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Title: Neue Nationalparks: Externe Wunsche versus lokale Existenz
Other Titles: Creation of new national parks: external wishes versus local existence
Authors: Menet, Sibylle
Authors (Email): Menet, Sibylle (
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: The New Regional Policy places emphasis on local initiatives, e.g. the use of local potential such as the creation of a national park. National parks aim at combining nature conservation with business development and provide new stimulus for the concerned region. The success of the projects largely depends on the support of local stakeholders and the meeting of their interests. National parks have direct and indirect impacts on rural areas and influence the functioning of communities. If the national park does not provide a stimulus to the economic function, the by-products recreation and ecological compensation will not be produced. This weakens the functioning of communities. The locals play an important role. They decide on how to benefit from local potential, on which by-products they will produce and whether they will agree to a national park or not.
Institution/Association: Agrarwirtschaft und Agrarsoziologie/ Economie et Sociologie Rurales>Number 1, 2004
Total Pages: 16
Language: German
From Page: 145
To Page: 160
Collections:Number 01, 2004

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