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Authors: Posnikoff, Judith F.
Knapp, Keith C.
Issue Date: 1996-12
Abstract: Source control is one way to address salinity and drainage problems in irrigated agriculture, and reuse of drainage flows on salt-tolerant crops or trees in agroforestry production is another. A regional model of agricultural production with drainwater reuse and disposal is developed. Deep percolation flows are controlled through choice of crop areas, irrigation systems, and applied-water quantities. Crop drainwater may by reused in agroforestry production, and residual emissions are disposed of in an evaporation pond. A significant role for both source control and reuse is found. Sensitivity to various cost and revenue parameters is also analyzed.
Institution/Association: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics>Volume 21, Number 02, December 1996
Total Pages: 17
Language: English
From Page: 277
To Page: 293
Collections:Volume 21, Number 02, December 1996

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