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Title: Wholesale-Retail Marketing Margin Behavior in the Beef and Pork Industries
Authors: Marsh, John M.
Brester, Gary W.
Keywords: livestock prices
retail concentration
retail costs
wholesale-retail marketing margins
Issue Date: 2004-04
Abstract: An econometric model is used to estimate real wholesale-retail marketing margins for beef and pork. From 1970 to 1998, these margins increased by 27% and 149%, while farm-wholesale margins declined. Wholesale-retail (WR) marketing margin increases have caused livestock producers to focus on the retail sector as a contributor to declining real livestock prices. Increases in WR margins may be related to increased demand and costs of value-added food products/services as well as increased market concentration in the retail grocery sector. Results indicate that retail factors, and to a lesser extent meat processing factors, significantly increased WR margins and decreased livestock prices.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 29, Number 01, April 2004
Total Pages: 20
Language: English
From Page: 45
To Page: 64
Collections:Volume 29, Number 01, April 2004

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