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Feb-2016 The Rewards of an Improved Enabling Environment: How Input Market Reform Helped Kenyan Farmers Raise Their Fertilizer Use By 36% Sheahan, Megan; Ariga, Joshua; Jayne, T.S. PDF PS92 (381 KB)
Dec-2014 DOES THE CURRENT SUGAR MARKET STRUCTURE BENEFIT CONSUMERS AND SUGARCANE GROWERS? Chisanga, Brian; Meyer, Ferdinand H.; Winter-Nelson, Alex; Sitko, Nicholas J. PDF PS 69 (200 KB)
Apr-2014 Africa's Changing Farm Structure and Employment Challenge Jayne, T.S.; Chapoto, A.; Sitko, N.; Muyanga, M.; Nkonde, C.; Chamberlin, J. PDF FSG PS91 (135 KB)
Oct-2011 On Managing the New Food Price Environment in Countries with Food Insecure Populations Tschirley, David L.; Dembelé, Nango PDF (684 KB)
Sep-2011 Strengthening Staple Food Markets in Eastern And Southern Africa: Toward An Integrated Approach for CAADP Investment Plans Jayne, T.S.; Chapoto, Antony; Chamberlin, Jordan PDF (116 KB)
Jun-2011 What is the Scope for Horticulture to Drive Smallholder Poverty Reduction in Africa? Tschirley, David L. PDF (120 KB)
May-2011 The New Generation of African Fertilizer Subsidies: Panacea or Pandora’s Box? Kelly, Valerie A.; Crawford, Eric W.; Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob PDF PS No. 87 (106 KB)
May-2011 What Kind of Agricultural Strategies Lead to Broad-Based Growth: Implications For Country-Led Agricultural Investment Programs Jayne, Thomas S.; Boughton, Duncan PDF PS No. 86 (46 KB)
Oct-2009 Improving Food Security in Africa: Highlights of 25 Years of Research, Capacity-Building, and Outreach. Food Security Group at Michigan State University PDF (56 KB)
2008 Promoting Fertilizer Use in Africa: Current Issues and Empirical Evidence from Malawi, Zambia, and Kenya Minde, Isaac J.; Jayne, Thomas S.; Crawford, Eric W.; Ariga, Joshua; Jones, Govereh PDF (50 KB)
2008 Food Crises and Food Markets: Implications for Emergency Response in Southern Africa Tschirley, David L.; Jayne, Thomas S. PDF (85 KB)
2008 Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement: An Assessment of Experience in Africa and Elements of Good Donor Practice Tschirley, David L.; del Castillo, Anne Marie PDF (346 KB)
2006 Smallholder Farming Under Increasingly Difficult Circumstances: Policy and Public Investment Priorities for Africa Jayne, Thomas S.; Mather, David; Mghenyi, Elliot W. PDF (63 KB)
2006 The Many Paths of Cotton Sector Reform in Eastern and Southern Africa: Lessons from a Decade of Experience Tschirley, David L.; Poulton, Colin; Boughton, Duncan PDF (67 KB)
2005 Alternative Approaches for Promoting Fertilizer Use in Africa, with Emphasis on the Role of Subsidies Crawford, Eric W.; Jayne, Thomas S.; Kelly, Valerie A. PDF (72 KB)
2005 Fertilizer Demand in Sub-Saharan Africa: Realizing the Potential Kelly, Valerie A. PDF (64 KB)
2005 Guidelines for Building Sustainable Market Information Systems in Africa with Strong Public-Private Partnerships Weber, Michael T.; Donovan, Cynthia; Staatz, John M.; Dembele, Niama Nango PDF (118 KB)
2005 Using Empirical Information in the Era of HIV/AIDS to Inform Mitigation and Rural Development Strategies: Selected Results from African Country Studies Mather, David; Donovan, Cynthia; Jayne, Thomas S.; Weber, Michael T. PDF (38 KB)
2005 Income and Nutritional Outcomes in Rwanda's Rural Areas, 1990 and 2000 McKay, Andrew; Loveridge, Scott PDF (80 KB)
2004 Water Pricing as a Tool for Integrated Water Resource Management: A Synthesis of Key Issues for Rural West Africa Schrecongost, Alyse; Staatz, John M.; Diallo, Boubacar Cisse; Yade, Mbaye PDF (82 KB)
2004 A Cross-Country Analysis of Household Response to Adult Mortality in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for HIV/AIDS Mitigation and Rural Development Policies Mather, David; Donovan, Cynthia; Jayne, Thomas S.; Weber, Michael T.; Chapoto, Antony; Mazhangara, Edward; Mghenyi, Elliot W.; Bailey, Linda; Yoo, Kyeongwon; Yamano, Takashi PDF (46 KB)
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