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Title: Estimating Consumer Willingness to Pay for Country-of-Origin Labeling
Authors: Loureiro, Maria L.
Umberger, Wendy J.
Keywords: beef
consumer preferences
country-of-origin labeling
dichotomous choice
willingness to pay
Issue Date: 2003-08
Abstract: Consumer willingness to pay for a mandatory country-of-origin labeling program is assessed. A consumer survey was conducted during 2002 in several grocery stores in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins, Colorado. Econometric results indicate that surveyed consumers are willing to pay an average of $184 per household annually for a mandatory country-of-origin labeling program. Respondents were also willing to pay an average of $1.53 and $0.70 per pound more for steak and hamburger labeled as "U.S. Certified Steak" and "U.S. Certified Hamburger," which is equivalent to an increase of 38% and 58%, respectively, over the initial given price.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 28, Number 02, August 2003
Total Pages: 15
Language: English
From Page: 287
To Page: 301
Collections:Volume 28, Number 02, August 2003

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