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Authors: Eales, James S.
Issue Date: 1996-12
Abstract: Variability in published meat demand elasticity estimates for Canada motivates examining the importance of dynamics and endogeneity of right-hand-side variables. Wickens and Breusch suggest a re-parameterization of dynamics which allows estimating the long-run parameters directly and maintains linearity. A symmetric approach, employing both ordinary and inverse demand systems, to endogeneity of right-hand-side variables is used. Endogeneity of both prices and quantities is examined. Results show both dynamics and endogeneity are important in quarterly Canadian meat demand.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 21, Number 02, December 1996
Total Pages: 13
Language: English
From Page: 368
To Page: 380
Collections:Volume 21, Number 02, December 1996

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