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Title: Several Suggestions of Increasing Farmer Income and Improving Competitiveness of Agricultural Products at New Stage
Authors: Zhai, Huqu
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: The key problem that restricting agriculture and rural development at present mainly is how to increase farmer income and improve competitiveness of agricultural products. Thus, the suggestions that the author has put forward to solve as follows: Adjusting the national agricultural policy; Strengthening government's support to agriculture; Accelerating the spare workforce's transformation in the countryside-areas; Improving farmer organization; Re-structuring government agricultural management organization and function; improving the competitiveness of agricultural products through applications of scientific and technical innovation to agriculture.
Institution/Association: Issues in Agricultural Economy (Chinese Association of Agricultural Economists - CAAE)>2003 - Issue 01
Total Pages: 14
Language: Chinese
From Page: 5
To Page: 18
Collections:2003 - Issue 01

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