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Title: Effectiveness of Integrated Pest Management Dissemination Techniques: A Case Study of Potato Farmers in Carchi, Ecuador
Authors: Mauceri, Maria
Alwang, Jeffrey Roger
Norton, George W.
Barrera, Victor
Keywords: Ecuador
farmer field schools
integrated pest management
technology adoption
technology dissemination
JEL Codes: Q01
Issue Date: 2007-12
Abstract: Potato farmers in Ecuador rely on chemical inputs to manage pests and optimize yields. Integrated pest management techniques lower production costs, reduce pesticide exposure, and improve long-term agricultural sustainability. Public extension does not, however, exist in Ecuador and cost-effective means of communicating complex messages to producers are needed. We analyze cost-effectiveness of alternative dissemination methods, including farmer field schools (FFS), field days, pamphlets, and word-of-mouth transmission. Field days and pamphlets have strong impacts on adoption, especially considering their low costs. FFS are effective, but expensive. Evidence also indicates significant diffusion from FFS to non-FFS farmers, indicating high complementarity across methods.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics>Volume 39, Number 03, December 2007
Total Pages: 16
From Page: 765
To Page: 780
Collections:Volume 39, Number 03, December 2007

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