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Title: Differences in Prices and Price Risk Across Alternative Marketing Arrangements Used in the Fed Cattle Industry
Authors: Muth, Mary K.
Liu, Yanyan
Koontz, Stephen R.
Lawrence, John D.
Keywords: alternative marketing arrangements
fed cattle
price risk
price volatility
Issue Date: 2008-04
Abstract: Information on prices and price risk differences across marketing arrangements aids fed cattle producers in making choices about marketing methods. As part of the congressionally mandated Livestock and Meat Marketing Study, we investigated fed cattle price and price risk differences across marketing arrangements. The analysis uses data representing cattle purchased by 29 large beef packing plants from October 2002 through March 2005. Results indicate that marketing agreements offered the best tradeoff between price level and price risk. Forward contracts had the lowest average yet highly volatile prices. Auction barn prices were higher than other methods but also the most volatile.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 33, Number 01, April 2008
Total Pages: 18
From Page: 118
To Page: 135
Collections:Volume 33, Number 1, April 2008

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