exporters enjoyed substantial market power over the period 1988-1998, and limited evidence that the export market has become more competitive over time.
Identifiers: Print ISSN 1514-0326
Online ISSN 1667-6726
Institution/Association: Journal of Applied Economics>Volume 8, Number 2, November 2005
Total Pages: 24
From Page: 347
To Page: 370
Collections:Volume 08, Number 2, November 2005

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